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Top 10 institutions for life sciences in 2018
The top 10 academic institutions in 2018
Nature Index 2019 Annual Tables
Nature Index 2019 Annual tables
How nanostructures create the hues of the earliest photos
The master genes that sculpt tentacles and legs alike
Nature Index 2019 Annual Tables
Nature Index 2019 Annual Tables
Nature Index 2019 Annual Tables
Top 10 academic institutions in 2018: normalized
What a bottled-water habit means for intake of 'microplastics'
The top 10 global institutions for 2018
Gut microbes react to a meal - but have no use for nutrition labels
Top 10 institutions for physics in 2018
A last close-up of Saturn's rings reveals the mark of its moons
This artificial island was built by farmers more than five millennia ago
Top 10 institutions for chemistry in 2018
Top 10 institutions for Earth and environmental sciences in 2018
Nature Index 2019 Annual Tables
Nature Index 2019 Annual Tables
Tiny flying saucers are actually odd new microbes
Nature Index 2019 Annual Tables
Armitage C
275 - 275 A fresh chance to feed the world
277 - 277 Unintended consequences of gender-equality plans
Tzanakou C
283 - 284 WHO resists declaring Ebola emergency
Maxmen A, Reardon S
284 - 285 African academy leads push for ethical data use
Nordling L
285 - 286 Whole-body scans made in seconds
Reardon S
286 - 287 China seeks predator to stop voracious caterpillar
Silver A
287 - 288 What universities can learn from epic case of research fraud
Else H
290 - 292 The secret social lives of viruses
Dolgin E
293 - 296 CRISPR BABIES When will the world be ready?
Ledford H
297 - 300 Build science in Africa
Atickem A, Stenseth NC, Fashing PJ, Nguyen N, Chapman CA, Bekele A, Mekonnen A, Omeja PA, Kalbitzer U
301 - 303 Prepare river ecosystems for an uncertain future
Tonkin JD, Poff NL, Bond NR, Horne A, Merritt DM, Reynolds LV, Olden JD, Ruhi A, Lytle DA
303 - 303 Credit data generators for data reuse (vol 570, pg 30, 2019)
Pierce HH
303 - 303 Make scientific data FAIR (vol 570, pg 27, 2019)
Stall S
304 - 305 Hot Carbon: Carbon-14 and a Revolution in Science
Turney C
307 - 307 Forests: economic perks of plantations
Ghazoul J, Bugalho M, Keenan R
307 - 307 Mind fixers should join forces
Harrington A
307 - 307 University racism: report too gloomy
Mall AS
307 - 307 University racism: academics reply
Reddy BD
308 - 308 Murray Gell-Mann (1929-2019) OBITUARY
Crease RP
310 - 311 MATERIALS SCIENCE Sunlight harvested by nanotubes
Yang MM, Alexe M
311 - 312 EVOLUTION Sex chromosomes manipulate mate choice
Kirkpatrick M
312 - 313 MATERIALS SCIENCE Crazy colour
315 - 316 BIOCHEMISTRY Enzymes that detoxify marine toxins
Mccallum ME, Balskus EP
316 - 317 IMMUNOLOGY A licence to kill during inflammation
Nozaki K, Miao EA
319 - + Antarctic offshore polynyas linked to Southern Hemisphere climate anomalies
Campbell EC, Wilson EA, Moore GWK, Riser SC, Brayton CE, Mazloff MR, Talley LD
326 - + Atypical behaviour and connectivity in SHANK3-mutant macaques
Zhou Y, Sharma J, Ke Q, Landman R, Yuan JL, Chen H, Hayden DS, Fisher JW, Jiang MQ, Menegas W, Aida T, Yan T, Zou Y, Xu DD, Parmar S, Hyman JB, Fanucci-Kiss A, Meisner O, Wang DQ, Huang Y, Li YQ, Bai YY, Ji WJ, Lai XQ, Li WQ, Huang LH, Lu ZH, Wang LP, Anteraper SA, Sur M, Zhou HH, Xiang AP, Desimone R, Feng GP, Yang SH
332 - + Single-cell transcriptomic analysis of Alzheimer's disease
Mathys H, Davila-Velderrain J, Peng ZY, Gao F, Mohammadi S, Young JZ, Menon M, He L, Abdurrob F, Jiang XQ, Martorell AJ, Ransohoff RM, Hafler BP, Bennett DA, Kellis M, Tsai LH
338 - + Structural mechanism for NEK7-licensed activation of NLRP3 inflammasome
Sharif H, Wang L, Wang WL, Magupalli VG, Andreeva L, Qiao Q, Hauenstein AV, Wu ZL, Nunez G, Mao YD, Wu H
344 - + Perfect Andreev reflection due to the Klein paradox in a topological superconducting state
Lee SH, Stanev V, Zhang XH, Stasak D, Flowers J, Higgins JS, Dai S, Blum T, Pan XQ, Yakovenko VM, Paglione J, Greene RL, Galitski V, Takeuchi I
349 - + Enhanced intrinsic photovoltaic effect in tungsten disulfide nanotubes
Zhang YJ, Ideue T, Onga M, Qin F, Suzuki R, Zak A, Tenne R, Smet JH, Iwasa Y
354 - + Chiral twisted van der Waals nanowires
Sutter P, Wimer S, Sutter E
358 - + Helical van der Waals crystals with discretized Eshelby twist
Liu Y, Wang J, Kim S, Sun HY, Yang FY, Fang ZX, Tamura N, Zhang RP, Song XH, Wen JG, Xu BZ, Wang M, Lin SR, Yu Q, Tom KB, Deng Y, Turner J, Chan E, Jin DF, Ritchie RO, Minor AM, Chrzan DC, Scott MC, Yao J
363 - + Structural colour using organized microfibrillation in glassy polymer films
Ito MM, Gibbons AH, Qin DT, Yamamoto D, Jiang HD, Yamaguchi D, Tanaka K, Sivaniah E
368 - + Turbulent convective length scale in planetary cores
Guervilly C, Cardin P, Schaeffer N
372 - + Global change drives modern plankton communities away from the pre-industrial state
Jonkers L, Hillebrand H, Kucera M
376 - + Mating preferences of selfish sex chromosomes
Muralidhar P
380 - + Mitochondrial fragmentation drives selective removal of deleterious mtDNA in the germline
Lieber T, Jeedigunta SP, Palozzi JM, Lehmann R, Hurd TR
385 - + Genome-wide cell-free DNA fragmentation in patients with cancer
Cristiano S, Leal A, Phallen J, Fiksel J, Adleff V, Bruhm DC, Jensen SO, Medina JE, Hruban C, White JR, Palsgrove DN, Niknafs N, Anagnostou V, Forde P, Naidoo J, Marrone K, Brahmer J, Woodward BD, Husain H, van Rooijen KL, Orntoft MBW, Madsen AH, van de Velde CJH, Verheij M, Cats A, Punt CJA, Vink GR, van Grieken NCT, Koopman M, Fijneman RJA, Johansen JS, Nielsen HJ, Meijer GA, Andersen CL, Scharpf RB, Velculescu VE
390 - + De novo protein design by citizen scientists
Koepnick B, Flatten J, Husain T, Ford A, Silva DA, Bick MJ, Bauer A, Liu GH, Ishida Y, Boykov A, Estep RD, Kleinfelter S, Norgard-Solano T, Wei LD, Players F, Montelione GT, DiMaio F, Popovic Z, Khatib F, Cooper S, Baker D
395 - + Heterochromatin drives compartmentalization of inverted and conventional nuclei
Falk M, Feodorova Y, Naumova N, Imakaev M, Lajoie BR, Leonhardt H, Joffe B, Dekker J, Fudenberg G, Solovei I, Mirny LA
400 - + Late steps in bacterial translation initiation visualized using time-resolved cryo-EM
Kaledhonkar S, Fu Z, Caban K, Li W, Chen B, Sun M, Gonzalez RL, Frank J
405 - 407 The family way
Sohn E
E34 - E42 Mitochondrial fission requires DRP1 but not dynamins
Fonseca TB, Sanchez-Guerrero A, Milosevic I, Raimundo N
E43 - E45 Egg pigmentation probably has an early Archosaurian origin
Shawkey MD, D'Alba L
E46 - E50 Reply to: Egg pigmentation probably has an Archosaurian origin
Wiemann J, Yang TR, Norell MA
E51 - E51 miR-34a blocks osteoporosis and bone metastasis by inhibiting osteoclastogenesis and Tgif2 (vol 512, pg 431, 2014)
Krzeszinski JY, Wei W, Huynh H, Jin ZX, Wang XD, Chang TC, Xie XJ, He L, Mangala LS, Lopez-Berestein G, Sood AK, Mendell JT, Wan YH
E52 - E52 A dissipatively stabilized Mott insulator of photons (vol 566, pg 51, 2019)
Ma RC, Saxberg B, Owens C, Leung N, Lu Y, Simon J, Schuster DI
E53 - E53 Design of amidobenzimidazole STING receptor agonists with systemic activity (vol 564, pg 439, 2018)
Ramanjulu JM, Pesiridis GS, Yang JS, Concha N, Singhaus R, Zhang SY, Tran JL, Moore P, Lehmann S, Eberl HC, Muelbaier M, Schneck JL, Clemens J, Adam M, Mehlmann J, Romano J, Morales A, Kang J, Leister L, Graybill TL, Charnley AK, Ye GS, Nevins N, Behnia K, Wolf AI, Kasparcova V, Nurse K, Wang LP, Puhl AC, Li Y, Klein M, Hopson CB, Guss J, Bantscheff M, Bergamini G, Reilly MA, Lian Y, Duffy KJ, Adams J, Foley KP, Gough PJ, Marquis RW, Smothers J, Hoos A, Bertin J