Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.349 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 4 Novel chromophores for highly efficient photorefractive materials
Jahng WS, Yoo D, Moon H, Moon IK, Shin DH, Joo M, Lee E, Kim N
5 - 8 Photonic band effect in ordered polystyrene particle layers
Shimada R, Komori Y, Koda T, Fujimura T, Itoh T, Ohtaka K
9 - 14 Anionic living polymerization of monomers with photo-electronic properties for control of polymeric nano architectures
Shin YD, Cho YS, Kim JJ, Lee JS, Han SH, Wu JW
15 - 18 Simple fabrication of nonlinear gratings in polymer film using simultaneous process of emboss heating and thermal poling
Nakanishi M, Yamaji H, Sugihara O, Fujimura H, Egami C, Okamoto N
19 - 22 Self-developed formation of relief optical microlens by dry photopolymer
Lee HJ, Park KS
23 - 26 Spontaneous ordering of nonlinear optical groups in a polymer thin film through cross-linking
Jung C, Lee CH, Ko JE, Lee H, Kim D, Rhee BK
27 - 30 Syntheses and optical properties of polyethers with azobenzene-type main chain
Kim MR, Kim HS, Kyung CS, Sung GY, Kim JS, Ha CS, Kwak CH, Bae IH, Lee JK
31 - 34 Photorefractive properties in a liquid crystal panel with porphyrin dispersed PVK layers
Kim HS, Kyong CS, Sung GY, Kim MR, Kim TG, Ha CS, Kwak CH, Lee JK
35 - 38 Synthesis of azo dye containing polymers and application for optical data storage
Na HS, Kim JH, Hong KM, Ko BS, Kim BC, Han YK
39 - 42 Optical switching by the use of guided wave geometry composed of a polymeric thin-film containing photochromic dye
Ock K, Jo N, Kim J, Kim S, Koh K
43 - 46 Highly efficient photorefractive system based on carbazole-substituted poly(siloxane)
Moon IK, Yoo D, Moon HS, Shin DH, Jahng WS, Chun H, Kim N
47 - 50 Orientational ordering of a liquid crystal on a photoaligned AZO-polyimide substrate
Ma J, Lee GJ, Lim TK, Chun BJ, Jin JI
51 - 54 Preparation of photochromic cellulose derivatives containing spirobenzopyran
Lee MH, Li XD, Kim E
55 - 58 Chromophores for polymeric photorefractive composites
Song S, Chun H, Joo M, Kim N
59 - 62 Photodegradation behavior of a polyimide containing imidosulfonate groups and cyclobutane rings
Chung CM, Cho SY, Lee JY, Oh SY
63 - 66 Orientational relaxation dynamics in methacrylate polymers by means of in-situ measurement of the electro-optic property
Hong HT, Cho KJ, Choi DH
67 - 70 Second-order nonlinear optical active polymethacrylate and polyester containing a methylsulfonylbenzothiazole azo chromophore
Kang JS, Kim JH, Lee CJ, Choi DH
71 - 74 Polymeric optical waveguides using fluorinated polyimides
Han K, You K, Kim E, Kim J, Jang WH, Rhee TH
75 - 78 Synthesis of new poly(silicate esters) with disperse red 1 and their application as optical data storage materials
Han YK, Kim BC, Ko BS, Kim JH, Hong KM, Na HS
79 - 82 Preparation and application of poly(vinyl alcohol) microcapsules containing azo dye
Han HK, Hong SC
83 - 86 Photoinduced orientation of azobenzene chromophores in polymer films
Lee WS, Choi SH, Song K
87 - 90 Dehydrocoupling synthesis and optoelectronic properties of polysilole
Woo HG, Song SJ, Kim BH, Yun SS
91 - 94 Photoisomerization of azobenzene derivatives at the air/water interface
Oh YO, Jung HY, Kang YS
95 - 98 Synthesis and resist evaluation of photosensitive polyimides
Oh SY, Lee JY, Cho SY, Chung CM
99 - 102 Rigidity dependence of alignment and relaxation in main-chain nonlinear optical polymers measured by optical and electrical method
Choi HJ, Lim TK, Jeong MY, Wu JW, Lee KS, Lee SM, So BK
XV - XV Proceedings of the Korea-Japan Joint Forum 1999 - Organic Materials for Electronics and Photonics - Kyongju, Korea -September 9-11, 1999 - Guest editor's preface
Sasabe H
103 - 106 SHG spectroscopy and SHG images of merocyanine J-aggregate monolayer at the air-water interface
Saito K, Kato N, Uesu Y
107 - 110 Relaxation of the stress produced by photopolymerization of a diacetylene crystal
Yaji T, Isoda S, Kawase N, Kobayashi T, Takeda K
111 - 114 High Tg polyarylate thin films for photonic device applications
Sugiwara O, Tomiki M, Fujimura H, Egami C, Okamoto N, Fujiwara M, Yasue K
115 - 118 Spectroscopic ellipsometry study of thin film of gold iodide with stearylammonium
Kodzasa T, Ushijima H, Kamata T
119 - 122 Refractive index modification due to the UV-photodecomposition of polysilane and its application as phase mask
Nagayama N, Shimono M, Sato T, Yokoyama M
123 - 126 Fabrication and characterization of organic electroluminescent devices introducing new blue emitting materials
Choi JH, Jung SH, Shin DC, Kim YH, Kwon SK, Cho WJ, Ha CS
127 - 130 Two dimensional template of polystyrene latex as an alignment layer of liquid crystals
Kim MH, Kang WS, Kim JD
131 - 134 Photorefractivity of the blend based on poly(N-vinylcarbazole) and azo dye-functionalized polymer
Lee JW, Park JK
135 - 140 Absolute molecular orientation of noncentrosymmetric self-assembled tolan Langmuir-Blodgett films
Kimura-Suda H, Wada T, Liang W, Nakahara H, Sasabe H
141 - 146 Discrimination of chiral and racemic phospholipid monolayers by Maxwell-displacement-current measurement technique
Iwamoto M, Wu CX
147 - 150 A borate ester network Langmuir-Blodgett film of 1,3,5-benzenetriol monohexadecyl ether
Son EM, Lee BJ, Kwon YS
151 - 154 Monomolecular layer formation of heme derivatives on gold surface
Kobayashi K, Fujita K, Sasabe H, Knoll W, Nonaka K, Imabayashi S, Kakiuchi T
155 - 158 Adsorption of poly(gamma-substituted alpha, L-glutamate) on aluminum surface: Atr and Mo approaches
Paeng K, Joo H, Kang P, Choo J, Sohn D
159 - 162 Electrical features of surface structure in polymer monolayers by SMM
Shin HK, Kang HW, Inoue T, Yokoyama H, Kwon YS
163 - 166 Electrical properties for insulation layers of phenolic polymer thin films
Kim KH, Yoo SY, Jung SB, Burm-Jong L, Park JC, Kwon YS
167 - 170 Self-assembled polythiophene monolayer on gold surface
Shin CK, Lee H, Jung C, Kim D, Rhee BK
171 - 174 Orientation of main-chain accordion polymers having different alkyl chains
Lee SH, Watanabe T, Kagoshima K, Fujita S, Mashiko S, Talukder M, Lindsay GA, Herman WN, Wynne KJ, Miyata S
175 - 178 Nanolithography of self-assembled zirconium N,N'-bis(ethyl dihydrogen phosphate)-3,4,9,10-perylene (dicarboximide) (Eppi) layer on silicon surface
Kim SH, Oh Y, Lee H
179 - 182 A new positive resist based on poly(4-hydroxystyrene) for KrF excimer laser lithography
Kim I, Park SJ, Lee SH, Kim ER, Kim KC, Lee H
183 - 186 Electronic characteristics of self-assembled hybrid devices based on PPV and CdS nanoparticles
Cho J, Char K, Hong JD, Kim D
187 - 190 Fabrication of cytochrome c multi-layers by Schaefer technique
Choi JW, Park SJ, Hong EK, Lee WH
191 - 194 A study on the dielectric relaxation time of arachidic acid monolayers by MDC measurement
Cho SY, Lee KS, Song JW, Kim YK, Choi YI, Liu Y, Iwamoto M
195 - 198 Measurement of surface states in Au/polyimide/Au junction
Lee KS, Song JW, Iwamoto M
199 - 202 Novel thermochromism of merocyanine J-aggregate monolayers
Kato N, Serata T, Saito K, Uesu Y
203 - 206 STM observations of the self-assembled monolayers of alpha-aryl-alpha'-mercaptomethylthiophenes an Au(111)
Kimura R, Nakamura T, Kondoh H, Ohta T, Sakai H, Abe M, Matsumoto M
207 - 210 Investigation of the orientation of amphiphiles in Langmuir-Blodgett films using IR spectroscopy
Matsumoto M, Shimomura M
211 - 214 Effect of heat treatment on morphology and polymerization of Langmuir-Blodgett films of amphiphilic diacetylene complexed with polyallylamine
Tachibana H, Yamanaka Y, Sakai H, Abe M, Matsumoto M
215 - 218 Substituent effect on epitaxy of mono-molecular layer on HOPG
Fujiwara E, Isoda S, Hoshino A, Kobayashi T, Yamashita Y
219 - 222 Immobilization of DNA on self-assembled monolayer
Nakamura F, Mitsui K, Murase T, Kobayashi K, Hara M, Knoll W, Sasabe H
223 - 226 Surface structures in spatio-temporal ordering of alkanethiol self-assembled monolayers on Au(111)
Noh J, Hara M
227 - 230 Influence of the Au-S bond in the self-assembled monolayer of the helical peptides on gold
Iizuka-Sakano T, Fujita K, Isoshima T, Wada T, Sasabe H
231 - 234 Enhancement of short-circuit photocurrent in merocyanine LB film cell utilizing surface plasmon polariton excitation
Shinbo K, Baba A, Tsuruta H, Ebe T, Kaneko F, Kato K, Wakamatsu T
235 - 238 A measurement of evanescent fields generating on metal thin films and Langmuir-Blodgett ultrathin films
Nakano T, Wakamatsu T, Kobayashi H, Kaneko F, Shinbo K, Kato K, Kawakami T
239 - 242 Langmuir monolayer of alkyl polyglycoside in concentrated NaCl solution
Kim JY, Kim MH, Nakanishi F, Kim JD
243 - 246 Interaction between insoluble polymer monolayers and polyethylene glycol in aqueous subphase at air/water interface
Lee WK, Nakahara H, Cho WJ, Ha CS
247 - 250 A study on the affinity of Fe2+ and Zn2+ for Pm-SH self-assembled film on piezoelectric quartz crystal
Kim JM, Park JY, Muramatsu H, Lee BJ, Chang SM
251 - 254 A two-dimensionally extended conjugation from an amphiphilic melamine and glyoxal
Kim JU, Lee BJ, Kwon YS
255 - 258 Viewing characteristics of nematic liquid crystal cells with homogeneous micro-domains embedded in omeotropic alignment
Kim DG, Lee SD, Rhee HW
259 - 262 Electro-optical properties and its measuring method for a ferrielectric liquid crystal
Park KS, Lee HJ, Kim YJ
263 - 266 Preparation and characterization of organic-inorganic hybrid materials via sol-gel reaction for interlayer dielectrics
Baek NS, Song YB, Kim HK, Hwang SS, Hong SM
267 - 270 Liquid crystal structures of spirobenzopyran derivatives
Song HH, Yoo JH, Doe JK, Lee KS, Choi YK, Keum SR
271 - 274 Fully rodlike polyimides containing flexible side chains with various lengths and their ability to align liquid-crystals on the rubbed surface
Lee SW, Kim SI, Park YH, Ree M, Lee KH, Jung JC
275 - 278 Alignment behavior of liquid-crystal molecules on the surface of photoreactive polymer films treated by uv-irradiation and rubbing
Kim SI, Lee SW, Park YH, Ree M
279 - 282 Liquid-crystal alignment on the rubbed film surface of semi-flexible copolyimides containing n-alkyl side groups
Lee SW, Kim SI, Park YH, Ree M, Rim YN, Yoon HJ, Kim HC, Kim YB
283 - 286 Synthesis of polymeric fluorescent chemosensor for the recognition of Fe3+ ion
Yang C, Lee TS
287 - 290 Structural and electrochemical properties of ICP/LiMn2O4 composite cathodes
Kim JO, Song MK, Lee SW, Cho BW, Yun KS, Rhee HW
291 - 294 Fabrication of protein adsorbed organic LB film by electrophoretic sedimentation technique and analysis of morphology by using AFM
Choi JW, Nam YS, Oh BK, Ahn DJ, Lee WH
295 - 298 Development and application of a direct beam lithography for the bioelectronic device
Choi JW, Nam YS, Oh SY, Kim D, Lee WH
299 - 302 Photoelectric response characteristics of molecular photoreceptor using bacteriorhodopsin/flavin complex LB films
Choi HG, Jung WC, Min JH, Lee SB, Lee WH, Choi JW
303 - 306 Optimal fabrication condition of bacteriorhodopsin thin films onto modified self-assembled monolayers
Choi HG, Min J, Han KK, Kim YK, Lee WH, Choi JW
307 - 310 Lateral force microscopy investigation of bacteriorhodopsin adsorption onto mixed self-assembled monolayers
Choi HG, Lee IH, Kim YK, Lee WH, Choi JW
311 - 314 Bioelectronic device consisting of bacteriorhodopsin for pattern recognition
Min J, Choi HG, Lee WH, Paek SH, Choi JW
315 - 318 Effects of various deposition conditions on the structure of platinum complex films
Tano T, Kodzasa T, Ushijima H, Kamata T
319 - 322 Fabrication of molecular scale photodiode using phase separation technique
Cho KS, Lee WH, Kim D, Choi JW
323 - 328 Novel synthetic route to superconducting-insulating nanohybrids
Choy JH, Kwon SJ, Jang ES
329 - 334 New composite cathodes for lithium rechargeable batteries
Oyama N, Hatozaki O
335 - 338 Solution and electrical properties of the water-soluble poly(3-thiopheneacetic acid) and its hydrogel
Kim BS, Chen L, Gong JP, Osada Y
339 - 342 Electrical characteristics of pentacene organic thin film transistors with silicon dioxide gate insulator
Choi JS, Kim DY, Lee JH, Kang DY, Kim YK, Shin DM
343 - 346 Li ion transport of conducting polymer composite electrodes
Son Y, Park HJ, Choi JS, Lee Y
347 - 350 A chemical process initiated by an electrochemical process of electrochromic conducting polymer PEDOT
Son Y, Lim CB, Choi JS, Lee Y
351 - 354 Electrical properties and thermal stability of electrically conductive composites
Kang DI, Kim JW, Cho WJ, Ha CS
355 - 358 Electrically conducting poly(acrylonitrile-Co-pyrrolylmethylstyrene)-G-polypyrrole
Park YH, Chang SH, Lee JY, Lee Y, Baik DH
359 - 362 Polypyrrole patterns formed during electropolymerization of pyrrole at gold surfaces in potassium chloride electrolyte solutions
Bae SE, Paek SH, Kim YS, Lee CW
363 - 366 Effect of molecular interactions on solubility of polypyrrole
Song KT, Lee JY, Kim DY, Rhee HW, Kim SY, Kim CY
367 - 370 Highly oriented TTF-TCNQ crystal growth using an electric-field induced evaporation technique
Sakabe T, Iizuka M, Kuniyoshi S, Kudo K, Tanaka K
371 - 374 Growth temperature dependence of donor-acceptor layered structure FET
Fukagawa T, Iizuka M, Kuniyoshi S, Kudo K, Tanaka K
375 - 378 Surface-enhanced Raman scattering of charge transfer thin films of tetracyanoquinodimethane derivatives on metal surface
Jung YM, Sato H, Ikeda T, Tashiro H, Ozaki Y
379 - 382 Crystal structures of tetrathiafulvalene multiannulated macrocycles in open-shell electronic state
Akutagawa T, Abe Y, Ohta T, Hasegawa T, Nakamura T, Christensen C, Lau J, Becher J
383 - 388 Polymer electroluminescent devices of poly(4,4'-triphenyl amine-diylvinylene-alt-4,4'-diphenyl-sulfone-vinylene) (PTASV)
Kim SW, Jung HK, Lee JK, Kang MS, Park SY, Kim JJ
389 - 394 Material developments and light control in organic light-emitting diode
Tokito S, Taga Y
395 - 398 Effects of microparticle dispersion on laser emission from dye-doped microspheres
Ohtaka H, Koyama T, Taniguchi Y
399 - 403 Development of electrode for organic EL materials by cyclic voltammetry
Choi DS, Kim YK, Lee JW
405 - 408 Comparison of electroluminescent characteristics of Zn(BTZ)(2) and Zn(BOX)(2) films prepared by vacuum evaporation method
Kwon OK, Kim YK, Sohn BC, Ha YK
409 - 412 Study on the optical and electrical properties of Eu complex in organic electroluminescent devices
Lee SP, Kim JH, Lee HS, Kim JS, Kim YK, Hoe HS, Lee SH, Zyung TH
413 - 416 Mixing effect on the electroluminescent properties of Co-deposited thin films of BeBq(2) and BeMq(2)
Lee JW, Kim YK, Sohn BC, Choi DS, Ha YK
417 - 421 Red color enhancement of white light emitting diode by doping Alq(3) layer with DCM
Pyo SW, Lee HS, Kim JS, Choi DS, Kim YK
423 - 426 Synthesis and luminescent properties of hyperbranched poly(P-phenylene)s by molecular architecture engineering
Shin SH, Oh DJ, Kim HK
427 - 430 Photovoltaic properties of PVK based films with 5,10,15,20-tetra(O-nitrophenyl) porphyrinatozinc and 8-hydroquinoline aluminum
Kim CH, Kim HS, Kim MR, Shin BG, Kim JJ, Lee CH, Ha CS, Lee JK
431 - 434 Synthesis of conjugated polymers containing biphenyl group and their electro-optical properties
Park LS, Han YS, Kim SD
435 - 438 Electrical conductivity of polypyrrole/copolyester composite films prepared from copolyester-FeCl3 surface adsorption
Baik DH, Lee SM, Park YH, Lee JY, Lee Y
439 - 442 Electroluminescent properties of polyurethane derivative with stilbene on the side chain
Jeong H, Zou DC, Tsutsui T, Ha CS
443 - 446 Thermally stable light-emitting diodes using the blend of polyimide and poly(9-vinyl carbazole) in hole transporting layer
Ha HO, Cho WJ, Ha CS
447 - 450 Electroabsorption measurement of polymer electroluminescent devices with insulating layer
Yoon J, Kim JJ, Lee TW, Park OO
451 - 454 Luminescent spectral changes in polymer light-emitting diodes after heat treatments
Lee TW, Park OO, Do LM, Zyung T
455 - 458 Improved quantum efficiency by overneutralization of ionomers used in polymer light-emitting diodes
Lee TW, Park OO, Do LM, Zyung T
459 - 462 Improvement of quantum efficiency of polythiophene derivatives by controlling the band gap
Ahn SH, Ahn TK, Han SH, Lee H
463 - 466 Effect of polymer layer morphology by thermal treatment on I-V characteristics of electroluminescence device
Choi JW, Kim JS, Oh SY, Rhee HW, Lee WH
467 - 470 Light-emitting electrochemical cell (LEC) using polythiophene derivative
Han EM, Gu HB, Jin SH, Lee SH, Moon SB, Kim WH, Lee KS
471 - 474 Luminescent properties of organic electroluminescent devices using Alq(3) and TPD materials with CuPc, buffer layer
Back G, Back S, Jiang K, Shin D, Lee Y, Yase K
475 - 478 Photoluminescence study of Langmuir-Blodgett films of blend poly 3-(2-(5-chlorobenzotriazole)ethyl) thiophene
Cui HN, Lee H
479 - 482 Characteristics and stability of organic EL device using a polymer hole transport material doped by fluorescent dye
Oh SY, Lee CH, Kim HM, Lee SB
483 - 486 Improved EL performance of organic EL device consisting of copper phthalocyanine, PDPMA LB film and rubrene doped Alq(3)
Oh SY, Kim HM, Lee CH, Choi JW, Rhee HW, Lee SB
487 - 490 Investigation of basic parameters in organic photovoltaic cells
Iizuka M, Kudo K, Kuniyoshi S, Tanaka K
491 - 494 Photochemical behavior of diolefinic compounds with amide bonds: Relationship between molecular environment and reaction kinetics in the monolayers
Zhao J, Lee SA, Akiyama H, Nagasawa JI, Nakanishi F
495 - 498 Preparation and properties of thin films of polysilane copolymers, poly(dimethylsilylene-co-methyl-n-propylsilylene)s
Tanigaki N, Yoshida M, Wada M, Kaito A, Yase K
499 - 502 Photo- and electroluminescence for TCNQ-amino adducts
Kagawa Y, Takada N, Matsuda H, Yase K, Halim M, Samuel IW, Cross GH, Bloor D
503 - 506 Vacuum deposition and polymerization of acetylene substituted fluorenes
Lee C, Kang Y, Lee S, Kim HJ, Jung SH, Kim JS
507 - 510 Color tunable electroluminescence from polymer blends containing carbazole unit
Lee SH, Jin SH, Moon SB, Song IS, Kim WH, Kwon SK, Park NK, Han EM