Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.353 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 10 Frost processed reed canary grass in oil spill absorption
Pasila A, Kymalainen HR
11 - 22 The effect of frost on fibre plants and their processing
Pasila A
23 - 33 Improvements in decay resistance based on moisture exclusion
Ibach RE, Rowell RM
35 - 45 Jute fiber for reinforced composites and its prospects
Rana AK, Jayachandran K
47 - 58 Zelfo - An engineering material fully based on renewable resources
Svoboda MA, Lang RW, Bramsteidl R, Ernegg M, Stadlbauer W
59 - 73 Biodegradable plastics from cellulose
Yoshioka M, Shiraishi N
75 - 84 Wood-polymer composites: Review of processes and properties
Ellis WD
85 - 94 Weathering performance of plant-fiber/thermoplastic composites
Rowell RM, Lange SE, Jacobson RE
95 - 108 Composites made from lignocellulosics and thermoset polymers
Aranguren MI, Marcovich NE, Reboredo MM
109 - 126 Synthesis of reactive polymers and their applications to cotton fabrics as permanent size
Hashem M, Hebeish A
127 - 131 Liquid crystal phenomena in cellulose-NMMO-H2O system
Laszkiewicz B
133 - 148 Inventory of world fibres and involvement of FAO in fibre research
Kozlowski R, Mackiewicz-Talarczyk M
149 - 152 Characterization of curaua fiber
Caraschi JC, Leao AL
153 - 164 Some new directions of development of polymers and plastics
Wirpsza Z
165 - 179 Nanoparticles for ceramic and nanocomposite processing
Schmidt HK
181 - 189 Polymer electrolytes derived from hydroxiethylcellulose/polyether films
Regiani AM, Curvelo AAS, Pawlicka A, Gandini A, Le Nest JF
191 - 201 Oriented nanocomposites of ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene and gold
Heffels W, Bastiaansen C, Caseri W, Smith P
203 - 210 The effect of nanometals on the flammability and thermooxidative degradation of polymer materials
Antonov A, Yablokova M, Costa L, Balabanovich A, Levchik G, Levchik S
211 - 221 Control of optical properties using various nanostructured materials: Dendrimers, phase-separating block copolymers, and polymer microspheres
Londgergan T, Dalton L
223 - 236 Nanostructured materials from radially layered copolymeric amidoamine-organosilicon (PAMAMOS) dendrimers
Dvornic PR, De Leuze-Jallouli AM, Perz SV, Owen MJ
237 - 242 Electron emitting nanostructures of carbon plus Pd system
Czerwosz E, Dluzewski P, Kozlowski M, Sobczak JW, Starnawska E, Wronka H
243 - 256 From microcrystals to nanoparticles in heterogeneous polymers
Kryszewski M
257 - 270 Nanoscale chemistry and processing of multifunctional composites for nanophotonics and biophotonics
Friend CS, Lal M, Biswas A, Maciel GS, Levy L, He GS, Kim KS, Prasad PN
271 - 274 Micro- and nano-cellulosic fibres
Laszkiewicz B
275 - 286 Recent achievements in structure ordering and control of properties of para-aramide fibres
Perepelkin KE, Machalaba NN
287 - 300 Multifunctional macromolecules and structures as one-way exciton conductors
Yashchuk VMN, Syromyatnikov VG, Ogul'chansky TY, Kolendo AY, Prot T, Blazejowski J, Kudrya VY
301 - 308 Molybdenum disulfide intercalates with special transport properties
Gonzalez G, Santa Ana MA, Sanchez V, Benavente E
309 - 316 Synthesis of mesoporous silica by templating of amphiphilic poly (ethylene glycol)-block-poly (propylene glycol)-block-poly(ethylene glycol)
Cui XG, Cho WJ, Ha CS
317 - 327 Surface structuring of synthetic fibers by UV laser irradiation simulation of the temperature profile at the polymer surface
Cleve E, Knittel D, Schollmeyer E
329 - 340 Hydrothermal synthesis of nanocrystalline perovskite powder systems
Nonniger R, Bendzko N, Schmidt H
341 - 354 Rheokinetic study of concentrated high molecular weight emeraldine base in N-methyl-2-pyrrolidinone solutions containing 2-methyl-aziridine
Yang DL, Mattes B
355 - 371 Synthesis and characterization of colorless polyimides for liquid crystal alignment layer
Choi KY, Lee BJ, Yi MH, Kim HK
373 - 385 New compositions from photosensitive copolymers for information processing and storage
Bivol V, Robu S
387 - 398 Usability of polymers modified by changing the carbazole group in the LEDs devices
Sanetra J, Niziol S, Pielichowski J
399 - 416 Characterization and applications of crosslinkable materials
Lessard RA, Bolte M, Beaulieu R, Couture JJA, Manivannan G
417 - 426 Electrooptical characterization of various PDLC materials
Grosicka E, Mucha M
427 - 434 Evidence for photoinduced molecular migration mediated surface-relief grating formation in azo-dye polymers
Nunzi JM, Fiorini C, De Veyrac G, Raimond P, Maurin I
435 - 449 Optically addressed liquid crystalline light valves - Theory of their operation and applications
Miniewicz A, Bartkiewicz S, Kajzar F
451 - 469 Novel photonics polymers in high-speed telecommunication
Ishigure T, Koike Y
471 - 483 Photochromism and photoassisted poling in polyimides
Chauvin J, Delaire JA, Nakatani K
485 - 498 Interferometric and fourier techniques for measurements of optical properties of fibers
Litwin D, Sadik AM
499 - 511 Silica-based glasses as photonic materials - Second-order nonlinearity induced by UV-poling
Ikushima AJ, Fujiwara T
513 - 523 Contribution of intra- and intermolecular interaction to nonlinear optical susceptibilities
Kityk I, Makowska-Janusik M
525 - 537 Organic-inorganic hybrid materials for nonlinear optics applications
Lee KS, Kim TD, Min YH, Yoon CS, Samoc M, Samoc A
539 - 544 Electroluminescence of poly(N-vinylcarbazole) and its blends with poly(4,4'-dialkyl-2,2'-bithiophene)
Sanetra J, Zagorska M, Niziol S
545 - 559 Nonlinear optical properties of benzylic amide [2] catenanes: a novel versatile photonic material
Grando D, Gase T, Kajzar F, Fanti M, Zerbetto F, Murphy A, Leigh DA
561 - 566 Near infrared studies of polymer blends
Laska J, Niziol J
567 - 580 Molecular organic light-emitting diodes based on a guest-host active layer: Approaches for enhancing device performance
Murata H, Mattoussi H, Merritt CD, Iizumi Y, Kido J, Tokuhisa H, Tsutsui T, Kafafi ZH
581 - 588 Liquid crystal polymer blends
Kozlowski M, Kozlowska A
VII - VIII Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Frontiers of Polymers and Advanced Materials - Part I of II Poznan, Poland June 21-25, 1999 - Foreword
Prasad P, Kajzar F, Kozlowski R