Polymer, Vol.158 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-3861 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Redox-responsive Pickering emulsion derived from the fabricated sheddable polymeric micelles
Yuan J, Deng A, Yang DG, Li HM, Chen J, Gao Y
10 - 17 Uniaxial stretching induced pore nucleation and growth in row-nucleated crystalline hard-elastic polypropylene film: The effect of activation volume and stretching work
Xie JY, Xu RJ, Lei CH
18 - 24 Application of laser light scattering to the determination of molecular weight, second virial coefficient, and radius of gyration of chitosan
Shaheen ME, Ghazy AR, Kenawy ER, El-Mekawy F
25 - 31 Facile water-assisted permanent shape reconfiguration of zwitterionic polyurethanes
Zhuo HT, Wen H, Liu GL, Chen H, Chen SJ
32 - 45 Synthesis, characterization, and gas permeation properties of thermally rearranged poly(hydroxyimide)s filled with mesoporous MCM-41 silica
Wolinska-Grabczyk A, Wojtowicz M, Jankowski A, Grabiec E, Kubica P, Musiol M, Sobota M
46 - 52 Synthesis of polypropylene functionalized with a trace amount of reactive functional groups and its utilization in graft-type nanocomposites
Kurahashi E, Wada T, Nagai T, Chammingkwan P, Terano M, Taniike T
53 - 58 A mussel-inspired polybenzoxazine containing catechol groups
He YJ, Gao S, Lu ZJ
59 - 64 Unfrustration of a frustrated liquid crystalline polymer
Sun H, Heifferon KV, Ghassemi H, Long TE, Schiraldi DA
65 - 71 Synthesis of amphiphilic comb-like liquid crystalline diblock polyethers and their self-assembly in solution
Yuan ZL, Wei W, Xiong HM
72 - 76 Polymer crystallinity and the ductile to brittle transition
Hocker SJA, Kim WT, Schniepp HC, Kranbuehl DE
77 - 82 Enthalpy of formation and disordering temperature of transient monotropic liquid crystals of poly(butylene 2,6-naphthalate)
Androsch R, Soccio M, Lotti N, Jehnichen D, Gobel M, Schick C
83 - 89 Performance analysis of the solidification of acrylic esters photo-initiated by systematically modified ZnO nanoparticles
Schmitt M, Becker D, Lalevee J
90 - 95 Visible light induced one-pot synthesis of amphiphilic hyperbranched copolymers
Aydogan C, Ciftci M, Asiri AM, Yagci Y
96 - 102 Stress-strain and thermomechanical characterization of nematic to smectic A transition in a strongly-crosslinked bimesogenic liquid crystal elastomer
Resetic A, Milavec J, Domenici V, Zupancic B, Bubnov A, Zalar B
103 - 119 Structure and solvation thermodynamics of asymmetric poly (acrylic acid)-b-polystyrene polyelectrolyte block copolymer micelle in water: Effect of charge density and chemical composition
Chockalingam R, Natarajan U
120 - 129 Near-infrared light triggered shape memory and self-healable polyurethane/ functionalized graphene oxide composites containing diselenide bonds
Du WN, Jin Y, Lai SQ, Shi LJ, Fan WH, Pan JZ
130 - 148 A one-dimensional phenomenological model for the two-way shape-memory effect in semi-crystalline networks
Scalet G, Pandini S, Messori M, Toselli M, Auricchio F
149 - 157 Difunctional vinyl sulfonate esters for the fabrication of tough methacrylate-based photopolymer networks
Gorsche C, Seidler K, Harikrishna R, Kury M, Koch T, Moszner N, Liska R
158 - 165 Control of lengths and densities of surface-attached chains on polymer particles prepared by dispersion polymerization using macromonomer stabilizer
Itoh T, Kojima K, Shimomoto H, Ihara E
166 - 175 Thermal- and mechanical-responsive polyurethane elastomers with self-healing, mechanical-reinforced, and thermal-stable capabilities
Fang YL, Li JC, Du XS, Du ZL, Cheng X, Wang HB
176 - 182 Effect of oxidants on morphology of interfacial polymerized polyaniline nanofibers and their electrorheological response
Fang FF, Dong YZ, Choi HJ
183 - 189 Naphthalenediimide-based n-type polymer acceptors with pendant twisted perylenediimide units for all-polymer solar cells
Wang ZJ, Xiao MJ, Liu X, He BT, Yang XY, Li Y, Peng JB, Huang F, Cao Y
190 - 197 Acid-catalyzed benzoylation reactions of Diels-Alder polyphenylenes
Fujimoto C, Sorte E, Bell N, Poirier C, Park EJ, Maurya S, Lee KS, Kim YS
198 - 203 Porous poly(epsilon-caprolactone) microspheres via UV photodegradation of block copolymers prepared by RAFT polymerization
Kim T, Mays J, Chung I
204 - 212 Effect of ion-dipole interaction on the formation of polar extended-chain crystals in high pressure-crystallized poly(vinylidene fluoride)
Ren JY, Zhang GQ, Li Y, Lei J, Zhu L, Zhong GJ, Li ZM
213 - 222 Accelerating shear-induced crystallization and enhancing crystal orientation of isotactic-polypropylene via nucleating agent self-assembly
Chang BB, Schneider K, Lu B, Vogel R, Zheng GQ, Heinrich G
223 - 230 pH-responsive Capsaicin@chitosan nanocapsules for antibiofouling in marine applications
Wang WH, Hao XP, Chen SG, Yang ZQ, Wang CY, Yan R, Zhang X, Liu H, Shao Q, Guo ZH
231 - 242 Crystallization and mechanical properties of metallocene made 1-butene-pentene and 1-butene-hexene isotactic copolymers
Tarallo O, de Ballesteros OR, Bellissimo A, Scoti M, Malafronte A, Auriemma F, De Rosa C
243 - 253 Biaxial tensile drawing of poly(ethylene terephthalate) via environmental crazing as a method for creating a porous structure
Yarysheva AY, Arzhakova OV, Yarysheva LM, Volynskii AL
254 - 261 Peroxide-initiated graft modification of thermoplastic BioPolyesters: Introduction of long-chain branching
Dawidziuk K, Simmons H, Kontopoulou M, Parent JS
262 - 269 Electrically-responsive deformation of polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) fibrous membrane
Boas M, Burman M, Yarin AL, Zussman E
270 - 278 Synthesis of de-crosslinkable polyamide having hexaarylbisimidazolyl moieties
Takasaki M, Iwamura T
279 - 288 A novel information criterion to elucidate a drug delivery mechanism from poly (acrylamide-co-2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) reinforced with hydroxyapatite composite
Couce JG, Campos Y, Torres S, Fuentes G, Peon E, Almirall A, Delgado JA, Rodriguez-Cabello JC, Ricondo LJC
289 - 296 A simple and green methodology to assemble poly(4-vinylpyridine) and a sulfonated azo-dye for obtaining stable polymeric nanoparticles
Catalan-Toledo J, Nenen A, Vallejos GA, Oyarzun-Ampuero F, Shibue T, Nishide H, Moreno-Villoslada I
297 - 307 A versatile method for preparing well-defined polymers with aggregation-induced emission property
Wu Y, Qu L, Li J, Huang LY, Liu ZP
308 - 319 Damage self-sensing behavior of carbon nanofiller reinforced polymer composites with different conductive network structures
Xiang D, Wang L, Tang YH, Harkin-Jones E, Zhao CX, Wang P, Li YT
320 - 326 Synthesis of Prussian blue-embedded porous polymer for detection and removal of Cs ions
Namgung H, Gwon YJ, Kim J, Jang G, Pepper SE, Ogden MD, Whittle KR, Harwood LM, Lee TS
327 - 337 Confinement driven crystallization of ABA crystalline-soft-crystalline block copolymers synthesized via RAFT mediated miniemulsion polymerization
Petreska GS, Auschra C, Paulis M
338 - 353 Poly(benzodithieno-imidazole-alt-carbazole) based pi-conjugated copolymers: Highly selective and sensitive turn-off fluorescent probes for Hg2+
Giri D, Bankura A, Patra SK
354 - 363 Effect of chemical structure on thermo-mechanical properties of epoxy polymers: Comparison of accelerated ReaxFF simulations and experiments
Vashisth A, Ashraf C, Bakis CE, van Duin ACT
364 - 371 Strain induced crystallization in biobased Poly(ethylene 2,5-furandicarboxylate) (PEF); conditions for appearance and microstructure analysis
Menager C, Guigo N, Martino L, Sbirrazzuoli N, Visser H, Boyer SAE, Billon N, Monge G, Combeaud C
372 - 380 Influence of size, aspect ratio and shear stiffness of nanoclays on the fatigue crack propagation behavior of their epoxy nanocomposites
Bakis G, Kothmann MH, Zeiler R, Bruckner A, Ziadeh M, Breu J, Altstadt V
381 - 390 Thermoplastic polyurethane-carbon black nanocomposite coating: Fabrication and solid particle erosion resistance
Dong MY, Li Q, Liu H, Liu CT, Wujcik EK, Shao Q, Ding T, Mai XM, Shen CY, Guo ZH