Polymer, Vol.175 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-3861 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Controlled water-soluble properties of poly(vinyl alcohol) films via the benzoxaborole-containing temperature-responsive copolymers
Kudo Y, Ono J, Kotsuchibashi Y
8 - 14 A molecular simulation study for efficient separation of 2,5-furandiyldimethanamine by a microporous polyarylate membrane
Gupta KM, Liu J, Jiang JW
15 - 24 Thermo-reversible crosslinked natural rubber: A Diels-Alder route for reuse and self-healing properties in elastomers
Tanasi P, Santana MH, Carretero-Gonzalez J, Verdejo R, Lopez-Manchado MA
25 - 31 Mechanism of stress induced crystallization of polyethylene
Yakovlev S, Fiscus D, Brant P, Butler J, Bucknall DG, Downing KH
32 - 40 A novel route to synthesis polythiophene with great yield and high electrical conductivity without post doping process
Thanasamy D, Jesuraj D, Kannan SKK, Avadhanam V
41 - 48 Synthesis of precisely diphenyl ether-functionalized polyethylene via acyclic diene metathesis polymerization
Cao YF, Hu GW, Lin SH, Rempel GL, Pan QM
49 - 56 Asymmetric polystyrene-polylactide bottlebrush random copolymers: Synthesis, self-assembly and nanoporous structures
Cho S, Son J, Kim I, Ahn H, Jang HS, Joo SH, Park KH, Lee E, Kim Y, Ahn SK
57 - 64 PEG hydration and conformation in aqueous solution: Hints to macromolecular crowding
Di Fonzo S, Bellich B, Gamini A, Quadri N, Cesaro A
65 - 70 Stimuli-responsive supramolecular assemblies via self-assembly of adamantane-containing block copolymers
Noh H, Myung S, Kim MJ, Yang SK
71 - 80 Single-step fabrication of recyclable microporous hyperbranched polyethyleneimine adsorbent with highly efficient and selective removal of lead ions
Chen J, Liu X, Wang S, Wang AL, Wang ZN, Zeng QH, Li ZX, Zhang LY
81 - 86 Crystal structure and unique lamellar thickening for poly(L-lactide) induced by high pressure
Huang SY, Li HF, Jiang SC
87 - 98 In-situ SAXS/WAXS investigations of the mechanically-induced phase transitions in semi-crystalline polyamides
Pepin J, Gaucher V, Rochas C, Lefebvre JM
99 - 106 Separation of polymers differing in their chain architecture by interaction chromatography: Phase equilibria and conformational behavior of polymers in strongly adsorbing porous media
Wang X, Limpouchova Z, Prochazka K
107 - 117 Molecular dynamics study on the structure and relaxation of short-chain branched ring polymer melts
Roh EJ, Kim JM, Baig C
118 - 128 Tracking the origins of size dependency in the mechanical properties of polymeric nanofibers at the atomistic scale
Peng KY, Nain A, Mirzaeifar R
129 - 136 Ordered aggregation structures of semiflexible ring polymers in ring-linear blends
Zhou XL, Li K, Guo FC, Zhang LX
137 - 145 Low-density polyethylene/curcumin melt extruded composites with enhanced water vapor barrier and antioxidant properties for active food packaging
Zia J, Paul UC, Heredia-Guerrero JA, Athanassiou A, Fragouli D
146 - 151 Redox triggered disassembly of frame-guided assemblies
Wang S, Zhang YY, Dong YC, Liu DS
152 - 160 Multiple influences of hydrogen bonding interactions on PLLA crystallization behaviors in PLLA/TSOS hybrid blending systems
Shi JJ, Wang W, Feng ZH, Zhang DH, Zhou Z, Li QF
161 - 170 Influence of post-condensation on the crystallization kinetics of PA12: From virgin to reused powder
Paolucci F, van Mook MJH, Govaert LE, Peters GWM
171 - 176 Role transition of PNIPAM ionic microgels in dispersion polymerization by changing the monomer type
Wu XT, Chen R, Jin X, Wu D, Tong GS, Zhu XY
177 - 185 Effect of the content of beta form crystals on biaxially stretched polypropylene microporous membranes and the tuning of pore structures
Wu GG, Ding C, Chen WB, Zhang Y, Yang W, Yang MB
186 - 194 A comparison of non-isocyanate and HDI-based poly(ether urethane): Structure and properties
Shen ZY, Zheng LC, Li CC, Liu GM, Xiao YN, Wu SH, Liu JJ, Zhang B
195 - 205 Bis(arylimino)pyridyl cobalt catalysts for copolymerization of buta-1,3-diene with ethene
Zeleznik O, Merna J
206 - 214 High impact performance induced by a synergistic effect of heteroepitaxy and oriented layer-unoriented layer alternated structure in iPP/HDPE injection molded part
Gu XB, Wang YX, Jiang YX, Liu MJ, Fu Q, Zhang J
215 - 226 The re-entangling of macromolecules in polypropylene
Krajenta J, Safandowska M, Pawlak A
227 - 234 Carbon nanofiller networks- a comparative study of networks formed by branched versus linear carbon nanotubes in thermoplastic polyurethane
Bonab VS, Maxian O, Manas-Zloczower I
235 - 242 Multi-responsive hollow nanospheres self-assembly by amphiphilic random copolymer and azobenzene
Wang YH, Hu LZ, Yin Q, Du K, Zhang TR, Yin QJ
243 - 254 Emulsion templated scaffolds manufactured from photocurable polycaprolactone
Dikici BA, Sherborne C, Reilly GC, Claeyssens F
255 - 264 Sulfonated poly (ether sulfone) composite membranes customized with polydopamine coated molybdenum disulfide nanosheets for renewable energy devices
Divya K, Rana D, Saraswathi MSSA, Nagendran A
265 - 271 High-pressure neutron scattering and random-phase approximation analysis of a molten Baroplastic diblock copolymer
Lee J, Wang TZ, Shin K, Cho J
272 - 282 A thermal model to describe kinetic dispersion in rubber nanocomposites: The effect of mixing time on dispersion
Rishi K, Narayanan V, Beaucage G, McGlasson A, Kuppa V, Ilavsky J, Rackaitis M
283 - 293 Remarkable synergetic effect by in-situ covalent hybridization of carbon dots with graphene oxide and carboxylated acrylonitrile butadiene rubber
Sreenatha PR, Mandal S, Singh S, Dash P, Bhowmick AK, Kumar KD
294 - 301 Investigations on the thermoresponsive behavior of copoly(2-oxazoline)s in water
Hijazi M, Schmidt M, Xia HK, Storkmann J, Plothe R, Dos Santos D, Bednarzick U, Krumm C, Tiller JC
302 - 309 Thermal responsiveness of hydrogen bonding and dielectric property of polybenzoxazines with different Mannich bridge structures
Zhang S, Ran QC, Fu Q, Gu Y
310 - 319 An efficient graphyne membrane for water desalination
Mehrdad M, Moosavi A
320 - 328 Alternating crystalline lamellar structures from thermodynamically miscible poly(epsilon-caprolactone) H/D blends
Li LW, Arras MML, Li TY, Li W, Chang D, Keum JK, Bonnesen PV, Qian S, Peng XF, Lee B, Hong KL
329 - 338 Strain-induced network chains damage in carbon black filled EPDM
Candau N, Oguz O, Peuvrel-Disdier E, Bouvard JL, Pradille C, Billon N
339 - 346 Benzothienoisoindigo-based polymers for efficient polymer solar cells with an open-circuit voltage of 0.96 V
Lu J, Zhou HS, Yu YF, Liu HL, Peng LN, He PX, Zhao B