Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.371 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 4 Layer-by-layer assembled molecular films - I: Organic-inorganic hybrid films and electrocatalytic sensing applications
Li XY, Wang BX, Cai LR, Niu GX
5 - 8 Langmuir-Blodgett films of fullerene containing beta-diketone derivatives and their coordination complexes with rare earth metal ions
Zhang S, Gan LB, Huang CH
9 - 12 Photopolymerization of fullerene C-60 in Langmuir films at the air/phenol aqueous interface
Xia Q, Lu ZH, Yang KZ
13 - 16 Fabrication of crosslinked phenolic polymer LB films and its electrical properties
Jung SB, Yoo SY, Park JC, Lee BJ, Kwon YS
17 - 20 Electro-optical properties and structure features of polyurethane LB monolayers
Shin HK, Seo JY, Kim DK, Jeong H, Kwon YS
21 - 24 Monolayer of cyclophane with multiple alkyl chains for molecular tiling
Ariga K, Takagi N, Tanaka R, Kikuchi JI
25 - 28 Behaviors of long-chain bifunctional molecule, alpha, omega 13,16-dimethyloctacosanedioate dimethylester (C30DME), at the air-water interface
Lee J, Kang S, Kim H, Jung S, Choo J, Sohn D
29 - 32 Monolayers of poly(alpha,beta-aspartic acid) with long alkyl chains and miscibility with L-alpha-phosphatidylcholine at air-water interface
Kang HS, Yang SR, Kim JD
33 - 36 Photopolymerization of the diacetylene nucleobase monolayers controlled by triplex formation
Matsumoto J, Ijiro K, Shimomura M
37 - 40 Intermolecular interaction between polymer monolayers and poly(ethylene glycol) monostearates at air/water interface
Lee WK, Nakahara H, Lim H, Cho WJ, Ha CS
41 - 44 Absorption properties of Langmuir-Blodgett films of retinoic acid
Kimura N, Nakamura Y, Imai K, Sawada T, Tsubono I
45 - 48 Self-organization of BaF2 single crystal film under a compressed Langmuir monolayer
Lu LH, Cui HN, Li W, Xing W, Xi SQ
49 - 52 DNA-templated formation of needle-like CdS nanoparticles in Langmuir-Blodgett film
Chen X, Jin J, Yang WS, Zheng DF, Yang BQ, Jiang L, Xu L, Li TJ
53 - 56 Brewster Angle Microscope and Atomic Force Microscopy study of poly 4-(n-methacyloyl)-Disperse Red 1-methacrylic acid monolayer at the air/water interface and on the glass surface
Kang YS, An SD
57 - 62 Electrochemical recognition of ions with self-assembled monlayers of calixarenes
Kim H, Kim J, Park J, Kim K, Ahn SJ, Chung TD, Chang SK
63 - 66 Monolayer properties of a dipyridyl coordinated ruthenium compound
Kim JY, Oh Y, Son EM, Kim JU, Lee BJ
67 - 70 Electrochemical behavior of self-assembled monolayers(SAM) of omega-mercaptoalkylhydroquinone on gold
Hong HG, Park W, Yu E
71 - 74 Increased amine surface density of an aminosilylated molecular layer through hyperbranching
Cho SJ, Kim HJ, Park JW
75 - 78 Change in quantum efficiency of self-assembled films based on PPV and ionic salt added PSS
Cho J, Char K, Hong JD, Kim DY
79 - 82 The photochemical characterization of zirconium N,N'-bis(ethyldihydrogenphosphate)-3,4,9,10-perylene(dicarboximide) multilayers on silicon surface
Kim SH, Chae HJ, Chung MA, Kim D, Lee H
83 - 86 Stepwise growth of oligodeoxynucleotides on solid hydroxylated substrates: Characterization of the growth by UV-Vis spectroscopy and ellipsometry
Oh SJ, Park JW
87 - 90 Electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance study of the self-assembled multilayered poly(aniline N-butansulfonate) film
Kang YK, Kim E, Lee C
91 - 94 pi-pi interactions directed formation of a self-assembled nanofilament
Yang WS, Yang BQ, Jiang YS, Chai XD, Bai YB, Li TJ
95 - 98 Molecular decomposition via striped phase in self-assembled monolayers of alkanethiols adsorbed on Au(111)
Noh J, Araki T, Nakajima K, Hara M
99 - 102 Layer-by-layer assembled molecular films - II: Monolayers of metal nanoclusters from photochemical and sonochemical conversion of multilayered ionic films
Li XY, Yao G
103 - 106 Layer-by-layer assembled molecular films - III: Electrochemical assembly and electropolymerization of noble metal complexes
Li XY, Pei JH
107 - 110 Template-directed synthesis of nanoporous carbons
Yu JS, Lee SJ, Yoon SB
111 - 114 Adsorption of TiO2 nanoparticles imprinted with D-glucose on a gold surface
Lee SW, Kunitake T
115 - 118 Synthesis of mesoporous silica by templating of amphiphilic diblock copolymer under neutral condition
Cui XG, Yoo GY, Cho WJ, Ha CS
119 - 122 Low dielectric nanoporous poly(methylsilsesquioxane) (PMSSQ) films via inorganic/organic hybrids
Lee DJ, Kim KH, Min SK, Kim BS, Rhee HW, Jin MY, Lee JK, Yoon DY, Char KH
123 - 126 Two-dimensional patterning of nanoparticles using dissipative structures
Sawadaishi T, Ijiro K, Shimomura M, Shiraishi Y, Toshima N, Yonezawa T, Kunitake T
127 - 130 Preparation of gold-polypyrrole core-shell nanoparticles
Han SH, Cho YS, Kim JY, Cho G, Lee S, Lee JS
131 - 134 Preparation of heteropoly acid entraped in nano silica matrix
Kim HJ, Chu YH, Moon JH, Han HS, Shul YG
135 - 138 Preparation of sol-gel derived nanocrystalline TiO2 particles in titania-silica composite for photocatalytic applications
Na H, Kwon C, Choi W, Park S, Yoon K, Baik H, Han Y
139 - 142 In situ formation of semiconductor nanoparticles in the three-dimensional organic layered crystal
Chen X, Zhu BL, Wang W, Efrima S, Liu J, Yang KZ
143 - 146 Ultra-thin organic/inorganic hetero-structures for photonic crystal by mass-controlled layer-by-layer sequential adsorption method
Shiratori S, Ito T
147 - 150 Mesoscopic structures of organic molecular crystal thin films studied by near-field scanning optical microscopy
Kang TJ, Chang SH, Bout DV
151 - 154 Nucleobase mapping of self-assembled monolayers by chemical force microscopy
Sunami H, Ijiro K, Karthaus O, Kraemer S, Mittler S, Knoll W, Simomura M
155 - 158 Simulation of fractal immittance by ladder circuits
Sugi M, Hirano Y, Miura YF, Saito K
159 - 162 ESR observation of optically-generated polarons in conjugated electroluminescent polymers
Kuroda S, Marumoto K, Ito H, Greenham NC, Friend RH, Shimoi Y, Abe S
163 - 166 Optical characteristics of self-assembled ultrathin films of tetra-copperphthalocyanine by attenuated total reflection
Kim MJ, Park SH, Jeong MY, Kim A, Ha NY, Park B, Wu JW, Hong JD
167 - 170 Optical properties of (C6H5C2H4NH3)(2)PbI4 film on grating substrates
Ishihara T, Fujita T, Seki A, Nakashima H
171 - 176 Organic light emitting diodes(OLEDs) with oligothiophene and silicon monoxide
Lim ST, Kwon MS, Shin DM
177 - 182 Electrical impedance measurements of organic electroluminescent devices containing blended polymer single-layer
Kim JS, Seo BW, Gu HB
183 - 186 PbBr-Based layered perovskite organic-inorganic superlattice with photochromic chromophore-linked ammonium molecules as an organic layer
Era M, Yamada T
187 - 190 A photoluminescent LB film of a polyurethane with cyanostilbene side group
Kim SH, Jeong H, Lee BJ, Kwon YS
191 - 194 Hole mobility of fluorene-based dyes
Era M, Kakiyama N, Noto M, Lee SH, Tsutsui T
195 - 198 Molecular orientation of copper phthalocyanine in thin films and their gas-sensing properties
Huo LH, Li W, Cui HN, Xi SQ
199 - 202 Incorporation of bulky chromophore into PbBr-based layered perovskite organic/inorganic superlattice by mixing of chromophore-linked ammonium and alkyl ammonium molecules
Era M, Shimizu A
203 - 206 Optical properties of a chiral liquid crystal in a generalized coupled mode formalism
Yoon TY, Baac H, Lee SD
207 - 210 Use of a single anionic conductor as a hole-injecting material for polymer light-emitting diodes
Lee TW, Park OO
211 - 214 Neutron reflectivity from the monolayer of SAN random copolymer
Kim E, Suh HR, Kim H, Char K, Hong J, Lee SH, Satija SK, Ivkov R
215 - 218 Theoretical study on the polarizabilities of two-dimensionally-grown dendritic molecular aggregates: the artichitecture- and size-dependency
Nakano M, Fujita H, Takahata M, Kiribayashi S, Yamaguchi K
219 - 222 Measurement of refractive index and thickness of fluorinated copolyimide films by spectroscopic reflectometry
Lee MH, Choi BY, Kang Y, Lee C
223 - 226 Hemicyanine dye for optical recording
Je JT, Lee KY, Min KS
227 - 230 Optical and electro-optical control of grating efficiency in a nematic liquid crystal cell with azo polymer boundary
Baac H, Park JH, Lee SD, Kang SH, Choi DH
231 - 234 Axially symmetric vertically-aligned (ASVA) liquid crystal display using surface relief gratings on a polymer layer
Park JH, Lee JH, You DH, Lee SD
235 - 238 White-light-emitting materials for organic electroluminescent devices
Lee JW, Kim YK, Sohn BC, Kim JS, Kim SM, Ha Y
239 - 242 Hybrid alignment technique for wide-viewing liquid crystal displays with multi-domains
Cho YJ, Lee SD, Rhee HW
243 - 246 Electrochemical synthesis and characterization of strechable polypyrrole films
Oh EJ, Jang KS, Park SY, Han SS, Suh JS
247 - 251 Optical microstructure of CuPc thin film prepared by thermal evaporation
Lee HY, Tanaka H, Kang YS, Kawai T
253 - 256 Suppression effect and coupled two-time motion of the photoisomerization in the crosslinking polymer system
Jeong MY, Wu JW, Jin JI
257 - 260 Two-photon absorption of electroluminescent conducting polymers
Lee GJ, Na MK, Jeon SJ, Kim KK, Lee DW, Hong YR, Jin JI
261 - 264 Theoretical study on near-resonant third-order nonlinear optical properties (gamma) of dendritic molecular aggregates: Intermolecular-interaction and relaxation effects on gamma
Fujita H, Nakano M, Takahata M, Kiribayashi S, Yamaguchi K
265 - 268 Electroluminescence of organic EL device using PDPMA doped by various fluorescent dyes
Lee CH, Kim E, Oh SY
269 - 272 Study of the photo-alignment using photo-sensitive polyimide (PI) containing chalcone moiety
Song DM, Shin DM, Choi SO, Choi KY, Mi-hieyi
273 - 276 Optically induced diffraction grating on the film of polyurethane bearing an azobenzene chromophore
Choi DH, Kim JH, Cha YK, Hong HT
277 - 280 Interfacial characteristics of organic electroluminescent devices (OELDs) using impedance technique
Chin KS, Rhee HW
281 - 284 Comparison of optical properties of porphyrin dispersed polyimide and porphyrin incorporated polyimide into the main chain
Kim HS, Heo TW, Kim MR, Ha CS, Lee JK
285 - 288 Effect of joule heat on the performance of organic electroluminescence device
Choi JW, Kim JS, Oh SY, Lee WH
289 - 292 Synthesis of poly(2-ethynylpyridinum bromide) containing propargyl side chain and its photoluminescence properties
Gal YS, Lee WC, Park JW, Kim BS, Jang SH, Jin SH
293 - 296 Electro-optical measurements of ferroelectric copolymers of vinylidene fluoride and trifluoroethylene
Lim J, Cho H, Park G
297 - 300 Synthesis and characterization of poly(1,6-heptadiyne) derivatives containing alkylsilyloxy groups
Kim SH, Jin SH, Jang MS, Moon SB, Gal YS, Moon DK, Park JW, Choi SK
301 - 304 Synthesis and characterization of polythiophene derivatives containing electron transporting and hole transporting moieties
Kim S, Ahn T, Han SH, Kim ER, Lee HW
305 - 308 Synthesis and characterization of X-azo dyes (X = Ni, Cu, Zn) for digital versatile disc-recordable (DVD-R)
Park HY, Lee NH, Je JT, Min KS, Huh YJ, Kim ER, Lee HW
309 - 312 Synthesis of polyazomethine type conjugated polymers as light emitting materials
Park LS, Han YS, Kim SD, Hwang JS
313 - 316 Real-time spectroscopic ellipsometric studies of photo-assisted chemical processes
An I, Oh HK, Paley MS
317 - 320 Numerical investigations of the interaction of copper phthalocyanine molecules with silicon surface
Golovnev I, Basova T, Aleksandrova N, Igumenov L
321 - 324 Synthesis and application of the aromatic spacered azomethine metal complexes for the organic electroluminescent devices
Kim SM, Kim JS, Sohn BC, Kim YK, Ha YY
325 - 328 Synthesis and characterization of soluble polyaniline and its derivatives doped with dialkylsulfates
Jang KS, Han SS, Oh EJ
329 - 332 Enhanced electrochemical properties of Li secondary batteries using polypyrrole/LiMn2O4 composite cathodes
Kim JO, Hwang YW, Kim YT, Song K, Cho BW, Rhee HW
333 - 336 Photoluminescence of aggregated C-60 in nano-size at room temperature
Cui HN, Kim ER, Lee HW
337 - 340 Organic-inorganic hybrid material for electro-optic modulator
Kim TD, Lee KS, Lee SY, Kim YJ, Song JW
341 - 344 Synthesis and characterization of hyperbranched polymer for second-order nonlinear optics
Lee JH, Lee KS
345 - 348 Exciton migration dynamics of D58-like dendritic molecular aggregate
Takahata M, Nakano M, Fujita H, Kiribayashi S, Yamaguchi K
349 - 354 Transition behavior of polyelectrolyte brushes depending on polymer chain density
Hayashi S, Abe T, Higashi N, Niwa M, Kurihara K
355 - 358 Adsorption characteristics of aliphatic dithiols on silver and gold revealed by ellipsometry and FT-IR spectroscopy
Joo SW, Han SW, Kim K
359 - 364 FT-IR spectroscopic and residual stress studies on curing of epoxy resin waterborne
Yu JS, Zhou D, Cai W, Park SH, Shin TJ, Oh W, Lee SW, Ree M
365 - 368 Preparation and characterization of hydrophobic modified silica film via sol-gel process
Yoon KH, Kim MW
369 - 374 Usage of a DNA aptamer as a ligand targeting microcystin
Nakamura C, Kobayashi T, Miyake M, Shirai M, Miyake J
375 - 378 Fabrication and photoconductivity measurements of mesoscopic 2-D patterned DNA
Ijiro K, Sawadaishi T, Shimomura M
379 - 382 Two-dimensional nucleobase self-organization supported by base-pairing and stacking at the air-water interface
Morisue M, Ijiro K, Shimomura M
383 - 386 Transient fluorescent characteristics of GFP/viologen/cytochrome-c hetero-LB films
Choi JW, Nam YS, Kim DH, Lee WH, Fujihara M
387 - 390 Modification of functional group on the cytochrome c using SPDP method
Choi JW, Park SJ, Oh BK, Lee WH, Fujihira M
391 - 396 Electrochemical detection of magnesium ions using PVC membrane trapped chlorophyll A molecules
Lu H, Zhao YJ, Ma JM, Li J, Wang H, Lu ZH
397 - 402 Residual stress behavior in methylsilsesquioxane-based dielectric thin films
Oh W, Shin TJ, Ree M, Jin MY, Char K
403 - 406 Shift register memory function of molecular photodiode consisting of flavin/viologen/TCNQ molecular hetero-LB films
Choi JW, Nam YS, Cho KS, Park S, Kim D, Lee WH
407 - 410 Fabrication of new DNA chip microarrays using hydrophobic interaction
Choi YS, Yamamura A, Murakami Y, Yokoyama K, Kwon YS, Tamiya E
411 - 414 Study to increase the sensitivity of QCM gas-sensor coated with plasma polymerization film
Han DS, Kurosawa S, Aizawa H, Yoshimoto M, Park JY, Chang SM
415 - 418 Luminescent and morphological properties of color tuning device composed of Alq(3) and PDPMA doped by fluorescent dye
Jung S, Kim E, Oh SY, Lee CH
419 - 422 Photoinduced refractive index modulation of photosensitive polyimides and their application in passive waveguide fabrication
Lee MH, Kim J, Cheong Y, Kang J, Kim JJ, Kim C
423 - 426 Durability and characteristics of organic EL device using amorphous materials as hole transporting materials
Oh SY, Lee CH, Kim SW
427 - 430 The optical characteristics of the light emitting device with TPD and PBD thin films
Shin DM, Kim JH
431 - 434 The hole blocking effect of 4,4',4''-trifluoro-triazine (tfTZ) in electroluminescent devices
Shin J, Lim S, Shin DM, Choi D, Kim C, Kim B
435 - 438 White emission from a polymer blend light-emitting diode by incomplete cascade energy transfer
Lee TW, Park OO, Cho HN, Hong JM, Kim YC
439 - 442 Application of photo-alignment technique for low pretilt angle liquid crystal cell
Moon JH, Song DM, Ryu KY, Shin DM, Kim Y
443 - 446 Application of photo-alignment technique through the modification of the polyimide surface with chalcone derivatives to vertically aligned LCD
Jung KH, Moon JH, Song DM, Shin DM
447 - 450 Photoinduced electron transfer of GFP/viologen/TCNQ hetero-film
Choi JW, Nam YS, Kim D, Lee WH, Fujihira M
451 - 454 Characteristics of organic light-emitting diodes using PECCP Langmuir-Blodgett film as an emissive layer
Lee HS, Kim TW, Lee WJ, Park JW, Kang DY
455 - 458 Hole block effect on the organic electroluminescent device using Eu complex
Kim JH, Lee SP, Kim JS, Kim YK, Lee SH
459 - 462 Characteristics of organic EL device using PDPMA and heat-treated 8-hydroxyquinoline-zinc complex
Oh SY, Lee CH, Jung ES, Choi JW, Jung PJ
463 - 466 Polystyrene based SPR biosensor chip for use in immunoassay
Yang J, Zhang SJ, Sui SF
467 - 472 Reversible patterning of ambient carbon-rich deposits on a gold surface by means of a voltage-biased atomic force microscopy
Kim BM, Kim MY, Min YS, Kim MK, Sok JH, Lee JW
473 - 476 Fabrication of in situ patterned iron oxide films using micro contact printing and selective deposition
Shin H, Im H, Jeon JU, Kim ES, Pak YE
477 - 480 Mesoporous ordered thin film formation of self-assembled amphiphilic copolymer
Ahn CW, Park JK, Kim MW
481 - 484 Surface micromachining techniques in InP based Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical system
Wang JH, Tong H, Mao J, Zhou D, Peng JH
XVII - XVIII Third Asian Symposium on Organized Molecular Films for Electronics and Photonics (ASOMF'3) - Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea - 9-12 July 2000 - Guest Editor's preface
Lee H, Sasabe H