Nature, Vol.498, No.7455 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0028-0836 (Print) 

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S1 - S1 Untitled
Mandavilli A
Elert E
S4 - S6 GENETICS Written in blood
Deweerdt S
S7 - S7 PERSPECTIVE Combined forces
Sawyers CL
S8 - S9 DRUG DEVELOPMENT Target practice
Katsnelson A
407 - 407 A culture of consent
408 - 408 How do you sleep?
408 - 408 Family first
409 - 409 Europe should rethink its stance on GM crops
Heap B
415 - 416 Gas drilling taints groundwater
Tollefson J
416 - 417 Sulphur back in vogue for batteries
Van Noorden R
417 - 418 Bid to cure HIV ramps up
Hayden EC
418 - 419 Father's genetic quest pays off
Maher B
419 - 420 Proof mooted for quantum uncertainty
Cowen R
420 - 421 Floating tubes test sea-life sensitivity
Boytchev H
421 - 421 News story'Space rovers in record race' (vol 498, pg 284, 2013)
Witze A
422 - 426 Cell division
Wadman M
427 - 428 The human sleep project
Roenneberg T
429 - 429 Get ready for ocean acidification
Dupont S, Portner H
430 - 431 A Short Bright Flash: Augustin Fresnel and the Birth of the Modern Lighthouse
Baker J
432 - 432 2121
Rohn J
433 - 433 Q&A: Bill Fontana Sound chaser
Hoffman J, Fontana B
434 - 434 American football is clear on uncertainty
Altschuler E
434 - 434 Nuclear plans add to pressure on Caatinga
Nunes ED
434 - 434 Relaxed laws imperil Australian wildlife
Ritchie EG
434 - 434 InterAcademy Panel to inform policy
ter Meulen V, Hassan M, Fears R
434 - 434 Society should decide on UK badger cull
Woolhouse M, Wood J
435 - 435 Joe Farman (1930-2013)
Pyle J, Harris N
438 - 439 QUANTUM PHYSICS Spooky action gets collective
Weidemuller M
439 - 440 REGENERATIVE BIOLOGY Heartbroken embryos heal
Chien KR
440 - 441 APPLIED PHYSICS Cloaking of heat
Leonhardt U
441 - 443 NEUROSCIENCE Stem cells in multiple time zones
Thor S
443 - 444 ELECTRONICS The road to carbon nanotube transistors
Franklin AD
444 - 445 CELL SIGNALLING Nutrient sensing lost in cancer
Menon S, Manning BD
446 - 446 ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR Brain food
Turner M
446 - 447 EPIDEMIOLOGY Resistance mapping in malaria
Bright AT, Winzeler EA
447 - 448 PHOTONICS An ultra-small silicon laser
Baets R
449 - 449 Combinatorial temporal patterning in progenitors expands neural diversity
Bayraktar OA, Doe CQ
456 - 456 Temporal patterning of Drosophila medulla neuroblasts controls neural fates
Li X, Erclik T, Bertet C, Chen ZQ, Voutev R, Venkatesh S, Morante J, Celik A, Desplan C
463 - 465 Multi-periodic pulsations of a stripped red-giant star in an eclipsing binary system
Maxted PFL, Serenelli AM, Miglio A, Marsh TR, Heber U, Dhillon VS, Littlefair S, Copperwheat C, Smalley B, Breedt E, Schaffenroth V
466 - 469 Entanglement between light and an optical atomic excitation
Li L, Dudin YO, Kuzmich A
470 - 474 A micrometre-scale Raman silicon laser with a microwatt threshold
Takahashi Y, Inui Y, Chihara M, Asano T, Terawaki R, Noda S
475 - 475 Lifespan of mountain ranges scaled by feedbacks between landsliding and erosion by rivers
Egholm DL, Knudsen MF, Sandiford M
479 - 482 Stability of active mantle upwelling revealed by net characteristics of plate tectonics
Conrad CP, Steinberger B, Torsvik TH
483 - 483 Elastic energy storage in the shoulder and the evolution of high-speed throwing in Homo
Roach NT, Venkadesan M, Rainbow MJ, Lieberman DE
487 - 491 orco mutant mosquitoes lose strong preference for humans and are not repelled by volatile DEET
DeGennaro M, McBride CS, Seeholzer L, Nakagawa T, Dennis EJ, Goldman C, Jasinskiene N, James AA, Vosshall LB
492 - 492 EndMT contributes to the onset and progression of cerebral cavernous malformations
Maddaluno L, Rudini N, Cuttano R, Bravi L, Giampietro C, Corada M, Ferrarini L, Orsenigo F, Papa E, Boulday G, Tournier-Lasserve E, Chapon F, Richichi C, Retta SF, Lampugnani MG, Dejana E
497 - 497 In vivo cardiac reprogramming contributes to zebrafish heart regeneration
Zhang RL, Han PD, Yang HB, Ouyang KF, Lee D, Lin YF, Ocorr K, Kang GS, Chen J, Stainier DYR, Yelon D, Chi NC
502 - 502 Severe malaria is associated with parasite binding to endothelial protein C receptor
Turner L, Lavstsen T, Berger SS, Wang CW, Petersen JEV, Avril M, Brazier AJ, Freeth J, Jespersen JS, Nielsen MA, Magistrado P, Lusingu J, Smith JD, Higgins MK, Theander TG
506 - 506 BACH2 represses effector programs to stabilize T-reg-mediated immune homeostasis
Roychoudhuri R, Hirahara K, Mousavi K, Clever D, Klebanoff CA, Bonelli M, Sciume G, Zare H, Vahedi G, Dema B, Yu ZY, Liu H, Takahashi H, Rao M, Muranski P, Crompton JG, Punkosdy G, Bedognetti D, Wang E, Hoffmann V, Rivera J, Marincola FM, Nakamura A, Sartorelli V, Kanno Y, Gattinoni L, Muto A, Igarashi K, O'Shea JJ, Restifo NP
511 - 511 Rev-Erbs repress macrophage gene expression by inhibiting enhancer-directed transcription
Lam MTY, Cho H, Lesch HP, Gosselin D, Heinz S, Tanaka-Oishi Y, Benner C, Kaikkonen MU, Kim AS, Kosaka M, Lee CY, Watt A, Grossman TR, Rosenfeld MG, Evans RM, Glass CK
516 - 516 Functional roles of enhancer RNAs for oestrogen-dependent transcriptional activation
Li WB, Notani D, Ma Q, Tanasa B, Nunez E, Chen AY, Merkurjev D, Zhang J, Ohgi K, Song XY, Oh S, Kim HS, Glass CK, Rosenfeld MG
521 - 521 Unusual architecture of the p7 channel from hepatitis C virus
OuYang B, Xie SQ, Berardi MJ, Zhao XH, Dev J, Yu WJ, Sun B, Chou JJ
526 - 526 Functional organization of human sensorimotor cortex for speech articulation (vol 495, pg 327, 2013)
Bouchard KE, Mesgarani N, Johnson K, Chang EF
Nisbet E
E11 - E12 Diatom flickering prior to regime shift
Carstensen J, Telford RJ, Birks HJB
E12 - E13 Diatom flickering prior to regime shift Reply
Wang R, Dearing JA, Langdon PG, Zhang EL, Yang XD, Dakos V, Scheffer M
S10 - S11 EPIGENETICS Reversible tags
Wright J
S12 - S13 STEM CELLS Bad seeds
Willyard C
S14 - S15 DRUG SAFETY Double jeopardy
Carmichael M
S16 - S16 CELL BANKS Life blood
Moyer MW
S17 - S17 PERSPECTIVE Assembly line immunotherapy
Levine BL, June CH