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Comprehensive molecular profiling of lung adenocarcinoma (vol 511, pg 543, 2014)
EWS-FLI1 increases transcription to cause R-loops and block BRCA1 repair in Ewing sarcoma (vol 555, pg 387, 2018)
Gorthi A, Romero JC, Loranc E, Cao L, Lawrence LA, Goodale E, Iniguez AB, Bernard X, Masamsetti VP, Roston S, Lawlor ER, Toretsky JA, Stegmaier K, Lessnick SL, Chen YD, Bishop AJR
Discovery of stimulation-responsive immune enhancers with CRISPR activation (vol 549, pg 111, 2017)
Simeonov DR, Gowen BG, Boontanrart M, Roth TL, Gagnon JD, Mumbach MR, Satpathy AT, Lee YJ, Bray NL, Chan AY, Lituiev DS, Nguyen ML, Gate RE, Subramaniam M, Li ZM, Woo JM, Mitros T, Ray GJ, Curie GL, Naddaf N, Chu JS, Ma H, Boyer E, Van Gool F, Huang HL, Liu RZ, Tobin VR, Schumann K, Daly MJ, Farh KK, Ansel KM, Ye CJ, Greenleaf WJ, Anderson MS, Bluestone JA, Chang HY, Corn JE, Marson A
Tropical forest tells a tale of ecological resilience and human tragedy
Eye evolution came easy for simple sea creatures
A mini-snake in amber is the oldest - and youngest - ever found
Minuscule heat engine brings power to the nano- world
Injections lead to big strides for paralysed mice
A trail of crumbs leads to world's oldest known bread
Medieval skeleton offers clues to bacterial killer's origins
An interior-design guide for microscopic spaces
The forbidding terrain on Pluto's biggest moon
Hodson R
443 - 444 Inspiring women
443 - 443 Pay people to fight malaria
444 - 444 Publish not perish
445 - + Preprints could promote confusion and distortion
Sheldon T
451 - 452 Evolution experiment aims to save Australian marsupial
Reese A
452 - 453 NASA aims for Sun's corona
Witze A
453 - 454 Philippines sweetens deal for scientists who return home
Silver A
454 - 455 Mega-publisher cuts off German scientists Negotiations with Elsevier have stalled over open access
Else H
455 - + Big Bang telescope finale is end of an era in cosmology Collaboration behind Europe's Planck mission releases its final maps of the early Universe
Castelvecchi D
458 - 465 THE ENEMY IN WAITING Malaria is a ticking time bomb in southeast Asia. Scientists are now racing to stamp it out before unstoppable strains spread
Maxmen A
467 - 470 Ten years left to redesign lithium-ion batteries Reserves of rare metals used in electric-vehicle cells are dwindling, so boost research on iron and silicon alternatives, urge Kostiantyn Turcheniuk and colleagues.
Turcheniuk K, Bondarev D, Singhal V, Yushin G
470 - 472 Pet genomics medicine runs wild Genetic testing for dogs is big business. It is too easy for companies to sell false hope, warn Lisa Moses, Steve Niemi and Elinor Karlsson. They call for regulation
Moses L, Niemi S, Karlsson E
473 - 475 The automaton chronicles Our responses to robots echo down the millennia, say Stephen Cave and Kanta Dihal
Cave S, Dihal K
477 - 477 Biomedical success on the cheap
Forough R
477 - 477 Health-care impacts of web shutdowns
Mbah O, Nkangu M, Rogoff Z
477 - 477 Predict trajectory, not emergence
Rivers CM, Scarpino SV
477 - 477 Earth-observation data must stay free
Ryan BJ
480 - 481 An early hominin arrival in Asia
Kappelman J
481 - 482 Quantum optics without photons
Tudela AG, Cirac JI
482 - 484 Viruses cooperate to defeat bacteria
Bernheim A, Sorek R
484 - 485 Histidine degradation boosts cancer therapy
Frezza C
485 - 487 How the head governs the heart of fly species
Gompel N, Prud'homme B
487 - 488 Ancient ice sheet had a growth spurt
Whitehouse P
489 - 489 natureINSIGHT TROPICS
Armstrong A, Chou IH, Mossinger J, Thomas C, Karlstrom CT, White M
490 - 497 Challenges and opportunities in controlling mosquito-borne infections
Ferguson NM
498 - 506 Challenges and recent progress in drug discovery for tropical diseases
De Rycker M, Baragana B, Duce SL, Gilbert IH
507 - 516 Acting on non-communicable diseases in low- and middle-income tropical countries
Ezzati M, Pearson-Stuttard J, Bennett JE, Mathers CD
517 - 526 The future of hyperdiverse tropical ecosystems
Barlow J, Franca F, Gardner TA, Hicks CC, Lennox GD, Berenguer E, Castello L, Economo EP, Ferreira J, Guenard B, Leal CG, Isaac V, Lees AC, Parr CL, Wilson SK, Young PJ, Graham NAJ
527 - 534 The tropical forest carbon cycle and climate change
Mitchard ETA
535 - 545 El Nino-Southern Oscillation complexity
Timmermann A, An SI, Kug JS, Jin FF, Cai WJ, Capotondi A, Cobb K, Lengaigne M, McPhaden MJ, Stuecker MF, Stein K, Wittenberg AT, Yun KS, Bayr T, Chen HC, Chikamoto Y, Dewitte B, Dommenget D, Grothe P, Guilyardi E, Ham YG, Hayashi M, Ineson S, Kang D, Kim S, Kim W, Lee JY, Li T, Luo JJ, McGregor S, Planton Y, Power S, Rashid H, Ren HL, Santoso A, Takahashi K, Todd A, Wang GM, Wang GJ, Xie RH, Yang WH, Yeh SW, Yoon J, Zeller E, Zhang XB
547 - 555 Machine learning for molecular and materials science
Butler KT, Davies DW, Cartwright H, Isayev O, Walsh A
556 - + Niobium tungsten oxides for high-rate lithium-ion energy storage
Griffith KJ, Wiaderek KM, Cibin G, Marbella LE, Grey CP
564 - + Evolution of a central neural circuit underlies Drosophila mate preferences
Seeholzer LF, Seppo M, Stern DL, Ruta V
570 - + Cryo-EM structure of a fungal mitochondrial calcium uniporter
Nguyen NX, Armache JP, Lee C, Yang Y, Zeng WZ, Mootha VK, Cheng YF, Bai XC, Jiang YX
575 - + X-ray and cryo-EM structures of the mitochondrial calcium uniporter
Fan C, Fan MR, Orlando BJ, Fastman NM, Zhang JR, Xu Y, Chambers MG, Xu XF, Perry K, Liao MF, Feng L
580 - + Cryo-EM structures of fungal and metazoan mitochondrial calcium uniporters
Baradaran R, Wang CY, Siliciano AF, Long SB
585 - + The formation of solar-neighbourhood stars in two generations separated by 5 billion years
Noguchi M
589 - + Spontaneous emission of matter waves from a tunable open quantum system
Krinner L, Stewart M, Pazmino A, Kwon J, Schneble D
593 - 598 Complex silica composite nanomaterials templated with DNA origami
Liu XG, Zhang F, Jing XX, Pan MC, Liu P, Li W, Zhu BW, Li J, Chen H, Wang LH, Lin JP, Liu Y, Zhao DY, Yan H, Fan CH
599 - + Atmosphere-soil carbon transfer as a function of soil depth
Balesdent J, Basile-Doelsch I, Chadoeuf J, Cornu S, Derrien D, Fekiacova Z, Hatte C
603 - + Rapid glaciation and a two-step sea level plunge into the Last Glacial Maximum
Yokoyama Y, Esat TM, Thompson WG, Thomas AL, Webster JM, Miyairi Y, Sawada C, Aze T, Matsuzaki H, Okuno J, Fallon S, Braga JC, Humblet M, Iryu Y, Potts DC, Fujita K, Suzuki A, Kan H
608 - + Hominin occupation of the Chinese Loess Plateau since about 2.1 million years ago
Zhu ZY, Dennell R, Huang WW, Wu Y, Qiu SF, Yang SX, Rao ZG, Hou YM, Xie JB, Han JW, Ouyang TP
613 - + Triple oxygen isotope evidence for limited mid-Proterozoic primary productivity
Crockford PW, Hayles JA, Bao HM, Planavsky NJ, Bekker A, Fralick PW, Halverson GP, Bui TH, Peng YB, Wing BA
617 - + The outer membrane is an essential load-bearing element in Gram-negative bacteria
Rojas ER, Billings G, Odermatt PD, Auer GK, Zhu L, Miguel A, Chang F, Weibel DB, Theriot JA, Huang KC
622 - + Single-cell mapping of the thymic stroma identifies IL-25-producing tuft epithelial cells
Bornstein C, Nevo S, Giladi A, Kadouri N, Pouzolles M, Gerbe F, David E, Machado A, Chuprin A, Toth B, Goldberg O, Itzkovitz S, Taylor N, Jay P, Zimmermann VS, Abramson J, Amit I
627 - + Thymic tuft cells promote an IL-4-enriched medulla and shape thymocyte development
Miller CN, Proekt I, von Moltke J, Wells KL, Rajpurkar AR, Wang HG, Rattay K, Khan IS, Metzger TC, Pollack JL, Fries AC, Lwin WW, Wigton EJ, Parent AV, Kyewski B, Erle DJ, Hogquist KA, Steinmetz LM, Locksley RM, Anderson MS
632 - + Histidine catabolism is a major determinant of methotrexate sensitivity
Kanarek N, Keys HR, Cantor JR, Lewis CA, Chan SH, Kunchok T, Abu-Remaileh M, Freinkman E, Schweitzer LD, Sabatini DM
637 - + Glucose-regulated phosphorylation of TET2 by AMPK reveals a pathway linking diabetes to cancer
Wu D, Hu D, Chen H, Shi GM, Fetahu IS, Wu FZ, Rabidou K, Fang R, Tan L, Xu SY, Liu H, Argueta C, Zhang L, Mao F, Yan GQ, Chen JJ, Dong ZR, Lv RT, Xu YF, Wang M, Ye Y, Zhang SK, Duquette D, Geng SM, Yin C, Lian CG, Murphy GF, Adler GK, Garg R, Lynch L, Yang PY, Li YM, Lan F, Fan J, Shi Y, Shi YJG
Perkel JM
646 - 648 Science and strife Five researchers explain how they run productive labs in war-torn or resource-poor regions
Glausiusz J
649 - 649 SURROGATE
Tyree GA