Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.364 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1058-725X (Print) 

In this Issue (95 articles)

1 - 13 Liquid crystal physics at the millennium
Lubensky TC
15 - 24 Can thermotropic biaxial nematics be made real?
Praefcke K
25 - 91 One century liquid crystal chemistry: from Vorlander's rods to disks, stars and dendrites
Demus D
93 - 100 Liquid crystalline carbosilane dendrimers with terminal phenyl benzoate mesogenic groups: Influence of generation number on phase behaviour
Ponomarenko SA, Agina EV, Boiko NI, Rebrov EA, Muzafarov AM, Richardson RM, Shibaev VP
XI - XI Proceedings of the 18th International Liquid Crystal Conference - ILCC2000 - Part I of V - Preface
Kobayashi S, Uchida T, Yokoyama H
101 - 110 Theory of electroconvection for the gourmet
Kramer L, Dressel B, Zhao H, Pesch W
111 - 122 Prewavy pattern: a director-modulation structure in nematic liquid crystals
Huh JH, Hidaka Y, Yusuf Y, Eber N, Toth-Katona T, Buka A, Kai S
123 - 131 Equilibrium size and textures of islands in free-standing smectic C* films
Meyer RB, Konovalov D, Kraus I, Lee JB
133 - 140 Langmuir monolayers and liquid crystals
Knobler CM
141 - 149 Supra optical nonlinearities of photosensitive nematic liquid crystals
Khoo IC, Shih MY, Shishido A
151 - 169 Liquid crystal displays and novel optical thin films enabled by photo-alignment
Schadt M
171 - 186 Investigation activity and data on safety of liquid crystal materials
Takatsu H, Ohnishi H, Kobayashi K, Becker W, Seki M, Tazume M, Nakajima T, Saito H, Simon-Hettich B, Naemura S
187 - 197 Photochemical modulation of refractive index by means of photosensitive liquid crystals
Ikeda T
199 - 210 Photo-alignment using adsorbed dichroic molecules
West JL, Su LL, Reznikov Y
211 - 218 The molecular structures and properties of anthraquinone-type dichroic dyes
Iwanaga H, Naito K, Nakai Y
219 - 224 Dendritic and multipodal liquid-crystalline materials based on organic-inorganic hybrid carbosilazane cores
Mehl GH, Elsasser R, Goodby JW, Veith M
225 - 234 A series of novel liquid crystalline polymers showing a nematic discotic and/or a nematic columnar phase
Kouwer PHJ, Gast J, Jager WF, Mijs WJ, Picken SJ
235 - 242 Effect of intermolecular axial interaction on columnar mesomorphism in long-chain metallotetraphenylporphyrins
Shimizu Y, Santiago J, Sugino T, Monobe H
243 - 251 Synthesis of new photochromic materials: Possible multiplexing devices?
Subramaniam G, Lehn JM
253 - 270 Optically active mesogenic dispiro[]heptane derivatives and their unusual physical properties
Miyazawa K, Demus D, De Meijere A
271 - 277 Isotropic cubic phase organized by chiral molecular recognition
Yoshizawa A, Ise N, Kusumoto T, Takanishi Y, Takezoe H, Hiyama T
279 - 288 1,3-propandiol bis (4-(4-alkyloxy-benzylideneamino)benzoates -A new series of mesogenic dimers
Weissflog W, Lischka C, Pelz K, Wirth I, Diele S, Pelzl G
289 - 294 The role of the smectic layer crossings in the rheology of side-chain liquid crystalline polymers
Noirez L
295 - 304 Photo-induced alignment of LC polymers by photoorientation and thermotropic self-organization
Rosenhauer R, Fischer T, Czapla S, Stumpe J, Vinuales A, Pinol M, Serrano JL
305 - 312 Elastic properties of liquid crystal elastomer balloons
Stannarius R, Schuring H, Tolksdorf C, Zentel R
313 - 322 Computer simulation of liquid crystalline molecular asymmetry and its link to molecular design
Neal MP, Parker AJ, Grayson M
323 - 334 Short pitch structures in smectics with interactions over more than two layers
Cepic M, Rovsek B, Zeks B
335 - 345 AC calorimetric investigations of heat anomaly in frustoelectric liquid crystals
Ema K, Yao H, Matsumoto T, Fukuda A
347 - 351 Phase behaviour of the discotic mesogen 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(4-N-dodecylphenyl) porphyrin under hydrostatic pressure
Maeda Y, Shimizu Y
353 - 360 Dielectric response of ferroelectric liquid crystals in helical and twisted planar samples
Glogarova M, Novotna V, Rychetsky I, Kaspar M, Hamplova V
361 - 371 The influence of polar surface anchoring on switching in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
Mottram NJ, Elston SJ
373 - 380 Linear and non-linear electro-optic studies of the smectic-A-smectic-C-alpha* phase transition
Bourny V, Orihara H, Fajar A
381 - 393 Droplets nucleation in smectic-C* free-standing films
Cluzeau P, Dolganov V, Poulin P, Joly G, Nguyen HT
395 - 401 Mesoscopic surface structures in dewetted films of liquid crystalline polymers
Karthaus O, Yabu H, Akagi K, Shimomura M
403 - 410 Pattern formation of two-dimensional smectic-A filaments
Todorokihara M, Seike K, Naito H, Zhong-Can OY
411 - 418 Viscoelastic dynamics of nematic liquid crystal in two-step switching field
Lee SW, Kim JJ
419 - 425 Temperature dependence of the buried glass-smectic liquid crystal interface
Hu Y, Martinez-Miranda LJ
427 - 434 Nonlinear optical studies of surface structures of rubbed polyimides and adsorbed liquid crystal monolayers
Oh-E M, Lvovsky AI, Wei X, Kim DS, Shen YR
435 - 442 Non-debye relaxation and glass-like behavior of confined liquid crystals
Aliev F, Sinha G
443 - 452 Casimir interactions and instability of thin nematic films
Sarlaha A, Ziherl P, Zumer S
453 - 460 Infrared photoinduced change of liquid crystal domains for a columnar mesophase
Monobe H, Awazu K, Shimizu Y
461 - 468 Phase transition temperatures of LCs using Fabry-Perot etalon
Gupta SJ, Gharde RA, Tripathi AR
469 - 478 Optical properties of diffusion-type cholesteric liquid crystalline polymer film
Shiozawa A, Nishimura S, Suzuki S, Komatsu S, Ookubo T, Kobori Y
479 - 490 Reflective liquid crystal display using a non-twist quarter-wave cell
Yoon TH, Lee GD, Kim JC
491 - 499 Mesogenic polymer-stabilized FLCDs exhibiting asymmetric and symmetric (V-Shape) electrooptic characteristics
Miyazaki Y, Furue H, Takahashi T, Shikada M, Kobayashi S
501 - 509 Novel electrical and optical properties of liquid crystals infiltrated in opal as photonic crystal
Yoshino K, Shimoda Y, Nakayama K, Tamura T, Matsui T, Kajii H, Ozaki M
511 - 518 Electroluminescent nematic polymer networks with polarised emission
Contoret A, Farrar S, Jackson P, Kelly SM, Khan S, Nicholls E, O'Neill M, Richards G
519 - 528 Alignment of liquid crystal by patterned isotropic surfaces
Lee BW, Sagong D
529 - 546 Liquid crystalline compounds with 2,2-disubstituted cyclopropane end groups in their side chains
Miyazawa K, De Meijere A
547 - 556 Liquid crystalline pyridine containing 1,2,4-oxadiazoles
Karamysheva LA, Agafonova IF, Torgova SI, Umanskii BA, Strigazzi A
557 - 565 New chiral ether derivatives of 2-arylidene-p-menthane-3-ones as components of induced ferroelectric systems
Pivnenko MN, Vashchenko VV, Krivoshey AI, Kutulya LA, Goodby JW
567 - 574 Crystal structure of an unsymmetrical dimeric liquid crystal with a wide temperature range chiral smectic A phase
Lokanath NK, Sridhar MA, Prasad JS, Yelamaggad CV, Rao DSS, Prasad SK
575 - 587 Synthesis and mesomorphic characterisation of chiral homologues
Dave JS, Menon MR, Patel PR
589 - 596 Self-organized ion-conductive liquid crystals: Lithium salt complexes of mesogenic dimer molecules exhibiting smectic A phases
Ohtake T, Kanie K, Yoshizawa M, Mukai T, Ito-Akita K, Ohno H, Kato T
597 - 603 Mesomorphic properties and hydrogen bonding formation of asymmetrical triphenylene discotic liquid crystals
Wan W, Monobe H, Sugino T, Tanaka Y, Shimizu Y
605 - 610 New mesogenes forming nanophase separated liquid crystalline structure - Cubic phase
Nishikawa E, Yamamoto J, Yokoyama H, Samulski ET
611 - 623 The prognosis of columnar mesomorphism and experimental data for a new series of porphin derivatives
Ol'ga A, Sergey Z, Ol'ga Z, Nadejda U
625 - 634 Columnar mesomorphism of the mixed substituted apolar triphenylenes: Prognosis and experimental data
Zemtsova O, Akopova O, Usoltseva N, Erdelen C
635 - 645 Synthesis and characterization of biphenylethynylbenzene type discotic liquid crystal
Suzuki D, Koide N
647 - 663 Polymer network cholesteric liquid crystal operating in the near infrared
Guillard H, Sixou P
665 - 678 Passive broadband reflector: Elaboration and spectral properties
Sixou P, Gautier C, Guillard H
679 - 690 Nematic and cholesteric PDLC elaborated under shear stress
Sixou P, Gautier C, Villanova H
691 - 701 New chiral esters, diastereomeric 2-(4-carboxybenzylidene)-p-menthane-3-one derivatives, as components of LC systems with induced helical structure
Drushlyak TG, Kutulya LA, Pivnenko NS, Shkolnikova NI, Vashchenko VV
703 - 710 Crystal structure of 1-hexyl-4-(4-isothio-cyantophenyl)bicyclo[2,2,2] octane
Lokanath NK, Revannasiddaiah D, Sridhar MA, Prasad JS
711 - 718 High birefringence phenylacetylene liquid crystals with low viscosity
Sekine C, Fujisawa K, Iwakura K, Minai M
719 - 725 Synthesis and physical properties of liquid crystals with a carbonyl group at the terminal position
Okamoto H, Okamoto T, Petrov VF, Takenaka S
727 - 732 Liquid crystalline properties of some derivatives with a long lateral alkoxyl group
Tasaka T, Wu JW, Okamoto H, Petrov VF, Takenaka S
733 - 738 The effect of trifluoromethyl and difluoromethoxy groups on mesomorphic properties
Kimoto K, Duan ML, Okamoto H, Petrov VF, Hori K, Takenaka S
739 - 743 Mesomorphic properties of new 5-alkyl-2-pyrimidinols esters
Adomeniene O, Adomenas P, Gleiznys A, Beganskiene A, Poloudina L, Gotoh Y
745 - 752 Mesomorphic complexes of the lanthanide elements
Collinson SR, Martin F, Binnemans K, Van Deun R, Bruce DW
753 - 758 Synthesis and characterisation of macrocyclic liquid crystalline ligands and their metal complexes
Jejurkar CR, Dave JS, Patel PR, Menon MR
759 - 768 Synthesis and crystal structure of mono-substituted ferrocene-containing liquid crystals
Zhao KQ, Hu P, Xu HB, Wan W, Zhou ZY, Zhang LF
769 - 777 Mesogenic biphenyl derivatives with azo and ester central linkage
Prajapati AK
779 - 786 Highly dichroic triphenodioxazine dyes for guest host liquid crystalline mixtures
Tanaka T, Ashida T
787 - 794 Phase transition in cyclic organophosphazenes: the effect of side chains on mesomorphism
Moriya K, Yamane T, Suzuki T, Kajiwara M, Yano S
795 - 799 Conformational mobility and phase transitions in alkyloxybenzoate of cholesterol
Babkov L, Puchkovskaya G, Vedyaeva E
801 - 808 Synthesis and structure of 1,4-diazabutadiene liquid crystals
Zhao KQ, Hu P, Xu HB
809 - 814 Mesogenic properties of 5-cyanotropolone and 2-amino-5-cyanotropone derivatives
Hashimoto M, Ujiie S, Mori A
815 - 823 Synthesis of new mesogenic homologous series with broken alkoxy chain
Prajapati AK, Sharma HC, Chudgar NK
825 - 834 Synthesis of liquid crystalline binaphthyl derivatives
Kanazawa K, Higuchi I, Akagi K
835 - 842 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of new T-shaped dimesogens
Surendranath V
843 - 850 New mesogenic compounds exhibiting a thermotropic optically isotropic phase
Niori T, Yamamoto J, Yokoyama H
851 - 858 Physical property of new liquid crystal materials and mixture design for active matrix LCD
Iwashita Y, Kaneoya M, Takeuchi K, Takehara S, Takatsu H
859 - 864 Design, synthesis and physical properties of new liquid crystal materials for active matrix LCD (1) - New saturated ring systems prepared by stereoselective hydrogenation as new mesogens containing fluorines
Nagashima Y, Negishi M, Kusumoto T, Takeuchi K, Takehara S, Takatsu H, Pithart C, Frings RB, Lachowicz A, Grahe GF
865 - 872 Design, synthesis and physical properties of new liquid crystal materials for active matrix LCD (2) - New aromatic ring systems prepared by regioselective fluorination as new mesogens containing fluorines
Negishi M, Ogawa S, Osawa M, Kawara T, Kusumoto T, Takeuchi K, Takehara S, Takatsu H
873 - 880 Nematic liquid crystals with a trifluoromethyl group
Kelly SM, Skelton G, Jones C, Minter V, Tuffin R
881 - 888 Nematic thiophenes for STN-LCDS and flexoelectric LCDS
Bartle K, Campbell N, Duffy WL, Kelly SM, Minter V, O'Neill M, Tuffin RP
889 - 898 Trans-1,2-difluorostilbenes: Promising materials for high dielectric biaxiality ferroelectric mixtures
Goodby JW, Hindmarsh P, Hird M, Lewis RA, Toyne KJ
899 - 910 Highly birefringent nematic liquid crystals for reflective STN applications
Goulding M, Reiffenrath V, Hirschmann H
911 - 918 Synthesis of novel ionic liquid crystalline pyrrole derivatives having a viologen moiety
Kijima M, Setoh K, Shirakawa H
919 - 927 Electro-optical properties of low molecular weight liquid crystal/copolymer mixtures
Andreau A, Sannier L, Gyselinck F, Maschke U, Farhi R, Tarascon JM
929 - 936 Synthesis and property of dendrimers having peripherally mesogenic units
Haba O, Okuyama KI, Yonetake K
937 - 942 Synthesis and characterization of Canola-based Cholesteryl Ester and Nematic E7 mixture
Tumbokon AB, Cruz AB, Domingo ZB, Cada LG
943 - 950 Novel room temperature fluorinated ferroelectric organosiloxane liquid crystal mixtures
Perkins SP, Shoosmith DE, Coles HJ
951 - 956 Mechanical properties of thermo-reversible colloid liquid crystal composites
Crain J, Meeker SP, Hossack WJ, Lavery RJ, Poon WCK