Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.366 Entire volume, number list
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1853 - 1867 Relaxation processes in isotropic phase of cholesteryl myristate
Sabirov L, Lerman V, Turakulov Y, Semenov D
1869 - 1878 Raman studies of orientational ordering in a re-entrant nematic mixture 80CB-60CB
Yakovenko SY, Minko AA, Pelzl J
1879 - 1888 Studies of antiferroelectric molecular ordering in a re-entrant nematic mixture
Yakovenko SY, Pelzl J
1889 - 1894 NMR study of the local molecular dynamics in the isotropic phase of a thermotropic liquid crystal
Chavez FV, Bonetto F, Pusiol DJ
1895 - 1898 NMR spin-lattice relaxation study in the nematic phase of butylcyano-phenylcyclohexane
Acosta RH, Pusiol DJ
1899 - 1912 Smectic-F/G to isotropic liquid phase transition in nO.m homologues
Nadh MJ, Rao CGR, Srinivasulu M, Pisipati VGKM
1913 - 1920 Sm A-Sm C tricritical point in TBBA and TBDA mixtures
Alapati PR, Arulsankar A, Gogoi B, Ghosh TK, Nagappa
1921 - 1929 Investigation of rare phase transitions by density measurements
Gogoi B, Arulsankar A, Alapati PR
1931 - 1942 Thermodynamic study of binary mixtures of liquid crystals cholesteryl myristate and dodecyloxybenzoic acid
Srivastava SL, Dhar R
1943 - 1952 Rheological properties of liquid crystal 4-pentyl 4'-cyanobiphenil
Sperkach YV, Sperkach VS, Aliokhin OD, Strybulevych AL, Masuko M
1953 - 1958 Phase diagram of binary mixture TM74A : E48 liquid crystals
Delica S, Estonactoc M, Micaller MC, Cada L, Domingo Z
1959 - 1968 An analysis of photo-polymerization induced phase separation process in liquid crystal/polymer composite films
Fujisawa T, Hayasi M, Nakada H, Tani Y, Aizawa M
1969 - 1976 Simulation studies of crystal-smectic transition
Aoki KM, Yokoyama H
1977 - 1994 Mechanical rotor-bearing model for liquid crystal systems
Xu J, Onnagawa H, Toriyama K, Okada O, Sugimori S
1995 - 2001 Direct observation of the orientational fluctuations in a nematic liquid crystal with a high-speed camera
Orihara H, Sakai A, Nagaya T
2003 - 2008 Frank elasticity revisited: Contribution of rotational entropy
Fukuda JI, Yokoyama H
2009 - 2016 Bend and splay elastic constants and diamagnetic susceptibility anisotropies of four mesogenic cyclohexane carboxylates
Pradhan NK, Paul R
2017 - 2023 Nematic liquid crystals under decay pouseuille flow: New possibilities for measurement of shear viscosity
Pasechnik SV, Tsvetkov VA, Torchinskaya AV, Karandashov DO
2025 - 2033 Evaluation of elastic properties in nematic liquid crystal using elastic wave propagation
Inoue M, Moritake H, Yoshino K, Toda K
2035 - 2054 Temperature dependence of acoustical relaxation times involving the vicinity of N-I phase transition point in 5CB liquid crystal
Sperkach YV, Sperkach VS, Aliokhin O, Strybulevych AL, Masuko M
2055 - 2062 Orientational elastisity of 4,4'-bis-[omega-(4-cyanobiphenyl-4'-yloxy)alkyloxy]biphenyls nematics
Tsvetkov NV, Zuev VV, Andreeva LN, Kurakina VO, Ksenofontov IV
2063 - 2072 Calorimetric and dielectric studies of relaxation accompanying a glass transition in the right-handed isopentylcyanobiphenyl (5*CB)
Mayer J, Massalska-Arodz M, Krawczyk J
2073 - 2080 Dielectric relaxation studies of 4-N-butyl-4'-thiocyanobiphenyl (4TCB)
Massalska-Arodz M, Schmalfuss H, Witko W, Kresse H, Wuerflinger A
2081 - 2090 Orientational order parameter as a function of temperature of cyanocyclohexyl cyclohexanes
Bhowmick K, Mukhopadhyay A, Mukherjee CD
2091 - 2098 Variation of the entropy of the transition in nematic mixtures
Jagadish NKN, Mahadeva J, Naveenkumar SK, Somashekar R
2099 - 2106 Thermal, optical and electro-optical properties of a cholesteric side-chain polymer with a siloxane backbone
Singh U, Hunte C
2107 - 2114 The electronic absorption spectra and molecular aggregate formation in vacuum deposited films of mesogenic cyanobiphenyls and their solutions
Shabatina TI, Vovk EV, Kovalevskaya NV, Sergeev GB
2115 - 2122 Perylene-based fluorescent liquid crystal dye guest-host mixtures
De Hondt P, Perkins SP, Coles HJ
2123 - 2134 Dielectric relaxation modes in ferroelectric liquid crystal mixtures
Ahuja JK, Gathania AK, Raina KK
2135 - 2145 Polarization measurement in nematic liquid crystal based on the pyroelectric response to laser irradiation
Ohoka H, Ozaki M, Blinov LM, Barnik MI, Shtykov NM, Yoshino K
2147 - 2155 Nonlinear dielectric relaxation spectra of mesogenic molecules in benzene solutions
Kedziora P, Jadzyn J, Hellemans L
2157 - 2164 Dielectric anisotropy of nematic 4-pentil-4'-cyanobiphenyl
Belyaev BA, Drokin NA, Shabanov VF, Shepov VN
2165 - 2172 Dielectric relaxation of nematic liquid crystals with different molecular shapes
Sato H, Sawada A, Manabe A, Naemura S
2173 - 2177 Temperature and pressure studies of the isotropic - Mesophase transition discontinuity by static nonlinear dielectric effect
Drozd-Rzoska A, Rzoska SJ, Ziolo J, Czuprynski K
2179 - 2187 The novel 8x8 transfer matrix method of the LC optics simulations: Application to reflective LCDs
Yakovlev DA, Chigrinov VG, Kwok HS
2189 - 2210 Optical spatial solitons in liquid crystals
Srivatsa SK, Ranganath GS
2211 - 2219 Time of flight study on carrier generation and transport in discotic liquid crystal
Azumai R, Ozaki M, Nakayama H, Fujisawa T, Schmidt WF, Yoshino K
2221 - 2228 Electrical properties of domain boundary in photoconductive smectic mesophases and their crystal phases
Maeda H, Funahashi M, Hanna JI
2229 - 2237 Structural properties of hetero layer thin film composed of freely suspended and spin-coated liquid crystal films
Nakano K, Oue T, Ozaki M, Yoshino K
2239 - 2246 Analysis of the optical properties of a helicoidal liquid crystal in a general coupled mode formalism
Yoon TY, Lee SD
2247 - 2254 Polarization studies on stretched polymer dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystal films
Manaila-Maximean D, Hamplova V, Rosu C, Glogarova M, Klosowicz S, Bena R
2255 - 2264 Cylindrical, spherical and toroidal layering of smectic C liquid crystals
McKay G
2265 - 2272 High quality adaptive liquid crystal microlenses
Scharf T, Cottier K, Dandliker R
2273 - 2281 Bend elastic constant in ferroelectric free standing films of tilted smectics
Najjar R, Galerne Y
2283 - 2307 Thermal, ferroelectric and dielectric studies on two distinct structural isomers: A field induced transition in pseudo-nematic phase
Mohan MLNM, Kumar PA, Pisipati VGKM
2309 - 2323 Phase transition and pre transitional studies across isotropic - Smectic-F and G phases in N-(P-n-alkoxybenzylidene)p-n-tetradecyl anilines, (nO.14): A dilatometry study
Nadh MJ, Rao CGR, Srinivasulu M, Potukuchi DM, Pisipati VGKM
2325 - 2334 Spontaneous formation of two-dimensional self-assembled polar atomic layers with ferroelectric ordering of ion pairs in liquid-crystalline surfactant complexes
Kanazawa A, Ikeda T
2335 - 2342 Measurement of electrorheology effect of ferroelectric liquid crystal using a shear-horizontal wave delay line oscillator
Inoue M, Moritake H, Yoshino K, Toda K
2343 - 2356 Nonlinear second harmonic generation in chiral smectics for fundamental wave being at the edge of selective reflection band
Belyakov VA
2357 - 2369 Dielectric characterization of B-n phases
Kresse H, Schmalfuss H, Weissflog W, Tschierske C, Hauser A
2371 - 2375 Electrooptic effects of thick freely suspended ferroelectric liquid crystal film and cell
Matsumoto Y, Uto S, Ozaki M, Yoshino K
2377 - 2384 Relaxation modes in a ferroelectric liquid crystal under pressure
Uehara H, Hatano J
2385 - 2398 Quantitative and qualitative analysis of complex dielectric permittivity of the ferroelectric liquid crystal on the basis of the Nordio-Rigatti-Segre theory
Otowski W, Demus D
2399 - 2408 New ferroelectric liquid crystalline substances with lateral groups in the core
Bubnov A, Hamplova V, Kaspar M, Vanek P, Pociecha D, Glogarova M
2409 - 2416 Effect of azimuthal surface layer anchoring on field-induced layer reorientation in a short pitch ferroelectric liquid crystal
Kim WS, Park G, Lee SD
2417 - 2423 Ellipsometry of molecular reorientation in a freely suspended ferroelectric liquid crystal film
Uto S, Matsumoto Y, Ozaki M, Yoshino K
2425 - 2433 Molecular and collective processes in the antiferroelectric phase of a chlorinated compound
Makrenek M, Ganzke D, Haase W, Wrobel S, Dabrowski R
2435 - 2443 Phase behaviour and electrooptic properties of a new fluorinated MHPOBC analogue
Marzec M, Ganzke D, Haase W, Dabrowski R, Czuprynski K, Fafara A, Wrobel S
2445 - 2457 Electro-optic and dielectric properties of an antiferroelectric liquid crystal material
Kundu S, Roy SK, Dabrowski R, Ganzke D, Haase W
2459 - 2468 Determination of molecular parameters of the MHPB(H)PBC and MHPB(F)PBC antiferroelectric liquid crystals
Raszewski Z, Kedzierski J, Rutkowska J, Piecek W, Perkowski P, Czuprynski K, Dabrowski R, Drzewinski W, Zielinski J, Zmija J
2469 - 2480 Properties of system with induced SmCA* phase
Rutkowska J, Kedzierski J, Raszewski Z, Perkowski P, Dabrowski R, Czuprynski K, Gauza S
2481 - 2488 Stabilization of the SmC* phase in mixtures of ferroelectric and non-ferroelectric homologues
Novotna V, Glogarova M, Hamplova V, Kaspar M, Tsyganenkc O
2489 - 2496 Different dielectric behaviors in the S*(C alpha) phase: Confrontation between experimental results and theoretical predictions
Douali R, Legrand C, Nguyen HT
2497 - 2503 Nonlinear dielectric measurements in the smectic-A-smectic-C-alpha* phase transition
Murai H, Bourny V, Fajar A, Orihara H
2505 - 2512 Fluctuation-induced Kerr effect near the smectic-A-smectic-C-alpha* phase transition
Fajar A, Bourny V, Orihara H
2513 - 2523 Field driven helix unwinding in thick AFLC cells
Judge LA, Kriezis EE, Elston SJ
2525 - 2533 Dielectric and phase transition studies of 1MC1EPOPB ferroelectric liquid crystal
Johri GK, Srivastava K, Johri M, Ozaki M, Yoshino K
2535 - 2544 Investigations on the dynamic behaviour and threshold voltages of binary antiferroelectric liquid-crystalline mixtures
Futterer T, Parghi DD, D'Have K, Heppke G
2545 - 2553 Molecular chirality due to twisted conformation in a bent-shaped liquid crystal studied by polarized FT-IR spectroscopy
Zennyoji M, Takanishi Y, Ishikawa K, Thisayukta J, Watanabe J, Takezoe H
2555 - 2566 Optical transmission and polarization switching properties of a ferroelectric liquid crystal cell with a stable twisted state
Maeda M, Miyamori M, Suzuki I
2567 - 2576 Physical properties of some novel nematic bimesogens for the flexoelectric effect
Schott C, Perkins SP, Coles HJ
2577 - 2586 The flexoelectric behaviour of a hypertwisted chiral nematic liquid crystal
Noot C, Coles MJ, Musgrave B, Perkins SP, Coles HJ
2587 - 2594 Enhanced flexoelectric switching behaviour in the chiral nematic phase
Musgrave B, Coles MJ, Perkins SP, Coles HJ
2595 - 2602 V-shaped switching: Models and physical reasons
Haase W, Gorkunov M, Beresnev L, Pikin S
2603 - 2612 Photoisomerising effects in nitroazo ferroelectric dye guest host systems
Remnant AM, Perkins SP, Coles HJ
2613 - 2621 Photoisomerising effects in nitroazo flexoelectric dimeric nematic systems
Remnant AM, Perkins SP, Coles HJ
2623 - 2636 Kinetics of the transition between ferroelectric and antiferroelectric states in liquid-crystalline mixtures
Kuczynski W, Goc F, Dabrowski R
2637 - 2648 Alignment instability induced by irradiation of visible light in frustoelectric liquid crystalline cells showing the V-shaped switching
Seomun SS, Hayashi N, Kato T, Fukuda A, Vij JK
2649 - 2657 On the hysteresis-free response of antiferroelectric smectics -The case of mesophases with long period -
Tanaka S, Yamashita M
2659 - 2666 Light-induced pattern formation in nematic liquid crystals
Demeter G, Kramer L
2667 - 2676 Vertically suspended smectic films with in-plane temperature gradients
Birnstock J, Stannarius R
2677 - 2684 Performance of shorter periodical domain of nematic liquid crystal induced by elastic wave propagation
Moritake H, Sasaki Y, Inoue M, Toda K
2685 - 2692 New classification of chevrons in electroconvection in homeotropically-aligned nematics
Huh JH, Hidaka Y, Kai S
2693 - 2700 Drifting abnormal rolls in electroconvection of hybrid aligned nematic
Delev VA, Krekhov AP
2701 - 2708 Crossover between flexoelectric stripe patterns and electroconvection in hybrid aligned nematics
Delev VA, Krekhov AP, Kramer L
2709 - 2716 Phase separation in liquid crystal/gel composites: Role of network elasticity
Uchida N
2717 - 2722 Electric field-induced director orientation of smectic-A domains in an isotropic phase
Seike K, Todorokihara M, Yamada M, Naito H
2723 - 2730 Polymerization-induced phase separation of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal
Nakazawa H, Fujinami S, Motoyama M, Ohta T, Araki T, Tanaka H
2731 - 2736 On short surface waves in nematic liquid crystals
Golubiatnikov AN, Kalugin AG
2737 - 2744 Flexoelectric instability in nematic liquid crystal between coaxial cylinders
Kotov IV, Khazimullin MV, Krekhova AP
2745 - 2752 Morphological transformations during phase-separation/ordering phenomena
Aksimentiev A
2753 - 2760 Phase separation kinetics of main-chain liquid crystalline polymers
Fukuda JI
2761 - 2770 Computer simulation of the homeotropic to focal conic transition in cholesterics
Anderson JE, Watson P, Ernst T, Bos PJ
2771 - 2780 Distortions induced by a magnetic field in planar aligned samples of smectic-C liquid crystals
Stewart IW
2781 - 2788 Dynamical simulation of orientation texture evolution of a polymeric liquid crystal under simple shear flow
Han WH, Koh ST, Noh SG, Jeon JK, Cho JH