Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.368 Entire volume, number list
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3769 - 3776 LC vision: The new application to silicon surface defects testing
Tomilin MG, Kerpeleva SY, Terukov EI
3777 - 3783 Effects of pulsed electric fields on a nematic device with a ferroelectric ceramic substrate
Roy SS, Gleeson HF, Whatmore RW, Shaw CP, Zhang Q
3785 - 3792 Tunable liquid crystal fiber-optic polarizer and related elements
Jaroszewicz LR, Klosowicz SJ, Czuprynski K, Kiezun A, Nowinowski-Kruszelnicki E, Niedziela T
3793 - 3804 Numerical simulation of optical parameters of LCD with dichroic nematic liquid crystal
Olifierczuk M, Zielinski J
3805 - 3811 Analysis on Fabry-Perot interferometer using cholesteric liquid crystal
Iijima A, Tanaka Y, Kurokawa T
3813 - 3820 Effect of axial symmetry on the polarization dependence of a liquid crystal Fabry-Perot tunable filter
Kim HR, Lee JH, Lee SD
3821 - 3828 Helically aligned holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal (HPDLC)
Date M, Hisaki T, Takeuchi Y
3829 - 3836 Dependence of viewing characteristics on polarization of scattered light from PDLC illuminated by planar light guide
Nakadaira A, Date M, Koshiishi Y, Tanaka H, Uehira K
3837 - 3844 Electro-optical, spectroscopical, and calorimetric investigations of electron beam- and ultraviolet- cured polymer dispersed liquid crystal materials
Gyselinck F, Maschke U, Traisnel A, Roussel F, Buisine JM, Coqueret X
3845 - 3853 Fabrication of reflective holographic PDLC for blue
Kim BK, Cho YH
3855 - 3864 Optimization of holographic PDLC for green
Kim BK, Jeon YC, Yoon CO, Kim KJ, Cho YH
3865 - 3872 Comparison of the electrooptical properties of asymmetrical liquid-crystal microlenses
Gvozdarev A, Nevskaya G
3873 - 3880 Nematic deformation in homeotropically-aligned liquid crystal microlens and its optical properties
Gvozdarev A, Yudin I, Nevskaya G
3881 - 3888 Dynamic behaviors of directors in a liquid crystal microlens
Ye M, Sato S
3889 - 3896 Electro-optical properties of cellulose based PDLC type cells: Dependence on the type of diisocyanate cross-linking agent used
Almeida PL, Godinho MH, Cidade MT, Figueirinhas JL
3897 - 3904 Electrooptical properties of three-component compositions "liquid crystal-aerosil-photopolymer"
Kovalchuk AV, Zakrevska SS, Yaroshchuk OV, Maschke U
3905 - 3912 Transparency of anisotropic films made by polymerization of UV-curable liquid crystals
Kawamura J, Hasebe H, Obi N, Shimizu Y
3913 - 3923 Observations on ionic contamination in AFLC mixtures
Zhang H, Pauwels H, Parghi DD, Heppke G
3925 - 3933 Modelling switching and optics in ferroelectric liquid crystal microdisplays
Said SM, Kriezis EE, Elston SJ
3935 - 3942 Optical properties of colloid liquid crystal composites
Nakamura H, Meeker SP, Taira Y, Poon WCK, Crain J
3943 - 3950 Optimization of morphology of reflector for reflective LCDS
Kim JC, Park WS, Kim HC, Lee G, Han KY, Yoon TH
3951 - 3958 Liquid crystals applications to RF and microwave tunable components
Splingart B, Tentillier N, Huret F, Legrand C
3959 - 3964 Polarizerless nanomaterial doped guest-host LCD exhibiting high luminance and good legibility
Suzuki M, Furue H, Kobayashi S
3965 - 3973 Reflection effect of linear polarizer on reflective LCDs
Uwano T, Seino K, Seki H, Uchida T
3975 - 3982 Low voltage light modulator based on FLC layer divided by polymer walls
Smorgon SL, Barannik AV, Zyryanov VY, Pozhidaev EP, Andreev AL, Kompanets IN, Ganzke D, Haase W
3983 - 3990 High contrast light modulator based on PDNLC monolayer
Zyryanov VY, Presnyakov VV, Serebrennikov AN, Shabanov AV, Loiko VA, Konkolovich AV
3991 - 3997 Field sequential fullcolor LCDs using FLC technology
Shikada M, Furue H, Takahashi T, Kobayashi S
3999 - 4006 Molecular orientation effects in the LC cell utilizing the nonuniform electric field by the extra controlling electrode
Nose T, Yamada Y, Sato S
4007 - 4011 An advanced active optical pickup with crossed-stripe liquid crystal device for compensation of spherical aberration
Yoshikawa H, Hasegawa SY, Uchida T
4013 - 4022 Molecular imprinting in polymer stabilized liquid crystals
Micaller MCA, Domingo ZB, Cada LG
4023 - 4030 Electrically tunable optical filter for visible wavelength using a liquid crystal multiplexed to a Fabry-Perot etalon
Blanca CM, Gutierrez RC, Domingo ZB
4031 - 4038 Field sequential LCD using Organic EL backlighting
Ogawa N, Uchida T, Miyashita T, Kosugi M
4039 - 4046 Electroluminescent liquid crystals
Contoret A, Eastwood A, Farrar S, Kelly SM, Nicholls E, O'Neill M, Richards G, Wu C
4047 - 4060 The synthesis and characterisation of novel thienyl-pyrimidine liquid crystalline materials
Wilson P, Lacey D, Sharma S, Worthington B
4061 - 4070 Enhanced phase-matched second-harmonic generation in a ferroelectric liquid crystal waveguide
Fazio VSU, Zauls V, Schrader S, Busson P, Hult A, Lagerwall ST, Motschmann H
4071 - 4078 Probe of molecular ordering in photoconductive smectic mesophases by transient photocurrent measurement
Funahashi M, Hanna JI
4079 - 4086 Photoconductive properties of a mesogenic long-chain tetraphenylporphyrin oxovanadium(IV) complex in a symmetrical sandwich-type ITO cell
Monobe H, Mima S, Miyagawa Y, Sugino T, Uchida K, Shimizu Y
4087 - 4093 High sensitive and efficient holographic grating generation in functionalized polymer-dissolved liquid crystal composites
Ono H, Kawamura T, Norisada H, Kawatsuki N
4095 - 4102 Holographic storage in photoresponsive crosslinked polymer-liquid crystals composites
Yoshimoto N, Morino S, Kaiho A, Ichimura K
4103 - 4111 Formation of grating by means of photoinduced alignment change of polymer liquid crystals with azobenzene moieties
Yoneyama S, Tsutsumi O, Kanazawa A, Shiono T, Ikeda T
4113 - 4118 Enhancement of photorefractive effect in the isotropic phase of liquid crystalline polymers
Sasaki T, Tachibana K, Ono K, Shimada T, Kudo M, Katsuragi A, Furuta T
4119 - 4126 Temperature tuning of optical stop band of liquid-crystal infiltrated synthetic opal
Shimoda Y, Nakayama K, Ozaki M, Yoshino K
4127 - 4135 A brief report on photonic crystals and calculations using the mechanism of strong localization of light
Johri GK, Johri M, Tiwari A, Sharma R, Yoshino K
4137 - 4144 Photoinduced reorientation of liquid crystals doped with a mesogenic oligothiophene
Zhang HC, Shiino S, Tsutsumi O, Kanazawa A, Shiono T, Ikeda T
4145 - 4154 Transient characteristics of photothermal self-phase modulation in guest host liquid crystals
Ono H, Kikuhara J
4155 - 4161 Electro-optic properties of nematic liquid crystal aligned by photo-oriented films
Umanskii BA, Dorojkina GN, Novoseletskii NV, Torgova SI
4163 - 4170 Surface versus bulk anisotropy of photo-sensitive poly(vinyl cinnamate) alignmet layers
Klopcar N, Drevensek-Olenik I, Copic M, Kim MW, Rastegar A, Rasing T
4171 - 4178 One beam controllable grating in a liquid crystal cell with an azo polymer surface
Baac H, Park JH, Lee JH, Lee SD, Kang SH, Choi DH
4179 - 4190 Rapid photochemical control of phase structure of polymer liquid crystals with hydroxyazobenzene as a photosensitive chromophore
Tsutsumi O, Ikeda T
4191 - 4198 Alignment of photo-cross-linkable copolymer liquid crystals induced by linearly polarized UV irradiation and thermal treatment
Kawatsuki N, Hayashi M, Yamamoto T
4199 - 4211 Fabrication of optically designed multidomain layer structure using azo-dye-doped ferroelectric liquid crystal having N*-C* phase sequence
Matsui T, Nakayama K, Ozaki M, Yoshino K
4213 - 4220 A study on wide viewing angle and fast response time characteristics for the novel VA mode
Hwang JY, Seo DS
4221 - 4228 Cyclobutane ring cleavage of CBDA-ODA polyimide molecules induced by linearly polarized UV light
Usami K, Sakamoto K, Ushioda S
4229 - 4236 Bulk and surface investigation of photooriented polymer films
Strehmel V, Ziegler A, Rutloh M, Jung C, Stumpe J, Ruhmann R, Kostromin S, Wuhn M, Niklewski A, Reiss S, Woll C
4237 - 4249 Evaluation of pretilt angle and polar anchoring strength of amorphous alignment liquid crystal display from capacitance versus applied voltage measurement
Toko Y, Akahane T
4251 - 4259 Investigation of liquid crystal alignment on the photo-alignment material PM4Ch surfaces
Hwang JY, Seo DS, Suh DH
4261 - 4269 Investigation of liquid crystal aligning capabilities using a new photoalignment method on the photopolymer surfaces
Hwang JY, Kim HK, Seo DS, Suh DH
4271 - 4276 New photoreactive polymers containing short side chains as orientation layer materials: Effect of side chain lengths on the alignment of liquid-crystals
Ree M, Lee SW, Kim JH
4277 - 4284 A new class of photoreactive polymers for liquid-crystal displays: Synthesis and properties
Lee SW, Ree M
4285 - 4292 Surface-assisted orientational control of discotic liquid crystals by light
Furumi S, Janietz D, Kidowaki M, Nakagawa M, Morino SY, Stumpe J, Ichimura K
4293 - 4301 Photoalignment control of liquid crystals on photo-cross-linkable methacrylate copolymer films comprising 4-(4'-methoxycinnamoyloxy)biphenyl side-group
Kawatsuki N, Kawakami T, Yamamoto T
4303 - 4310 Uniform planar alignment of nematics on photo-oriented linear polysilane
Fukuda K, Seki T, Ichimura K, Komitov L
4311 - 4317 Naphthalene containing polymers as new photoaligning materials for LCs
Syromyatnikov VG, Vretik LO, Yaroshchuk OV, Zakrevskyy YA, Kim TM, Jo JH, Kim JY, Kim SH
4319 - 4326 Development of personal UV biodosimeter based on vitamin D photosynthesis
Terenetskaya I, Gvozdovsky I
4327 - 4332 A rodlike polymer with various side chain lengths and its ability to align liquid-crystals
Lee SW, Kim SI, Park YH, Ree M, Lee KH, Jung JC
4333 - 4339 The relationship between pretilt angle of liquid crystal and optical anisotropy of alignment film
Hirosawa I, Miyairi H, Matsushita T, Saito S
4341 - 4348 Fabrication of the alignment layer with cavities by using two dimensional template of polystyrene latex array
Kim MH, Kang WS, Kim JD
4349 - 4356 On the possibility of controlling the surface alignment properties of liquid crystal using the amount of frictional work generated during rubbing
Ning C, Akihiro S, Akihiro I, Koji K
4357 - 4365 Molecular alignment of liquid crystal on microgroove surface
Ishiyama M, Tanaka T, Sato M, Seki H, Uchida T
4367 - 4379 Flow-controlled alignment of smectic liquid crystal by "grooves" and "ribs"
Iguchi M, Higuchi A, Suzuki K, Minato T
4381 - 4392 Effects of the anthraquinone dye on the electro-optical properties of dye guest-host polymer dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystal
Lin HR, Lyuu JF, Lee JY
4393 - 4400 Ions influence on electrooptical characteristics of NLC
Tsvetkov VA, Tsvetkov OV
4401 - 4409 Effect of a cleaning treatment on the orientational distribution of polyimide backbone structures in rubbed films and on the pretilt angle of liquid crystals
Arafune R, Sakamoto K, Ushioda S
4411 - 4418 Asymmetrical properties of reflective LCD's
De Vleeschouwer H, Bougrioua F, Van Asselt R, Verschueren A, Vermael S, Pauwels H
4419 - 4427 Polymer dispersed liquid crystal films prepared by electron beam curing: Influence of the nature of the polymer precursor
Gyselinck F, Mechernene L, Maschke U, Traisnel A, Coqueret X
4429 - 4437 Effects of perfluoration of epoxy-amine polymer matrices on the electro-optical performance of polymer dispersed liquid crystal films
Sannier L, Siddiqi HM, Dumon M, Gyselinck F, Maschke U
4439 - 4446 The synthesis and characterisation of nematic NLO polymer networks
Bergmann G, Ellis C, Hindmarsh P, Kelly SM, O'Neill M
4447 - 4453 Homeotropic and homogeneous hybrid alignment layer for wide viewing angle LCDs
Cho YJ, Lee SD, Rhee HW
4455 - 4464 Induced mesophases in binary systems of non-mesogens where one of the component is 1,2,4 trisubstituted benzene derivatives
Mahajan R, Nandedkar H, Vora A, Patel P
4465 - 4475 Liquid crystals posessing 1,2,4-trisubstituted benzene derivatives
Mahajan R, Nandedkar H, Daniel S