Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.305 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 16 Molecular Magnetism - A Multidisciplinary Field of Research
Kahn O, Cador O, Larionova J, Mathoniere C, Sutter JP, Ouahab L
7 - 9 Proceedings of the 5th International-Conference on Molecule-Based Magnets - Part 1 of 2 - Osaka, Japan, 15-20-July-1996 - Guest-Editors Preface
Itoh K, Miller JS, Takui T
17 - 40 Spin-Crossover, Liesst, and Niesst - Fascinating Electronic Games in Iron Complexes
Gutlich P
41 - 54 Molecular Magnetism - Present and Future
Sugawara T, Izuoka A
55 - 67 Magnetic-Properties of Iminonitroxide and Nitronylnitroxide Based Diradicals
Wautelet P, Bieber A, Turek P, Lemoigne J, Andre JJ
69 - 80 New Nitroxide Based Molecular Magnetic-Materials
Fegy K, Vostrikova KE, Luneau D, Rey P
81 - 93 Ferromagnetism of Fractal Hierarchy Dissipative Structures Based on Metalcontaining Heteroaromatic Systems
Lyubchenko LS, Zapadinskii BI, Lyubchenko ML
95 - 108 The Interaction of Light with Rb0.73Cr5Te8 and Polymer/Nanoferrite Composites
Oconnor CJ, Li SH, Evain M, Gareth J, John VT
109 - 128 Theoretical-Studies on Magnetic-Interactions in Prussian Blue Analogs and Active Controls of Spin States by External Fields
Nishino M, Kubo S, Yoshioka Y, Nakamura A, Yamaguchi K
129 - 141 A Theoretical-Analysis of the Packing and Polymorphism of the 2-Hydro Nitronyl Nitroxide Crystal
Novoa JJ, Deumal M, Kinoshita M, Hosokishi Y, Veciana J, Cirujeda J
143 - 156 Theoretical-Analysis of the Packing and Polymorphism of Molecular-Crystals Using Quantum-Mechanical Methods - The Packing of the 2-Hydro Nitronyl Nitroxide
Novoa JJ, Deumal M
157 - 166 Orbital Interaction Analysis of Mcconnells Model for Through-Space Magnetic Coupling
Yoshizawa K, Yamabe T, Hoffmann R
167 - 179 Single-Molecule Magnets - Characterization of Complexes Exhibiting Out-of-Phase AC Susceptibility Signals
Eppley HJ, Aubin SM, Wemple MW, Adams DM, Tsai HL, Grillo VA, Castro SL, Sun ZM, Folting K, Huffman JC, Hendrickson DN, Christou G
181 - 192 Single-Molecule Magnets - Magnetization Relaxation and Quantum Tunneling in Dodecanuclear Manganese Complexes
Aubin SM, Spagna S, Eppley HJ, Sager RE, Folting K, Christou G, Hendrickson DN
193 - 202 New Oxamido Bridged Molecular-Based Magnets and High-Spin Molecules
Journaux Y, Ruiz R, Aukauloo A, Pei Y
203 - 203 Magnetic-Interactions of Organic Nitroxyl Radical and Biradical
Ishino Y, Ikeda T, Kajiwara A, Morishima Y, Mori W, Yamaguchi K, Miyako Y, Kamachi M
211 - 216 Ferromagnetism of Organic Radical Crystals of Perdeuterated Tempo Derivatives
Nogami T, Imachi R, Ishida T, Takeda N, Ishikawa M
217 - 226 Ferromagnetic Behavior of 1/2-TCNQ/TCNQ(-.) Mixed Salts at Room-Temperature
Sugimoto T, Ueda K, Endo S, Toyota N, Kohama M, Yamamoto K, Morimoto H, Yamaguchi T, Suenaga Y, Munakata M, Hosoito N, Kanehisa N, Shibamoto N, Kai Y
227 - 237 Crystal-Structures, Magnetic-Structures and Photophysics in Supramolecular Transition-Metal Oxalate Compounds
Decurtins S, Schmalle HW, Pellaux R, Fischer P, Hauser A
239 - 247 Magnetic-Interactions in (Mo4)(2-) (M = Cr(VI), Mo(VI) and W(VI)) Bridged Copper(II) and Nickel(II) Complexes
Oshio H, Kikuchi T, Kikuchi K, Ito T
249 - 258 Nature of the Magnetic Interaction in Organic Radical Crystals .1. Alternant Systems
Tyutyulkov N, Madjarova G, Dietz F
259 - 268 Ferromagnetic Spin Alignment in 3-Dimensional Hydrocarbons
Mishima A
269 - 278 The Structure of Several Meso Tetraarylporphinato-Manganese(III) Tetracyanoethenide Complexes
Brandon EJ, Sugiura K, Arif AM, Liablesands L, Rheingold AL, Miller JS
279 - 290 New Prussian Blue Analogs Constructed from the (Cr(CN)5No(3-)) and (Cr(CN)(6)(4-)) Anions - A Building-Block Approach to High T-N Ferrimagnets
Holmes SM, Girolami GS
291 - 301 New Layered Hydroxide-Based Organic/Inorganic Ferromagnets with Basal Spacings Up to 40 Angstrom
Laget V, Rabu P, Hornick C, Romero F, Ziessel R, Turek P, Drillon M
303 - 310 Preparation of Paramagnetic Ligands for Coordination-Complexes and Networks with Interesting Magnetic-Properties
Shultz DA, Boal AK, Driscoll DJ, Farmer GT, Kitchin JR, Miller DB, Tew GN
311 - 319 Complexes with Nitroxides Containing Different Substituents in the Alpha-Position to N-Center-Dot-O Group - Competition of Basicity and Sterical Availability of the Donor Functions of Nitroxides in Metal-Complexes with Sterically Hindered Imidazolines
Ovcharenko V, Korobkov I, Fokin S, Burdukov A, Romanenko G, Ikorskii V, Pervukhina N, Mazhukin D, Reznikov V
321 - 332 Magnetic Ground-State and Its Control in Porphyrin-Based Magnets
Epstein AJ, Wynn CM, Girtu MA, Brinckerhoff WB, Sugiura KI, Miller JS
333 - 340 New Square S=1/2 Heisenberg Antiferromagnetic Lattices - Pyridinium Tetrahalocuprates and Bispyrazinecopper(II) Tetrafluoroborate
Albrecht AS, Landee CP, Slanic Z, Turnbull MM
341 - 351 Mixed-Valence Molecule-Based Compounds - Charge Ordering and Magnetic-Properties
Klokishner S, Hincu A
353 - 365 ESR Study of High-Spin States Derived from Tribenzoylenebenzene
Shohoji MC, Franco ML, Lazana MC, Sato K, Takui T, Itoh K
367 - 384 The Influence of Chemical Surroundings on the Properties of Alpha-Nitronyl Nitroxide Radicals in Solution - Its Relation with the Magnetic-Properties in Solid-State
Cirujeda J, Jurgens O, Vidalgancedo J, Rovira C, Turek P, Veciana J
385 - 399 Inducing Spontaneous Magnetization in Antiferromagnets
Palacio F
401 - 414 Spin-Density in an Enaminocetone Nitroxide Copper Complex
Bonnet M, Laugier J, Ovcharenko VI, Pontillon Y, Ressouche E, Rey P, Schleger P, Schweizer J
415 - 424 Heterospin Systems Consisting of Organic Free-Radicals and Magnetic Metal-Ions by Self-Assembling Strategy - Diazodi(4-Pyridyl)Methane as Photo-Responsive Ligands for Metal-Carbene-Based Heterospin Magnets
Koga N, Iwamura H
425 - 434 Molecular Antiferromagnets Based on TTF-Type Radical-Ion Salts
Miyazaki A, Enomoto M, Enomoto M, Enoki T, Saito G
435 - 444 Magnetism in Nitronyl Nitroxide Radicals and Their Ion Radical Salts
Sugano T, Blundell SJ, Pratt FL, Hayes W, Uekusa H, Ohashi Y, Kurmoo M, Day P
445 - 454 Magnetism of Nanometer-Scale Graphite with Edge or Topological Defects
Kusakabe K, Wakabayashi K, Igami M, Nakada K, Fujita M
455 - 478 Exchange Interactions in Nitroxide Biradicals
Chiarelli R, Gambarelli S, Rassat A
479 - 489 Molecular Materials Containing Conducting and Magnetic Sublattices - Phase-Transitions in (Kappa-(Et4N)(BEDT-TTF)(4)M(CN)(6), 3H(2)O - M = Fe-III, Co-III, Cr-III)
Lemagueres P, Ouahab L, Briard P, Even J, Bertault M, Toupet L, Ramos J, Gomezgarcia CJ, Delhaes P
491 - 498 Stable Imidazoline Nitroxides for Coordination Chemistry
Reznikov VA, Volodarsky LB
499 - 508 Magnetic-Properties of 1,5-Dimethyl-6-Oxoverdazyl Radical Crystals - Observation of a Spin-Peierls Transition in 3-(4-Cyanophenyl)-1,5-Dimethyl-6-Oxoverdazyl Radical, P-Cydov
Mukai K, Wada N, Jamali JB, Achiwa N, Narumi Y, Kindo K, Kobayashi T, Amaya K
509 - 514 Intramolecular Exchange Interaction in Xylylene Type Biradicals
Baumgarten M, Zhang JP, Okada K, Tyutyulkov N
515 - 532 Spin Identification of Polyionic High-Spin Aryl-Based Heteroatomic Systems by 2D Electron-Spin Transient Nutation (2D-Estn) Spectroscopy
Itoh K, Nakazawa S, Yano M, Furuichi M, Sato K, Shiomi D, Kinoshita T, Abe K, Takui T
533 - 542 Metal-Organic Layer Magnets with and Without Metallic Conduction
Day P
543 - 552 Hybrid Molecular Materials Formed by Magnetic and Conducting Networks Based on Inorganic Metal-Complexes and Organic Donors
Coronado E, Mascaros JR, Gimenezsaiz C, Gomezgarcia CJ
553 - 565 Testing the Limits of Exchange in Organic-Molecules
Lahti PM, Kalgutkar R, Walton RA, Murcko MA
567 - 577 High-Spin Organic Polyradicals as Simple Spin Clusters
Rajca A
579 - 586 Ferromagnetic Intermolecular Interaction of N-Protonated Pyridylphenylcarbene
Okuno T, Awaga K