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A smart solution to vision problems Smartphone apps and peripherals that simplify the diagnosis of sight problems could help doctors to reach billions of people in low-income countries
Fiscutean A
The eye People's reliance on sight gives ophthalmology research a special importance to society
Gupta S
Four technologies that could transform the treatment of blindness A decade ago, clinicians had nothing to offer most people affected by retinal degeneration. Breakthroughs in genetics, bionics and stem-cell therapy are changing that
Makin S
How artificial intelligence is helping to prevent blindness Machine learning is being used to automate the detection of eye diseases
Ravindran S
The eyes of mammals reveal a dark past A popular hypothesis suggests that the mammalian eye developed in the shadow of the dinosaurs.
Sohn E
Eyes hint at hidden mental-health conditions Eye examinations could enable clinicians to detect early signs of neurological and neuropsychiatric conditions.
Woo M
Maize farming fouls the air to fatal effect The dominant US crop plant has a voracious appetite for fertilizer, which leads to air pollution and health problems
'Australia's Easter bunnies' provide shelter to wildlife in need The burrows made by the rabbit-eared bilby serve as 'outback oases' for birds, reptiles and more
Thirst - and the prospect of a drink - fires up the brain Activity radiates through a multitude of brain regions in parched mice presented with cues for water availability.
Wintery weather makes California's landscape tremble Seismic shivers documented in the Golden State after record-breaking snows in 2016 and 2017
Sunken treasures in Andean lake show an empire's quest for control Artefacts found in Lake Titicaca include bones of a six-month-old llama killed in an ancient rite.
An exoplanet's stormy winds are revealed by telescope teamwork A technique combines light from several telescopes to probe an exoplanet's atmosphere
Hidden flaws in common piece of lab kit could botch experiments Well-used magnetic stirrers harbour metal atoms that could bias the results of chemical and biochemical reactions.
E3 - E3 Anti-tumour immunity controlled through mRNA m6A methylation and YTHDF1 in dendritic cells (vol 566, pg 270, 2019)
Han DL, Liu J, Chen CY, Dong LH, Liu Y, Chang RB, Huang XN, Liu YY, Wang JY, Dougherty U, Bissonnette MB, Shen B, Weichselbaum RR, Xu MM, He C
E4 - E4 Spatial and temporal heterogeneity of mouse and human microglia at single-cell resolution (vol 566, pg 388, 2019)
Masuda T, Sankowski R, Staszewski O, Bottcher C, Amann L, Sagar, Scheiwe C, Nessler S, Kunz P, van Loo G, Coenen VA, Reinacher PC, Michel A, Sure U, Gold R, Grun D, Priller J, Stadelmann C, Prinz M
E5 - E5 Universal resilience patterns in complex networks (vol 536, pg 238, 2016)
Gao JX, Barzel B, Barabasi AL
143 - 143 Study the survivors
143 - 143 Study the survivors
145 - 145 Train students to navigate ethical swamps
Allen MA
151 - 152 South African university probe finds 'rife' racism
Nordling L
152 - 153 Australian budget fails to impress
Mallapaty S
153 - 154 Mars data deepen methane mystery
Witze A
154 - 155 Cancer geneticists tackle ethnic bias in studies
Ledford H
155 - 156 Brazil freezes science spending
Angelo C
156 - 156 Cops and loggers (vol 568, pg 19, 2019)
Jones N
163 - 165 Rethink government with AI
Margetts H, Dorobantu C
166 - 167 Einstein's Unfinished Revolution: The Search for What Lies Beyond the Quantum
Farmelo G
168 - 169 The Adventures of Alexander von Humboldt
Abbott A
169 - 170 The End of the Beginning: Cancer, Immunity, and the Future of a Cure
Evan G
171 - 171 Dams: test pros and cons case by case
Harrison JA
171 - 171 Dams: keep wetland damage in check
Hermoso V, Clavero M, Green AJ
171 - 171 Don't hush up Munk's sonic test
Murphy TJ
171 - 171 Sex is a variable in the brain too
Voskuhl R, Klein S
171 - 171 Speed up mapping of soil pollution (vol 566, pg 455, 2019)
174 - 175 Robots on the run
Lipson H
175 - 176 HIV remission achieved in the clinic again
Henrich TJ
176 - 178 Unknown human species found in Asia
Tocheri MW
178 - 179 Correlations detected in a quantum vacuum
Moskalenko AS, Ralph TC
179 - 180 Genetic paradox explained by nonsense
Wilkinson MF
181 - + A new species of Homo from the Late Pleistocene of the Philippines
Detroit F, Mijares AS, Corny J, Daver G, Zanolli C, Dizon E, Robles E, Grun R, Piper PJ
187 - + CD22 blockade restores homeostatic microglial phagocytosis in ageing brains
Pluvinage JV, Haney MS, Smith BAH, Sun J, Iram T, Bonanno L, Li LL, Lee DP, Morgens DW, Yang AC, Shuken SR, Gate D, Scott M, Khatri P, Luo J, Bertozzi CR, Bassik MC, Wyss-Coray T
193 - + Genetic compensation triggered by mutant mRNA degradation
El-Brolosy MA, Kontarakis Z, Rossi A, Kuenne C, Gunther S, Fukuda N, Kikhi K, Boezio GLM, Takacs CM, Lai SL, Fukuda R, Gerri C, Giraldez AJ, Stainier DYR
198 - + A magnetar-powered X-ray transient as the aftermath of a binary neutron-star merger
Xue YQ, Zheng XC, Li Y, Brandt WN, Zhang B, Luo B, Zhang BB, Bauer FE, Sun H, Lehmer BD, Wu XF, Yang G, Kong X, Li JY, Sun MY, Wang JX, Vito F
202 - + Electric field correlation measurements on the electromagnetic vacuum state
Benea-Chelmus IC, Settembrini FF, Scalari G, Faist J
207 - + Quantum Kibble-Zurek mechanism and critical dynamics on a programmable Rydberg simulator
Keesling A, Omran A, Levine H, Bernien H, Pichler H, Choi S, Samajdar R, Schwartz S, Silvi P, Sachdev S, Zoller P, Endres M, Greiner M, Vuletic V, Lukin MD
212 - + Ultrafast spin-lasers
Lindemann M, Xu GF, Pusch T, Michalzik R, Hofmann MR, Zutic I, Gerhardt NC
216 - + Production of phosphorene nanoribbons
Watts MC, Picco L, Russell-Pavier FS, Cullen PL, Miller TS, Bartus SP, Payton OD, Skipper NT, Tileli V, Howard CA
221 - + Five decades of northern land carbon uptake revealed by the interhemispheric CO2 gradient
Ciais P, Tan J, Wang X, Roedenbeck C, Chevallier F, Piao SL, Moriarty R, Broquet G, Le Quere C, Canadell JG, Peng S, Poulter B, Liu Z, Tans P
226 - + Complex societies precede moralizing gods throughout world history
Whitehouse H, Francois P, Savage PE, Currie TE, Feeney KC, Cioni E, Purcell R, Ross RM, Larson J, Baines J, ter Haar B, Covey A, Turchin P
230 - + A potassium channel beta-subunit couples mitochondrial electron transport to sleep
Kempf A, Song SM, Talbot CB, Miesenbock G
235 - + Transcriptome-scale super-resolved imaging in tissues by RNA seqFISH
Eng CHL, Lawson M, Zhu Q, Dries R, Koulena N, Takei Y, Yun JN, Cronin C, Karp C, Yuan GC, Cai L
240 - + TMK1-mediated auxin signalling regulates differential growth of the apical hook
Cao M, Chen R, Li P, Yu YQ, Zheng R, Ge DF, Zheng W, Wang XH, Gu YT, Gelova Z, Friml J, Zhang H, Liu RY, He J, Xu TD
244 - + HIV-1 remission following CCR5 Delta 32/Delta 32 haematopoietic stem-cell transplantation
Gupta RK, Abdul-Jawad S, Mccoy LE, Mok HP, Peppa D, Salgado M, Martinez-Picado J, Nijhuis M, Wensing AMJ, Lee H, Grant P, Nastouli E, Lambert J, Pace M, Salasc F, Monit C, Innes AJ, Muir L, Waters L, Frater J, Lever AML, Edwards SG, Gabriel IH, Olavarria E
249 - + A NIK-SIX signalling axis controls inflammation by targeted silencing of non-canonical NF-kappa B
Liu ZX, Mar KB, Hanners NW, Perelman SS, Kanchwala M, Xing C, Schoggins JW, Alto NM
254 - + Effective breast cancer combination therapy targeting BACH1 and mitochondrial metabolism
Lee J, Yesilkanal AE, Wynne JP, Frankenberger C, Liu J, Yan JL, Elbaz M, Rabe DC, Rustandy FD, Tiwari P, Grossman EA, Hart PC, Kang C, Sanderson SM, Andrade J, Nomura DK, Bonini MG, Locasale JW, Rosner MR
259 - + PTC-bearing mRNA elicits a genetic compensation response via Upf3a and COMPASS components
Ma ZP, Zhu PP, Shi H, Guo LW, Zhang QH, Chen YN, Chen SM, Zhang Z, Peng JR, Chen J
265 - 267 Researchers under the lens
Leeming J
Thompson M