Nature, Vol.484, No.7395 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0028-0836 (Print) 

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415 - 415 For better or worse
415 - 416 Chase the dragon
416 - 416 Suckers for success
417 - 417 Commercial space flight is a game-changer
Stern A
423 - 424 Europe loses sight of Earth
Brumfiel G
424 - 425 A bloody boon for conservation
Callaway E
426 - 427 Space-station rendezvous set to spur research push
Hand E
428 - 428 RNA studies under fire
Hayden EC
429 - 429 Ancient asteroids kept on coming
Thompson H
430 - 430 Gene hunt is on for mental disability (vol 484, pg 302, 2012)
Callaway E
430 - 430 Mexico sets climate targets
Vance E
Brumfiel G
Whitfield J
439 - 440 A recipe for disaster
Git A
440 - 441 Understand how it works
Piston DW
442 - 442 Make social sciences relevant
Van Langenhove L
444 - 445 PSYCHOLOGY The aesthetic brain
Mawer S
445 - 446 OCEANOGRAPHY Ultra marine
Palumbi SR
446 - 447 PHILOSOPHY What we don't know
Shermer M
448 - 449 BEHAVIOUR Life interwoven
Fowler JH
449 - 450 ROBOTICS Enter the evolvabot
Sharkey N
451 - 452 FICTION Wondrous machines
Kang M
452 - 453 ECOLOGY Trashed world
Vermeulen S
453 - 454 CORVID COGNITION Feathered apes
Clayton N
455 - 455 Reaping the benefits of no-tillage farming
Buffett HG
455 - 455 Validate gene findings before telling donors
Hansson MG
455 - 455 Enhance visibility of India's academies
Sharma A
455 - 455 China's bear farms prompt public outcry
Sheng X, Zhang HL, Weng Q
455 - 455 Protect the DNA of museum specimens
Shepherd L, Perrie L
458 - 459 A multitasking defence
Artis D, Maizels RM
459 - 459 The price we pay
Finkelman FD
459 - 460 DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY Heart under construction
Yelon D
461 - 462 QUANTUM PHYSICS Simulating magnetism
Roos C
462 - 463 ASTROPHYSICS Stars throw their weight in old galaxies
Bastian N
463 - 464 PROTEIN ENGINEERING Tighter ties that bind
Boder ET
465 - 472 Allergic host defences
Palm NW, Rosenstein RK, Medzhitov R
473 - U95 Multiple dynamic representations in the motor cortex during sensorimotor learning
Huber D, Gutnisky DA, Peron S, O'Connor DH, Wiegert JS, Tian L, Oertner TG, Looger LL, Svoboda K
479 - U102 Clonally dominant cardiomyocytes direct heart morphogenesis
Gupta V, Poss KD
485 - 488 Systematic variation of the stellar initial mass function in early-type galaxies
Cappellari M, McDermid RM, Alatalo K, Blitz L, Bois M, Bournaud F, Bureau M, Crocker AF, Davies RL, Davis TA, de Zeeuw PT, Duc PA, Emsellem E, Khochfar S, Krajnovic D, Kuntschner H, Lablanche PY, Morganti R, Naab T, Oosterloo T, Sarzi M, Scott N, Serra P, Weijmans AM, Young LM
489 - 492 Engineered two-dimensional Ising interactions in a trapped-ion quantum simulator with hundreds of spins
Britton JW, Sawyer BC, Keith AC, Wang CCJ, Freericks JK, Uys H, Biercuk MJ, Bollinger JJ
493 - 497 Thermal and electrical transport across a magnetic quantum critical point
Pfau H, Hartmann S, Stockert U, Sun PJ, Lausberg S, Brando M, Friedemann S, Krellner C, Geibel C, Wirth S, Kirchner S, Abrahams E, Si QM, Steglich F
498 - 501 Deposition of 1.88-billion-year-old iron formations as a consequence of rapid crustal growth
Rasmussen B, Fletcher IR, Bekker A, Muhling JR, Gregory CJ, Thorne AM
502 - 505 Antarctic ice-sheet loss driven by basal melting of ice shelves
Pritchard HD, Ligtenberg SRM, Fricker HA, Vaughan DG, van den Broeke MR, Padman L
506 - 509 Sexual selection enables long-term coexistence despite ecological equivalence
M'Gonigle LK, Mazzucco R, Otto SP, Dieckmann U
510 - U133 NLRP10 is a NOD-like receptor essential to initiate adaptive immunity by dendritic cells
Eisenbarth SC, Williams A, Colegio OR, Meng HL, Strowig T, Rongvaux A, Henao-Mejia J, Thaiss CA, Joly S, Gonzalez DG, Xu L, Zenewicz LA, Haberman AM, Elinav E, Kleinstein SH, Sutterwala FS, Flavell RA
514 - U139 Pathogen-induced human T(H)17 cells produce IFN-gamma or IL-10 and are regulated by IL-1 beta
Zielinski CE, Mele F, Aschenbrenner D, Jarrossay D, Ronchi F, Gattorno M, Monticelli S, Lanzavecchia A, Sallusto F
519 - U146 IFITM3 restricts the morbidity and mortality associated with influenza
Everitt AR, Clare S, Pertel T, John SP, Wash RS, Smith SE, Chin CR, Feeley EM, Sims JS, Adams DJ, Wise HM, Kane L, Goulding D, Digard P, Anttila V, Baillie JK, Walsh TS, Hume DA, Palotie A, Xue YL, Colonna V, Tyler-Smith C, Dunning J, Gordon SB, Smyth RL, Openshaw PJ, Dougan G, Brass AL, Kellam P
524 - U152 Infection regulates pro-resolving mediators that lower antibiotic requirements
Chiang N, Fredman G, Backhed F, Oh SF, Vickery T, Schmidt BA, Serhan CN
529 - U159 Exploiting a natural conformational switch to engineer an interleukin-2'superkine'
Levin AM, Bates DL, Ring AM, Krieg C, Lin JT, Su L, Moraga I, Raeber ME, Bowman GR, Novick P, Pande VS, Fathman CG, Boyman O, Garcia KC
534 - U166 An inverse relationship to germline transcription defines centromeric chromatin in C. elegans
Gassmann R, Rechtsteiner A, Yuen KW, Muroyama A, Egelhofer T, Gaydos L, Barron F, Maddox P, Essex A, Monen J, Ercan S, Lieb JD, Oegema K, Strome S, Desai A
538 - U172 The anti-Shine-Dalgarno sequence drives translational pausing and codon choice in bacteria
Li GW, Oh E, Weissman JS
542 - U177 Live-cell delamination counterbalances epithelial growth to limit tissue overcrowding
Marinari E, Mehonic A, Curran S, Gale J, Duke T, Baum B
546 - U183 Crowding induces live cell extrusion to maintain homeostatic cell numbers in epithelia
Eisenhoffer GT, Loftus PD, Yoshigi M, Otsuna H, Chien CB, Morcos PA, Rosenblatt J
550 - 550 DNA-binding factors shape the mouse methylome at distal regulatory regions (vol 480, pg 490, 2011)
Stadler MB, Murr R, Burger L, Ivanek R, Lienert F, Scholer A, van Nimwegen E, Wirbelauer C, Oakeley EJ, Gaidatzis D, Tiwari VK, Schubeler D
Ferguson RD
Grayson M
S14 - S14 The numbers game
Shetty P
S16 - S18 DRUG DEVELOPMENT Holding out for reinforcements
Eisenstein M
S19 - S21 PUBLIC HEALTH Death at the doorstep
Maxmen A
S22 - S23 PERSPECTIVES The missing pieces
Crabb BS, Beeson JG, Amino R, Menard R, Waters A, Winzeler EA, Wahlgren M, Fidock DA, Nwaka S
S24 - S25 VACCINES The take-home lesson
DeWeerdt S
S26 - S27 VECTOR CONTROL The last bite
Gravitz L