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ISSN: 0032-3861 (Print) 

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2879 - 2887 DC electrical conductivity of poly[4-amino-2,6-pyrimidinodithiocarbamate] and its metal complexes
El-Shekeil A, Al-Maydama H, Al-Karbooly A, Khalid MA
2889 - 2902 Spectroscopic analysis of transition-metal coordination complexes based on poly(4-vinylpyridine) and dichlorotricarbonylruthenium(II)
McCurdie MP, Belfiore LA
2903 - 2915 Influence of particle dispersion on the matrix ligament thickness of polymer blends 2. A generalized equation and particle spatial distributions for different morphologies
Liu ZH, Li RKY, Tjong SC, Choy CL, Zhu XG, Qi ZN, Wang FS
2917 - 2927 Processing of (in)tractable polymers using reactive solvents Part 5: morphology control during phase separation
Jansen BJP, Meijer HEH, Lemstra PJ
2929 - 2938 Relationship between surface and bulk morphologies for immiscible polymer blends
Verfaillie G, Devaux J, Legras R
2939 - 2948 C-13 solid-state nmr study of styrene-crosslinked mixed polyesters
Grobelny J
2949 - 2959 Mechanical properties of gas-assisted injection moulded PS, PP and Nylon parts
Chien RD, Chen SC, Jeng MC, Yang HY
2961 - 2968 Peroxide crosslinking of isotactic and syndiotactic polypropylene
Yu Q, Zhu S
2969 - 2974 Determination of average molecular weight between cross-links ((M)over-bar(c)) from swelling behaviours of diprotic acid-containing hydrogels
Sen M, Yakar A, Guven O
2975 - 2979 Swelling-induced structure changes of polyelectrolyte gels
Evmenenko G, Alexeev V, Budtova T, Buyanov A, Frenkel S
2981 - 2991 Gas induced damage in poly(vinylidene fluoride) exposed to decompression
Lorge O, Briscoe BJ, Dang P
2993 - 2999 Composite of aramid fibre (poly-m-phenylene isophthalamide) thermoplastic elastomers (SEBS): enhancement of tensile properties by maleated-SEBS compatibiliser
Amornsakchai T, Sinpatanapan B, Bualek-Limcharoen S, Meesiri W
3001 - 3011 Electron microprobe analysis as a novel technique to study the interface between thermoset and thermoplastic polymers
Oyama HT, Solberg TN, Wightman JP
3013 - 3023 Fluorescence study on intermolecular complex formation between mesogenic biphenyl moieties of main-chain thermotropic liquid-crystalline polyesters with 7-18 methylene units
Huang HW, Horie K, Tokita M, Watanabe J
3025 - 3031 Blends of side-chain liquid crystalline polymers: towards self-assembled interpenetrating networks
Zhao Y, Yuan GX, Roche P
3033 - 3040 Temperature and time dependence of orthopositronium formation in polystyrene
Peng ZL, Olson BG, McGervey JD, Jamieson AM
3041 - 3050 Studies on polyimides: Part 3. Interactions between hexamethylenetetramine and models for polyimides and novolacs
Caulfield MJ, Solomon DH
3051 - 3059 Pervaporation properties of ethynyl-containing copolyimide membranes to aromatic/non-aromatic hydrocarbon mixtures
Fang JH, Tanaka K, Kita H, Okamoto K
3061 - 3067 UV polymerization of triphenylaminemethylacrylate thin film on ITO substrate
Tamada M, Koshikawa H, Hosoi F, Suwa T, Usui H, Kosaka A, Sato H
3069 - 3082 Synthesis and characterization of an amine-functional SAN for the compatibilization of PC/ABS blends
Wildes GS, Harada T, Keskkula H, Paul DR, Janarthanan V, Padwa AR
3083 - 3090 Poly(styrene-b-isobutylene-b-styrene) block copolymers produced by living cationic polymerization - I. Compositional analysis
Storey RF, Baugh DW, Choate KR
3091 - 3100 Aliphatic polyester-grafted starch-like polysaccharides by ring-opening polymerization
Dubois P, Krishnan M, Narayan R
3101 - 3106 Polymerization of acrylamide in solution and inverse emulsion: number molecular weight distribution with chain transfer agent
Pabon M, Selb J, Candau F, Gilbert RG
3107 - 3117 Wholly aromatic polyamides and polyimides prepared from 3,3 ''-di(4-aminophenyl)-5,5 ''-di(4-biphenylyl)-p-terphenyl and 3,3 ''-di(4-aminophenyl)-5,5 '',6,6 ''-tetraphenyl-p-terphenyl
Mikroyannidis JA
3119 - 3145 Structural hierarchy developed in co-injection molded polystyrene/polypropylene parts
Kadota M, Cakmak M, Hamada H
3147 - 3151 Cross-linking reaction of poly(4-vinylpyridine) cylindrical microdomains of poly(alpha-methylstyrene)-block-poly(4-vinylpyridine) films and characterization of soluble ribbon-like nanopolymers
Ishizu K, Ikemoto T, Ichimura A
3153 - 3163 Interpenetrating polymer networks of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate terminated polyurethanes and polyurethanes
Hsieh TT, Hsieh KH, Simon GP, Tiu C
3165 - 3169 The rigid amorphous fraction of isotactic polystyrene prepared by freeze-drying from dilute solutions
Li YQ, Xue G
3171 - 3182 Physical properties of poly(ester-urethanes) prepared from different molar mass polycaprolactone-diols
Bogdanov B, Toncheva V, Schacht E, Finelli L, Sarti B, Scandola M
3183 - 3189 Synthesis and properties of new polyimides derived from 1,1-bis[4-(4-aminophenoxy)phenyl]cyclododecane
Liaw DJ, Liaw BY
3191 - 3195 Brittle-ductile transition in polypropylene filled with glass beads
Liang JZ, Lia RKY
3197 - 3202 Relationship between the structure of the bridging group and curing of liquid crystalline epoxy resins
Lee JY, Jang JS, Hong SM, Hwang SS, Kim KU
3203 - 3209 Characterization and fluorescence properties of thiophene-modified pi-conjugated nickel polyyne polymers
Yang MJ, Lei ZQ, Cai ZG
3211 - 3221 Inclusion compounds formed between cyclodextrins and nylon 6
Huang L, Allen E, Tonelli AE
3223 - 3228 Nitrogen/oxygen permeability of natural rubber, epoxidised natural rubber and natural rubber epoxidised natural rubber blends
Johnson T, Thomas S
3229 - 3232 Synthesis and characterization of polyfunctional star-shaped macromonomers
Ishizu K, Kitano H, Ono T, Uchida S
3233 - 3235 Poly(pyridine-2,5-diyl) as electron-transport hole blocking layer in poly(phenylenevinylene) light-emitting diode
Hwang MY, Hua MY, Chen SA
3237 - 3241 Direct synthesis of aromatic polycarbonate from polymerization of bisphenol A with CO using a Pd-Cu catalyst system
Goyal M, Nagahata R, Sugiyama JI, Asai M, Ueda M, Takeuchi K
3243 - 3245 Studies of cyclic and linear poly(dimethylsiloxanes): 34 -Preparation, fractionation and characterisation of the first per-deuterated macrocyclic poly(dimethylsiloxanes)
Dagger AC, Semlyen JA
3247 - 3249 Polymerization of acrylamide in aqueous medium initiated by a redox system of 4-carboxybenzophenone and sulfur-containing amino acids
Wrzyszczynski A
3251 - 3254 Radical copolymerization reactivity of maleate-terminated poly(ethylene glycol) with vinylbenzyl-terminated polystyrene macromonomers
Ishizu K, Shen XX
3255 - 3259 Crystallographic structures on the sequential copolymer of epsilon-caprolactam and pyrrolidinone (nylon 4/6)
Franco L, Puiggali J
3261 - 3264 Electroinitiated polymerization of maleic anhydride with 1,4-dimethylpyridiniumiodide - Kinetics of polymerization
Sahu US