Polymer, Vol.42, No.13 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-3861 (Print) 

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5505 - 5513 Synthesis and thermal properties of telechelic alpha,omega-bis anhydride oligosiloxanes
Andre S, Guida-Pietrasanta F, Rousseau A, Boutevin B, Caporiccio G
5515 - 5521 Enzyme-mediated radical initiation of acrylamide polymerization: main characteristics of molecular weight control
Durand A, Lalot T, Brigodiot M, Marechal E
5523 - 5529 SEC-FTIR characterization of semi-crystalline HDPE and PP
Verdurmen-Noel L, Baldo L, Bremmers S
5531 - 5541 UV-radiation curing of acrylate/epoxide systems
Decker C, Viet TNT, Decker D, Weber-Koehl E
5543 - 5547 Crystal transitions of Nylon 11 under drawing and annealing
Zhang QX, Mo ZS, Zhang HF, Liu SY, Cheng SZD
5549 - 5557 Functionalization of isotactic polypropylene with maleic anhydride by reactive extrusion: mechanism of melt grafting
Shi D, Yang JH, Yao ZH, Wang Y, Huang HL, Jing W, Yin JH, Costa G
5559 - 5566 Structure and properties of polypropylene/poly(ethylene-co-propylene in-situ blends synthesized by spherical Ziegler-Natta catalyst
Fan ZQ, Zhang YQ, Xu JT, Wang HT, Feng LX
5567 - 5571 Comparison of clustering in various acrylate ionomers
Kim JS, Nah YH, Jarng SS
5573 - 5580 Cocrystallization and phase segregation of blends of poly (3-hydroxybutyrate) and poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate)
Saito M, Inoue Y, Yoshie N
5581 - 5587 Poly(ethylene glycol)s catalyzed homogeneous dehydrochlorination of poly(vinyl chloride) with potassium hydroxide
Guo L, Shi GQ, Liang YQ
5589 - 5598 Synthesis methods of fluorinated polyurethanes. 1. Effects on thermal and dynamic-mechanical behaviours
Tonelli C, Ajroldi G, Turturro A, Marigo A
5599 - 5606 Reactions of some anhydride-containing copolymers with gamma-aminopropyltriethoxysilane
Rzaev ZMO, Guner A, Can HK, Asici A
5607 - 5613 Blends of poly(ethylene 2,6-naphthalate) with liquid-crystalline polymers: crystallization behavior and morphology
Minkova L, Magagnini PL
5615 - 5624 An assessment by fluorescence spectroscopy of the stability of polyanions/positively charged liposome systems in the presence of polycations
Mizusaki M, Morishima Y, Winnik FM
5625 - 5632 Resonance Raman spectroscopic investigation of the mechanism and kinetics of the degradation of N,N-hexamethylene bishexamide, a Nylon 6,6 model compound
Matsui H, Schehr CA, Valentini JJ, Weber JN
5633 - 5642 Path dependent microstructure orientation during strain compression of semicrystalline block copolymers
Drzal PL, Barnes JD, Kofinas P
5643 - 5650 Effect of moisture on the tensile properties of poly(hydroxy eater ether)
St Lawrence S, Willett JL, Carriere CJ
5651 - 5659 Morphology evolution of immiscible polymer blends in complex flow fields
Testa C, Sigillo I, Grizzuti N
5661 - 5667 Changes in structural and mechanical behaviour of PVDF with processing and thermomechanical treatments. 1. Change in structure
El Mohajir BE, Heymans N
5669 - 5678 Polyamides from lactams by centrifugal molding via anionic ring-opening polymerization
Rusu G, Ueda K, Rusu E, Rusu M
5679 - 5687 Dielectric and dynamic mechanical relaxation behaviour of poly(ethylene 2,6 naphthalene dicarboxylate). I. Amorphous films
Hardy L, Stevenson I, Boiteux G, Seytre G, Schonhals A
5689 - 5694 Phase separation in melt blends of single-site linear and branched polyethylene
Tanem BS, Stori A
5695 - 5699 Structure of poly(hexamethylene sebacate)
Armelin E, Casas MT, Puiggali J
5701 - 5710 Nano-indentation and nano-scratch of polymer/glass interfaces. II: model of interphases in water aged composite materials
Hodzic A, Kim JK, Stachurski ZH
5711 - 5715 Induction time for cold crystallization in semi-rigid polymers: PEN and PEEK
Nogales A, Ezquerra TA, Denchev Z, Balta-Calleja FJ
5717 - 5725 Prediction of the glass transition temperatures for epoxy resins and blends using group interaction modelling
Gumen VR, Jones FR, Attwood D
5727 - 5735 Levels of structural order in crystals of PET/PEN random copolymers
Welsh GE, Windle AH
5737 - 5742 Viscoelasticity of biodegradable polymer blends of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) and poly(ethylene oxide)
Park SH, Lim ST, Shin TK, Choi HJ, Jhon MS
5743 - 5747 Relationship between dynamic theological behavior and phase separation of poly(methyl methacrylate)/poly(styrene-co-acrylonitrile) blends
Zheng Q, Du M, Yang BB, Wu G
5749 - 5754 Crystallization induced microstructure of crystalline/crystalline poly(vinylidenefluoride)/poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) blends probed by small angle X-ray scattering
Chiu HJ, Chen HL, Lin JS
5755 - 5761 Confined crystallization behavior of PEO in organic networks
Jiang SC, Qiao CD, Tian SZ, Ji XL, An LJ, Jiang BZ
5763 - 5769 Structure and viscoelastic properties of amorphous ethylene/1-hexene copolymers obtained with metallocene catalyst
Miyata H, Yamaguchi M, Akashi M
5771 - 5779 Molecular shape of poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline) chains in THF
Sung JH, Lee DC
5781 - 5792 Physical aging of blends of cellulose acetate polymers with dyes and plasticizers
Landry CJT, Lum KK, O'Reilly JM
5793 - 5796 The Gilch polymerisation towards OC1C10-PPV: indications for a radical mechanism
Hontis L, Vrindts V, Lutsen L, Vanderzande D, Gelan J
5797 - 5800 Multiaxial anisotropy of spider (Araneus diadematus) cocoon silk fibres
Barghout JYJ, Czernuszka JT, Viney C
5803 - 5811 Fatigue failure mechanisms of short glass-fiber reinforced nylon 66 based on nonlinear dynamic viscoelastic measurement
Noda K, Takahara A, Kajiyama T
5813 - 5822 An analysis of the Raman spectrum of syndiotactic polypropylene. 1. Conformational defects
Hahn T, Suen W, Kang S, Hsu SL, Stidham HD, Siedle AR
5823 - 5827 Soft matter under osmotic stress
Leonard M, Hong H, Easwar N, Strey HH
5829 - 5839 Phase structures and morphologies determined by self-organization, vitrification, and crystallization: confined crystallization in an ordered lamellar phase of PEO-b-PS diblock copolymer
Zhu L, Cheng SZD, Calhoun BH, Ge Q, Quirk RP, Thomas EL, Hsiao BS, Yeh F, Lotz B
5841 - 5847 Plastic deformation behaviour of thermoplastic/clay nanocomposites
Gloaguen JM, Lefebvre JM
5849 - 5858 Reinforcement and environmental degradation of nylon-6/clay nanocomposites
Shelley JS, Mather PT, DeVries KL
5859 - 5864 Ultradrawing of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene reactor powders prepared by highly active catalyst system
Sano A, Iwanami Y, Matsuura K, Yokoyama S, Kanamoto T
5865 - 5870 A direct correlation function for mesomorphic polymers and its application to the 'smectic' phase of isotactic polpropylene
Cohen Y, Saraf RF
5871 - 5883 A study on solid-state drawn fibers of polyethylene by confocal Raman microspectrometry: evaluation of the orientation profiles of amorphous and crystalline phases across the fiber section
Fagnano C, Rossi M, Porter RS, Ottani S
5885 - 5891 Phase structure and deformation behavior of polyester blends
Ito M, Tajima K, Kanamoto T
5893 - 5899 Lamellar characteristics controlled by prior polymer concentration for solution-crystallized ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene
Uehara H, Matsuda H, Aoike T, Yamanobe T, Komoto T
5901 - 5907 Experimental measurement of polyethylene chain modulus by scanning force microscopy
Du BY, Liu JP, Zhang QL, He TB
5909 - 5914 Morphology of semicrystalline block copolymers: polyethylene-b-atactic-polypropylene
Hong S, Bushelman AA, MacKnight WJ, Gido SP, Lohse DJ, Fetters LJ
5915 - 5920 Molecular weight analysis of polycations by capillary electrophoresis in a solution of neutral polymers
Welch CF, Hoagland DA
5921 - 5923 Theory of viscoelastic properties of polyelectrolyte solutions
Muthukumar M
5925 - 5935 The evolution of structure and properties in poly(p-phenylene terephthalamide) fibers
Rao Y, Waddon AJ, Farris RJ
5937 - 5946 Structure-property relation in poly(p-phenylene terephthalamide) (PPTA) fibers
Rao Y, Waddon AJ, Farris RJ
5947 - 5952 On exfoliation of montmorillonite in epoxy
Chin IJ, Thurn-Albrecht T, Kim HC, Russell TP, Wang J