Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.354 Entire volume, number list
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589 - 600 Reactive ormogels: A new class of hybrid materials for photonics
Wojcik AB
601 - 609 Clay as a filler in the thermoplastic compounding
Mekhemer WK, El-Ala AAA, El-Rafey E
611 - 621 Side-chain liquid crystalline silicon-containing polymers
Kawakami Y
623 - 629 New acrylic esters, derivatives of some diglycidyl ethers as main components of lacquer compositions
Podkoscielny W, Bartnicki A
631 - 636 Effect of heat treatment on phase behaviour and molecular dynamics of mineral-filled PPS
Jurga J, Nowicki M, Bula K, Susla B, Rejeibi SS
637 - 641 Urethane-acrylates as main components of lacquers for protective coating of some materials
Tarasiuk B, Podkoscielny W
643 - 650 Ultimate mechanical properties of thermally exposed basalt filament yarns
Militky J, Kovacic V
651 - 658 Organic composites exhibiting metallic character: Preparation, structure, spectral properties
Brau A, Smirani I, Farges JP, Semkin VN, Graja A
659 - 665 The influence of structure of hybrid yarns glass/PA6 on mechanical properties of composites
Krucinska I, Klata E, Ankudowicz W, Dopierala H, Piglowski J
667 - 677 Bio-encapsulation within sol-gel glasses
Bergogne L, Fennouh S, Guyon S, Livage J, Roux C
679 - 694 Organic-inorganic hybrid materials with specific solute and gas transport properties for membrane and sensor applications
Guizard C, Bac A, Barboiu M, Hovnanian N
695 - 710 Nanoscale structures of sol-gel materials
Schubert U, Kickelbick G, Husing N
711 - 730 ORMOCER (R) S - Inorganic-organic hybrid materials for e/o-interconnection-technology
Popall M, Dabek A, Robertsson ME, Valizadeh S, Hagel OJ, Buestrich R, Nagel R, Cergel L, Lambert D, Schaub M
731 - 746 Design of hybrid organic-inorganic nanocomposites synthesized via sol-gel chemistry
Sanchez C, Ribot F, Rozes L, Alonso B
747 - 753 Electrooptical devices from organically doped sol-gel materials
Levy D
755 - 760 Atomic force microscopy investigation of polystyrene and polystyrene/PMMA composites surfaces
Nowicki M, Kaczmarek H, Czajka R, Susla B
761 - 770 New unsaturated organosilicon oligomers via catalytic polycondensation of divinylsubstituted silicon compounds
Marciniec B
771 - 782 Sol-gel synthesis of mesoporous titania using nonsurfactant organic compounds as templates
Zheng JY, Qiu KY, Feng QW, Xu JG, Wei Y
783 - 794 The flame retardant for polypropylene using magnesium hydroxide with intumescent components
Kozlowski R, Wladyka-Przybylak M, Garbarczyk J
795 - 807 The antenna effect of Eu(III) cryptate entrapped in xerogel matrices
Hnatejko Z, Klonkowski A, Lis S, Czarnobaj K, Pietraszkiewicz M, Elbanowski M
809 - 825 Metal nanocatalysts stabilized in protective polymer matrices
Mayer ABR, Mark JE
827 - 830 Adverse biologic reactions to polymers, metals and other prosthetic materials
Prezyna AP
831 - 836 Long-term clinical experiences with a new dural substitute
Pietrucha K, Polis L, Bidzinski J
837 - 855 Accelerated mineralization of prosthetic heart valves
Banas MD, Baier RE
857 - 874 Siloxane and N-acetyliminoethylene based copolymers obtained by combined polymer synthesis techniques
Simionescu BC, Harabagiu V, David G, Pinteala M, Lungu V
875 - 889 Antitumor and antiangiogenic activities of phthalic acid derivative polymers with medium-molecular-weight
Lee SM, Ha CS, Cho WJ
891 - 895 Multilayer coatings preventing storage tanks from leaking petroleum products to the environment
Sawicki I
897 - 905 Thermotropic mesomorphism of (2-hydroxypropyl)cellulose systems-the role of hydrophilic and lipophilic segments
Wojciechowski P
907 - 918 The influence of the melt blender on process parameters in injection moulding of ABS
Korugic LJ, Cachia K
919 - 934 Periodic table of the elements - the basis for forecasting extreme properties and for the creation of new high-performance oriented materials (fibres, whiskers). Theory, practice and prospects
Perepelkin KE
935 - 940 Mechanical and thermal properties of poly(ethylene 2,6 naphthalate) and poly(ethylene terephthalate) blends
Szostak M
941 - 952 From polymer to ceramics: Low cost manufacturing of ceramic matrix composite materials
Krenkel W
953 - 960 Melting behavior of poly(tetramethylene succinate) as studied by time-resolved small angle X-ray scattering
Yoo ES, Im SS, Song HH
961 - 968 Flammability of composites based on polypropylene and flax fibers
Helwig M, Paukszta D
969 - 977 Radiation stimulation of the reactivity of different types of cellulose pulps
Kukielka A, Iller E, Chmielewski AG, Zimek Z, Michalik J, Perlinska J, Stupinska H, Mikolajczyk W
979 - 987 Plant fibres in composites. Comparative results between hemp, kenaf and flax fibres. Preparation of raw material and final products
Cappelletto P, Mongardini F, Brizzi M, Skinner J, Sebe G, Hague J, Pasini P
989 - 995 Synthesis and properties of hydrophobically modified polyampholytes
Kujawa P, Rosiak JM, Selb J, Candau F
997 - 1008 Ageing and oil resistance of fiber-reinforced CR/NBR blends
Botros SH, Younan AF, Essa MM
1009 - 1013 Accelerated degradation of polymers
Kaczmarek H, Kaminska A, Kowalonek J, Szalla A
1015 - 1021 Immiscible polymer blends containing dibutyrylchitin as environmentally friendly materials
Marszalek J, Szosland L, Mucha M
1023 - 1030 Studies of the surface of fluorinated carbon in the aspect of its catalytic properties
Fiedorow P, Krawczyk A, Fiedorow R, Chuang KT
1031 - 1035 Lignolit properties and application
Kokocinski W
1037 - 1044 Combustion characteristics of wood protected by intumescent coatings and the influence of different additives on fire retardant effectiveness of the coatings
Wladyka-Przybylak M
1045 - 1050 Dialkylamines - molybdenum disulfide. intercalates. Synthesis, characterization, and electrical properties
Benavente E, Sanchez V, Ana MAS, Gonzalez G
1051 - 1061 Thin film sol-gel of CeO2-ZrO2: the candidate for counter electrode in electrochromic devices
Pawlicka A, Avellaneda CO
1063 - 1072 Quantum chemical design of multivariable anisotropic random-walk molecular devices based on stilbene and azo-dyes
Tamulis A, Tamuliene J, Balevicius ML, Nunzi JM
1073 - 1080 Second order hyperpolarisabilities of various series of organic compounds: Tetrathiafulvalene derivatives
Sahraoui B, Phu XN, Salle M, Cousseau J, Gorgues A
1081 - 1089 Azo chromophore functionalized polythiophenes. Synthesis and nonlinear optical properties
Zagorska M, Gase T, Kajzar F, Raimond P, Kulszewicz-Bajer I, Pron A
1091 - 1097 Improvement in quality of sol-gel derived zirconia multilayer coatings by polymeric additive
Voelkel J
1099 - 1110 Transport and mechanical properties of polyaniline -Poly(methyl methacrylate) blends exhibiting low percolation threshold
Fraysse J, Planes J, Dufresne A
1111 - 1118 Synthesis of polydiacetylene charge-transfer complexes
Phelps D, Crihfield A, Hartwell J, Hanks TW, Pennington WT, Bailey RD