Polymer, Vol.41, No.6 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-3861 (Print) 

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1973 - 1979 Model studies of the curing of resole phenol-formaldehyde resins Part 1. The behaviour of ortho quinone methide in a curing resin
Lenghaus K, Qiao GG, Solomon DH
1981 - 1988 Photooxidation of blends of polystyrene and poly(vinyl methyl ether): FTIR and AFM studies
Mailhot B, Morlat S, Gardette JL
1989 - 1999 Quantification of the maleic anhydride grafted onto polypropylene by chemical and viscosimetric titrations, and FTIR spectroscopy
Sclavons M, Franquinet P, Carlier V, Verfaillie G, Fallais I, Legras R, Laurent M, Thyrion FC
2001 - 2008 Poly(ether sulphone) copolymers with novel reactive chain-ends
Chisari V, Mamo A, Recca A, Siracusa V, Carter JT, McGrail PT
2009 - 2015 Synthesis and characterization of thermally stable polymers containing phenazine
Gajiwala HM, Zand R
2017 - 2028 Crosslinking of acrylic latex coatings with cycloaliphatic diepoxide
Wu S, Soucek MD
2029 - 2032 Synthesis and characterization of PAn/clay nanocomposite with extended chain conformation of polyaniline
Wu Q, Xue Z, Qi Z, Wang F
2033 - 2039 PVA containing chito-oligosaccharide side chain
Cho YW, Han SS, Ko SW
2041 - 2046 Confined crystallization behavior of PEO in silica networks
Jiang S, Yu D, Ji X, An L, Jiang B
2047 - 2052 Preparation and pervaporation performance of poly(3-alkylthiophene) membrane
Teng MY, Lee KR, Liaw DJ, Lai JY
2053 - 2057 Radical copolymerization reactivity of methacryloyl-terminated poly(ethylene glycol methylether) with vinylbenzyl-terminated polystyrene macromonomers
Ishizu K, Shen XX, Tsubaki KI
2059 - 2068 The mass transport of methanolic ferric chloride hexahydrate solution in poly(methyl methacrylate) and related optical properties
Chou KF, Lee S
2069 - 2079 Effects of molecular weight of SEBS triblock copolymer on the morphology, impact strength, and rheological property of syndiotactic polystyrene/ethylene-propylene rubber blends
Hong BK, Jo WH
2081 - 2094 Experimental modeling of the cure kinetics of an epoxy-hexaanhydro-4-methylphthalicanhydride (MHHPA) system
Boey FYC, Qiang W
2095 - 2104 Phonon dispersion and heat capacity in cross-beta form of poly(O-acetyl, L-serine)
Misra NK, Kapoor D, Tandon P, Gupta VD
2105 - 2111 Self-adhesion of poly(4,4 '-oxydiphenylene biphenyltetracarboximide) and its adhesion to substrates
Ree M, Park YH, Shin TJ, Nunes TL, Volksen W
2113 - 2120 Charge recombination luminescence from epoxy resins Part. 1. Correlation of luminescence with cure
Sewell GJ, Billingham NC, Kozielski KA, George GA
2121 - 2126 Scanning probe microscopy of pine and birch kraft pulp fibres
Simola J, Malkavaara P, Alen R, Peltonen J
2127 - 2132 Complex formation between hydroxypropylcellulose and hexadecyltrimethylamonium bromide as studied by light scattering and viscometry
Hormnirun P, Sirivat A, Jamieson AM
2133 - 2139 Polypropylene-polyethylene blend morphology controlled by time-temperature-miscibility
Shanks RA, Li J, Yu L
2141 - 2148 Solid state C-13 NMR analysis of syndiotactic copolymers of propene with 1-butene
De Rosa C, Auriemma F, Capitani D, Caporaso L, Talarico G
2149 - 2155 Simulation of a PEO based solid polyelectrolyte, comparison of the CMM and the Ewald summation method
Ennari J, Neelov I, Sundholm F
2157 - 2168 Enzymatic gelation of the natural polymer chitosan
Kumar G, Bristow JF, Smith PJ, Payne GF
2169 - 2182 Study of the cold drawing of nylon 6 fiber by in-situ simultaneous small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering techniques
Samon JM, Schultz JM, Hsiao BS
2183 - 2201 Constitutive model for the finite deformation stress-strain behavior of poly(ethylene terephthalate) above the glass transition
Boyce MC, Socrate S, Llana PG
2203 - 2212 Diffusion of acetonitrile in conformational isomers of an H12MDI polyurethane
Elabd YA, Sloan JM, Barbari TA
2213 - 2218 Draw-ratio-dependent morphology of biaxially oriented polypropylene films as determined by atomic force microscopy
Nie HY, Walzak MJ, McIntyre NS
2219 - 2226 Polymeric silsesquioxanes: degree-of-intramolecular-condensation measured by mass spectrometry
Wallace WE, Guttman CM, Antonucci JM
2227 - 2230 Glass-transition and secondary relaxation in SBR-1502 from dynamic mechanical data
Cerveny S, Ghilarducci A, Salva H, Marzocca AJ
2231 - 2240 Mechanical properties of weakly segregated block copolymers 2. The influence of phase behaviour on tensile properties of poly(styrene-b-butylmethacrylate) diblock copolymers
Weidisch R, Michler GH, Arnold M
2241 - 2248 Scanning force microscopy of bulk-filled uniaxially oriented poly(ethylene terephthalate) films
Beake BD, Ling JSG, Leggett GJ
2249 - 2263 A study of the molecular relaxations in solid starch using dielectric spectroscopy
Butler MF, Cameron RE
2265 - 2269 Electrical and mechanical properties of polyaniline fibres produced by a one-step wet spinning process
Pomfret SJ, Adams PN, Comfort NP, Monkman AP
2271 - 2288 Changes in the morphology and orientation of bulk spherulitic polypropylene due to plane-strain compression
Pluta M, Bartczak Z, Galeski A
2289 - 2293 Pd catalyzed polycarbonate synthesis from bisphenol A and CO: control of polymer chain - end structure
Goyal M, Nagahata R, Sugiyama J, Asai M, Ueda M, Takeuchi K
2295 - 2299 Small angle X-ray diffraction study of blends of nylon 6 and a liquid crystal copolyester
Campoy I, Gomez MA, Marco C
2301 - 2304 Polyether ketones derived from bis[4-(4-fluorobenzoyl)phenyl]phenylphosphine oxide
Fitch JW, Reddy VS, Youngman PW, Wohlfahrt GA, Cassidy PE
2305 - 2308 Thermal properties of poly(hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate) and poly(epsilon-caprolactone) blends
Chun YS, Kim WN
2309 - 2312 Soluble conjugated copolymers based on poly(1,4-phenylenevinylene)
Wang GJ, Li M, Guo CW, Wu F, Tian WJ, Chen XF, Shen JC
2313 - 2317 Surface crystallography of polybutene-1 by atomic force microscopy
Winkel AK, Miles MJ
2319 - 2323 'Ductile' mixed biopolymer gel composites
Plucknett KP, Normand V, Pomfret SJ, Ferdinando D