Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.334 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 10 Phenoxyl radicals ferromagnetically attached to a cyclic pi-conjugation: 2,8,14-Trisoxyphenyltribenzotrisdehydro[12]annulene
Pu YJ, Takahashi M, Tsuchida E, Nishide H
11 - 21 Electronic states and spin characterization of polyanionic high-spin molecules and clusters derived from 1,3-dibenzoylbenzene derivatives as studied by ESR/electron spin transient nutation spectroscopy
Nakazawa S, Sato K, Shiomi D, Yano M, Kinoshita T, Abe K, Takui T, Itoh K
23 - 30 Synthesis and magnetic behavior of poly(1,3-phenylene)-based polyradical carrying N-tert-butyl nitroxide radicals
Oka H, Tamura T, Miura Y, Teki Y
31 - 39 Nonlinear optical property of poly(phenylenevinylene) bearing pi-conjugated radicals
Takahashi M, Yamada S, Matsuda H, Tsuchida E, Nishide H
41 - 48 ESR study of 1,3-phenylenebis(5-tert-butyl-3-phenyl-2-phenylnitrene)
Oka H, Miura Y, Teki Y
49 - 58 Electronic structure of a stable phenalenyl radical as studied by ESR/ENDOR, paramagnetic NMR spectroscopy and SQUID measurements
Fukui K, Sato K, Shiomi D, Takui T, Itoh K, Kubo T, Gotoh K, Yamamoto K, Nakasuji K, Naito A
59 - 68 Spin alignment in high-spin carbenes of heteroatomic pi-conjugation; Invalidity of simple extension of "pi-topology rule" for homoatomic systems
Bae JY, Yano M, Sato K, Shiomi D, Takui T, Kinoshita T, Abe K, Itoh K, Hong D
69 - 79 From ferromagnetic to antiferromagnetic order in nitronyl nitroxide substituted triazole derivatives
Sutter JP, Daro N, Golhen S, Ouahab L, Kahn O
81 - 88 2D-Electron Spin Transient Nutation (2D-ESTN) study of a stable high-spin carbene (S=3)
Sato K, Shiomi D, Takui T, Itoh K, Hattori M, Hirai K, Tomioka H
89 - 98 Intermolecular ferromagnetic interaction in pi-conjugated nitroxide radical crystals
Ishida T, Nakagawa M, Imachi R, Akui Y, Masaoka SY, Suzuji M, Hashizume D, Yasui M, Iwasaki F, Nogami T
99 - 108 Charged nitronyl nitroxide biradicals as building blocks for molecular ferrimagnetics
Shiomi D, Ito K, Nishizawa M, Hase S, Sato K, Takui T, Itoh K
XI - XII Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Molecule Based Magnets - ICMM'98 - Part I of II - Seignosse, France -September 12-17, 1998 - Guest editor's preface
Khan O
109 - 119 A thorough investigation of the synthetic problems of vic-bis-hydroxylamine - the precursor of Ullman's nitroxides
Ovcharenko V, Fokin S, Rey P
121 - 130 Alloying effects on intermolecular magnetic interactions in verdazyl radical alloy crystal, (TOV)(1-x)(TOV-H)(x), x=0.0 similar to 0.09 (TOV : 1,3,5-triphenyl-6-oxoverdazyl)
Jamali JB, Achiwa N, Mukai K, Suzuki K, Asano T, Ajiro Y, Matsuda K, Iwamura H, Kuwajima S, Soeijima Y
131 - 138 Preparation and exchange interaction of DPPH-derived polyradicals
Kozaki M, Nakamura S, Sato K, Takui T, Okada K
139 - 148 Exchange interaction of some thianthrene-derived dications
Nakai T, Kozaki M, Sato K, Shiomi D, Takui T, Itoh K, Okada K
149 - 156 Photoelectrochemical spin manipulation of N-arylviologen conjugated molecules
Matsushita MM, Tachikawa T, Suzuki T, Kawai T, Iyoda T
157 - 166 High-spin nitrenes with s-triazine skeleton
Nakai T, Sato K, Shiomi D, Takui T, Itoh K, Kozaki M, Okada K
167 - 176 High-spin p-doped arylamine polymers
Bushby RJ, Gooding D, Thornton-Pett M, Vale ME
177 - 184 Preparation and magnetic properties of novel CT complexes derived from organic stable radicals
Nakatsuji S, Takai A, Mizumoto M, Anzai H, Nishikawa K, Morimoto Y, Yasuoka N, Boy J, Kaupp G
185 - 194 Organic open-shell systems with indirect magnetic interaction caused by the topology of the elementary units
Tyutyulkov N, Dietz F
195 - 204 Purely organic magnetism of pyridyl-substituted stable thioaminyl radicals
Miura Y, Kurokawa S, Nakatsuji M, Teki Y
205 - 210 Preparation and properties of biradicals and related CT complexes based on 4-substituted-amino-TEMPO radical
Nakatsuji S, Mizumoto M, Takai A, Anzai H, Teki Y, Tajima K
211 - 220 Experimental and theoretical spin density in a ferromagnetic molecular complex
Pontillon Y, Akita T, Grand A, Kobayashi K, Lelievre-Berna E, Pecaut J, Ressouche E, Schweizer J
221 - 228 pi-Conjugated polyradicals containing anthracene skeleton in the backbone chain
Kaneko T, Matsubara T, Aoki T, Oikawa E
229 - 238 Ferromagnetic to antiferromagnetic transition of p-nitrophenyl nitronyl nitroxide
Kinoshita M
239 - 246 Magnetic properties of nitronyl nitroxide derivatives bearing N-H site: An approach to ferromagnetic self-assemblies using hydrogen bond
Yoshioka N, Matsuoka N, Irisawa M, Ohba S, Inoue H
247 - 255 A typical S=1/2 one-dimensional Heisenberg antiferromagnet: [3,3'-diethyl-2,2'-oxacarbocyanine]-TCNQF(4)
Takagi S, Tanaka M, Deguchi H, Mito M, Takeda K
257 - 273 Manipulating spin system
Sugawara T
275 - 284 Multi-functional magnetic materials based on dithiadiazolyl free radicals
Rawson JM, Less RJ, Smith JNB, Palacio F, Antorrena G
285 - 294 Polymeric, H-bonded, and chelatable phenoxyl and nitroxide radicals
Lahti PM, Esat B, Ferrer JR, Liu YB, Marby KA, Xie CP, George C, Antorrena G, Palacio F
295 - 304 Magic angle spinning H-1-NMR study of the spin density distribution of pyridyl nitronyl nitroxides in the crystalline phase
Maruta G, Takeda S, Yamaguchi A, Okuno T, Awaga K, Yamaguchi K
305 - 312 Optical and magnetic resonance studies of ground and excited spin states on some open-shell orgnic radicals
Teki Y, Iimura K, Sato M, Fukuda Y, Miura Y
313 - 322 Intra- and inter-molecular exchange on symmetrical hydrazine diradical dications and comparison of the magnetic exchange with ET parameters derived from their optical spectra
Teki Y, Ismagilov RF, Nelsen SF
323 - 332 Pressure effect of organic ferromagnetic radical crystal p-Cl-C6H4CH=N-TEMPO
Mito M, Kawae T, Takeda K, Ishida T, Nogami T
333 - 345 A uracil-substituted alpha-nitronyl nitroxide
Feher R, Amabilino DB, Wurst K, Veciana J
347 - 358 A chiral hydrogen-bonded alpha-phenyl nitronyl nitroxide in the solution and solid states
Minguet M, Amabilino DB, Vidal-Gancedo J, Wurst K, Veciana J
359 - 367 Spin density of a ferromagnetic tempo derivative
Pontillon Y, Ishida T, Lelievre-Berna E, Nogami T, Ressouche E, Schweizer J
369 - 378 Pressure induced enhancement of Tc in weak-ferromagnetic radical crystal 1,3,5-triphenyl-6-oxoverdazyl
Mito M, Hitaka M, Kawae T, Takeda K, Suzuki K, Mukai K
379 - 388 Novel molecular magnets based on organic complexes
Miyazaki A, Umeyama T, Enoki T, Ogura E, Kuwatani Y, Iyoda M, Nishikawa H, Ikemoto I, Kikuchi K
389 - 394 New magnetic iron(II) chelate and iron(III) chelate TCNE-complexes with a T-c of 10 K
Muller BR, Leibeling G, Jager EG
395 - 404 Metal complexes of the nitrile-substituted nitroxides
Burdukov AB, Ovcharenko VI, Guschin DA, Reznikov VA, Ikorskii VN, Shvedenkov YG, Pervukhina NV
405 - 414 Magnetic properties of the single crystals of layered Cu(II) and Co(II) complexes with 3-imidazoline nitroxides
Shvedenkov Y, Ikorskii V, Romanenko G, Fursova E, Ovcharenko V
415 - 424 Ferromagnetism below 19 K due to unpaired spins on fullerene molecules
Mihailovic D, Mrzel A, Omerzu A, Umek P, Jaglicic Z, Trontelj Z
425 - 436 Synthesis and magnetic behavior of paramagnetic phosphorus-containing ligands and their metal complexes
Leznoff DB, Rancurel C, Sutter JP, Golhen S, Ouahab L, Rettig SJ, Kahn O
437 - 457 The metal-dependent regiospecificity in the exchange coupling of manganese(II), copper(II), and chromium (III) ions with the aminoxyl radical attached as a substituent on the aromatic base ligands
Iwamura H, Koga N
459 - 467 Electronic properties of bisporphyrin biradical dications
Shultz DA, Lee H, Gwaltney KP, Sandberg KA
469 - 475 Ferromagnetic behaviour of TDAE-C-60 samples studied with a SQUID magnetometer
Jaglicic Z, Luznik J, Pirnat J, Trontelj Z, Mihailovic D, Mrzel A, Omerzu A
477 - 486 Several kinds of aminoxyl radicals and their metal ion complexes
Sugano T, Blundell SJ, Pratt FL, Jestadt T, Lovett BW, Hayes W, Day P
487 - 496 Synthesis and characterization of a chiral molecule-based metamagnet made by a chiral triplet organic radical and transition metal ion
Kumagai H, Inoue K
497 - 509 Assembly of metal complexes
Oshio H, Hikichi T, Yaginuima T, Onodera H, Ymamamoto M, Ito T
511 - 520 Pressure effect on Mn complexes of bisaminoxyl radicals
Hosokoshi Y, Suzuki K, Inoue K, Iwamura H
521 - 532 Magnetic materials based on nitronyl nitroxide radicals complexes: from mononuclear building blocks to one- and two-dimensional compounds
Fegy K, Lescop C, Luneau D, Rey P
533 - 538 Synthesis and magnetic properties of bis(hexafluoroacetylacetonato)copper(II) complex with 5-bromo-1,3-phenylenebis(N-tert-butylaminoxyl) as a bridging ligand
Iwahori F, Inoue K, Iwamura H
539 - 548 New high T-c molecule-based magnets - Magnetic behavior of M(TCNE)(2)center dot x(CH2Cl2) (M = Mn, Fe)
Girtu MA, Wynn CM, Kmety CR, Zhang J, Miller JS, Epstein AJ
549 - 568 Magnetic behaviour of the ferrimagnetic ((1)over-bar/2.5/2,(1)over-bar/2) linear trimer in complexes of Mn(hfaC)(2) with bis- and trisnitroxide radicals
Markosyan AS, Iwamura H, Inoue K
569 - 585 Topology and spin polarization in sheetlike metal(II) polymers: [ML2X2] (M = Mn, Fe, Co or Ni, L = pyrimidine or pyrazine and X = NCS or NCO)
Lloret F, Julve M, Cano J, De Munno G
587 - 595 New molecule-based magnets: from hexacyano to octacyanometalates
Garde R, Desplanches C, Bleuzen A, Veillet P, Verdaguer M
597 - 604 Solvent-mediated magnetic change in copper-hydroxy intercalation compounds
Fujita W, Awaga K
605 - 613 Novel 1-D coordination polymers containing mu-[N(CN)(2)](-) bridging ligands. Structure and magnetic properties of Mn[N(CN)(2)](2)L (L=2,2'-bipyridine, 4,4'-bipyridine)
Manson JL, Incarvito CD, Arif AM, Rheingold AL, Miller JS
615 - 630 Effect of organic cation A on the crystal structure and magnetisation of the layer molecular ferrimagnets AFe(II)Fe(III)(C2O4)(3)
Nuttall CJ, Carling SG, Day P
631 - 640 Magnetic phase transitions in M-II[N(CN)(2)](2)
Kmety CR, Manson JL, Huang QZ, Lynn JW, Erwin RW, Miller JS, Epstein AJ
641 - 649 Synthesis of antiferromagnetic macromolecular particles
Carpenter EE, Sangregorio C, O'Connor CJ
651 - 667 Structures, ferromagnetic ordering, anisotropy, and spin reorientation for two- and three-dimensional cyano-bridged Mo3+-Mn2+ compounds
Larionova J, Kahn O, Golhen S, Ouahab L, Clerac R, Bartolome J, Burriel R
669 - 677 Langmuir-Blodgett films of magnetic clusters
Clemente-Leon M, Soyer H, Mingotaud C, Gomez-Garcia CJ, Coronado E, Delhaes P
679 - 691 Hybrid materials formed by two molecular networks. Towards multiproperty materials
Coronado E, Galan-Mascaros JR, Garcia CJG
693 - 702 Magnetic materials containing the dicyanamide anion, {N(Cn)2}(-)
Kurmoo M, Kepert CJ
703 - 712 Magnetic order and disorder in a family of layered organic/inorganic nanocomposites
Girtu MA, Wynn CM, Fujita W, Awaga K, Epstein AJ