Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.356 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 13 Nonlinear optical crystals designed with 4-nitrophenolate chromophores: An engineering route using a multidipolar chromophore, 3-hydroxy-2,4,6-trinitrophenolate
Muthuraman M, Nicoud JF, Masse R, Desiraju GR
15 - 22 Photoreactive crystals: Photodimerization of a diolefinic derivative accompanied by isomerization
Nakanishi F, Honda K, Yoshida M, Feeder N
23 - 32 Preparation and properties of photo-functional systems with nitroxide radicals
Nakatsuji S, Takeuchi S, Ojima T, Ogawa Y, Akutsu H, Yamada JI
33 - 40 Preparation and properties of biphenyl and cholesterol derivatives with nitroxide radicals
Nakatsuji S, Mizumoto M, Kitamura K, Akutsu H, Yamada JI
41 - 51 Organic-inorganic hybrids based on anionic clays
Newman SP, Jones W
53 - 60 Direct observation of steric hindrance in the process of photoisomerization of cobaloxime complexes
Ohashi Y, Iketani G, Uekusa H
61 - 69 Design of a new reactive phase using ammonia as an ancillary ligand: Structure and reactivity of diamminebis(propynoato)zinc
Ruth MB, Foxman SM
71 - 90 Towards new materials via self-assembly cage compounds, coordination polymers, discs, and screws
Saalfrank RW, Demleitner B, Kareth S, Low N, Trummer S
91 - 98 Solid state reactions of phthalonitrile and related compounds
Sandman DJ, Rixman MA, Daudelin C, Shah S, Zhang ZQ, Ellis NA
99 - 109 Solid state H-2 NMR studies of n-alkanes confined in solid matrices
Schmider J, Fritsch G, Haisch T, Muller K
IX - IX Proceedings of the XIV International Conference on the Chemistry of the Organic Solid State (ICOSS XIV) - Cambridge, UK - July 25-30 1999 - Guest editor's preface
Jones W
111 - 119 Reactions of solid organic compounds with metal species
Sergeev GB, Shabatina TI, Solov'ev VN, Zagorskii VV
121 - 129 Low-temperature synthesis and properties of silver nanoparticles stabilised by acrylic polymers
Sergeev BM, Sergeev GB, Kasaikin VA, Litmanovich EA, Prusov AN
131 - 142 Molecular complexes between 2,2'-biphenyl dicarboxylic acid and phenazine: Anhydrous and hydrated forms
Shaameri Z, Jones W
143 - 148 Spectroscopic study of silver-containing mesogenic cyanobiphenyls in solid phase
Shabatina TI, Vovk EV, Morosov YN, Timoshenko VA, Sergeev GB
149 - 154 Solid phase transformations of labile samarium-cyanobiphenyl complexes
Shabatina TI, Vlasov AV, Sergeev GB
155 - 162 Inclusion abilities of bile acids with different side chain length
Sugahara M, Hirose J, Sada K, Miyata M
163 - 173 Kinetics of photochromic processes in substituted dihydropyridines in the solid state and in solutions
Sworakowski J, Nespurek S, Lipinski J, Lewanowicz A, Sliwinska E
175 - 183 Hyperbranched architectures for NLO polymers
Tajbakhsh A, Moratti SC, Koch A, Warner M
185 - 194 Preferential enrichment and crystal structure
Tamura R, Takahashi H, Hirotsu K, Nakajima Y, Ushio T
195 - 204 Thermochromism of the crystal of the N-salicylidene-2-aminopyrazine - Hydroquinone complex
Tanaka M, Goto T, Kashino S
205 - 214 Control of the morphology of crystalline calcium hydroxide
Theocharis CR, Pashalidis I, Jordan SL, Gray AC, Yeates D
215 - 225 Structure solution of hydrogen bonded molecular solids from powder diffraction data
Tremayne M, Maclean EJ, Glidewell C
227 - 237 Organic anions of pharmaceutical interest intercalated in magnesium aluminum LDHs by two different methods
Tronto J, Crepaldi EL, Pavan PC, De Paula CC, Valim JB
239 - 251 Charge density studies of weak interactions in organic solids
Wozniak K, Mallinson PR
253 - 262 Development of organic metals based on the extended TTF donors by the sigma-bond framework
Yamada JI, Akutsu H, Nakatsuji S, Nishikawa H, Ikemoto I, Kikuchi K
263 - 272 Building supramolecular tapes
Batchelor E, Klinowski J, Jones W
273 - 287 On-line analytical techniques for monitoring crystallisation processes of organic speciality chemicals
Baker M, Cao ZY, Dale D, Erk P, Ford L, Groen H, Latham D, Hammond RB, Lai XJ, Liang KP, Merrifield D, Mougin P, Oliver R, Roberts D, Roberts KJ, Savelli N, Thomas A, White G, Wilkinson D, Wood W
289 - 297 Role of the (O-H)(6) synthon in the construction of organic inclusion compounds
Bishop R, Nguyen VT, Ahn PD, Craig DC, Scudder ML
299 - 303 The kinetics of low temperature transformations of samarium complexes with 1,3,5-tri-tert-butylbenzene in the solid phase
Bochenkov VE, Zagorskii VV, Sergeev GB
305 - 313 Synthesis and characterisation of a novel zinc pyrithione hydrate
Bond AD, Jones W
315 - 325 Photochemical single-crystal-to-single-crystal dimerizations and polymerizations
Buchholz V, Enkelmann V
327 - 335 Organic bilayers intercalated in zinc(II)-chromium(III) layered double hydroxides
De Paula CC, Crepaldi EL, Tronto J, Pavan PC, Valim JB
337 - 353 Crystal engineering and chloro-methyl interchange - a CSD analysis
Edwards MR, Jones W, Motherwell WDS, Shields GP
355 - 364 A simulated annealing approach for crystal structure solution from powder diffraction data
Engel GE, Wilke S, Harris KDM, Kariuki BM, Ahn S, Leusen FJJ, Neumann MA
365 - 369 Benzo-15-crown-5 based nitronyl-nitroxide and imino-nitroxide radicals
Fettouhi M
371 - 387 Organic reactions under solid-state conditions
Hajipour AR, Mallakpour SE
389 - 405 Determining the crystal structures of organic solids using X-ray powder diffraction together with molecular and solid state modeling techniques
Hammond RB, Jones MJ, Murphy SA, Roberts KJ, Smith EDL, Klapper H, Kutzke H, Docherty R, Cherryman J, Roberts RJ, Fagan PG
407 - 411 Correlation between structure and thermal behavior in isostructural clathrates
Hayashi N, Yamaguchi K, Matsumoto K
413 - 422 Investigation of the origin of the topochemical arrangement in photoreactive 2-benzyl-5-benzylidenecyclopentanone crystal
Honda K, Nakanishi F, Lee SA, Mikami M, Tsuzuki S, Yamamoto T, Feeder N
423 - 432 Oriented n-alkanes in urea-d(4) inclusion complexes for inelastic neutron scattering vibrational studies
Hudson BS
433 - 441 Solid-state photodimerization of 9-substituted acridizinium salts - Selectivity by directional pi stacking
Ihmels H, Leusser D, Pfeiffer M, Stalke D
443 - 448 Solid state interaction of butyl halides with magnesium
Ivashko SV, Zagorskii VV, Sergeev GB
449 - 458 The host guest co-crystal approach to supramolecular structure
Kane JJ, Nguyen T, Xiao J, Fowler FW, Lauher JW
459 - 468 Layered double hydroxide intercalate of metal-chelate complex -a novel precursor for the formation of a mixed metal oxide
Kaneyoshi M, Jones W
469 - 481 Solving crystal structures from powder diffraction data using Genetic Algorithms
Kariuki BM, Harris KDM, Johnston RL
483 - 486 Solid state bimolecular photoreaction in a simple polycrystalline mixture of acridine and carbazole
Koshima H
487 - 493 A two-component molecular crystal composed of phenylurea and thiourea
Koshima H, Meng JB, Wen Z, Matsuura T
495 - 502 Preparation of helical-type crystals from tryptamine and achiral carboxylic acids and their enantiomorphous control by pseudo-seeding
Koshima H, Honke S, Miyauchi M
503 - 515 Interaction of polymer with discotic clay particles
Lal J, Auvray L
517 - 525 Probing host-guest interaction energies in solid inclusion compounds from experimental studies of competitive inclusion
Lee SO, Harris KDM, Jupp PE, Elizabe L, Swinburn S
527 - 537 The molecular behaviour of six-membered ring guests in cyclophosphazene inclusion compounds
Liebelt A, Tiritiris I, Muller K
539 - 548 Lattice mediation in thermo- and photo-induced reactions; Co-operative activation
Luty T
549 - 558 Crystal structure and properties of dye-containing organic-inorganic perovskites
Mitzi DB, Chondroudis K
559 - 567 Crystal structure prediction and the Cambridge Structural Database
Motherwell WDS