Polymer, Vol.172 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-3861 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Investigation of crystallization behavior of asymmetric PLLA/PDLA blend using Raman Imaging measurement
Hu J, Wang JP, Wang MF, Ozaki Y, Sato H, Zhang JM
7 - 12 Crystal structures and crystalline elastic modulus of paramylon esters
Gan HY, Kabe T, Kimura S, Hikima T, Takata M, Iwata T
13 - 26 Understanding and controlling the self-healing behavior of 2-ureido-4[1H]-pyrimidinone-functionalized clustery and dendritic dual dynamic supramolecular network
Yang JH, Lee J, Lim S, Jung S, Jang SH, Jang SH, Kwak SY, Ahn S, Jung YC, Priestley RD, Chung JW
27 - 40 In-situ synthesis of silica aerogel/polyurethane inorganic-organic hybrid nanocomposite foams: Characterization, cell microstructure and mechanical properties
Bonab SA, Moghaddas J, Rezaei M
41 - 51 Influences of tacticity and molecular weight on crystallization kinetic and crystal morphology under isothermal crystallization: Evidence of tapering in lamellar width
Rungswang W, Jarumaneeroj C, Patthamasang S, Phiriyawirut P, Jirasukho P, Soontaranon S, Rugmai S, Hsiao BS
52 - 57 From shape and color memory PCL network to access high security anti-counterfeit material
Du L, Dai J, Xu ZY, Yang KK, Wang YZ
58 - 65 Preparation of spherical polymer powders for selective laser sintering from immiscible PA12/PEO blends with high viscosity ratios
Yang XS, Wei Y, Xi ST, Huang YJ, Kong MQ, Li GX
66 - 74 Effects of spreading and subphase conditions on the interfacial behavior of an amphiphilic copolymer poly(n-butylacrylate)-b-poly(acrylic acid)
Yang SC, Wen GY, Pispas S, You K
75 - 82 Facile synthesis of anion conductive poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide)s from a clickable di-quaternized side-chain precursor
Zhu ZF, Cui P, Lu Y, Wu JR, Zeng J, Ma WY, Zhao XS, Zhu YQ
83 - 90 Study on the adsorption process of a semi-flexible polymer onto homogeneous attractive surfaces
Yang X, Yang QH, Fu Y, Wu F, Huang JH, Luo MB
91 - 99 The effect of an adhesive interaction on predicting the scratch response of PS/PPO blends
de Bie VG, Anderson PD, van Breemen LCA
100 - 109 Sustainability and antimicrobial assessments of apigenin based polybenzoxazine film
Thirukumaran P, Manoharan RK, Parveen AS, Atchudan R, Kim SC
110 - 116 Facile synthesis of intrinsically photoluminescent hyperbranched polyethylenimine and its specific detection for copper ion
Liu MN, Chen WG, Liu HJ, Chen Y
117 - 125 Improved ethylene-propylene rubber/silica interface via in-situ polymerization
Jing YK, Niu H, Li Y
126 - 132 Effect of ion concentration on the properties of polyisoprene-sodium styrene sulfonate elastomeric ionomers prepared by emulsion polymerization
Blosch SE, Orler EB, Talley SJ, Moore RB, Turner SR
133 - 141 Comparative study of polyaniline (PANI), poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT) and PANI-PEDOT films electrochemically deposited on transparent indium thin oxide based electrodes
Popov A, Brasiunas B, Mikoliunaite L, Bagdziunas G, Ramanavicius A, Ramanaviciene A
142 - 151 High performance linear low density polyethylene nanocomposites reinforced by two-dimensional layered nanomaterials
Li T, Sun HY, Lei F, Li DD, Leng J, Chen L, Huang Y, Sun DZ
152 - 159 Rh(III)-catalyzed N-nitroso-directed C-H olefination polymerization
Liu ZS, Zeng H, Zhang WJ, Song C, Yang F, Liu Y, Zhu J
160 - 169 Non-crosslinked fluorinated copolymer particles stabilized Pickering high internal phase emulsion for fabrication of porous polymer monoliths
Azhar U, Huo ZY, Yaqub R, Xu AH, Zhang SX, Geng B
170 - 177 Low-temperature synthesis and physical characteristics of PS-TiO2 hybrid films for transparent dielectric gate applications
Sanchez-Ahumada D, Verastica-Ward LJ, Galvez-Lopez MF, Castro-Beltran A, Ramirez-Bon R, Alvarado-Beltran CG
178 - 186 Concentration-dependent switch between chain association and dissociation of oppositely charged weak polyelectrolytes in solution
Sadadi H, Imani M, Atai M, Wolf BA, Seiffert S
187 - 195 UV-triggered self-healing polyurethane with enhanced stretchability and elasticity
Wang Y, Liu Q, Li JH, Ling L, Zhang GP, Sun R, Wong CP
196 - 204 High T-g and thermostable phytic Acid - Cured polynorbornene-based polymer by a Palladium(II) complex bearing iminophenyl oxazolinylphenylamines ligand
He JY, Huang LY, Yang YX, Qi YL, Cui L, Dai QQ, Bai CX
205 - 212 The effect of vulcanization additives on the dielectric response of styrene-butadiene rubber compounds
Ortega L, Cerveny S, Sill C, Isitman NA, Rodriguez-Garraza AL, Meyer M, Westermann S, Schwartz GA
213 - 220 Polybenzimidazole as alkaline anion exchange membrane with twin hydroxide ion conducting sites
Sana B, Das A, Jana T
221 - 230 Morphological effects on dielectric properties of poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene) blends and multilayer films
Tseng JK, Yin KZ, Zhang ZB, Mackey M, Baer E, Zhu L
231 - 238 Cationic photopolymerization of liquid crystalline epoxide in mesogenic solvents and its application in polymer-stabilized liquid crystals
Shen WB, Wang L, Cao YP, Zhang LY, Yang Z, Yuan XT, Yang H, Jiang TM, Chen HG
239 - 246 Filler reinforced polydimethylsiloxane-based vitrimers
Spiesschaert Y, Guerre M, Imbernon L, Winne JM, Du Prez F
247 - 252 Synthesis of hairy composite particles
Wan JP, Lv DM, Cui SQ, Liang FX, Yang ZZ
253 - 264 Polyamide 6 composite with highly improved mechanical properties by PEI-CNT grafted glass fibers through interface wetting, infiltration and crystallization
Fang JP, Zhang L, Li CZ
265 - 271 Segmental dynamics of free-standing and supported polymer thin films predicted from a surface-controlled model
Sasaki T, Nakane T, Sato A
272 - 282 Curing mechanism of alkoxysilyl-functionalized epoxy(II): Effect of catalyst on the epoxy chemistry
Chun H, Kim YJ, Park SY, Park SJ
283 - 293 Multicompartment aqueous microgels with degradable hydrophobic domains
Kehren D, Lopez CM, Theiler S, Keul H, Moller M, Pich A
294 - 304 A strategy combining quantitative reactions and reversible-covalent chemistry for sequential synthesis of sequence-controlled polymers with different sequences
Xu CR, Zhang Z, Pan CY, Hong CY
305 - 311 Side-chain influences on the properties of benzodithiophene-alt-di (thiophen-2-yl)quinoxaline polymers for fullerene-free organic solar cells
Tamilavan V, Lee J, Kwon JH, Jang S, Shin I, Agneeswari R, Jung JH, Jin Y, Park SH
312 - 321 Hydrophobicity enhancement of polyurethanes by attaching fluorinated end blocks via ATRP and correlation between surface properties and self-assembly nature
Chen L, Hayashi M, Takasu A
322 - 329 Direct insight into the kinetics of the high-pressure step-growth polymerization of DGEBA/aniline model system
Dzienia A, Koperwas K, Tarnacka M, Chorazewski M, Postnikov EB, Lowe AR, Kaminski K, Paluch M
330 - 338 Nitroxide-mediated polymerization of methacrylates in the presence of 4-vinyl pyridine as controlling comonomer
Qiao XG, Zhou Z, Pang XC, Lansalot M, Bourgeat-Lami E
339 - 354 Polyamide-6 structuration induced by a chemical reaction with a polyether triamine in the molten state
Auclerc M, Tauleigne A, Boisson FD, Bergeron AV, Garois N, Fulchiron R, Sudre G, Cassagnau P, Bounor-Legare V
355 - 364 Hybrid macromolecular stars incorporated poly(phenylene oxide) membranes: Organization, physical, and gas separation properties
Pulyalina A, Rostovtseva V, Polotskaya G, Vinogradova L, Zoolshoev Z, Simonova M, Hairullin A, Toikka A, Pientka Z
365 - 371 Spatial distribution of entanglements and dynamics in polymer films confined by smooth walls
Li SJ, Ding MM, Shi TF
372 - 381 Enhanced thermal property via tunable bisphenol moieties in branched phthalonitrile thermoset
Zu Y, Zong LS, Wang JY, Jian XG
382 - 390 Adamantyl and carbazole containing trans-poly(norbornene-dicarboximide) s as electro-optic chromophore hosts
Spring AM, Qiu F, Hong JX, Bannaron A, Cheng XY, Yokoyama S
391 - 397 Facile synthesized benzo[1,2-b:4,5-b ']difuran based copolymer for both fullerene and non-fullerene organic solar cells
Lei T, Song W, Fanady B, Yan TT, Wu LR, Zhang WX, Xie LC, Hong L, Ge ZY
398 - 403 Relating strain hardening moduli in high density polyethylene copolymers to anisotropic molecular deformation using infrared spectroscopic imaging
Mukherjee P, Ghosh A, Lamborn MJ, Monwar MM, Fodor JS, DesLauriers PJ, Bhargava R
404 - 414 Shape memory and self-healing properties of polymer-grafted Fe3O4 nanocomposites implemented with supramolecular quadruple hydrogen bonds
Xu S, Zhao BJ, Adeel M, Mei HG, Li L, Zheng SX
415 - 422 Poly (vinyl butyral)/Graphene oxide/poly (methylhydrosiloxane) nanocomposite coating for improved aluminum alloy anticorrosion
Zhu GY, Cui XK, Zhang Y, Chen SG, Dong MY, Liu H, Shao Q, Ding T, Wu SD, Guo ZH