Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.337 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 6 Quadratic enhancement of the second-harmonic intensity from alternate-layer Langmuir-Blodgett films of an optically nonlinear dye and poly(T-butyl methacrylate)
Ashwell GJ, Whittam AJ
7 - 12 Atomic force microscope lithography with octadecyldimethyl-methoxysilane monolayer resist
Oh Y, Kim J, Lee H
13 - 18 Patterning ultrathin polymethylene films: Applications as a resist in electrochemical growth of conducting patterns
Lee WC, Pandian K, Tao YT
19 - 24 Wavelength selection in a Fabry-Perot filter with an axially aligned nematic liquid crystal
Lee JH, Kim HR, Yoon TY, Lee SD
25 - 30 Fabrication of polydiacetylene fibrous microcrystals by the reprecipitation method
Oshikiri T, Kasai H, Katagi H, Okada S, Oikawa H, Nakanishi H
31 - 36 Optical properties of dispersion and monolayer of silver nanoparticles
Abe K, Ichino Y, Takada N, Hanada T, Yoshida Y, Tanigaki N, Yamaguchi T, Nagasawa H, Yase K
37 - 42 Unimolecular electrical rectification by hexadecylquinolinium tricyanoquinodimethanide
Metzger RM
43 - 48 Novel techniques for characterization of degradation in polymeric light emitting devices
Do LM, Zyung T, Hwang DH, Chu HY, Kim SH
49 - 52 Self-assembly process of organosulfur molecular layers on gold: Electrochemical mechanisms
Eu S, Paik WK
53 - 56 Studies on the structure of self-assembled monolayer of phenylazonaphthalene
Zhang AD, Qin JG
57 - 60 Self-assembled film of carboxylic acid substituted poly(p-phenylene vinylene) derivative and its luminescence properties
Kang YK, Allemand PM, Lee S, Kim E, Lee C
61 - 64 Assembly of supported membranes studied by surface plasmon microscopy
Zhou W, Caide X, Sui SF
65 - 68 Attenuation lengths of photoelectrons in BDN-SA Langmuir-Blodgett films
Yang DQ, Sun Y, Guo Y, Xie SP
69 - 72 Reversible photochromic behaviors of fatty acids with azobenzene chromophore in thin film assemblies
Choi SH, Kim IS, Song K
73 - 76 Optimization of fractal immittance networks
Sugi M, Hirano Y, Miura YF, Saito K
77 - 80 Lateral molecular space control of LB films by introducing spacer molecules
Shiratori SS, Tachi K, Yamada M, Ikezaki K
81 - 84 Anisotropic SHG behaviors of tolan derivatives in monolayer assemblies prepared by horizontal lifting method with rotation of substrate
Nakahara H, Liang W, Kimura-Suda H, Wada T, Sasabe H
85 - 88 Nano-sized SiO2 sol-gel for structure-controlled optical coatings
Sun JH, Fan WH, Xu Y, Wu D, Sun YH
89 - 92 Electrochemical properties of dinuclear Ru complex Langmuir-Blodgett films towards molecular electronics
Haga MA, Wang KX, Kato N, Monjushiro H
93 - 96 Multilayer organic light-emitting diodes with phthalocyanine film as hole-injection layer
Liu YQ, Jiang XZ, Song XQ, Zhu DB
97 - 100 Blue lasing in poly(octanedioxy-co-DMPPV) copolymer microcavity
Park SJ, Choi ES, Oh EJ, Lee KW
XV - XV Proceedings of the Second Asian Symposium on Organised Molecular Films for Electronics and Photonics (ASOMF 2) -Beijing, China - November 1-4, 1998 - Preface
Jiang L, Liu ZF
101 - 104 Synthesis and characteristics of soluble polypyrroles with mixed dopants
Oh EJ, Jang KS, Suh JS, Yo CH
105 - 108 LB multilayers and superlattice films of erbium fatty acid salts
Xu R, Li W, Cao LX, Wang LY, Xi SQ
109 - 112 The friction properties of fluorinated polymer Langmuir-Blodgett films
Fan FQ, Miyashita T
113 - 116 Thermal stability of 1-layer LB film of trichloro(octadecyl)silane
Iimura KI, Kato T, Morita SI, Ozaki Y
117 - 120 Equilibrium spreading pressure of steroids
Iwashashi M, Iwafuji A, Minami H, Katayama N, Iimura K, Kato T
121 - 124 Effect of alkyl chain length on the monolayer formation of copolysiloxanes having an 4-alkoxyphenyl benzoate core in the side chain
Mu J, Okamoto H, Petrov VF, Takenaka S
125 - 128 Influence of thickness and surface pressure of Langmuir-Blodgett films on the efficiency of organic electroluminescence
Ouyang JM, Liu HY
129 - 132 Properties of bilirubin/stearic acid mixed monolayer and multilayers
Ouyang JM, Li C, Ling WH
133 - 136 Highly ordered LB films of a novel ferric Schiff base complex
Wang KZ, Haga MA, Monjushiro H
137 - 140 Influence of the size of rare earth ions on the surface crystallization of complexes
Zhong GL, Pu BY, Feng Y, Yang KZ
141 - 144 Studies on preparation of composite films by adsorption of methyl orange molecules onto the interface of tetracationic porphyrazine monolayer
Feng XS, Yu MX, Liu HG, Mu J
145 - 148 Organized assembling and characterization of monolayer film based on alpha-terthiophene
Cao CS, Wang C, Zhang YH, Du SR, Ai X, Chai XD, Bai YB, Li TJ
149 - 152 Surface coverage of self-assembed zirconium perylene phosphonate derivative films on quartz and crystal growth of zirconium perylene phosphonate derivative
Chai HJ, Kim ER, Lee H
153 - 156 Enhanced adhesion of deposited polypyrrole ultra-thin films through self-assembled polymeric monolayers
Lee JS, Cho GJ, Jang JK, Park K, Cho YS
157 - 160 Electrochemical-assembly approach to nano-ordered conducting polymer films
Luo J, Zhang HP, Huang HG, Wu LL, Lin ZH
161 - 164 Studies on the adsorbed states of alkanethiol self-assembled monolayers on Au(111) by thermal desorption spectroscopy
Noh J, Hara M, Knoll W
165 - 168 Molecular organization of comb-like polymers containing long fluorocarbon chains in the thin films formed by the LB and lift-up methods
Shibasaki Y, Zhu ZQ, Fukuda K
169 - 172 Studies of structural disorder of gold supported thiol-lipid bilayers
Diao P, Jiang DL, Cui XL, Gu DP, Tong RT, Zhong B
173 - 176 Electrical property of a layered non-centrosymmetric self-assembly based on barbituric acid and melamine derivatives
Lu N, Lu R, Wang C, Cao CS, Cao YW, Qian XM, Chai XD, Bai YB, Li TJ
177 - 180 Self-assembly of semiconductor CdSe nanocrystals by bifunctional linker molecules
Xu L, Huang XF, Zhu JM, Chen HM, Chen KJ, Feng D
181 - 184 Assembly and photoelectrochemical studies of TiO2/CdS nanocomposite film
Hao EC, Qian XM, Yang B, Wang DJ, Shen JC
185 - 188 Superlattice structure of gold nanoparticles film deposited by Langmuir-Blodgett technique
Li W, Xu R, Wang LY, Cui HN, Xi SQ
189 - 192 Langmuir-Blodgett film formation from surfactant-capped zinc sulfide nanoparticles spread on water surface
Ping GC, Du BY, Wang LY, Cui HN, He TB, Zeng GF, Xi SQ
193 - 196 Synthesis of ZnS nanowires in liquid crystal systems
Li Y, Wan JH, Gu ZN
197 - 200 Synthesis and luminescence of CdS/ZnS core/shell nanocrystals
Guo HQ, Liu SM, Zhu L, Zhang ZH, Chen W, Wang ZG
201 - 204 Growth of carbon nanotubules on Fe/HMS mesoporous molecular sieve materials
He NY, Kuang YP, Dai Q, Li P, Miao YQ, Lu ZH, Yuan CW
205 - 208 Studies on CrSi2 nanocrystal encapsulated with styrene/acrylonitrile copolymer
Hui Z, Wang DY, Sun XTZXL, Wang DJ, Sun JZ, Li TJ
209 - 212 Preparation, characterization, and photolysis of dodecanethiol-derivatized noble metal nanoparticles
Ah CS, Han HS, Kim K, Jang DJ
213 - 216 Transparent and conductive composite of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) and silica sol-gel materials
Lee Y, Kim J
217 - 220 Low-temperature crystallization of TiO2 films on arranged mono-layers by sol-gel method
Lin H, Kozuka H, Yoko T
221 - 224 Preparation and photoelectrochemical properties of TiO2 films consisting of monodispersed particles by sol-gel method
Yoko T, Hattori T, Kozuka H, Zhao GL, Lin H
225 - 228 Quantum size effect of lead iodide nanoparticles formed by a Langmuir-Blodgett technique
Yamaki T, Asai K, Ishigure K, Ema K, Yaguchi H
229 - 232 Preparation and characteristics of alpha-Fe2O3 nanocrystalline/block copolymer heterostructure composite
Ai X, Qian XM, Wang DY, Zhang XT, Song Q, Liu FQ, Bai YB, Li TJ, Tang XY
233 - 236 Preparation of SnO2 thin films with extremely preferred orientation along (101) plane by LB deposition technique
Cao LX, Huo LH, Ping GC, Wang DM, Zeng GF, Xi SQ
237 - 240 Gold nanoparticles assembly as the model system in studying mechanisms of surface enhanced Raman scattering
Zhu T, Zhu ZH, Wang J, Wang YC, Liu ZF
241 - 244 Irreversible adsorption and reduction of p-nitrothio-phenol monolayers on gold: Electrochemical in situ surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Zhu T, Yu HZ, Wang YC, Liu ZF
245 - 248 Synthesis and pH dependent optical properties of gold nanoparticles capped with mercaptopropionic acid
Liu ST, Zhu T, Wang YC, Liu ZF
249 - 252 A new biological synthetic route for preparation of silica nano-particles
Guo ZM, Wang C, Wang LJ, Cao CS, Chen X, Sun CR, Li TJ
253 - 256 An in situ analysis of a self-assembly process of an alpha-imidazolyl-omega-alkanethiol on gold by a quartz crystal analyzer
Kim JM, Song SH, Chang SM, Kim JU, Lee BJ, Muramatsu H, Miyake J
257 - 260 Organized Langmuir-Blodgett monolayers and multilayers based on semi-amphiphilic binuclear phthalocyanine: AFM investigation and photovoltaic characteristics
Zhang YJ, Li LS, Jin J, Du XG, Zhao YY, Li TJ
261 - 264 Preparation and characterization of DBSA doped polyaniline thin films
Huo LH, Cao LX, Cui HN, Wang DM, Zeng GF, Xi SQ
265 - 268 Technique for determination of gold electrode area and its application of characterization in self-assembling process
Zhao JW, Niu L, Dong SJ
269 - 272 Spectroscopic probe of metal complexation of imidazole in the Langmuir monolayer
Kim YG, Im JH, Lee BJ, Kim JH
273 - 276 Scanning tunneling microscopy observations of [7]thiahelicene adsorbed on Au(111)
Nakamura T, Kondoh H, Matsumoto M
277 - 280 XPS, AFM and EIA studies of IgG molecules site-directed immobilized on APTES modified silicon wafer surfaces
Qian WP, Xu B, Song ZD, Wu L, Yao DF, Yu F, Lu ZH, Wei Y
281 - 284 An atomic force microscopic study of pore wall structures of p-type macroporous silicon
Qian WP, Yao DF, Wu L, Yu F, Lin YH, Zhang HQ, Lu ZH
285 - 288 Formation of nanoscale polarized domains in organic ferroelectric thin films by scanning force microscopy
Chen XQ, Yamada H, Horiuchi T, Matsushige K, Weiss PS
289 - 292 Characterization of quinacridone derivative in thin film
Ni JP, Ueda Y
293 - 296 Scanning near-field optical atomic force microscopy studies on the surface morphology and optical structures of merocyanine dyes
Shin HK, Kim JM, Muramatsu H, Kwon YS
297 - 300 Preliminary exploration of nanoscale titanium dots using STM
Tong MZ, Jiang JF, Huang P, Cai QY, Shen B, Gou J, Xu JT, Zhao XL, Cai LT, Lu ZH
301 - 304 Chemical force titration of conjugated pyridyl group-terminated self-assembled monolayers
He HX, Zhang H, Wang YC, Liu ZF
305 - 308 Monitoring the electrochemical transformation of an azobenzene-terminated alkanethiolate monolayer at gold by chemical force microscopy
Wu ZY, Dong D, Zhang H, He HX, Liu ZF
309 - 312 Fabrication of PdIr-coated conductive atomic force microscope tip and its application in nanofabrication
Chen HF, Song JQ, Wang YC, Liu ZF
313 - 316 AFM lithography on Langmuir-Blodgett film of octadecyltrichlorosilane
She J, Song JQ, Wang YC, Liu ZF
317 - 320 Room temperature single electron tunneling in nanoparticle-STM tip assemblies
Jiang P, Liu ZF, Wang YC, Cai SM
321 - 324 Studies on control of molecular re-arrangement in Langmuir-Blodgett films of 2-pentadecyl-7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane by infrared and ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy
Wang HS, Morita SI, Iriyama K, Ozaki Y
325 - 328 Thermal behavior of one-layer Langmuir-Blodgett films of 2-pentadecyl-7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane studied by ultraviolet-visible and infrared spectroscopies
Morita SI, Nichogi K, Ozaki Y
329 - 332 Layer-structured photorefractive composite containing nematic liquid crystal(E7)-C-60-PVK (poly(N-vinylcarbazole))
Choi SA, Mun JH, Yoon CS, Kim JD
333 - 336 Blue electroluminescence from 1,3-diphenyl-5-(2-pyrenyl)-2-pyrazoline
Gao XC, Cao H, Zhang LQ, Zhang BW, Huang CH
337 - 340 Blue-shifted band in LB films of merocyanic-arachidic acid-N-alkane ternary system
Hirano Y, Kawata JI, Miura YF, Sugi M, Ishii T
341 - 344 Interchain coupling and electronic band structure in polydiacetylenes
Hu HF, Yao KL
345 - 348 Anisotropy of transient absorption change in aggregate metallophthalocyanine with two-dimensional transitions
Isoshima T, Ishizaki K, Watanabe H, Wada T, Sasabe H
349 - 352 Electroluminescent properties of dye-dispersed polyurethane with stilbene dye pendant
Jeong H, Ha CS
353 - 356 Spectroscopic properties of retinoid molecules in Langmuir-Blodgett films
Kimura N, Matuo T, Machida K, Imai K, Sawada T, Tsubono I
357 - 360 Structure analysis of Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett films with metal complexes
Yoo SY, Shin HK, Jeong Y, Park JC, Kwon YS
361 - 364 Enhancement of the photoelectric response of squarine dye by using C-60
Liu FL, Li JR, Li XC, Jiang L
365 - 368 Highly conductive Langmuir-Blodgett films based on dialkyldimethylammonium-metal(DMIT)(2)
Miura YF, Kawasaki T, Ohnishi H, Okuma Y, Sugi M
369 - 372 Third-order nonlinear optical properties of pi-conjugated systems involving sulfur atoms: a proposal of multi-property materials combining conductivity and unique third-order nonlinearity
Nakano M, Yamada S, Yamaguchi K
373 - 376 Studies on aggregation of fluorescein derivatives by electroabsorption spectroscopy
Noh T, Isoshima T, Funase S, Ogawa T, Wada T, Sasabe H
377 - 380 Structure and UV-VIS spectra of nitrido(phthalocyaninato)rhenium(V) (ReNPc) thin film
Suga T, Isoda S, Kobayashi T, Isogai M, Engel M
381 - 384 Polysilane photoluminescence specific to oriented thin films
Tanigaki N, Kaito A, Yoshida M, Wada M, Kyotani H, Yase K, Tanabe Y
385 - 388 Synthesis, spectroscopic, and electrochemical properties of homoleptic bis(substituted-phthalocyaninato) cerium(IV) complexes
Jiang JZ, Xie JL, Ng DKP, Yan Y
389 - 392 Influence of the interlayer interactions on aggregates in organic molecular films
Xu JH, Wang WJ, Lu XZ, Wang GM, Wang WC, Cai ZG, Yang PQ, Zhou JY
393 - 396 Theoretical study on the second hyperpolarizabilities for small radical systems
Yamada S, Nakano M, Yamaguchi K
397 - 400 Characterizton on the structure and ferroelectricity for the LB film of a chiral liquid crystalline polysiloxane
Chen X, Xue QB, Yang KZ, Zhang QZ
401 - 404 Direct assessment of HBsAb-HBsAg interaction by interferometry
Wang DY, Yuan CW
405 - 408 Synthesis and properties of highly fluorescent liquid crystals containing benzoxazole moiety
Kim S, Park SY
409 - 412 The third-order nonlinear optical-property of free-standing polythiophene film
Shi WP, Zhou WQ, Cao Y, Wan XB, Xue G
413 - 416 Z-type films of two-legged optically nonlinear dye
Ashwell GJ, Zhou DJ, Skjonnemand K
417 - 420 2,4-Bis[6-(N-octyl-2,3,4-trihydroquinoloyl)] squaraine: Nonlinear optical properties of a centrosymmetric dye
Ashwell GJ, Rees ND, Bahra GS, Brown CR
421 - 424 Orientation of optically nonlinear chromophores at the air-water interface
Ashwell GJ, Dyer AN, Lochun D
425 - 428 Second harmonic generation in Langmuir-Blodgett films of a novel phenylhydrazone dye
Xu Y, Zong Y, Liu YQ, Qin JG, Zhu DB, Yu AC, Zhao XS
429 - 432 Langmuir-Blodgett films and second-order nonlinear optical property of a phthalocyanine-fullerene dyad
Qiu WF, Liu YQ, Xu Y, Yu AC, Zhao XS, Zhu DB
433 - 436 Electroassisted photocatalytic degradation of surfactants using TiO2/RuS2 coupled semiconductor thin film electrode assembly
Dai Q, Guo Y, Li P, Zhan SZ, Yuan CW
437 - 440 Electrochemical and photoelectrochemical properties of ITO/alpha-Fe2O3 nanoparticulate film electrode in Na2SO4 solution
Qian XM, Zhang XT, Ai X, Hao YZ, Liu FQ, Cai SM, Bai YB, Li TJ, Tang XY, Yao JN
441 - 444 Ferrocene mediated transmembrane electron transfer on gold electrode modified by hybrid bilayer membrane consisting of octadecanethiol and phospholipid
Cui XL, Jiang DL, Diao P, Li JX, Tong RT, Wang XK
445 - 448 Cyclic voltammetry studies of octadecanethiol self-assembled monolayers in different concentrations of Fe(CN)(6)(3-)/ Fe(CN)(6)(4-)
Cui XL, Jiang DL, Diao P, Li JX, Tong RT, Wang K
449 - 452 Ring-opening reactions of 2-heptadecyl-2-oxazoline at the air-water interface
Hwang SK, Lee BJ, Kwon YS
453 - 456 Study on biological molecular LB films and properties
Xie D, Jiang YD, Wu ZM, Li YR
457 - 460 Molecular recognition and monolayer formation of azobenzene-containing nucleobase amphiphile assisted by cis -> trans photoisomerization at the air-water interface
Morisue M, Nakamura H, Ijiro K, Shimomura M
461 - 464 Stabilization of micropatterned polymer films as artificial extracellular matrices for tissue engineering
Ookura R, Nishida J, Nishikawa T, Shimomura M
465 - 468 Binding of HIV gp41 with its receptors immobilized at liquid/solid interface studied by surface plasmon resonance
Yang J, Sun YT, Wu WC, Chen YH, Sui SF
469 - 472 Electrical properties of planar bilayer lipid membranes
Zhang YF, Hou XP
473 - 476 Luminescent block copolymer containing PEO-like segments for polymer light-emitting devices
Yang CH, He GF, Wang RQ, Li YF
477 - 480 Using silane coupling reagents in fabrication of DNA arrays on glass support
Chen YL, Gan L, Lu ZH
481 - 484 A novel amphiphilic zinc phthalocyanine LB films as gas sensor material and its interaction with NH3
Ding XM, Xu HJ, Zhang LG, Jiang DP, Lu AD
485 - 488 Molecular recognition: Schiff base as molecular tweezers
Park M, Chung CH, Kim Y
489 - 492 Microporous aluminum oxide membrane-based optical interferometric sensor
Zhang HL, Pan SL, Zhang YF, Li HL
493 - 496 Processing effects of the polyvinyl-butyrol-based binder on the performance of electroluminescent diodes
Lee HC, Jang KS, Park JJ, Oh EJ, Shin MW
497 - 500 ZrO2-SiO2 coatings for wavelength-selective reflection filter
Fan WH, Xu Y, Sun JH, Wu D, Sun YH
501 - 504 Surface properties of metallophthalocyanine LB films and their sensing applications
Lee YJ, Kwon HJ, Choi SA, Chang YK, Chang YH, Kim JD
505 - 510 Local electrical properties of vanadyl phthalocyanine multilayers studied by atomic force microscopy
Chen QY, Tada H, Yamada H, Matsushige K
511 - 514 An organic field-effect-transistor based on Langmuir-Blodgett films of a new asymmetrically substituted phthalocyanine, 1,8-naphthaimide-tri-tert-butylphthalocyanine
Hu WP, Liu YQ, Xu Y, Liu SG, Zhou SQ, Zhu DB
515 - 518 Relationship between pretilt angle of nematic liquid crystal and surface structure of alignment layer
Koo YM, Kim MH, Lee HS, Kim JD
519 - 524 Nanometer scale current-voltage charcteristics of C-60 films
Men LQ, Chen QY, Tada H, Yamada H, Matsushige K
525 - 528 Investigation of the oxidation effect of porous silicon during electroluminescence by in situ FTIR
Li JJ, Wang RQ, Liu ZF, Cai SM, Xiao XY, Sun SG