Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

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XI - XI Proceedings of 10th International Symposium on Intercalation Compounds - ISIC 10 - Part 2 of 2 - Okazaki, Japan - May 30-June 3, 1999 - Guest editor's foreword
Endo M, Enoki T, Suematsu H, Yamanaka S
805 - 812 Charge transfer in misfit layer chalcogenides, [(MX)(n)](1+x)(TX2)(m): a key for understanding their stability and properties
Meerschaut A, Moelo Y, Cario L, Lafond A, Deudon C
813 - 818 Angle-resolved, resonance- and inverse-photoemission studies of transition metal intercalated TiS2
Suga S
819 - 824 Neutron magnetic scattering of intercalation compounds FexTiS2
Kuroiwa Y, Honda H, Noda Y
825 - 830 Low dimensional triangular magnetic systems in transition metal intercalates of misfit layer compounds
Suzuki K, Michioka C
831 - 836 Structural and magnetic properties of FexTiSe2 intercalation compounds
Shintomi M, Tazuke Y, Takahashi H
837 - 842 Magnetic and Raman scattering studies on intercalation compounds FexNbS2
Koyano M, Watanabe H, Yamamura Y, Tsuji T, Katayama S
843 - 848 Magnetic susceptibility of deintercalated tunnel compound of KxCr5Se8 and Mossbauer spectra of K-x(Cr-0.95 Fe-57(0.05))(5)Se-8
Ohtani T, Kawasaki S, Takano M, Harima Y, Chika T, Kirino S
849 - 854 Electronic structure of TiSe2 and TiSe2 intercalated with Eu
Danzenbacher S, Molodtsov SL, Koepernik K, Tomm Y, Laubschat C
855 - 860 Microscopic studies of 2H-NbSe2 probed by positive muon
Higemoto W, Nagamine K, Kuroda S, Takita K
861 - 866 Impurity scattering in 3d transition metal intercalation compounds MxTiS2
Inoue M, Kakita S, Negishi H, Sasaki M
867 - 872 EXAFS and XANES studies on 3d transition metal intercalation compounds MxTiS2
Negishi H, Negishi S, Sasaki M, Inoue M, Ohara S
873 - 878 MonteCarlo simulation of intercalated atomic distributions in layered dichalcogenide
Negishi S, Negishi H, Sasaki M, Inoue M
879 - 884 Low-temperature form (Phase II) of ionic conductor Ag7TaS6 analyzed using high-resolution synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction data
Onoda M, Wada H, Pattison P, Yamamoto A, Ishii M, Chapuis G
885 - 890 Structural properties and interlayer interaction in (MX)(x)TX2-type ternary chalcogenides with layered composite crystal structure
Gotoh Y, Akimoto J, Onoda M
891 - 896 Structural phase transition of an intercalation compound Mn1/4NbS2
Kuroiwa Y, Kunikata M, Noda Y
897 - 902 Structural analysis of the layered compounds CuxTiS2
Kusawake T, Takahashi Y, Ohshima KI
903 - 908 Evidence for superconductivity in Nb2SC0.90 carbosulfide
Sakamaki K, Wada H, Nozaki H, Onuki Y, Kawai M
909 - 914 Mossbauer spectra of FePS3-cobaltocene intercalation compound
Sakai H, Yamazaki T, Machida N, Shigematsu T, Nasu S
915 - 921 Electrical conduction mechanisms of MxPS3, M1-xM'xPS3 and their intercalation compounds
Ichimura K, Nakano H, Takashima M
923 - 928 Electron paramagnetic resonance study of magnetic ordering in MnPS3, Mn0.79PS3(4,4'-bipy)(0.42) and Mn0.84PS3(1,10-Phen)(0.64) compounds
Bhide MK, Kadam RM, Sastry MD, Qin JG, Yang CL, Yakushi K, Nakazawa Y, Ichimura K, Sra AK, Yakhmi JV
929 - 934 Novel intercalation compounds of MoS2
Powell AV, Kosidowski L, McDowall A
935 - 940 Origin of structural instability in layered intercalation compounds
Pervov VS, Makhonina EV, Volkov VV
941 - 946 Highly electrical conductivity of hybrid Langmuir-Blodgett films of transition metal dichalcogenide and amphiphilic compounds
Tachibana H, Yamanaka Y, Sakai H, Abe M, Matsumoto M
947 - 950 Single crystal growth, structure and physical property of LiCoO2 and LiNiO2
Akimoto J, Gotoh Y
951 - 958 Lithium transport through sputter deposited lithium cobalt dioxide thin film electrode
Pyun SI, Shin HC
959 - 966 Thermodynamic approach to electrochemical lithium intercalation into Li1-delta Mn2O4 electrode prepared by sol-gel method
Pyun SI, Kim SW
967 - 974 Cation mixing during lithium intercalation into and deintercalation from LiAlyNi1-yO2 (0 <= y <= 0.25) electrodes
Pyun SI, Lee MH, Shin HC, Kim SW
975 - 980 A novel synthetic route of A(x)CoO(2) (A = Li or Na) through the ion-exchange reaction of CoOOH by the hydrothermal method
Kanasaku T, Kouda T, Amezawa K, Yamamoto N
981 - 986 Magnetic structure of Li1-xNi1+xO2
Nunez-Regueiro MD, Chappel E, Chouteau G, Delmas C
987 - 992 Synthesis of layered-structure LiFeO2
Shimode M, Sasaki M, Mukaida KI
993 - 996 Li intercalation in Tl2Ba2CuO6+delta superconductor and effective charge of migrating Li ion
Tanatar MA
997 - 1002 Synthesis and characterization of MI2-intercalated Bi-2212 cuprates (M = Mn, Fe, Co, Cu, Zn)
Kijima T, Sushida H, Hara Y, Shiraishi R, Yada M, Machida M
1003 - 1008 Transport and electrochemical properties of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 superconductors
Molenda J, Nowak I, Jedynak L, Marzec J, Stoklosa A
1009 - 1015 Iodine intercalation of Bi2Sr2Ca(n-1)CunOy(N=2,3) superconductors by using reactants I-2 or FeI2
Sugimata E, Nasu S, Ohhashi K
1017 - 1022 Synthesis and photocatalytic property of hectorite/(Pt,TiO2) and H4Nb6O17/(Pt,TiO2) nanocomposites
Ekambaram S, Yanagisawa M, Uchida S, Fujishiro Y, Sato T
1023 - 1028 Modification of the interlayer in HTiNbO5 and its physicochemical characterization
Shangguan W, Yoshida A
1029 - 1034 Crystal structures and resistivities of La1/3LixNbO3
Dilanian RA, Yamamoto A, Izumi F, Kamiyama T
1035 - 1040 Synthesis and photocatalytic properties of TiO2 intercalated H4Nb6O17
Yanagisawa M, Uchida S, Fujishiro Y, Sato T
1041 - 1046 Photoreduction of NO3- and NO2- under visible light irradiation with layered H4Nb6O17/CdS and H2Ti4O9/CdS nanocomposites
Tawkaew S, Uchida S, Fujishiro Y, Sato T
1047 - 1052 Incorporation of lithium into TiO2 host and its application in photocatalysis
Grzechulska J, Hamerski M, Morawski AW
1053 - 1056 Intercalation and pillaring of layered tantalate photocatalysts
Machida M, Yabunaka JI, Kijima T
1057 - 1062 Disordered distribution of K+ ions interlayered in KxTi2-x/3Lix/3O4(x=0.8)
Izumi F, Ikeda T, Sasaki T, Kumazawa S
1063 - 1068 Aggregation of a cationic cyanine dye intercalated in the interlayer space of a layered titanate Na2Ti3O7
Miyamoto N, Kuroda K, Ogawa M
1069 - 1074 Ion exchange of layer structured titanate CsxTi2-x/4O4 (x=0.68) and ionic conductivity of the products
Ohashi M
1075 - 1080 Physical properties of vanadium oxide bronzes beta-A(0.33)V(2)O(5) (A = Ca and Sr)
Isobe M, Ueda Y
1081 - 1086 Interdiffusion in oxide solid solutions, simulation of the process and calculation of intrinsic diffusivities
Danielewski M, Filipek R
1087 - 1092 Orientation of guest molecules and formation of mesoporous silica induced by layered silicate-organic interactions
Kuroda K
1093 - 1098 Optical materials based on nanoscaled guest/host composites
Marlow F
1099 - 1103 New regioselective intercalation reactions
O'Hare D, Fogg A, Green VM, Harvey HG
1105 - 1111 Molecular mechanics simulations of intercalates
Capkova P, Votinsky J
1113 - 1118 Adsorption and electronic properties in tetramethylbenzidine-intercalated tetrasilicicfluormica
Ishimaru S, Sawatari H, Ikeda R
1119 - 1124 Dynamics of n-octylammonium ions intercalated in saponite
Yamauchi M, Ishimaru S, Ikeda R
1125 - 1130 Synthesis and size-selective application of palladium metal particles intercalated in mesopore-size controlled smectite
Shirai M, Torii K, Arai M
1131 - 1136 Raman scattering and X-ray diffraction studies on alkali-metal intercalated clays
Wada N, Omura Y, Fukase T
1137 - 1142 Enhanced aggregation of tin(IV)porphyrins in a polyfluorinated surfactant-clay hybrid environment
Matsuoka R, Yui T, Sasai R, Takagi K, Inoue H
1143 - 1148 Preparation and characterization of new chirally modified laponites
Torok B, Balazsik K, Dekany I, Bartok M
1149 - 1154 Complex formation of homoionic montmorillonites with propylene carbonate and osmotic swelling in aqueous electrolyte solutions
Onikata M, Fujita K, Kondo M, Yamanaka S
1155 - 1160 Solid state intercalation of 4,4'-bipyridine into the interlayer space of montmorillonites
Khaorapapong N, Kuroda K, Hashizume H, Ogawa M
1161 - 1166 One pot synthesis of layered tetratitanate-organic intercalation compounds with the aid of macrocyclic compounds
Ogawa M, Takizawa Y
1167 - 1172 Liquid sorption and nanoparticle intercalation in layer-structured materials
Dekany I, Szucs A, Mogyorosi K, Kiraly Z
1173 - 1180 Variable magnetism of layer-structured compounds Cu-2(OD)(3)X with exchangeable anion X: Magnetic local structure and magnetic interactions determined by solid-state high-resolution deuterium NMR
Takeda S, Arai M, Maruta G, Yamaguchi K
1181 - 1186 Layer rigidity in layer double hydroxides containing a fixed host-layer
Hines DR, Solin SA, Costantino U, Nocchetti M
1187 - 1192 Layer rigidity in lamellar solids
Solin SA
1193 - 1197 Magnetic properties of layered copper hydroxides under high pressure
Fujita W, Awaga K
1199 - 1210 Magnetic ordering in layered cobalt-hydroxide triangular lattices
Kurmoo M
1211 - 1216 Synthesis of hydrotalcite using magnesium from seawater and dolomite
Kameda T, Yoshioka T, Uchida M, Okuwaki A
1217 - 1222 Preparation of new inorganic-organic layered compounds, hydroxy double salts, and preferential intercalation of organic carboxylic acids into them
Tagaya H, Sasaki N, Morioka H, Kadokawa J
1223 - 1228 Preparation of new fibrous organic-inorganic layered compounds derived from zinc hydroxyde
Ogata S, Tagaya H, Kadokawa JI, Chiba K
1229 - 1233 Layered double hydroxide as gene reservoir
Choy JH, Park JS, Kwak SY, Jeong YJ, Han YS
1235 - 1240 Alkyl derivatives of boehmite having the second stage structure
Inoue M, Kimura M
1241 - 1244 Spin-spin relaxation process of Na-23-NMR in Na-loaded NaY
Igarashi M
1245 - 1250 Optical transitions of AgI and AgBr clusters in zeolite FAU
Kodaira T, Ikeda T
1251 - 1256 Arrangement of K clusters in the K-doped zeolite K-LTA
Ikeda T, Kodaira T, Izumi F, Kumazawa S
1257 - 1263 Optical and ESR studies of Na clusters in zeolite FAU
Ikemoto Y, Nakano T, Kuno M, Nozue Y
1265 - 1270 Magnetic properties near the ferromagnetic-nonferromagnetic phase boundary in potassium clusters incorporated into zeolite LTA
Nakano T, Ikemoto Y, Nozue Y
1271 - 1276 Effect of pressure on antiferromagnetic transition in alkali-electro-sodalite
Mizoguchi K, Takanashi T, Sakamoto H, Damjanovic L, Srdanov VI
1277 - 1282 The effect of Li on structure of supported Rh particles in zeolite
Bando KK, Ichikuni N, Arakawa H, Asakuara K
1283 - 1288 Intercalation route to novel superconducting nano-hybrids
Choy JH, Lee W, Jang ES, Kwon SJ, Hwang SJ, Kim YI
1289 - 1294 Electrical and optical properties of conducting polymer and carbons in nano-scale periodic structure and their intercalation effects
Yoshino K, Kawagishi Y, Satoh S, Lee S, Nakayama K, Take H, Kajii H
1295 - 1300 Iron-chloranilate intercalation compounds: synthesis, crystal structures, and thermal properties
Kabir MK, Kawata S, Adachi K, Tobita H, Miyazaki N, Kumagai H, Kitagawa S
1301 - 1306 NMR studies of silicon clathrate compounds
Maniwa Y, Sakamoto H, Tou H, Aoki Y, Sato H, Shimizu F, Kawaji H, Yamanaka S
1307 - 1312 Dynamics of intercalated water molecules synthetic layered silicates
Kamitakahara WA, Wada N
1313 - 1318 Optical reflection spectra of silicon clathrate compounds Ba8AgxSi46-x
Nozue Y, Hosaka G, Enishi E, Yamanaka S
1319 - 1324 Magnetic susceptibility in 2D superconductor NaxHfNCI system
Shamoto SI, Iizawa K, Asano Y, Ohoyama K, Kajitani T
1325 - 1330 Technology of intercalation and new effects in PbI2 single crystals intercalated by hydrazine
Motsnyi FV
1331 - 1336 Crystal structures of two-dimensional coordination polymer Fe(Methylpyridine)(2)Ni(CN)(4)
Kitazawa T, Eguchi M, Takeda M
1337 - 1342 Numerical studies of ground state phase diagrams for the MMX chains
Kuwabara M, Yonemitsu K
1343 - 1346 Light interference study of superionic transition in synthetic metal - Solid electrolyte hybrid (BEDT-TTF)(3)AgxI8
Tanatar MA
1347 - 1352 Charge gap and interchain correlation in quasi-one-dimensional dimerized organic conductors
Yonemitsu K
1353 - 1358 Role of dimensionality in dimerized two-band systems
Mori M, Yonemitsu K, Kino H
1359 - 1364 Interplay of correlation, randomness and dimensionality effects in weakly-coupled half-filled random Hubbard chains
Kishine JI, Yonemitsu K
1365 - 1370 Interlayer reaction of polyamine/alpha-zirconium phosphate intercalation compounds with some aldehydes
Kaneno M, Yamaguchi S, Nakayama H, Miyakubo K, Ueda T, Eguchi T, Nakamura N
1371 - 1376 Gas permeation properties of carbon molecular sieve membranes prepared in alkali metal-organic solvent systems
Suda H, Wenzel A, Yanagishita H, Haraya K
1377 - 1382 Adsorption of carboxylic acids by diethylenetriamine intercalation compound of alpha-Zr(HPO4)(2) center dot H2O
Hayashi A, Nakayama H, Eguchi T, Nakamura N, Tsuhako M