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ISSN: 0032-3861 (Print) 

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3483 - 3491 A New Brillouin-Scattering Analysis of High-Frequency Relaxations in Liquids Demonstrated at the Hypersound Relaxation of Ppg
Krbecek HH, Kupisch W, Pietralla M
3493 - 3499 A Study of the Relationship Between the Electroluminescence Characteristics and Compositions of Ppv-PVA-Based Polymers
Chang WP, Whang WT
3501 - 3507 Dielectric-Properties of Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate) Gels in Dimethylformamide
Bordi F, Cametti C, Cesaro A, Paradossi G
3509 - 3519 Morphology Control and Interfacial Reinforcement in Reactive Polystyrene/Amorphous Polyamide Blends
Tan NC, Tai SK, Briber RM
3521 - 3530 Poly(Ether Urethane)/Poly(Ethyl Methacrylate) Interpenetrating Polymer Networks - Morphology, Phase Continuity and Mechanical-Properties as a Function of Composition
Hourston DJ, Schafer FU
3531 - 3535 Block-Copolymer Micelles in Solutions of a Homopolymer - Dynamic Light-Scattering and Viscosity Studies
Quintana JR, Janez MD, Katime I
3537 - 3541 Loop-Like Light Extinction in the Precipitation Film of a Presheared Lyotropic Polymeric Liquid-Crystal
Ding JD, Fang HF, Hu YH, Yang YL
3543 - 3552 The Influence of Starch Molecular-Mass on the Properties of Extruded Thermoplastic Starch
Vansoest JJ, Benes K, Dewit D, Vliegenthart JF
3553 - 3558 Microenvironments in Poly(Ethylene-Terephthalate) Film Revealed by Means of Fluorescence Measurements
Itagaki H, Inagaki Y, Kobayashi N
3559 - 3565 Compatibilizing Effect of Polyarylate-Polyamide-6 Block-Copolymers on Polyarylate/Polyamide-6 Blends .2.
Ahn TO, Lee S, Jeong HM, Lee SW
3567 - 3576 Thickening Behavior and Shrinkage Control of Low-Profile Unsaturated Polyester Resins
Saito R, Kan WM, Lee LJ
3577 - 3583 Crystallinity and Hydrogen-Bonding of Hard Segments in Segmented Poly(Urethane Urea) Copolymers
Luo N, Wang DN, Ying SK
3585 - 3591 Crystallization Kinetics of Fractions of Branched Polyethylenes .2. Effect of Molecular-Weight
Lambert WS, Phillips PJ
3593 - 3601 Diffusion Phenomena During Cyanate Resin Cure
Deng Y, Martin GC
3603 - 3609 Melting Behavior and Miscibility of Poly(Epsilon-Caprolactone) Plus Poly(4-Hydroxystyrene) Blends
Lezcano EG, Coll CS, Prolongo MG
3611 - 3614 Miscibility of Associated Polymer Blends in Good Solvent .2. One-End-Aminated Polystyrene/One-End-Sulfonated Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Blends in Toluene
Haraguchi M, Inomata K, Nose T
3615 - 3622 Graft-Copolymers for Biomedical Applications Prepared by Free-Radical Polymerization of Poly(L-Lactide) Macromonomers with Vinyl and Acrylic-Monomers
Eguiburu JL, Fernandezberridi MJ, Roman JS
3623 - 3636 Crystallization Behavior of Poly(P-Phenylene Sulfide) - Effects of Molecular-Weight Fractionation and Endgroup Counterion
Risch BG, Srinivas S, Wilkes GL, Geibel JF, Ash C, White S, Hicks M
3637 - 3642 Functional Metallomacrocycles and Their Polymers .34. Kinetics and Mechanism of the Biomimetic Decomposition of Hydrogen-Peroxide Catalyzed by Heterogeneous Octacarboxyphthalocyaninato Iron(III) Supported on Amorphous Enriched Rayon Staple Fibers
Tsuiki H, Masuda E, Koyama T, Hanabusa K, Shirai H, Kobayashi N, Minamide N, Komatsu Y, Yokozeki T
3643 - 3657 Reactions of Amorphous PE Radical-Pairs in Vacuo and in Acetylene - A Comparison of Gel Fraction Data with Flory-Stockmayer and Atomistic Modeling Analyses
Jones RA, Ward IM, Taylor DJ, Stepto RF
3659 - 3664 Surface Dynamics for Poly(Vinyl Alkylate)S via Dynamic Contact-Angle and Adhesion Tension Relaxation
Kasemura T, Takahashi S, Nakane N, Maegawa T
3665 - 3673 Anionic-Polymerization of Styrene and Butadiene Initiated by N-Butyllithium in Ethylbenzene - Determination of the Propagation Rate Constants Using Raman-Spectroscopy and Gel-Permeation Chromatography
Auguste S, Edwards HG, Johnson AF, Meszena ZG, Nicol P
3675 - 3682 Mechanism and Kinetics of Polymerization of a Dicyanate Ester Resin Photocatalyzed by an Organometallic Compound
Liu HP, George GA
3683 - 3692 Melt Processible Polyimides and Their Chemical Structures
Tamai S, Yamaguchi A, Ohta M
3693 - 3696 Primary Structure of Archaeological Silk and Ancient Climate
Chujo R, Shimaoka A, Nagaoka K, Kurata A, Inoue M
3697 - 3706 Preparation and Characterization of End-Reactive Oligomers by Thermal-Degradation of Polyisobutylene
Sawaguchi T, Seno M
3707 - 3714 Orientation and Structure of Drawn Poly(Ethylene-Terephthalate)
Ajji A, Guevremont J, Cole KC, Dumoulin MM
3715 - 3719 Preparation and Characterization of New Biospecific Adsorbents with Fatty-Acids as Ligands, Usable to Retain Bovine Serum-Albumin
Alvarez C, Bertorello H, Strumla M, Sanchez EI
3721 - 3727 Investigation on Bismaleimide Bearing Polysiloxane (BPS) Toughening of 4,4’-Bismaleimido Diphenylmethane (Bmi) Matrix-Synthesis, Characterization and Toughness
Hao JJ, Jiang LX, Cai XX
3729 - 3735 Synthesis of Poly(Vinyl Acetate) Macromonomers and Preparation of Poly(Vinyl Acetate) Grafted Copolymers and Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) Grafted Copolymers
Ohnaga T, Sato T
3737 - 3739 High-Energy Ion Irradiation Effects on Polymer Material .4. Heavier Ion Irradiation Effects on Mechanical-Properties of PE and PTFE
Kudoh H, Sasuga T, Seguchi T, Katsumura Y
3741 - 3744 Light-Scattering Study of Salt-Free Polyelectrolyte Behavior of Monotelechelic Ionomers in a Polar-Solvent
Kupperblatt G, Hara M, Vanhoorne P, Jerome RJ
3745 - 3747 Influence of Glass-Beads on the Elongational Viscosity of Polyethylene with Anomalous Strain-Rate Dependence of the Strain-Hardening
Kobayashi M, Takahashi T, Takimoto J, Koyama K
3749 - 3752 Effect of Casting Solvent on the Crystallization in Peo/PMMA Blends
Radhakrishnan S, Venkatachalapathy PD
3753 - 3756 A Novel Biocidal Styrenetriazinedione Polymer
Sun G, Chen TY, Worley SD
3757 - 3759 Analysis of the Phase-Transition of Polymer Blends Using Quartz-Crystal Analyzer
Chang SM, Kim JM, Muramatsu H, Ataka T, Cho WJ, Ha CS
3761 - 3762 The Existence of a Mesophase in Poly(Ethylene Naphthalate)
Jakeways R, Klein JL, Ward IM
3763 - 3765 Study on Whole-Conjugated Polymer Gel - Synthesis of Polybenzal Gel with Benzal Chloride and Toluene
Ishikawa S, Ito N, Okamoto M, Nakamori T
3767 - 3769 Synthesis and Ag+-Binding Property of Polyphenylacetylene with Aza-Crown Cavity by Cyclopolymerization of 2,6-bis(7’-(4"-Ethynylphenoxy)2’,5’-Dioxaheptyl)Pyridine
Kakuchi T, Watanabe T, Kamimura H, Matsunami S, Yokota K
3771 - 3774 Synthesis of Adamantyl and Benzoxazole Substituted Poly(M-Phenylene)S via the Nickel-Catalyzed Coupling of Aryl Chlorides
Mathias LJ, Tullos GL
3775 - 3778 Comments on a Partial-Differential Equation Model of the Temperature of a Growing Spherulite
Ross DS
3779 - 3779 Linear Radial Growth Velocity of Isolated Spherulites in Polymer Free Solidification - Reply
Huang T, Rey AD, Kamal MR