Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.352 Entire volume, number list
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IX - IX Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Liquid Crystals -(ECLC 99) - part II of II - Hersonissos, Crete, Greece - 25-30 April 1999 - Guest Editor's Preface
Photinos DJ, Nounesis G
435 - 442 Non-Debye charge screening and adsorbed-ion-induced anchoring transition in a nematic liquid crystal
Nazarenko VG, Pergamenshchik VM, Koval'Chuk O, Lev BI
443 - 452 Photoinduced anisotropy and LC photoalignment properties of polyvinylcinnamate films
Sapich B, Stumpe J, Gerus I, Yaroshchuk O
453 - 460 Strength of memory-induced anchoring of 5CB on bare untreated ITO
Dreyfus-Lambez H, Stoenescu D, Dozov I, Martinot-Lagarde P
461 - 469 Alignment of nematic liquid crystals by photo-oriented layers
Novoseletski NV, Dorozhkina GN, Torgova SI, Umanski BA
471 - 477 Photoconductance effects in bilayer lipid membranes, containing amphiphilic hexadecylbenzospiropyrane derivative
Zheliaskova A, Peeva I, Balashev K, Panaiotov I, Petrov AG
479 - 492 Lyomesomorphism of carboxyl- and alkoxycarbonyl substituted phthalocyanine copper complexes
Usol'tseva N, Bykova V, Ananjeva G, Smirnova A, Shaposhnikov G, Maizlish V, Kudrik E, Shirokov A
493 - 500 Swelling series and bilayer defects due to sample preparation
Costigan SC, Booth PJ, Templer RH
501 - 510 Molecular orientation in liquid crystalline side chain polymers doped with dichroic dye as studied by optical spectroscopy methods
Bauman D, Chrzumnicka E, Wolarz E
511 - 518 Composite method for determination of liquid crystal material parameters
Kedzierski J, Kojdecki MA, Raszewski Z, Perkowski P, Rutkowska J, Piecek W, Lipinska L, Miszczyk E
519 - 526 Photoreactive liquid crystals in the series of dendritic and cyclic stilbenoid compounds
Meier H, Lehmann M, Schnorpfeil C, Fetten M
527 - 534 Molecular mobility and phase transitions in a liquid crystalline polymer studied by dielectric techniques
Pissis P, Georgoussis G, Schoenhals A, Barmatov EB, Shibaev VP
535 - 544 Dielectric relaxation of N-P-(Ethoxybenzylidene) p '-propylaniline (EBPA) in nematic phase
Bak A, Kocot A, Massalska-Arodz M
545 - 552 Chiral textures formed by achiral p-substituted biphenylcarboxylic and benzoic acids
Torgova SI, Sparavigna A, Strigazzi A
553 - 558 Influence of the molecular structure on the photoanisotropic properties of azodyes
Prudnikova EK, Dorozhkina GN, Novoseletskii NV, Torgova SI, Umanskii BA
559 - 566 Syntheses and physical properties of ferrocene derivatives (XIV) dynamic viscoelastic property of liquid crystalline ferrocene derivatives containing cholesteryl group as a mesogenic one
Nakamura N, Maekawahara H, Hanasaki T, Yamaguchi T
567 - 574 Molecular properties of mesomorphic poly (decamethyl-cyclohexasiloxane) in solution
Yevlampieva N, Makarova N, Rjumtsev E
575 - 582 Reorientation of molecules in magnetically doped discotic liquid crystal
Perova TS, Fannin PC, Perov PA
583 - 591 Influence of liquid crystallinity and aggregation on photo-orientation
Rutloh M, Stumpe J, Stachanov L, Kostromin S, Shibaev V
593 - 602 Cooperative forms of molecular mobility in liquid-crystalline side-chain polymers
Nikonorova N, Borisova T, Shibaev V
603 - 611 Dielectric investigations of a chiral monomer and side chain polymer
Gouda F, Kutub AA, Fodor-Csorba K, Galli G, Chiellini E, Komitov L, Lagerwall JPF, Lagerwall ST
613 - 620 Dielectric spectroscopy study of the ferroelectric liquid crystal with an "intermediate" solid mobile phase
Otowski W
621 - 628 Flexoelectric coefficients for model pear shaped molecules from Monte Carlo simulations
Stelzer J, Berardi R, Zannoni C
629 - 638 A non-traceless molecular pseudotensor for a description of the HTP
Kuball HG, Turk O, Kiesewalter I, Dorr E
639 - 650 Shape parameters and uniaxial deformability of mesogenic dimers with flexible spacers
Serpi HS, Photinos DJ
651 - 658 Computer simulations of nematic ordering with random disorder
Chiccoli C, Pasini P, Zannoni C, Bellini T, Mantegazza F
659 - 666 Order parameter in binary mixture by Monte Carlo simulation hybridized with mean field approximation
Ono I, Kondo S
667 - 681 How to simulate anchoring: Confining the director
Vesely FJ, Lukac R
683 - 690 Simulating phase transitions in binary liquid crystal films
Lukac R, Vesely FJ
691 - 698 Monte Carlo studies of model systems of rodlike molecules with partially flexible terminal groups and/or with side groups
Di Landa G, Vacatello M
699 - 708 Conformational phase transitions and re-entrance phenomena in dendromesogens
Terzis AF, Vanakaras AG, Photinos DJ
709 - 716 Ordered polymer microstructures synthesized from dispersions of liquid crystal mesogens
Cairns DR, Eichenlaub NS, Crawford GP
717 - 733 Thermal and structural study on liquid-crystalline phase transitions in bis-alkyl trimethyl ammonium dichromates
Fosse N, Mevellec JY, Brohan L
735 - 744 Glass forming nematic twin molecules synthesis and polymerization kinetics
Kurschner K, Strohriegl P, Van de Witte P, Lub J
745 - 752 Investigations on novel sulphur-containing "banana-shaped" liquid crystals
Heppke G, Parghi DD, Sawade H
753 - 760 Physical properties of liquid crystal single compounds with 1,3,2-dioxaborinane group for LCD applications
Lim MJ, Kim SH, Lee YJ, Jeong DJ, Uh K, Lee ES, Choi YS
761 - 768 Bromo-containing oxadiazoles in cross-coupling reactions
Karamysheva LA, Agafonova IF, Torgova SI, Torgov VI
769 - 776 Mesomorphic oxadiazoles with terminal Cl-substituent
Karamysheva LA, Torgova SI, Agafonova IF, Sparavigna A, Strigazzi A
777 - 784 New carbosilane ferroelectric liquid crystalline dendrimers
Boiko N, Zhu XM, Vinokur R, Rebrov E, Muzafarov A, Shibaev V
785 - 793 Thermotropic liquid crystals of n-alkylammonium poly(alpha, L-glutamates)
Tsiourvas D, Paleos CM, Skoulios A
795 - 804 Polarization properties of liquid crystal-core optical fiber waveguides
Wolinski TR, Szymanska A, Nasilowski T, Nowinowski-Kruszelnicki E, Dabrowski R
805 - 812 Static spatial optical noise spectrum of surface liquid crystal droplets film
Loiko VA, Konkolovich AV
813 - 822 Electro-optic modulation of light by a planar waveguide based on ferroelectric liquid crystals
Hermann DS, De Marco F, Scalia G, Sirleto L, Righini G, Lindgren M, Abbate G
823 - 832 Rayleigh-Gans theory of light scattering in filled nematics
Lednei M, Pinkevich I, Reshetnyak V, Sluckin T
833 - 840 Effect of monomer functionality on performance of holographically-formed polymer dispersed liquid crystals
Fontecchio AK, Bowley CC, Yuan HJ, Crawford GP
841 - 849 Electric field aligned photo-polymer films for liquid crystal display
Kim MW, Rastegar A, Olenik ID, De Witte P, Kim MW, Rasing T
851 - 861 Thermal properties and ionic conductivity of side chain type polyethers with alkali metal salts
Koide N, Kawamura K
863 - 872 New principle of optical data recording based on reversible transition "selective reflection-absorbance" in photochromic cholesteric copolymers
Bobrovsky A, Boiko N, Shaumburg K, Shibaev V
873 - 881 Chiral liquid crystalline polyacrylates with side-chain fluorescent mesogens
Chiellini E, Houben JL, Wolff D, Galli G