Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.367 Entire volume, number list
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2789 - 2798 A universal behavior for the ratio between the Miesowicz's coefficients for rigid calamitic molecules of nematic liquid crystals
Simoes M, Domiciano SM
2799 - 2805 Electric-field-induced orientation of polar organic microcrystals with different crystal sizes dispersed in liquid as a novel optical devices
Okazoe S, Fujita S, Kasai H, Okada S, Oikawa H, Nakanishi H
2807 - 2811 Relaxation of nematic oriented by magnetic and electric fields: Acoustical investigation
Pasechnik SV, Neronov NA
2813 - 2823 Dynamical properties of flexo electric effect in CCH nematic liquid crystal
Mieda Y, Maruyama N
2825 - 2831 Alignment and dynamics of SiO2 particles in liquid crystal under applied electric field
Matsui T, Lee SB, Nakayama K, Ozaki M, Yoshino K
2833 - 2840 Influence of the ion mobility on the exact location of the regime bump in NLCDs
Bougrioua F, De Vleeschouwer H, Vermael S, Neyts K, Pauwels H
2841 - 2848 Determination of orientatinal order parameters of 4-alkyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl monolayers at the air-water interface by Maxwell-displacement-current and second harmonic generation measurements
Tojima A, Matsuo Y, Hiyoshi R, Wu CX, Majima Y, Iwamoto M
2849 - 2857 Periodic patterns at the neighborhoods of the Freedericksz threshold
Simoes M, Palangana AJ
2859 - 2866 Electric and magnetic field effects on director pattern and disclinations in nematics
Balakrishnan R, Kale RK, Krishnamurthy KS
2867 - 2877 Kinetics of nematic ordering in a model porous medium
Enomoto Y, Iwata S
2879 - 2887 Light-induced threshold instability of nematic director in cylindrical waveguide
Lednei M, Pinkevich I
2889 - 2900 Influence of stabilizing magnetic field on the domain formation in nematic liquid crystal materials with positive dielectric anisotropy
Kishore PR
2901 - 2911 Suppression of electroconvection by Couette shear in freely suspended smectic C* films
Langer C, Daya ZA, Morris SW, Stannarius R
2913 - 2920 Formation and behavior of monolayers of 3,3'- and 4,4'-disubstituted azobenzenes on a water surface
Matsuzawa Y, Ruslim C, Komitov L, Ichimura K
2921 - 2929 New criterion on cancer detection based on NLC orientation
Tomilin MG, Povzun SA, Gribanova EV, Efimova TA
2931 - 2938 Ellipsometry studies of 3D orientational structures in thin liquid crystal layers
Yaroshchuk O, Sergan T, Kelly J
2939 - 2946 Controlling surface alignment on nanoscopically tailored competing domains
Kim JH, Yoneya M, Yamamoto J, Yokoyama H
2947 - 2954 Studies on UV-photoinduced surface anisotropy of polyimide films by NEXAFS spectroscopy
Matsuie N, Oji H, Ito E, Ishii H, Ouchi Y, Seki K, Hasegawa M
2955 - 2962 Formation of 2-D chiral monolayers from chiral mesogens studied with molecular dynamics simulations
Yoneya M, Yokoyama H
2963 - 2970 One-dimensional structures in ferrocholesteric film with weak homeotropic anchoring on the layer boundaries
Shavkunov VS, Zakhlevnykh AN
2971 - 2978 On the surface stabilized smectic phase at very thin system
Yamashita M, Miyazaki T
2979 - 2986 Simulation studies of Langmuir monolayers
Aoki KM, Tabe Y, Yokoyama H
2987 - 2997 Inhomogeneous translational diffusion in polymer-dispersed liquid crystals: Monte Carlo simulations of NMR spectra
Chiccoli C, Pasini P, Skacej G, Zannoni C, Zumer S
2999 - 3006 Liquid crystalline surface tension and radius dependence of the internal pressure in liquid crystalline bubbles and droplets
Papenfuss C
3007 - 3017 Light-induced Frederiks transition threshold in nematic cell with an arbitrary inhomogeneity of the director anchoring energy
Lednei M, Pinkevich I
3019 - 3025 Analysis of voltage-controlled-twist effect using a generalized two-constant anchoring energy
Zhao W, Wu CX, Iwamoto M
3027 - 3038 Tensor and complex representations of anchoring in liquid crystals
Shiyanovskii SV, Glushchenko A, Reznikov Y, Lavrentovich OD, West JL
3039 - 3046 Studies of the anchoring energy of nematics on grooved surfaces
Konovalov VA, Muravski AA, Pelzl J
3047 - 3054 Liquid crystal 8CB/deutered polystyrene: Investigations by small angle neutron scattering
Maschke U, Gogibus N, Noirez L, Ewen B, Wagner T, Benmouna M
3055 - 3063 Evolution of electro-optical properties of polymer dispersed liquid crystal materials during processing
Sannier L, Siddiqi HM, Dumon M, Gyselinck F, Maschke U
3065 - 3074 New PDLC-films doped by black dye
Dorozhkina GN, Prudnikova EK, Torgova SI, Umanskii BA, Novoseletskii NV, Strigazzi A
3075 - 3083 Influence of mechanical deformation on electrooptical properties of polymer dispersed liquid crystal films
Aristov VL, Mitrokhin MV, Sevostyanov VP
3085 - 3092 New PDLC thermosensitive systems in teaching physics
Klosowicz SJ, Czuprynski KL, Pranga M
3093 - 3100 Polymer-dispersed antiferroelectric liquid crystals
Klosowicz SJ, Czuprynski KL, Piecek W
3101 - 3109 Morphological and electro-optical properties of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals cured by high intensity laser radiation
Lucchetta DE, Francescangeli O, Lucchetti L, Gobbi L, Simoni F
3111 - 3119 Thermophysical properties in phenyletheracrylate liquid crystal mixtures: Effects of photoinitiator concentration
Roussel F, Delorrier C, Maschke U, Buisine JM
3121 - 3128 Dynamics of librational mode of nematic liquid crystal confined in cylindrical pores
Nazario Z, Sinha G, Aliev F
3129 - 3139 Liquid crystal wetting in cylindrical pores
Liu XW, Finotello D
3141 - 3148 Conformational and alignment behavior of polysilane film mixed with liquid crystal molecule
Nagano S, Seki T, Kunihiro I
3149 - 3156 Dynamic behavior of a hydrogen-bonded liquid crystal induced by the orienting film with a large dipole moment
Machida S, Urano TI, Sano K, Kato T
3157 - 3165 Chiral additive effects on electrooptical response and droplet structure in uniaxially oriented films of polymer dispersed nematic
Presnyakov V, Shabanov V, Zyryanov V, Komitov L
3167 - 3174 Tortional torque effects of twisted nematic bulk on the polymer surface alignment
Yamaguchi R, Sato S
3175 - 3182 Electrooptical response in free standing films of ferroelectric liquid crystals
Tazawa T, Kimura Y, Hayakawa R
3183 - 3197 2-dimensional elastic constant in asymmetric films of tilted smectics
Najjar R, Galerne Y
3199 - 3206 Anticlinic surfaces in freely suspended smectic films stabilized by electrostatic interactions
Rovsek B, Cepic M, Zeks B
3207 - 3214 Optical properties of hybrid aligned short pitch cholesterics
Kozachenko AG, Valyukh SI
3215 - 3222 Hydration forces between phospholipid bilayers at subzero temperatures
Takahashi H, Quinn PJ
3223 - 3231 An examination of the drug transport properties of liquid crystal embedded membranes
Watson SJ, Gleeson HF, D'Emanuele A
3233 - 3241 Simple shear flows of suspensions of Brownian ellipsoids interacting via the Gay-Berne potential
Mori N, Semura R, Nakamura K
3243 - 3249 Spinodal decompositions driven by orientation fluctuations
Matsuyama A, Evans RML, Cates ME
3251 - 3262 Structure of filled liquid crystals studied by acoustic methods
Sperkach VS, Glushchenko AV, Yaroshchuk OV
3263 - 3273 Two-dimensional liquid crystal dispersions in free standing films of tilted smectics
Najjar R, Galerne Y
3275 - 3283 Formation of liquid-crystal-like DNA aggregate under biological condition: Phase diagram, morphology, and biological implication
Kuramochi H, Yonezawa Y
3285 - 3296 Amphotropic properties of cyclic scyllitol hexaesters [1]
Usol'tseva N, Praefcke K, Smirnova A, Kohne B
3297 - 3304 Induction of mesomorphic properties in non-mesogenic octa(decyloxy)phthalocyanines
Usol'tseva N, Bykova V, Kudrik E, Shaposhnikov G, Smirnova A, Ananjeva G, Nikolaev I
3305 - 3315 Structures and properties of induced lyotropic cholesteric phases
Dorfler HD, Gopfert A, Gorgens C
3317 - 3324 Chirality in discotic lyomesophases
Sawade H, Olenik ID, Kruerke D, Heppke G
3325 - 3332 Cluster formation of colloids in nematics
Aoki KM, Lev BI, Yokoyama H
3333 - 3341 Lyo-mesophases from self-assembled disk-shaped molecules
Sonpatki M, Chien LC
3343 - 3351 Mesomorphic phases in the mixtures of the two non-mesogenic compounds
Nagappa, Mahadeva J, Rai KML, Sathyanarayana CH, Nagaraj P
3353 - 3360 Dynamic light scattering in pretransitional region of the I -> Ch phase transition of deoxyguanosine 5'-monophosphate
Spindler L, Olenik ID, Copic M, Mariani P
3361 - 3371 Colloidal associates in the p-octylphenol/NaOH/water system and their catalytic properties at the phosphorus acid decomposition
Bakeeva R, Kosacheva E, Bilalov A, Kudryavtseva L, Barabanov W, Sopin V
3373 - 3384 Micellar, liquid crystalline and polymer systems based on surfactant and polyethylene imine as nanoreactors for the transfer of phosphoryl group
Bakeeva R, Kudryavtsev D, Zakharova L, Kudryavtseva L, Raevska A, Sopin V
3385 - 3392 Study of phase transitions in liquid crystal systems of polysaccharides and their derivatives
Loshadkin DV, Khanchich OA
3393 - 3402 Conformational analysis of nonionic surfactants by FT-Raman spectroscopy measurements
Mihara T, Koide N
3403 - 3408 The synthesis and investigation of the liquid-crystalline phase behaviour of a series of N,N-bis(1-deoxy-D-mannitol-1-yl)-alkamides
Ewing DF, Letellier P, Mackenzie G, Mehl GH, Goodby JW
3409 - 3418 Comparative study of mixed monolayers of a calixarene with a fatty acid and a non-amphiphilic nematic liquid crystal
Nannelli F, Fazio VSU, Matsuzawa Y, Komitov L, Ichimura K
3419 - 3428 Elongation of ganglioside (GD(1a)) micellar structure depending on cholesterol content
Hayakawa T, Hirai M
3429 - 3438 Compact permanent magnetic circuit with periodic magnetic field designed for studies of liquid crystals
Hirai M, Mitsuya S, Iwase H, Hayakawa T, Aoyama Y, Ohashi K, Sano Y
3439 - 3448 Comparison of response of biological supermacromolecules to magnetic field depending on surface structure
Hirai M, Mitsuya S, Sano Y
3449 - 3457 Small-angle X-ray scattering study of ganglioside/dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine mixture
Iwase H, Hirai M
3459 - 3467 A new measurement method for ion density in TFT LCD panels
Sasaki N
3469 - 3477 Determination of the birefringence, the twist angle and the thickness of the nematic liquid crystal sample by renormalized transmission ellipsometry
Kimura M, Okutani S, Churiki T, Akahane T, Toriumi H, Tadokoro T
3479 - 3488 Analysis of electrical response of nematic liquid crystal by ellipsometry
Okutani S, Kimura M, Akahane T, Toriumi H, Tadokoro T, Akao K
3489 - 3497 The influence of liquid crystal ordering on reversible radical dissociation
Vorotnikov AP, Umanskii BA, Davydov EY, Pustoshnyi VP, Aliev II
3499 - 3505 Experimental study of dielectric relaxation in 4-cyano-4-n-hexyl biphenyl nematic liquid crystal
Johri GK, Johri M, Roberts JA, Yoshino K
3507 - 3514 Noise and dielectric measurements on an antiferroelectric liquid crystal
Leroy G, Douali R, Gest J, Legrand C, Tabourier P, Nguyen HT
3515 - 3522 Nonlinear optical response of nematic liquid crystal on varying pressure difference in the presence of electric field
Pasechnik SV, Torchinckaya AV, Schustrov BA, Jurmanova TN
3523 - 3532 Wide-viewing observation and high-spatial resolution characterization of rubbed polyimide film for liquid crystal display
Tanooka D, Itoh S, Hirosawa I
3533 - 3540 Observation of an optical anisotropy of rubbed polyimide film on actual LCD panel
Itoh S, Hirosawa I
3541 - 3549 Method to reveal spectral lines with the help of a guest-host LC cell
Navumenka VI, Liavonava IH
3551 - 3558 Measurements of cell parameters in reflective liquid crystal cells by using a Stokes Parameter Method
Kawamura M, Okamoto A, Sato S
3559 - 3566 Evaluation of cell parameters of TN liquid crystal cells by using a Stokes Parameter Method
Okabe M, Kaneko M, Maehara T, Togashi Y, Sato S
3567 - 3572 Fine structure of micro-groove for the display system ruled by ruling engine
Sato M, Tanaka T, Nakamura I, Seki H, Ishiyama M
3573 - 3580 Evaluation of reverse twist stability in an IPS mode
Satake T, Kurata T
3581 - 3587 A novel vertical alignment display
Choi KH, Hong SH, Kim HY, Koh JW, Lee SH
3589 - 3596 Vertically-aligned liquid crystal display with axial symmetry using surface relief gratings on polymer
Park JH, Lee JH, Lee SD
3597 - 3604 Characterization of a homeotropic 4-domain liquid crystal cell which uses oblique electric field
Suzuki M, Ishii T, Suzuki T
3605 - 3612 Modulated microdomain switching of nematic liquid crystals
Takematsu T, Okada H, Onnagawa H
3613 - 3620 Switching characteristics of hybrid aligned ferroelectric liquid crystals under horizontal electric field
Takata M, Okada H, Onnagawa H
3621 - 3635 Application of an interlaced scan driving method to TFT-LCD
Terazawa T, Matsukawa F
3637 - 3651 Optical parameters of an optimized TN display for large-area application
Zielinski J, Olifierczuk M
3653 - 3658 LCD backlighting systems with a high luminance and a good uniformity
Jung IY, Park WS
3659 - 3668 Improvement of the electro-optical properties of film-type low twisted nematic liquid crystal displays
Jung SM, Park WS