Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.370 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 8 High intensity blue light EL device using heterostructure of p-sexiphenyl and TPD
Ohmori Y, Tsukagawa T, Kajii H
9 - 15 Light emitting properties of molecular thin films with epitaxially oriented and confined structures
Yanagi H, Morikawa T, Hotta S, Yase K
17 - 22 The characteristics of the monomer fluorene derivative in electroluminescent devices
Shin J, Choi D, Shin DM
23 - 26 Electroluminescence enhancement by the alignment of doped ionic emissive dyes along an external bias field
Suzuki H
27 - 30 Blue EL devices with arylethynylbenzene derivatives as emissive materials
Noto M, Matsufuji H, Hori Y, Era M
31 - 34 Energy relay systems for efficient organic light-emitting devices: Influence of formation of exciplex as revealed by photoexcitation
Naitou R, Ichikawa M, Suzuki T, Adachi C, Koyama T, Taniguchi Y
35 - 38 White light emission from a single-layer electroluminescent device using exciplex formed between organic materials
Kim JS, Seo BW, Han EM, Gu HB
39 - 42 Synthesis and properties of organic light-emitting diodes using new emissive materials
Lee HS, Kim SK, Lee WJ, Park JW, Lee JH, Song MJ, Kim BO, Kim TW, Kang DY
43 - 46 Dual-layer light emitting devices based on polythiophene derivative
Ahn T, Han SH, Kim ER, Lee H
47 - 52 Study on the work function of various ITO substrates using electrochemical analysis
Kwak HD, Choi DS, Kim YK, Sohn BC
53 - 56 Structural effects of TDAB amorphous hole transporting materials on performance of organic EL device
Lee CH, Kim SW, Oh SY
57 - 60 Synthesis of metal complexes chelated with N-naphthalenyl aminomethyl phenol and their application to OELD
Kim SM, Kim JS, Lee SJ, Kim YK, Ha Y
61 - 64 Cleaning effect of indium-tin-oxide substrates on the electroluminescent characteristics of Alq(3)
Jung LY, Kim YK, Sohn BC, Kwon OK, Kwak MY, Lee JW
65 - 68 Ionization-assisted deposition of SrOx thin films for electron injection layer of organic light emitting diodes
Tanaka K, Maeda K, Usui H
69 - 72 Polarized electroluminescence of oligophenyl thin films prepared on friction transferred poly(p-phenylenes)
Yoshida Y, Ni JP, Tanigacki N, Yase K
73 - 76 Dielectric phenomena of an organic light emitting diode
Lee YS, Lee JH, Park JH, Choi JS
77 - 82 First hyperpolarizabilities of stilbenes derivatives
Cho BR, Lee SH, Lim JC, Kang TI, Jeon SJ
83 - 91 Photoconductivity of discotic liquid crystals: a mesogenic long-chain tetraphenylporphyrin and its metal complexes
Shimizu Y
93 - 96 Time-resolved fluorescence study of GFP homo-film
Choi JW, Nam YS, Kim D, Lee WH, Fujihira M
97 - 102 Ultrafast reflection control based on photoinduced complex refractive index changes in guided mode thin films containing indium phthalocyanine
Nagamura T, Adachi T, Yoshida I, Inoue H, Heckmann H, Hanack M
103 - 106 Self-phase modulation in a dye-doped liquid-crystal
Sung J, Joo M, Rhee BK, Kim D
107 - 110 The highly efficient polymeric photorefractive materials: Influence of alkyl end group of chromophore on photorefractive properties
Chun H, Moon IK, Shin DH, Kim N
111 - 114 High performance in molecularly doped photorefractive polymers - Hhigh temperature casting effect of r(33)(-)
Tanaka SY, Horikawa H, Komori Y, Nagayama N, Yokoyama M
115 - 118 Optical correlation system based on photorefractive polymer and polysilane phase mask
Sato T, Nagayama N, Yokoyama M
119 - 122 Femtosecond hyper-Rayleigh scattering measurement system for organic dyes in solutions at the excited state
Nagamura T, Umeda T, Sakaguchi H
123 - 126 Effect of cation-mixing on photo luminescence of PbI2-based organic/inorganic perovskite thin films
Komatsu Y, Sakamoto N, Era M
127 - 130 Femtosecond Z-scan measurement of the third order nonlinear optical coefficient of CuPc thin film
Chang HJ, Shin MJ, Wu JW
131 - 134 Photochromism of liquid crystalline polymers with spiropyran derivatives
Kim CH, Kim DK, Lee JH, Lee KS
135 - 138 Analysis of second harmonic generation phase measurement for determination of molecular orientation and effective second order nonlinear optical constant
Kimura-Suda H, Sassa T, Wada T, Sasabe H
139 - 142 Single pulse formation of wide-range period nonlinear grating in urethane-urea copolymer films using ultraviolet laser-interferometric method
Che YL, Sugihara O, Fujimura H, Egami C, Okamoto N, Tsuchimori M, Watanabe O
143 - 146 The behavior of surface relief grating formation on organic glass films containing azo choromophores
Seo EM, Kim MJ, Shin YD, Lee JS, Kim DY
147 - 150 Poling and relaxation dynamics of a nonlinear optical polyimide: Temperature-dependent SHG study
Lee GJ, Kim SW, Ma JH, Lim TK, So BK, Lee SM, Kim TD, Lee KS
151 - 154 Synthesis and characterization of photorefractive polymer containing multifunctional chromophore
Kim JY, Lee KS
155 - 159 Fluorene-based organic molecule with high two-photon absorption activities
Lee KS, Lee JH, Choi HY, Cha M, Chung MA, Kim YJ, Jung SD
161 - 164 The study on optical characteristics and surface morphologies for J-aggregates formation of merocyanine dye LB films
Kang KH, Kim JM, Shin HK, Kwon YS
165 - 168 Optical recording properties of styryl derivatives for digital versatile disc-recordable (DVD-R)
Park KH, Lee CJ, Song D, Kim J, Huh YJ, Min KS
169 - 172 Fabrication and photodegradation behavior of photosensitive polyimide LB film
Oh SY, Park JK, Choi JW, Chung CM
173 - 176 Theoretical two-photon absorption cross-sections of dithienothiophene-based molecules
Chung MA, Kim YJ, Lee KS, Jung SD
177 - 180 Synthesis and photodegradation of a polyimide having N-carbonyloxyimide moieties in the main chain
Chung CM, Cho SY, Oh SY
181 - 184 Optically induced anisotropy of polyurethane containing heterocyclic azo chromophores
Hong HT, Kim JH, Choi DH
185 - 188 Synthesis and luminescent properties of lanthanide-cored supramolecular complexes based on porphyrins for optical amplification
Paik KL, Kim HK
189 - 192 Anionic polymerization of isocyanates with optically active properties
Shin YD, Ahn JH, Lee JS
193 - 196 Photo-induced in-plane alignments of liquid crystal molecules on alternate self-assembled ultrathin films containing azo-dye and evaluation by the attenuated total reflection measurement
Shinbo K, Ishikawa J, Baba A, Kaneko F, Kato K, Advincula RC
197 - 206 Molecular-scale investigations of organic molecular films by dynamic force microscopy
Yamada H, Matsushige K
207 - 210 UV curing of vacuum deposited ethynyl triphenylamines
Lee C, Kang Y, Lee S, Kim HJ, Jung SH, Kim JS
211 - 214 Behavior of poly(gamma-aklyl alpha, L-glutamate)-polyethylene oxide copolymer at the air/interface
Kim C, Kim K, Lee Y, Sohn D
215 - 218 PbI-based layered perovskite organic-inorganic superlattice film by the Langmuir-Blodgett technique
Era M, Shimizu A
219 - 222 Oriented thin films of poly(diphenylsilane)
Tanigaki N, Iwase Y, Kaito A, Okada Y, Yamahira N, Yase K
223 - 226 Effect of 3-dimensional stacking for silver nanoparticle multilayers
Kuwajima S, Okada Y, Yoshida Y, Abe K, Yamaguchi T, Nagasawa H, Tanigaki N, Sakurai K, Yase K
227 - 230 Structures of copper phthalocyanine crystals grown in inert gases
Isoda S, Haishi T, Yoshida K, Kobayashi T
231 - 234 The fabrication of gold nanoparticle assemblies on the functionalized surface patterned by AFM lithography
Jung YM, Ahn SJ, Chae HJ, Lee H, Kim ER, Lee H
235 - 240 Calculation of photoelectron angular distributions from omega-(n-pyrrolyl)alkanethiol self-assembled monolayers for different molecular orbitals of pyrrole group
Hasegawa S, Yakushi K, Inokuchi H, Kamiya-Okudaira K, Ueno N, Seki K, Morikawa E
241 - 244 Orientational behavior of discotic nematic phase for a discotic liquid crystalline triphenylene on polyimide and alkylammoniumbromide coated substrates
Monobe H, Mima S, Ukon M, Sugino T, Shimizu Y
245 - 248 Fabrication, characterization and optical properties of epitaxially grown oligomer/polymer double layers
Ueda Y, Murakami T, Masaki S, Chen J, Ni JP, Yoshida Y, Tanigaki N, Yase K, Wang D
249 - 252 Intramolecular charge resonance interaction in meso-2,4-bis(4-(4-nitrostyryl)pyridinium)pentane ditetraphenylborates upon steady photolysis in solution
Park SH, Nagamura T
253 - 256 Vacuum-deposited thin films of (mu-oxo)bis[(phthalocyaninato)aluminium(III)]((AIPc)(2)O)
Suga T, Isoda S, Moriguchi S, Kobayashi T
257 - 260 Effect of hydrogen-bonding on crystal structure of quinacridone derivatives in thin film
Ni JP, Chen J, Ueda Y
261 - 264 Structure of the Langmuir-Blodgett films of arachidic acid mixed with amphiphilic ammonium ions and an amphiphilic amine
Azumi R, Mutsuzaki H, Tachibana H, Sakai H, Abe M, Matsumoto M
265 - 268 Surface plasmon emission spectra from Rhodamine-B Lb thin films on silver thin films
Nakano T, Wakamatsu T, Kobayashi H, Kaneko F, Shinbo K, Kato K, Kawakami T
269 - 272 In situ observation of deep UV patterning in polymer LB films by surface plasmon spectroscopy
Mitsuishi M, Li TS, Miyashita T
273 - 276 Characterization and electronic properties of TTF SAMs on Au (111)
Yuge R, Miyazaki A, Enoki T, Ito E, Nakamura F, Hara M
277 - 283 Preparation and optical characterization of hemicyanine self-assembled monolayer on an substrate
Kajikawa K, Naraoka R, Okawa H, Ikezawa H, Hashimoto K
285 - 288 UV-Cured PEGDA/PVdF/PMMA blend polymer electroltye
Kim YT, Song MK, Cho BW, Yun KS, Rhee HW
289 - 292 In-situ AFM observation of the formation process of layer-by-layer sequential adsorption film
Yamada T, Shiratori S
293 - 296 Characterization of nanoscale domains in ferroelectric polymer thin films by scanning probe microscopy
Chen XQ, Yamada H, Hara M, Horiuchi T, Matsushige K
297 - 300 Development of scanning displacement current microscope
Okuda A, Majima Y, Iwamoto M
301 - 304 Miscibility and nanoporous hybrid film fabrication of methylsilsesquioxane (MSSQ) and star-shaped polymers
Kim KS, Lee DJ, Min SK, Kim YJ, Kim SH, Yoon DY, Rhee HW
305 - 308 Uniaxial stretching of polypyrrole cast film
Song K, Rhee HW, Lee SY, Joo JS, Lee JY
309 - 312 DSC studies upon thermal curing of methylsilsesquinoxane
Song K, Kim BS, Lee JW, Rhee HW
313 - 316 STM analysis of cytochrome c adsorbed hetero-LB film using bridging molecules
Choi JW, Lee YG, Park SJ, Lee WH, Fujihara M
317 - 320 Optimal-fabrication conditions of cytochrome c LB films
Choi JW, Yoo CJ, Nam YS, Lee WH, Oh SY, Fujihira M
321 - 325 Comparison of monolayer behaviors between omega-tricosenyl alcohol and omega-tricosenoic acid
Park YH, Bin Ahn T
327 - 332 Electrochemical synthesis of polyaniline composite films in acetonitrile/water medium
Park YH, Il Kim Y, Baik DH, Park CR
333 - 336 Inter-molecular control of poly-ion complex LB films with fullerene molecules for molecules size recognition
Shiratori S, Kohno K
337 - 342 Application of organic materials to electronic devices with respect to thin film transistor and sensor
Song CK, Koo BW, Jung MK
343 - 346 Modulation of photo-signal based on molecular recognition by steroid cyclophane in liquid assembly
Ariga K, Sakai D, Terasaka Y, Kikuchi J
347 - 352 Response by bylayer membranes containing the labial palpus of fly to stimulative substances
Kobayashi K, Hatakeyama M, Toshima Y, Tamada Y
353 - 358 Substrate effect on the surface structures of liquid crystalline polymers
Karthaus O, Yabu H, Koito T, Akagi K, Shimomura M
359 - 362 Adsorption behavior of DNA onto self-assembled monolayer containing intercalator
Nakamura F, Mitsui K, Hara M
363 - 366 New technology for DNA chips on a microarray - Random fluidic self-assembly method using hydrophobic interaction
Choi YS, Kim DK, Kwon YS
367 - 370 Orientation of DNA thin films fabricated on substrates
Kimura-Suda H, Nakamura F, Hara M, Wada T, Shimomura M, Sasabe H
371 - 374 Photofabrication of diffraction gratings on the films of polyurethane and polymethacrylate containing aminonitroazobenzene moieties
Choi DH, Kim JH
375 - 378 Formation of nonlinear waveguide components based-on nanoimprint technology
Che YL, Sugihara O, Shibata S, Fujimura H, Okamoto N, Egami C
379 - 382 Microscopic patterning on the polysilane films by the laser induced grating technique
Okamoto K, Tojo T, Tada H, Terazima M, Matsusige K
383 - 386 The development of polyacrylate and the fabrication of optical waveguides
Akizuki T, Shirai H, Yasue K, Sugihara O
387 - 390 Synthesis and luminescent properties of novel silicon-based electroluminescent copolymers with ruthenium(II)-chelated complexes
Baea NS, Kim HK, Hwang GT, Kim BH
391 - 394 Synthesis of novel discotic mesogen containing electron-transportable oxadiazole moiety
Kim BG, Kim S, Park SY
395 - 398 Electrical properties and surface structure of polyurethane monolayers
Shin HK, Seo JY, Jeong H, Lee BJ, Kwon YS
399 - 402 Electrically conducting polymer blends with thermally processable polyaniline
Choi DU, Song K, Kim YC, Park YH, Lee JY
403 - 406 Pentacene thin film transistor using organic material as a gate insulator
Kim OB, Kim YM, Kim YK, Kim JS
XIII - XIV Proceedings of the Korea-Japan Joint Forum 2000 Organic Materials for Electronics and Photonics - Kyoto, Japan October 4-6, 2000 - Guest editor's preface
Yase K