Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.340 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 6 Spin frustration effect in magnetic graphite intercalation compounds
Suzuki M, Suzuki IS
7 - 12 Magnetic and transport properties of nanographites
Wakabayashi K
13 - 18 Graphite and fullerite host structures for intercalation-oxido/reduction reactions
Lagrange P, Herold C
19 - 24 Anomalous angular dependence of magnetoresistance in MCl2-GIC's (M=Cu and Co)
Sato H, Enoki T, Suzuki IS, Suzuki M
25 - 30 Percolation process of the intercalation of alkali metal atoms and halogen molecules into "carbolite"
Tanuma SI
31 - 36 Kinetics of intercalation of Br-2 or ICl into pyrolytic graphite "NIKAFILM" studied by thermoelectric properties
Yoshida I, Tanuma S, Ono T, Sato N
37 - 42 Graphite intercalation with perfluoroalkylsulfonates, and perfluoroalkylsulfonyl imides and methide
Zhang X, Lerner MM
43 - 48 Characterization of unsaturated organic molecule-alkali metal-ternary graphite intercalation compounds
Matsumoto R, Takahashi Y, Akuzawa N
49 - 52 Novel adsorption behavior of nestled C14AsF6
Okino F, Kawasaki S, Touhara H
53 - 58 Fermi surface of electrons and holes in C8K: First-principles study
Amamiya S, Higai SI, Suzuki S, Nakao K
59 - 64 Host effect on the properties of AM-GICs
Akuzawa N, Murakami M, Nakano M, Soneda Y, Matsumoto R, Takahashi Y
65 - 70 On the ternary system graphite-sodium-potassium
Antoine L, Gachon JC, Nalimova VA, Sklovsky DE, Filatov A, Guerard D
71 - 76 Chemical reaction of intercalated atoms at the edge of nano-graphene cluster
Saito R, Yagi M, Kimura T, Dresselhaus G, Dresselhaus MS
77 - 82 Physical properties and C-F bonding in fluorine-graphite intercalation compounds as seen by NMR
Panich AM, Nakajima T
83 - 88 Physical properties of a novel layered compound; Scandium boron carbide Sc2B1.1C3.2
Mori T, Shi Y, Tanaka T
89 - 94 Electrochemical reduction of Ag4Hf3S8 in a nonaqueous lithium cell
Wada H, Sakamaki K
95 - 100 Structure of Pd-intercalated graphite onions formed by electron beam irradiation
Oku T, Schmid G, Suganuma K, Sun Q, Kawazoe Y
XV - XV Proceedings of the 10th international symposium on intercalation compounds - ISIC 10 - Guest editor's foreword
Endo M, Enoki T, Suematsu H, Yamanaka S
101 - 106 On the interaction between alkali metal-GICs and unsaturated hydrocarbons
Shioyama H
107 - 112 Successive magnetic phase transitions of CucCo1-cCl2-FeCl3 graphite bi-intercalation compounds
Suzuki IS, Suzuki M, Sato H, Enoki T
113 - 119 Studies of exfoliated graphite (EG) for heavy oil sorption
Tryba B, Kalenczuk RJ, Kang FY, Inagaki M, Morawski AW
121 - 126 Theoretical possibility of the stable high spin multiple states in the boron-carbon layered systems
Takahashi N, Takeuchi J, Takeda K
127 - 130 Structure and reduction behavior of platinum chloride intercalated in graphite layers
Shirai M, Igeta K, Arai M
131 - 136 Synthesis and analysis of the behaviour of graphite nitrate in H2O, CH3COOH and their mixtures
Avdeev VV, Tverezovskaya OA, Sorokina NE, Monyakina LA, Nikol'Skaya IV
137 - 142 Spontaneous and electrochemical intercalation of HNO3 into graphite
Avdeev VV, Tverezovskaya OA, Sorokina NE
143 - 148 Thermoelectric power of stage-2 IRr-GIC
Kobayashi K, Suzuki S, Oshima H, Sugihara K
149 - 154 Charge transfer mechanism and electronic states of acceptor-type graphite intercalation compounds
Higai S, Mizuno S, Suzuki S, Nakao K
155 - 160 Synthesis, structure and electrochemical reactivity of CrO3-H2SO4- graphite bi-intercalation compounds prepared at room temperature
Skowronski JM
161 - 166 FTIR and thermal studies of FeCl3-CrO3-graphite bi-intercalation compound
Skowronski JM, Czajka B, Morawski AW
167 - 172 EPR, C-13 and B-11 NMR of boronated carbons intercalated with heavy alkali metals (K, Rb and Cs)
Duclaux L, Faugere AM, Conard J, Flandrois S, Lauginie P
173 - 178 Raman scattering study of FeCl3 based graphite bi-intercalation compounds
Abe T, Mizutani Y, Yokota Y, Inaba M, Ogumi Z
179 - 184 Effect of bromine intercalation on thermomagnetic properties of pyrolytic graphite "Nikafilm"
Ono T, Ishii T, Yoshida I, Tanuma S
185 - 190 Conduction ESR and theoretical studies of graphite intercalation by nitric acid
Ziatdinov A, Skrylnik P
191 - 196 Electrical conductivity and conduction ESR in incommensurate phase of graphite intercalation compounds with nitric acid
Ziatdinov AM
197 - 202 Investigation of the thermoexfoliation process in different acceptor GICs
Matzui L, Vovchenko L, Ovsienko I, Kharkov E
203 - 209 Thermodynamic model of thermoexfoliation
Kharkov E, Matzui L, Lysov V, Fedorov V
211 - 216 Electrochemical insertion of lithium into carbonaceous materials derived from pyrolyzed polyparaphenylene: Effects of the pyrolysis time
Dubois M, Naji A, Billaud D
217 - 222 Two-dimensional weak localization effect in stage-4 MoCl5 graphite intercalation compound
Suzuki M, Suzuki IS, Matsubara K, Sugihara K
223 - 228 New stage structure of iodine doped pentacene film (II)
Matsuo Y, Sasaki A, Yoshida Y, Ikehata S
229 - 234 Comparison of the intercalation into graphite of phosphorus-potassium and mercury-potassium binaries
Goutfer-Wurmser F, Herold C, Mareche JF, Lagrange P
235 - 240 Electronic structure of graphite intercalated with U
Molodtsov SL, Danzenbacher S, Richter M, Laubschat C
241 - 246 Application of image analysis for TEM image of acceptor graphite intercalation compound
Miyazaki T, Oshida K, Endo M, Dresselhaus MS
247 - 252 Kinetic properties of current carriers in GICs and low density carbon materials
Ionov SG, Kulbachinskii VA, Kuvshinnikov SV, Kytin VG
253 - 258 Current carriers energy spectrum of sulfur acid-graphite and graphite foils
Ionov SG, Avdeev VV, Pavlova EP, Kuvshinnikov SV, Sorokina NE
259 - 264 Intercalation compounds of graphyne
Narita N, Nagai S, Suzuki S, Nakao K
265 - 270 Theoretical study on structure and electronic state of sodium-hydrogen-graphite ternary intercalation compound
Higai S, Fujiwara T, Suzuki S, Mizuno S, Nakao K
271 - 276 Crystal growth of new compound Sc2B1.1C3.2 with graphite-like layers
Shi Y, Leithe-Jasper A, Tanaka T
277 - 282 ZnCl2-CrO3-H2SO4-graphite bi-intercalation compound: Synthesis, structure and electrochemical transformation
Skowronski JM, Urbaniak J
283 - 288 First-principles studies on Pd intercalated graphite
Sun Q, Wang DS, Wang Q, Oku T, Kawazoe Y
289 - 294 Fluorine-introduced sp(3)-carbon sites in a nano-sized pi-electron system and their effects on the electronic properties
Takai K, Sato H, Enoki T, Yoshida N, Okino F, Touhara H, Endo M
295 - 299 Structural study of a novel graphite bi-intercalation compound
Gonzalez RO, Aguilera MD, Cedeno I
301 - 306 I-129 Mossbauer effect of iodine absorbed in activated carbon fibers
Shibayama Y, Sato H, Enoki T, Seto M, Kobayashi Y, Maeda Y, Endo M
307 - 312 Conduction ESR and surface spin relaxation in graphite and acceptor graphite intercalation compounds
Ziatdinov A, Kainara V, Krivoshei A
313 - 318 Thermal desorption of graphite intercalated by SbCl5
Matzui L, Vovchenko L
319 - 324 Phonon drag in GIC based on disordered graphite
Matzui L, Ovsienko I, Vovchenko L
325 - 330 Twenty years of charge transport studies in intercalated graphite
McRae E, Sundqvist B
331 - 336 IR study of ozone modified graphite matrix
Asrian NA, Bondarenko GN, Yemelianova GI, Gorlenko L, Adrov OI, Marassi R, Nalimova VA, Sklovsky DE
337 - 342 Negative magnetoresistance and magnetic susceptibility of boronated graphite
Hishiyama Y, Kaburagi Y, Sugihara K
343 - 348 Collective charge transport in a chain of graphitized carbon nanoparticles
Enomoto Y
349 - 354 Physical and chemical properties of flexible graphite foils
Ionov SG, Avdeev VV, Kuvshinnikov SV, Pavlova EP
355 - 359 Graphitization behaviors of vapor-grown carbon fibers with different diameters as studied by Raman spectroscopy
Nishimura K, Kim YA, Hayasi T, Matushita T, Endo M, Dresselhaus MS
361 - 366 Thermopower of pregraphitic carbons
Matzui L, Vovchenko L, Ovsienko I
367 - 371 Electronic and transport properties of boronated graphite - 3D-weak localization effect
Sugihara K, Hishiyama Y, Kaburagi Y
373 - 378 Theoretical study of the electronic and molecular structures of BC polygonal membered rings
Takeuchi J, Takahashi N, Kitaichi T, Sato T, Takeda K
379 - 382 A possible superstructure: Hyper graphite
Takagi Y, Fujita M, Kusakabe K
383 - 388 Metal borocarbides as novel pi-electronic systems
Suzuki K, Kato M, Watanuki R, Terashima T
389 - 394 First-principles study on the pi electronic structure of nanographite
Nakada K, Okada S, Igami M
395 - 398 EELS study of deformed carbon nanotube
Hayashi T, Kuzumaki T, Miyazawa K, Ito K
399 - 404 Semi-ionic type bonds in fluorinated carbon compounds
Nikolenko YM, Ziatdinov AM
405 - 412 Electrochemical electrode based on carbon foil used as substrate for conducting polymer deposition
Hristea G, Gheorghe S, Gheorghe M
413 - 418 Molecular orbital calculations on electronic properties and lithium storage of substituted disordered carbons
Kurita N
419 - 424 Carbonaceous materials for lithium ion secondary battery anodes
Nishi Y
425 - 429 Development of lithium ion battery
Yoshino A
431 - 436 Influence of pyrolysis conditions on the performance of hard carbons as anodes for lithium batteries
Frackowiak E, Gautier S, Leroux F, Rouzaud JN, Beguin F
437 - 448 The reduction of the irreversible capacity of metal oxide-based negative electrodes for Li-ion batteries
Prosini PP, Carewska M, Cardellini F, Passerini S
449 - 454 Clay/carbon nanocomposites as precursors of electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors
Duclaux L, Frackowiak E, Gibinski T, Benoit R, Beguin F
455 - 460 Structure and anode performance of pristine and B-doped graphites for Li-ion batteries
Kim C, Nishimura K, Fujino T, Miyashita K, Endo M, Dresselhaus MS
461 - 466 Lithium electrochemical intercalation into HOPG: Kinetics analysis of one- and two-phases domains
Simonnard C, Metrot A, Willmann P
467 - 472 A Li-7 NMR study of a hard carbon as a function of temperature and lithiation state
Guerin K, Fevrier-Bouvier A, Flandrois S, Menetrier M, Simon B, Biensan P
473 - 477 Anodic performance of polyparaphenylene (PPP)-based carbons heat-treated at various temperatures
Kim C, Fujino T, Endo M, Dresselhaus MS
479 - 484 Electrochemical intercalation of lithium or perchlorate ion into graphite-like layered material of BC6N
Kawaguchi M, Wakukawa Y
485 - 491 New lithium rich graphite intercalation compounds: Li2C6O0.5 and derived products
Billaud D, Thevenot L, Willmann P
493 - 498 On the choice of carbon materials at the negative electrode of Li-ion batteries: Graphite vs. hard carbons
Flandrois S, Guerin K
499 - 504 Lithium intercalation into BCN alloy derived from pyridine-borane complex
Sasaki M, Goto Y, Inagaki M, Kurita N
505 - 510 Microstructure of milled mesophase pitch-based carbon fibers as an anode material for Li-ion batteries
Kim C, Fujino T, Nishimura Y, Tamaki T, Endo M, Dresselhaus MS
511 - 516 Effect of heteroatoms on lithium insertion into carbons
Frackowiak E, Wachowska H
517 - 522 Electrochemical intercalation of Li into carbon thin films prepared by plasma CVD
Fukutsuka T, Abe T, Inaba M, Ogumi Z
523 - 528 Lithium-ion intercalation into carbons derived from pyrolysis of camphor
Sharon H, Kumar M, Kichambare PD, Avery NR, Black KJ
529 - 534 Femtosecond optical studies of intercalated fullerenes
Fleischer S, Zeiger HJ, Dresselhaus MS, Ippen EP, Dresselhaus G
535 - 540 Electrochemical doping of bundles of unopened single wall carbon nanotubes
Sumanasekera G, Allen J, Eklund P
541 - 546 Structure and electrochemical properties of carbon nanotube intercalation compounds
Zhou O, Gao B, Bower C, Fleming L, Shimoda H
547 - 552 Lithium insertion in carbon nanotubes
Beguin F, Metenier K, Pellenq R, Bonnamy S, Frackowiak E
553 - 558 Trends in structure and growth of higher fullerenes isomer structure of C-86 and C-88-
Miyake Y, Minami T, Kikuchi K, Kainosho M, Achiba Y
559 - 564 Efficient preparation of poly-oxygenated [60]fullerene
Tajima Y, Osawa S, Arai H, Takeuchi K
565 - 570 Crystal structure of europium C-60 compounds
Ootoshi H, Ishii K, Fujiwara A, Watanuki T, Matsuoka Y, Suematsu H
571 - 576 Structural phase transition in (NH3)K3C60
Ishii K, Watanuki T, Fujiwara A, Suematsu H, Iwasa Y, Simoda H, Takenobu T, Mitani T
577 - 582 Phase transitions and chemical transformation in lithium fullerides LinC60
Avdeev VV, Mitronova GY, Zubareva NA, Velikodniy YA
583 - 586 Electronic properties of Ba-intercalated fullerides
Iwasa Y, Chen XH, Takenobu T, Mitani T
587 - 592 The electronic structures of (PH4)(3)C-60 and (ClO4)(3)C-60
Suzuki S, Higai S, Nagai N, Nakao K
593 - 598 Structural influence on the intensitiy ratio of the T' and T Rb-87 NMR lines and the superconductivity in Rb3C60
Kraus M, Klein O, Luders K
599 - 604 Anomalous high pressure properties in fullerene superconductors
Obu TT, Shimoda H, Iwasa Y, Mitani T, Kosaka M, Tanigaki KU, Brown CM, Prassides K
605 - 610 Hybridization between K and C-60 electronic states in superconducting K3Ba3C60
Umemoto K, Saito S
611 - 616 X-ray diffraction and physical properties of potassium fullerides KxC70
Kobayashi M, Hara T, Shiota K, Akahama Y, Kawamura H, Murakami Y
617 - 622 Synthesis and structure of BaxC70
Takenobu T, Chen XH, Iwasa Y, Mitani T
623 - 628 Ultraviolet photoelectron spectra of potassium dosed higher fullerenes
Iwasaki K, Umishita K, Hino S, Kikuchi K, Achiba Y
629 - 633 Crystal structures and phase transformations of the fluorinated fullerenes
Kawsaki S, Okino F, Touhara H
635 - 638 Structural and magnetic characterisation of Ce@C-82
Nuttall CJ, Inada Y, Watanabe Y, Nagai K, Muro T, Chi DH, Takenobu T, Iwasa Y, Kikuchi K
639 - 642 Structural phase transitions of endohedral metallofullerene La@C-82 studied by single crystal X-ray diffraction
Watanuki T, Fujiwara A, Ishii K, Matuoka Y, Suematsu H, Ohwada K, Nakao H, Fujii Y, Kodama T, Kikuchi K, Achiba Y
643 - 648 Ultraviolet photoelectron spectra of mono metal atom encapsulated fullerenes
Iwasaki K, Umishita K, Hino S, Kikuchi K, Achiba Y, Shinohara H
649 - 654 Characteristic interaction of Na-H-C-60 and C-60 with hydrogen and rare gases
Ichimura K, Imaeda K, Inokuchi H
655 - 660 Effect of the intercalation of Ne on electronic properties of C-60 solids
Bitoh S, Itoh T, Yoshida S, Nitta S, Nonomura S
661 - 666 Intercalation of O-2 and its effect on the properties of C-60 and C-70 solids
Itoh T, Yasuda R, Go T, Nitta S, Nonomura S
667 - 670 Hydrogen intercalation in potassium-C-60
Imaeda K, Inokuchi H, Ichimura K, Inoue S, Nakakita S, Okamoto H
671 - 676 Gas storage in single-walled carbon nanotubes
Maniwa Y, Kumazawa Y, Saito Y, Tou H, Kataura H, Ishii H, Suzuki S, Achiba Y, Fujiwara A, Suematsu H
677 - 682 Can two-dimensional fullerene polymers be intercalated?
Wagberg T, Sundqvist B
683 - 688 High pressure synthesis of alkali metal intercalated C-60 polymers
Yasukawa M, Yamanaka S
689 - 694 In situ FTIR, XPS, and STM studies of the nano-structure of a photopolymerized C-60 film
Onoe J, Nakayama T, Nakao A, Hashi Y, Esfarjani K, Kawazoe Y, Aono M, Takeuchi K
695 - 700 In situ FT-IR study of an electron-beam induced reaction of C-60 film
Hara T, Onoe J, Tanaka H, Takeuchi K
701 - 705 Investigation of the interaction between C-60 and Si atoms
Tanaka H, Onoe J, Hara T, Nakao A, Takeuchi K
707 - 712 High yield synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes by DC arc discharge in high temperature He gas
Ando Y, Zhao XL
713 - 717 SEM and TEM observation of carbon nano-fibers prepared by hot filament assisted sputtering
Kamimura K, Matsumoto Y, Oo MT, Nakao M, Onuma Y
719 - 724 Effects of lattice vacancy in carbon nanotubes conductance quantization
Igami M, Nakanishi T, Ando T
725 - 730 Topological effects on conductance of nanotubes
Matsumura H, Ando T
731 - 736 Chirality-dependent resistivity in carbon nanotubes
Suzuura H, Ando T
737 - 742 Crystal chemistry of nanotubes lattices
Fischer JE, Claye A, Lee RS
743 - 748 Electrochemical doping of single wall carbon nanotubes with lithium
Claye A, Fischer JE
749 - 756 Electron spin resonance of K-doped single-wall carbon nanohorns and single-wall carbon nanotubes
Bandow S, Yudasaka M, Yamada R, Iijma S, Kokai F, Takahashi K
757 - 762 Resonance Raman scattering of Br-2 doped single-walled carbon nanotube bundles
Kataura H, Kumazawa Y, Kojima N, Maniwa Y, Umezu I, Masubuchi S, Kazama S, Ohtsuka Y, Suzuki S, Achiba Y
763 - 768 Potassium doped single wall carbon nanotubes: Resistance under pressure
Sklovsky DE, Nalimova VA, Fischer JE
769 - 774 Doping of carbon nanotubes by heavy alkali metals
Duclaux L, Metenier K, Salvetat JP, Lauginie P, Bonnamy S, Beguin F
775 - 780 Three types of behaviour of multiwall carbon nanotubes in reactions with intercalating agents
Mordkovich VZ
781 - 786 Preparation and properties of one-dimensional C-60 nano-structure in a zeolite FSM-16
Kobayashi N, Nitta S, Habuchi H, Yasui T, Itoh T, Nonomura S
787 - 792 Formation and properties of boron nitride nanocapsules with metals and semiconductor nanoparticles
Hirano T, Oku T, Kawaguchi M, Suganuma K
793 - 798 Nano-graphites and their potassium intercalated compounds: Structural and electronic properties
Prasad BLV, Sato H, Enoki T, Hishiyama Y, Kaburagi Y
799 - 804 Formation and structure of cluster-included carbon nanocapsules prepared by polymer pyrolysis
Oku T, Hirano T, Nakajima S, Suganuma K, Aoyagi E, Hiraga K