Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.327 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 4 Molecular alignment relaxation in poled nonlinear optical polymer bearing a heterocyclic azo chromophore
Kang JS, Hong HT, Choi DH
5 - 8 Poling behavior of anisotropic refractive index in a two-dimensional charge-transfer carbazole
Isoshima T, Tsuyuki M, Wada T, Sasabe H
9 - 12 Electroabsorption studies on fluorescein derivatives
Noh T, Isoshima T, Funase S, Ogawa T, Wada T, Sasabe H
13 - 18 Synthesis and optical properties of monodisperse side-chain electro-optic polymers
Ushiwata T, Komatsu K, Okada S, Kaino T
19 - 22 Optical correlation system by use of photorefractive polymer
Nagayama N, Yokoyama M
23 - 26 Poling behavior of electro-optic polymers with perfluorinated chromophores
Park KH, Shin DH, Lee SD, Lee CJ, Kim N
27 - 30 Synthesis and characterization of the photo-reactive material for photo-alignment
Song DM, Shin DM
31 - 35 Third-order nonlinear optical susceptibility measurement in 1-methyl-1'-octadecyl-2,2'-cyanine perchlorate Langmuir-Blodgett films by means of electroabsorption spectroscopy
Murakami H, Morita R, Watanabe T, Asai K, Honma I, Zhou HS, Yamashita M, Ishigure K, Shigekawa H
37 - 40 Synthesis and photochemical behavior of polymethylene bis(p-phenylenediacrylate)
Komatsu T, Sakuragi H, Nagasawa J, Nakanishi F
41 - 44 Surface morphology of photo-crosslinkable polyimide after irradiation of polarized UV light
Cho S, Shin DM, Yi MH, Choi KY
45 - 48 Effect of polynucleotides on fluorescence quenching in monolayers at the air-water interface
Ijiro K, Ikeda T, Shimomura M
49 - 52 The relationship between the steric hindrance and absorption spectrum of fluoran dyes. Part I
Yanagita M, Kanda S, Ito K, Shibuya R, Tokita S
53 - 56 The relationship between the steric hindrance and absorption spectrum of fluoran dyes. Part II
Yanagita M, Kanda S, Tokita S
57 - 60 Color change due to phase transition in N-(2,4-dinitrophenyl)-o-anisidine
Yaji T, Isoda S, Kobayashi T, Taguchi K, Takada K, Yasui M, Iwasaki F
61 - 64 Light controlled birefringence of liquid crystalline polymer bearing an azo chromophore
Kang SH, Choi DH, Samui AB
65 - 70 Self-assembly of interlocked structures: Rotaxanes, polyrotaxanes and molecular necklaces
Park KM, Heo J, Roh SG, Jeon YM, Whang D, Kim K
71 - 76 Langmuir-Blodgett films of functional polysilanes. Modification of optical properties in polysilane monolayer at the air-water interface
Yoshida M
77 - 82 Fabrication of photoresponsive nano-organized polymer assemblies
Miyashita T, Aoki A, Abe Y
83 - 86 Electrical and nonlinear optical properties of Langmuir-Blodgett films of charge transfer complexes
Nakamura T, Yumoto T, Suzuki T, Akutagawa T, Hasegawa T, Tachibana H, Matsumoto M, Horiuchi S, Ikegami H, Yamochi H, Saito G
87 - 90 Surface morphology of alkanethiol self-assembled monolayers on Au(111) after desorption studied by scanning tunneling microscopy
Noh J, Nakajima K, Hara M, Lee H, Sasabe H, Knoll W
91 - 94 Molecular orientation of polar self-assembled films
Kimura-Suda H, Wada T, Choi SA, Zhang YD, Sasabe H
95 - 98 Self-assembled polystyrene microparticle layers as two-dimensional photonic crystals
Shimada R, Imada A, Koda T, Fujimura T, Edamatsu K, Itoh T, Ohtaka K, Takeda K
99 - 102 Nonequilibrium structures of dialkyl pyromellitates monolayers and their LB network films containing pyromellitimide linkage
Lee HR, Paik SH, Lee BJ, Song KB, Jung CS
IX - IX Proceedings of the Korea-Japan Joint Forum 1998 - Sapporo, Japan - 30 June-1 July, 1998 - Preface
Sasabe H
103 - 106 Attenuated total reflection properties and complex dielectric constants in azobenzene LB films adsorbing cyanine dyes
Fukami T, Kaneko F, Shinbo K, Wakamatsu T, Kato K, Kobayashi S
107 - 110 Molecular arrangement in peptide self-assembled monolayer on metallic surface
Iizuka-Sakano T, Fujita K, Isoshima T, Wada T, Sasabe H
111 - 114 A study on the photoreactivity and structure of LB films of p-phenylenediacrylic acid with an amide bond
Hafiz HR, Zhao J, Tanigaki N, Nakanishi F
115 - 118 Preparation of organic-inorganic layered perovskite microcrystals
Kosuge H, Kasai H, Okada S, Oikawa H, Nakanishi H
119 - 122 Studies on photochemical isomerization of azobenzene in self-assembled bolaamphiphile monolayers
Hong JD, Park ES, Jung BD
123 - 126 Stability of a photoreactive polymer LB film
Gong YK, Nakanishi F, Abe K
127 - 130 Evaluation of surface roughness of metal thin films and Langmuir-Blodgett ultrathin films from scattered light due to surface plasmon polariton
Aoki Y, Kato K, Shinbo K, Kaneko F, Wakamatsu T
131 - 134 Self-organization and opto-electrical properties of poly(3-alkylthiophene) Langmuir-Blodgett films
Tabuchi Y, Asai K, Ishigure K, Rikukawa M, Sanui K
135 - 138 The influence of counter ions on the morphology of cyanine dye aggregates at the air/water interface
Watanabe T, Shiga M, Asai K, Ishigure K
139 - 142 Pressure-induced structural change of the Langmuir-Blodgett films of squarylium dye and arachidic acid
Terrettaz S, Matsumoto M
143 - 146 Fabrication and characterization of orientation-controlled thin films of distyryl benzene derivatives
Ni JP, Ueda Y, Hanada T, Takada N, Ichino Y, Yoshida Y, Tanigaki N, Yase K, Wang DK, Wang FS
147 - 152 Growth mechanism of highly ordered oriented films of copper(II)phthalocyanine on solid substrates
Back G, Hanada T, Yoshida Y, Takiguchi H, Abe K, Tanigaki N, Yase Y
153 - 156 A study on pretilt angle of liquid crystal with polarized UV light irradiation on soluble polyimide alignment films
Shin MD, Park MK, Yi MH, Choi KY
157 - 160 Reflective bistable cholesteric/polymer dispersion display with a black polypyrrole electrode cast from the solution
Kim YC, Lee JY, Pak SS, Kim CY
161 - 164 Thermotropic liquid crystalline behavior of dihydroxyphenylene benzobisthiazole derivatives
Song HH, Han JY, Tan LS, Dean D
165 - 170 Effective exciton confinement in a light emissive polymer
Kim JK, Yu JW, Cho HN, Kim DY, Kim CY
171 - 174 Electric conduction of electroluminescent metal chelate thin films
Era M, Ikeda Y, Tokuhisa H, Tsutsui T
175 - 180 Blue electroluminescence from novel silicon-based copolymers at low operating voltages
Kim HK, Park JS, Kim KD, Jung SH, Jeoung SC, Kim YH, Kim D
181 - 184 Bipolar carrier behavior in a near ultraviolet electroluminescent silicon polymer: Poly[bis(p-n-butylphenyl)silane]
Furukawa K, Yuan CH, Hoshino S, Suzuki H, Matsumoto N
185 - 188 Synthesis and electroluminescent properties of polyurethane with stilbene dye pendant
Jeong H, Zou DC, Tsutsui T
189 - 192 Characteristics of organic electroluminescent devices using Alq(3) and TPD materials with buffer layers
Lee HS, Kho SI, Chung TG, Kim TW, Lee WJ, Kang DY
193 - 196 Synthesis and properties of light-emitting polymers containing high electron attracting groups
Hwang DH, Jang MS, Do LM, Chu HY, Shim HK, Zyung T
197 - 200 Characteristics of electroluminescent polythiophene derivatives containing electron transporting moiety
Choi B, Lee YM, Kim DY, Lee H
201 - 204 Pd-catalyzed direct synthesis of novel silicon-based copolymers for tunable light-emitting diodes
Jung SH, Kim SH, Kwon SK, Kim HK
205 - 208 The electrical properties of europium complex thin film EL devices prepared by vacuum evaporation method
Lee MH, Lee HS, Kim YK, Lee SH, Choi JS, Kim JS, You DH, Lee SD
209 - 212 Electroluminescence of poly aromatic hydrocarbon
Lim ST, Shin DM, Kim JS, Kim YK, Ha YK
213 - 216 Transient response and carrier mobility in electroluminescent device
Ohmori Y, Tada N, Kurosaka Y, Yoshino K
217 - 220 Light-emitting properties of side-chain polymer (EH-PMA) and its blend with MEH-PPV
Shim HK, Ahn T
221 - 224 Formation of polypyrrole copolymer in PSPMS precursor film by electrochemical polymerization
Park YH, Shin HC, Lee Y, Son Y, Baik DH
225 - 228 Raman study of mixed-stack charge transfer films of 2-octadecyl-7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane and 3,3',5,5'-tetramethylbenzidine prepared by the Langmuir-Blodgett technique and donor doping
Jung YM, Morita SI, Ogane M, Ikeda T, Tashiro H, Ozaki Y
229 - 232 Electrical conductivity of anion-containing copolyesters and polypyrrole composite films
Baik DH, Lee SM, Park YH, Lee Y, Son Y
233 - 236 Polymorphism and crystal growth of organic conductor (BEDT-TTF)(2)I-3
Yoshimoto N, Takayuki S, Gamachi H, Yoshizawa M
237 - 240 Synthesis and characterization of a soluble and transparent conducting polymer, poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)
Lee Y, Park S, Son Y
241 - 244 Hybridization of scanning near-field optical microscope with scanning tunneling microscope
Nakajima K, Micheletto R, Mitsui K, Isoshima T, Hara M, Wada T, Sasabe H, Knoll W
245 - 248 Time-resolved fluorescence of ferrocene/flavin/viologen/TCNQ hetero LB film
Cho KS, Choi JW, Lee WH, Song NW, Kim D
249 - 252 Structural investigation of spiropyran containing Langmuir-Blodgett films using scanning probe microscope technique
Hirata Y, Inoue T, Yokoyama H, Mizutani F
253 - 256 Mesoscopic patterns of polythiophenes for electronic applications
Karthaus O, Koito T, Maruyama N, Shimomura M
257 - 262 Designing molecular tweezers aimed at molecular recognition
Kim Y, Park M, Choi MY, Choi H
263 - 266 Noise filtering by bioelectronic device consisting of bacteriorhodopsin and spiropyran
Min J, Choi HG, Choi JW, Lee WH
267 - 270 Characterization and optimization of device configuration composed of bacteriorhodopsin-flavin complex LB films
Choi HG, Min JH, Choi JW, Lee WH
271 - 274 Synthesis of new poly(malonic ester) containing disperse red 1 and its applications to optical data storage
Han YK, Na HS, Oh CH
275 - 278 Photocurrent characteristics of ferrocene/flavin/viologen/TCNQ heterojunction
Cho KS, Choi JS, Lee WH, Song NW, Kim D
279 - 282 New bilayer positive photoresist for 193 nm photolithography
Kim YD, Park SJ, Lee H, Kim ER, Choi SJ, Lee SH
283 - 286 NO2 gas sensing with Au / phthalocyanine / Si heterostructures
Tada H, Tanimura Y, Fujii Y, Matsushige K
287 - 290 Evaluation of carrier mobility of phthalocyanine films in NH3 and NO2 gas atmosphere by field effect measurement
Touda H, Tada H, Matsushige K