Polymer, Vol.124 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-3861 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Multi-scale characterisation of deuterated cellulose composite hydrogels reveals evidence for different interaction mechanisms with arabinoxylan, mixed-linkage glucan and xyloglucan
Martinez-Sanz M, Mikkelsen D, Flanagan BM, Gidley MJ, Gilbert EP
12 - 19 From fractal polymer dispersions to mechanically resistant waterborne superhydrophobic coatings
Lopez AB, de la Cal JC, Asua JM
20 - 29 Thermo-responsive alternating conetworks by the Diels-Alder reaction of furan-terminated 4-armed star-shaped epsilon-caprolactone oligomers and maleimide-terminated 4-armed star-shaped L-lactide oligomers
Sugane K, Kumai N, Yoshioka Y, Shibita A, Shibata M
30 - 40 Study on the miscibility, crystallization and crystalline morphology of polyamide-6/polyvinylidene fluoride blends
Chen N, Yao XR, Zheng C, Tang YJ, Ren MQ, Ren Y, Guo MF, Zhang SJ, Liu LZ
41 - 47 Reparation of recycled acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene by pyromellitic dianhydride: Reparation performance evaluation and property analysis
Li YC, Wu XL, Song JF, Li JF, Shao Q, Cao N, Lu N, Guo ZH
48 - 59 Self-healing behavior of polyurethanes based on dual actions of thermo-reversible Diels-Alder reaction and thermal movement of molecular chains
Feng LB, Yu ZY, Bian YH, Lu JS, Shi XT, Chai CS
60 - 67 Controlled synthesis of ABCA' tetrablock terpolymers
Radlauer MR, Fukuta S, Matta ME, Hillmyer MA
68 - 77 Origin of mechanical stress and rising internal energy during fast uniaxial extension of SBR melts
Lin PP, Liu JN, Zhao ZC, Wang ZG, Wang SQ
78 - 87 Multi-crosslinkable self-healing polysilsesquioxanes for the smart recovery of anti-scratch properties
Jo YY, Lee AS, Baek KY, Lee H, Hwang SS
88 - 94 Polythiophenylpyrazoline containing fluorene and benzothiadiazole moieties as blue and white light emitting materials
Vandana T, Karuppusamy A, Kannan P
95 - 100 In vitro biocompatibility of vapour phase polymerised conductive scaffolds for cell lines
Choi JS, Park JS, Kim B, Lee BT, Yim JH
101 - 106 Why does TMAO stabilize the globule state of PNIPAM?
Pica A, Graziano G
107 - 116 Influence of covalent structure and molecular weight distribution on the optical properties of alternating copolymers and oligomers with 1,2,3-triazole and 1,3,4-oxadiazole side groups
Bondarev D, Zednik J
117 - 127 A star-shaped single lithium-ion conducting copolymer by grafting a POSS nanoparticle
Cao PF, Wojnarowska Z, Hong T, Carroll B, Li BR, Feng HB, Parsons L, Wang WY, Lokitz BS, Cheng SW, Bocharova V, Sokolov AP, Saito T
128 - 138 Alkali resisting polyphenylsulfone ultrafiltration membrane with tailored microstructure
Yin Q, Zhang Q, Cui ZL, Li WX, Xing WH
139 - 150 Solid fluorescence sensors obtained by functionalization of photocrosslinked water-swollen acrylic membranes with 4-piperazine naphthalimide derivatives
Fernandez-Alonso S, Corrales T, Pablos JL, Catalina F
151 - 156 Design of novel photobase generators upon violet LEDs and use in photopolymerization reactions
Bouzrati-Zerelli M, Frigoli M, Dumur F, Graff B, Fouassier JP, Lalevee J
157 - 167 Synthesis and evaluation of Double-Decker Silsesquioxanes as modifying agent for epoxy resin
Cao J, Fan H, Li BG, Zhu SP
168 - 175 The effect of polarity in the electrospinning process on PCL/chitosan nanofibres' structure, properties and efficiency of surface modification
Urbanek O, Sajkiewicz P, Pierini F
176 - 185 Nanoporous PMMA foams with templated pore size obtained by localized in situ synthesis of nanoparticles and CO2 foaming
Pinto J, Morselli D, Bernardo V, Notario B, Fragouli D, Rodriguez-Perez MA, Athanassiou A
186 - 202 Preparation and characterization of colloidized diamine/oxidized-graphene via condensation polymerization of carboxyl groups epoxy/oxidized-graphene nanocomposite
Kudus MHA, Zakaria MR, Othman MBH, Akil HM
203 - 209 Controlled ring-opening polymerization of alpha-amino acid N-carboxyanhydrides in the presence of tertiary amines
Vacogne CD, Schlaad H
210 - 218 Hyperbranched polyglycerol nanoparticles based multifunctional, nonmigrating hindered phenolic macromolecular antioxidants: Synthesis, characterization and its stabilization effect on poly(vinyl chloride)
Kasza G, Stumphauser T, Nador A, Osvath Z, Szarka G, Domjan A, Mosnacek J, Ivan B
219 - 225 Atomistic insight into the role of amine groups in thermoresponsive poly(2-dialkylaminoethyl methacrylate)s
Min SH, Kwak SK, Kim BS
226 - 234 Upgrading castor oil: From heptanal to non-isocyanate poly(amide-hydroxyurethane)s
Ruiz L, Aghmiz A, Masdeu-Bulto AM, Lligadas G, Ronda JC, Galia M, Cadiz V
235 - 245 The glass transition temperatures of amorphous linear aliphatic polyesters
Shen JL, Caydamli Y, Gurarslan A, Li SS, Tonelli AE
246 - 251 Polytriazolium poly(ionic liquid) bearing triiodide anions: Synthesis, basic properties and electrochemical behaviors
Zhang WY, Willa C, Sun JK, Guterman R, Taubert A, Yuan JY
252 - 262 Rigid, bio-based polyamides from galactaric acid derivatives with elevated glass transition temperatures and their characterization
Wroblewska AA, Bernaerts KV, De Wildeman SMA
263 - 273 Vacuum induced dehydration of swollen poly(methoxy diethylene glycol acrylate) and polystyrene-block-poly(methoxy diethylene glycol acrylate)-block-polystyrene films probed by in-situ neutron reflectivity
Zhong Q, Metwalli E, Rawolle M, Kaune G, Bivigou-Koumba AM, Laschewsky A, Papadakis CM, Cubitt R, Wang JP, Muller-Buschbaum P
274 - 283 Crystal reorganization of poly (butylene terephthalate)
Jariyavidyanont K, Androsch R, Schick C
284 - 292 Synthesis of multicomponent asymmetric star-branched polymers by iterative methodology with new diblock copolymer in-chain anions as building blocks
Goseki R, Ito S, Hirao A