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ISSN: 0028-0836 (Print) 

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Molecular mechanism for the regulation of yeast separase by securin (vol 542, pg 255, 2017)
Luo S, Tong L
Structure of the Cpf1 endonuclease R-loop complex after target DNA cleavage (vol 546, pg 559, 2017)
Stella S, Alcon P, Montoya G
379 - 380 Game on
379 - 379 Confront sexual harassment
380 - 380 Homo zappiens
381 - 381 Don't run biomedical science as a business
Pagano M
387 - 388 GEOLOGY Iceland drilling project will probe how islands form
Witze A
388 - 389 BIOTECHNOLOGY US agencies tackle gene drives
Callaway E
389 - 389 AGEING Brain stem cells rejuvenate mice
Reardon S
390 - 391 POLICY Innovation agency takes centre stage
Gibney E
391 - 392 ASTRONOMY Giant radio telescope scaled back to contain costs
Wild S
394 - 396 RISING STAR
Qiu J
397 - 399 Metrology is key to reproducing results
Sene M, Gilmore I, Janssen JT
400 - 401 CLIMATE CHANGE Al Gore gets inconvenient again
Mann M
401 - 402 IN RETROSPECT Das Kapital
Jones GS
403 - 403 Alternative telescope site is a good back-up
Bonaque-Gonzalez S
403 - 403 Open data: support from Swiss funder
Egger M, Kalt A
403 - 403 Factor in species' conservation value
Hochkirch A
403 - 403 History's take on the atomic forge
Isaacson M
403 - 403 Open data: enforce materials sharing
Kamens J
406 - 407 BIOMECHANICS How fish feel the flow
Dabiri JO
407 - 408 APPLIED PHYSICS A new spin on nanoscale computing
Hoppensteadt F
408 - 410 NEUROBIOLOGY Synapses get together for vision
Rose T, Hubener M
410 - 411 ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Molecular structure assignment simplified
Thompson SK, Hoye TR
411 - 412 GLOBAL HEALTH Towards polio eradication
Sepulveda J
412 - 412 Personalized test tracks cancer relapse (vol 545, pg 417, 2017)
Bardelli A
413 - + In vivo CRISPR screening identifies Ptpn2 as a cancer immunotherapy target
Manguso RT, Pope HW, Zimmer MD, Brown FD, Yates KB, Miller BC, Collins NB, Bi K, Lafleur MW, Juneja VR, Weiss SA, Lo J, Fisher DE, Miao D, Van Allen E, Root DE, Sharpe AH, Doench JG, Haining WN
419 - + Maternal H3K27me3 controls DNA methylation-independent imprinting
Inoue A, Jiang L, Lu FL, Suzuki T, Zhang Y
425 - + Significant and variable linear polarization during the prompt optical flash of GRB 160625B
Troja E, Lipunov VM, Mundell CG, Butler NR, Watson AM, Kobayashi S, Cenko SB, Marshall FE, Ricci R, Fruchter A, Wieringa MH, Gorbovskoy ES, Kornilov V, Kutyrev A, Lee WH, Toy V, Tyurina NV, Budnev NM, Buckley DAH, Gonzalez J, Gress O, Horesh A, Panasyuk MI, Prochaska JX, Ramirez-Ruiz E, Lopez RR, Richer MG, Roman-Zuniga C, Serra-Ricart M, Yurkov V, Gehrels N
428 - + Neuromorphic computing with nanoscale spintronic oscillators
Torrejon J, Riou M, Araujo FA, Tsunegi S, Khalsa G, Querlioz D, Bortolotti P, Cros V, Yakushiji K, Fukushima A, Kubota H, Uasa SY, Stiles MD, Grollier J
432 - + Spontaneous breaking of rotational symmetry in copper oxide superconductors
Wu J, Bollinger AT, He X, Bozovic I
436 - 440 Synergy of synthesis, computation and NMR reveals correct baulamycin structures
Wu JJ, Lorenzo P, Zhong SY, Ali M, Butts CP, Myers EL, Aggarwal VK
441 - + Global forest loss disproportionately erodes biodiversity in intact landscapes
Betts MG, Wolf C, Ripple WJ, Phalan B, Millers KA, Duarte A, Butchart SHM, Levi T
445 - + A novel mechanism for mechanosensory-based rheotaxis in larval zebrafish
Oteiza P, Odstrcil I, Lauder G, Portugues R, Engert F
449 - + Synaptic organization of visual space in primary visual cortex
Iacaruso MF, Gasler IT, Hofer SB
453 - + Dependency of a therapy-resistant state of cancer cells on a lipid peroxidase pathway
Viswanathan VS, Ryan MJ, Dhruv HD, Gill S, Eichhoff OM, Seashore-Ludlow B, Kaffenberger SD, Eaton JK, Shimada K, Aguirre AJ, Viswanathan SR, Chattopadhyay S, Tamayo P, Yang WS, Rees MG, Chen SX, Boskovic ZV, Javaid S, Huang C, Wu XY, Tseng YY, Roider EM, Gao D, Cleary JM, Wolpin BM, Mesirov JP, Haber DA, Engelman JA, Boehm JS, Kotz JD, Hon CS, Chen Y, Hahn WC, Levesque MP, Doench JG, Berens ME, Shamji AF, Clemons PA, Stockwell BR, Schreiber SL
458 - + Cysteine protease cathepsin B mediates radiation-induced bystander effects
Peng Y, Zhang M, Zheng LJ, Liang Q, Li HZ, Chen JT, Guo HY, Oshina SY, Chen YZ, Zhao X, Wu XQ, Liu B, Mitani S, Yu JS, Xue D
463 - + Unique roles for histone H3K9me states in RNAi and heritable silencing of transcription
Jih G, Iglesias N, Currie MA, Bhanu NV, Paulo JA, Gygi SP, Garcia BA, Moazed D
468 - + Crystal structures of agonist-bound human cannabinoid receptor CB1
Hua T, Vemuri K, Nikas SP, Laprairie RB, Wu Y, Qu L, Pu M, Korde A, Jiang S, Ho JH, Han GW, Ding K, Li X, Liu H, Hanson MA, Zhao S, Bohn LM, Makriyannis A, Stevens RC, Liu ZJ
472 - + The lysosomal potassium channel TMEM175 adopts a novel tetrameric architecture
Lee C, Guo JT, Zeng WZ, Kim S, She J, Cang CL, Ren DJ, Jiang YX
476 - 476 Splicing factor 1 modulates dietary restriction and TORC1 pathway longevity in C. elegans (vol 541, pg 102, 2017)
Heintz C, Doktor TK, Lanjuin A, Escoubas CC, Zhang Y, Weir HJ, Dutta S, Silva-Garcia CG, Bruun GH, Morantte I, Hoxhaj G, Manning BD, Andresen BS, Mair WB
Perkel JM
479 - 479 The architecture of structured DNA (vol 546, pg 687, 2017)
Rothemund P, Gopinath A, Douglas S
481 - 482 The perils of pet peeves
Dance A
486 - 486 GOOD NEWS A global success?
McDevitt J
E19 - E22 Can we predict protein from mRNA levels?
Fortelny N, Overall CM, Pavlidis P, Freue GVC
E23 - E23 Can we predict protein from mRNA levels? Reply
Wilhelm M, Hahne H, Savitski M, Marx H, Lemeer S, Bantscheff M, Kuster B