Polymer, Vol.50, No.15 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-3861 (Print) 

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3411 - 3421 Phosphonic acid-containing homo-, AB and BAB block copolymers via ATRP designed for fuel cell applications
Markova D, Kumar A, Klapper M, Mullen K
3422 - 3430 Synthesis and characterization of new UV absorbing microspheres of narrow size distribution by dispersion polymerization of 2-(2'-hydroxy-5'-methacryloxyethylphenyl)-2H-benzotriazole
Goldshtein J, Margel S
3431 - 3439 Synthesis and characterization of A(2) + B-3-type hyperbranched aromatic polyesters with phenolic end groups
Fan ZR, Lederer A, Voit B
3440 - 3447 Synthesis, characterization and properties of functional star and dendritic block copolymers of ethylene oxide and glycidol with oligoglycidol branching units
Dworak A, Walach W
3448 - 3457 Syntheses and characterization of novel biostable polyisobutylene based thermoplastic polyurethanes
Ojha U, Kulkarni P, Faust R
3458 - 3464 Tuning of the neutral state color of the pi-conjugated donor-acceptor-donor type polymer from blue to green via changing the donor strength on the polymer
Tarkuc S, Udum YA, Toppare L
3465 - 3469 Fabrication and characterisation of polymer thin-films derived from cineole using radio frequency plasma polymerisation
Easton CD, Jacob MV, Shanks RA
3470 - 3477 Synthesis of photo- and pH-responsive composite nanoparticles using a two-step controlled radical polymerization method
Feng HK, Zhao Y, Pelletier M, Dan Y, Zhao Y
3478 - 3487 Ethylene vinyl acetate/layered silicate nanocomposites prepared by a surfactant-free method: Enhanced flame retardant and mechanical properties
Shi Y, Kashiwagi T, Walters RN, Gilman JW, Lyon RE, Sogah DY
3488 - 3494 Comparison of reaction kinetics and gelation behaviors in atom transfer, reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer and conventional free radical copolymerization of oligo(ethylene glycol) methyl ether methacrylate and oligo(ethylene glycol) dimethacrylate
Yu Q, Xu SH, Zhang HW, Ding YH, Zhu SP
3495 - 3502 Polybenzimidazole containing benzimidazole side groups for high-temperature fuel cell applications
Kim SK, Kim TH, Jung JW, Lee JC
3503 - 3507 Novel polyion complex with interpenetrating polymer network of poly(acrylic acid) and partially protected poly(vinylamine) using N-vinylacetamide and N-vinylformamide
Ajiro H, Takemoto Y, Asoh TA, Akashi M
3508 - 3515 Magnetic core-bilayer shell nanoparticle: A novel vehicle for entrapment of poorly water-soluble drugs
Rutnakornpituk M, Meerod S, Boontha B, Wichai U
3516 - 3521 Synthesis and characterization of PVB/silica nanofibers by electrospinning process
Chen LJ, Liao JD, Lin SJ, Chuang YJ, Fu YS
3522 - 3527 Metal-free isotactic-specific radical polymerization of N-alkylacrylamides with 3,5-dimethylpyridine N-oxide: The effect of the N-substituent and solvent on the isotactic specificity
Hirano T, Ishizu H, Yamaoka R, Ute K, Sato T
3528 - 3536 Carbon nanotubes-graft-polyglycerol: Biocompatible hybrid materials for nanomedicine
Adeli M, Mirab N, Alavidjeh MS, Sobhani Z, Atyabi F
3537 - 3546 Simultaneous and sequential micro-porous semi-interpenetrating polymer network hydrogel films for drug delivery and wound dressing applications
Reddy TT, Takahara A
3547 - 3555 Thermo-sensitive sol-gel transition of poly(depsipeptide-co-lactide)-g-PEG copolymers in aqueous solution
Nagahama K, Imai Y, Nakayama T, Ohmura J, Ouchi T, Ohya Y
3556 - 3563 Synthesis of pH-sensitive hollow polymer microspheres and their application as drug carriers
Yang XY, Chen LT, Huang B, Bai F, Yang XL
3564 - 3574 Polymer nanocomposites using zinc aluminum and magnesium aluminum oleate layered double hydroxides: Effects of LDH divalent metals on dispersion, thermal, mechanical and fire performance in various polymers
Manzi-Nshuti C, Songtipya P, Manias E, Jimenez-Gasco MM, Hossenlopp JM, Wilkie CA
3575 - 3581 A density functional theory study of the mechanisms of scandium-alkoxide initiated coordination-insertion ring-opening polymerization of cyclic esters
Ling J, Shen JG, Hogen-Esch TE
3582 - 3586 Synthesis of a graft polymer PVAc-g-[P(AN-r-BVE)-b-PCHO] in "one-step" by radical/cationic transformation polymerization and coupling reaction
Lai RF, Guo HQ, Kamachi M
3587 - 3594 Synthesis, characterization and UV curing kinetics of hyperbranched polysiloxysilanes from A(2) and CB2 type monomers
Wang SJ, Fan XD, Kong J, Lu JR
3595 - 3599 Synthesis of a soluble conjugated copolymer based on dialkyl-substituted dithienothiophene and its application in photovoltaic cells
Zhang SM, He C, Liu Y, Zhan XW, Chen JW
3600 - 3608 Dispersions of carbon nanotubes in sulfonated poly[bis(benzimidazobenzisoquinolinones)] and their proton-conducting composite membranes
Li NW, Zhang F, Wang JH, Li SH, Zhang SB
3609 - 3616 Surface mechanical properties of transparent poly(methyl methacrylate)/zirconia nanocomposites prepared by in situ bulk polymerization
Hu YQ, Zhou SX, Wu LM
3617 - 3625 Nanostructured polystyrene-block-poly(4-vinyl pyridine)(pentadecylphenol) thin films as templates for polypyrrole synthesis
van Zoelen W, Bondzic S, Landaluce TF, Brondijk J, Loos K, Schouten AJ, Rudolf P, ten Brinke G
3626 - 3637 Transport properties of organic vapours in silicone/clay nanocomposites
Labruyere C, Gorrasi G, Monteverde F, Alexandre M, Dubois P
3638 - 3644 Self-assemblies formed by four-arm star copolymers with amphiphilic diblock arms in aqueous solutions
Stepanek M, Uchman M, Prochazka K
3645 - 3651 Macroporous polymers from particle-stabilized emulsions
Akartuna I, Tervoort E, Wong JCH, Studart AR, Gauckler LJ
3652 - 3660 Colloidal poly(styrene-co-butyl acrylate)/multi-walled carbon nanotubes nanocomposite by heterocoagulation in aqueous media
Hong S, Hong J, Jung D, Shim SE
3661 - 3669 Nanofibrous chitosan non-wovens for filtration applications
Desai K, Kit K, Li JJ, Davidson PM, Zivanovic S, Meyer H
3670 - 3679 Organic compatible polyacrylamide hydrogel fibers
Lu P, Hsieh YL
3680 - 3685 Novel PVA-based polymers showing an anti-Hofmeister Series property
Wang JQ, Satoh M
3686 - 3692 Ionic conductivities of perfluorosulfonic acid membrane by group contribution method
Sung DW, Kim YG, Bae YC
3693 - 3697 Synthesis and properties of highly hydrophilic polyurethane based on diisocyanate with ether group
Kojio K, Mitsui Y, Furukawa M
3698 - 3705 Preparation and characterization of polylactide/thermoplastic konjac glucomannan blends
Xu CG, Luo XG, Lin XY, Zhuo XR, Liang LL
3706 - 3713 Synthesis and self-assembly of amphiphilic poly(acrylic acid-b-DL-lactide) to form micelles for pH-responsive drug delivery
Xue YN, Huang ZZ, Zhang JT, Liu M, Zhang M, Huang SW, Zhuo RX
3714 - 3723 Plastic deformation of spherulitic semi-crystalline polymers: An in situ AFM study of polybutene under tensile drawing
Thomas C, Seguela R, Detrez F, Miri V, Vanmansart C
3724 - 3729 Oriented crystallization of isotactic polystyrene in films prepared by friction transfer
Jradi K, Bistac S, Schmitt M, Reiter G
3730 - 3738 The observation of rapid surface growth during the crystallization of polyhydroxybutyrate
Farrance OE, Jones RAL, Hobbs JK
3739 - 3746 Characterization of latex-based isotactic polypropylene/clay nanocomposites
Raka L, Bogoeva-Gaceva G, Lu K, Loos J
3747 - 3754 Effect of melting and crystallization on the conductive network in conductive polymer composites
Deng H, Skipa T, Zhang R, Lellinger D, Bilotti E, Alig I, Peijs T
3755 - 3761 Polyethylene yielding behaviour: What is behind the correlation between yield stress and crystallinity?
Humbert S, Lame O, Vigier G
3762 - 3769 Chemical crosslinking and biophysical properties of electrospun hyaluronic acid based ultra-thin fibrous membranes
Xu SS, Li JX, He AH, Liu WW, Jiang XY, Zheng JF, Han CC, Hsiao BS, Chu B, Fang DF
3770 - 3777 A new approach for morphology control of poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate) and soy protein blends
Chen F, Zhang JW
3778 - 3785 Fabrication and characterization of aligned nanofibrous PLGA/Collagen blends as bone tissue scaffolds
Jose MV, Thomas V, Dean DR, Nyairo E
3786 - 3796 Role of polymer-clay interactions and nano-clay dispersion on the viscoelastic response of supercritical CO2 dispersed polyvinylmethylether (PVME)-Clay nanocomposites
Manitiu M, Horsch S, Gulari E, Kannan RM
3797 - 3809 Processing-property relationships of polycarbonate/graphene composites
Kim H, Macosko CW
3810 - 3818 The effect of temperature on nascent morphology of polyethylene polymerized over solution-phase flat model catalysts
Jiang SD, Kong B, Han W, Thune PC, Yang XZ, Loos J, Yan SK
3819 - 3821 Multivariate analysis of C-13 NMR spectra of methacrylate copolymers and homopolymer blends
Momose H, Hattori K, Hirano T, Ute K
3822 - 3827 Transition behavior and ionic conductivity of lithium perchlorate-doped polystyrene-b-poly(2-vinylpyridine)
Kim B, Ahn H, Kim JH, Ryu DY, Kim J
3828 - 3834 Understanding crystal nucleation in solution-segregated polymers
Zha LY, Hu WB
3835 - 3840 Formation of polymer/carbon nanotubes nano-hybrid shish-kebab via non-isothermal crystallization
Zhang L, Tao T, Li CZ
3841 - 3850 Non-spherical racemic polylactide microarchitectures formation via solvent evaporation method
Zhou ZM, Xu J, Liu XQ, Li XM, Li SY, Yang K, Wang XF, Liu M, Zhang QQ
3851 - 3856 Interfacial enhancement by shish-calabash crystal structure in polypropylene/inorganic whisker composites
Ning NY, Luo F, Wang K, Du RN, Zhang Q, Chen F, Fu Q
3857 - 3870 Study of peptide fingerprints of parasite proteins and drug-DNA interactions with Markov-Mean-Energy invariants of biopolymer molecular-dynamic lattice networks
Perez-Montoto LG, Dea-Ayuela MA, Prado-Prado FJ, Bolas-Fernandez F, Ubeira FM, Gonzalez-Diaz H
3871 - 3876 Prediction of polymer mixture compatibility by Monte Carlo simulation of intermolecular binary interactions
Ahmadi A, Freire JJ