Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.304 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 7 Dielectric-Relaxation and Nematic Potential of Some Nematogenic Compounds
Kumaraswamy SR, Somashekar R, Madhava MS, Revannasiddaiah D
9 - 13 Order-Parameter and Distribution-Functions for Nematogenic Oba and Nba
Divya AP, Narayanamurthy K, Madhava MS, Revannasiddaiah D, Somashekar R
13 - 13 Proceedings of the 16th International Liquid-Crystal Conference .5. Kent, Ohio, USA, 24-28 June, 1996 - Guest Editors Preface
Kumar S, Finotello D
15 - 23 Laterally Aromatic Branched 2-Ring Mesogens Connected to Polysiloxane Backbone
Jacobi A, Weissflog W
25 - 30 LC Low-Molecular-Weight Compounds, Dimers, Vinyl Monomers and Polymers Based on Anilides of Formylbenzoylmethanes - Intramolecular and Intermolecular Hydrogen-Bonds and Cis-Trans Isomerism
Zuev VV
31 - 31 The Synthesis of Side-Chain Liquid-Crystalline Polymethylsiloxane Containing Benzo-15-Crown-5 Unit
Wu C, Jiang Q, Zhen YC, Xie MG
41 - 46 Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Side-Chain Liquid-Crystal Polymers with a Single Aromatic Unit
Bao XJ, Dix LR
47 - 58 Configuration Transitions of Nematic Droplets in Pdlc
Zhou FS, Zhongcan OY, Xu SY, Gao HJ, Zang BZ, You SJ
59 - 59 Liquid-Crystal Formulations
Agra DM, Amos FF, Davila LT, Micaller MC, Domingo ZB, Cada LG
65 - 70 Correlation of Electrooptical and Raman Characteristics of Polymer-Stabilized Cholesteric Texture Films
Fuh AY, Doane JW, Yang DK, Chien LC, Gu XJ
71 - 79 Measurement of the Polarization-Field in Pdlc with Memory State
Defilpo G, Huang ZQ, Chidichimo G, Imbardelli D
81 - 87 Effects and Structural Model of Surfactants on the Hysteresis Behavior of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid-Crystals
Chung DB, Tsuda H, Chida H, Mochizuki A
89 - 93 The Relationship Between Contact Angles and Characteristics of CH-Liquid Crystal Polymer Composite Films
Kobayashi N, Hashimoto K, Hatano T, Okada M, Masazumi N
95 - 100 Dynamic Holographic Gratings in Nematic Cell with Periodic Boundary-Conditions
Andrienko D, Lednei M, Pinkevich I
101 - 106 Negative Delta-N Compensators for Improvement of LCD Angular Dependency
Sumiyoshi K, Hatada Y
107 - 112 Characteristics of Liquid-Crystal Display Fabricated by Alignment Transcription Method
Toko Y, Zhang BY, Sugiyama T, Katoh K, Akahane T
113 - 124 The Effect of Material, Parameters on the Hysteresis of Bistable Stn Displays
Li JL, Hoke CD, Bos PJ
125 - 131 A New Reflective Color Guest-Host Display with Scattering Effect
Seki H, Sugiura N, Shimizu M, Uchida T
133 - 138 Effects in Nematic Cells with Broken Centrosymmetry
Klouda R, Nazarenko VG, Kosa T, Hsia KM, Lavrentovich OD, Palffymuhoray P
139 - 144 Multidomain Structures for Improved Viewing Angle Twisted Nematic Liquid-Crystal Displays
Vanasselt R
145 - 149 Fast Switching of Stlm Valves Operating on the Basis of Twisteffect in Liquid-Crystals
Kovalev A, Razvin Y, Potachitz V
151 - 163 Bowl-Shaped Liquid-Crystals at the Air-Water-Interface
Elabed A, Tanazefti K, Tamisier L, Peretti P
165 - 169 Studies on Formation and Ion Selectivity of Mesomorphic Crown Ether-Modified Solid Supported Bilayer-Lipid Membranes
He YE, Xie MG, Li LZ, Liao LY
171 - 178 Incorporation of Thermotropic Liquid-Crystals in Phospholipid Monolayers - Necessary Condition of Homeotropic Anchoring
Kuhnau U, Madler B, Wurlitzer S, Rapp G, Schmiedel H
179 - 184 Decarboxylation of 6-Nitrobenzisoxazole-3-Carboxylic Acid Through Phase-Transitions in Lyotropic Liquid-Crystals
Yarovoy YK, Campbell L, Labes LM
185 - 193 The Liquid-Crystalline Phase-Behavior of Perfluorocarbon Surfactants in Organic-Solvents
Boden N, Harding R, Jolley KW, Thomsen SJ
195 - 195 Modulating the Phase-Behavior of Lyotropic Discotic Liquid-Crystals by Incorporation of an Electron-Acceptor
Boden N, Bushby RJ, Hubbard JF
201 - 201 Lyotropic Phase-Behavior of Phthalocyanine Derivatives in Apolar Organic-Solvents
Usoltseva N, Bykova V, Semeikin A, Ananjeva G, Smirnova A, Negrimovski V
207 - 222 Molecular Reorientations and Relaxation in Photosensitive Lcps - Induced Birefringence and Polarized Micro-Raman Spectroscopy
Fontana MP, Paris C, Polli M
223 - 223 Tilted Layered Phases - The Influence of the Inclusion of a Nonlinear Macrocycle in Calamitic Liquid-Crystals - Synthesis and Phase-Behavior
Tuffin RP, Mehl GH, Toyne KJ, Goodby JW
231 - 234 Light-Scattering by Thin Nematic Liquid-Crystal Films
Stallinga S, Wittebrood MM, Luijendijk DH, Rasing T
235 - 246 Relation Among Microstructure of Rubbing Fiber, Shape of the Microgroove of Rubbed Polymer and Its Anchoring Strength
Wako K, Han KY, Uchida T
247 - 247 Liquid-Crystal Alignment Film with Mixture of Polyimide and Side-Chain LC by Langmuir-Blodgett Technique
Koo YM, Kim MH, Lee M, Kim JD
253 - 258 Temperature-Dependence of Nematic Anchoring Energy on Weak Surfaces of Polyimide Langmuir-Blodgett-Films
Peng Y, Miyamoto T, Naito H, Kuze M, Sugimura A, Iwamoto M
259 - 263 Rapini-Papoular Constants in a Model Nematic Liquid-Crystal
Stelzer J, Longa L, Trebin HR
265 - 273 Theory of Layer-Thinning Transitions in Freestanding Smectic-A Films - Effect of External Fields
Mirantsev LV
275 - 284 Nonlinear Dielectric-Relaxation Spectroscopy of Antiferroelectric Liquid-Crystals
Kimura Y, Hayakawa R, Okabe N, Suzuki Y
285 - 285 Local Optical Limiting Devices Based on Photoaddressed Spatial Light Modulators, Using Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystals
Beresnev L, Dultz W, Onokhov A, Haase W
295 - 300 Model of Layer-by-Layer Thinning Transition in Thin-Films
Kranjc T, Zumer S
301 - 307 Using Nematic Director Fluctuations as a Sensitive Probe of the Nematic-Smectic-A Phase-Transition in Liquid-Crystals
Yethiraj A, Bechhoefer J
309 - 314 Dielectric-Relaxation of Nematic Liquid-Crystal Confined in Porous Matrices
Sinha GP, Aliev FM
315 - 320 Soft Mode Dielectric-Relaxation Under the Influence of Bias Electric-Field of a Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystal Mixture
Roy SS, Majumder TP, Roy SK
321 - 321 Influence of the Azimuthal Anchoring Energy on the Smectic Layer Formation in Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystals
Vorflusev VP, Kitzerow HS
329 - 337 Deformed Helix Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystal Fabry-Perot Etalons
Choi WK, Davey AB, Wilkinson TD, Crossland WA
339 - 343 Smectic Layer Rotation by Electric-Field in Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric Liquid-Crystals
Nakayama K, Ozaki M, Yoshino K
345 - 350 Modeling of Surface-Stabilized Ferrielectric Liquid-Crystal Cells
Oton JM, Sabater J
351 - 356 Surface Anchoring Influence on Polarization Switching Properties of Ssflcs
Mochizuki A, Makino T, Shiroto H, Kiyota Y, Yoshihara T
357 - 357 Use of PTFE Alignment Layers in Passive Addressed Ssflc Displays
Campoli F, Beccherelli R, Dalessandro A, Ferrara V, Galloppa A, Padeletti G, Petrocco S, Maltese P
363 - 370 Matrix Addressing Wave-Forms for Grey Shades Ssflc Displays
Ferrara V, Beccherelli R, Campoli F, Dalessandro A, Galloppa A, Galbato A, Maltese P
371 - 376 Measurement of the Elastic-Constants and Effective Surface Anchoring Energy for a Smectic-C Liquid-Crystal
Dunn PE, Brown CV, Jones JC
377 - 381 Electrooptic Characteristics of Freestanding Chiral Smectic Ultra-Thin Film
Uto S, Ohtsuki H, Ozaki M, Yoshino K
383 - 387 Infrared-Spectra of Liquid-Crystal Mixtures and Analysis by Gaussian Radial Basis Functions Techniques
Yin KM, Kayano T
389 - 402 Investigations on the Flexoelectric and Electroclinic Effect in a Cholesteric Phase with Twist Inversion
Dierking I, Rudquist P, Komitov L, Lagerwall ST, Stebler B
403 - 403 Liquid-Crystalline Properties of Cholesteryl Esters Derived from Coconut Oil
Cada L, Tamayo A, Domingo Z, Laag E, Cruz A
409 - 409 Twisted Grain-Boundary Phase in the Binary Mixture of Nematic and Cholesteryl Compounds
Nagappa, Mahadeva J, Nayak RH, Alapati PR
415 - 415 In-Line Fiber Polarization Selector and Intensity Modulator
Chen TJ, Hsu JM, Chen SH
423 - 428 Optical-Properties of Homeotropical-Aligned Liquid-Crystal Microlens
Gwozdarev A, Nevskaja GE
429 - 434 First Electronic Conduction with High Hole Mobility in Smectic-A Phase of a Calamitic Liquid-Crystal
Funahashi M, Hanna JI
435 - 439 Analysis of Infrared-Spectra of Liquid-Crystal Mixtures by Neural Networks Methods
Yin KM, Kayano T
441 - 445 Room-Temperature Difluoro-Tolane and Diphenyl-Diacetylene Liquid-Crystals with Negative Dielectric Anisotropy
Wu ST, Hsu CS, Chen JM
447 - 447 Laser-Induced Configurational Transition in Liquid-Crystals
Hu GJ, Palffymuhoray P
455 - 461 Transient Stripe Patterns of Nematics in a Continuously Rotating Magnetic-Field
Grigutsch M, Stannarius R
463 - 469 In-Situ X-Ray Measurements of Light-Controlled Layer Spacing in a Smectic-A Liquid-Crystal
Krentsel TA, Lavrentovich OD, Kumar S
471 - 471 Nematic Bubbles in Freely Suspended Liquid-Crystal Films
Vanwinkle DH, Nechanicky M, Kettwig F
477 - 494 Microconfined Liquid-Crystals - Surface-Induced Deformations, Ordering and Fluctuations
Zumer S, Borstnik A, Skacej G, Ziherl P, Crawford GP
495 - 495 New Mesogens with Terminal Cyclohexyl Group
Vora RA, Mahajan R, Nandedkar H
507 - 512 ATR-Ir Spectroscopy Study of Nlc Orientation at the Plasma-Polymerized Layers Surface
Vangonen AI, Konshina EA
513 - 517 Reduction of Friction Through Presmectic Lubricants
Eidenschink R, Hager AM
519 - 524 The Nematic to Isotropic-Phase Transition in an Organic Random Network
Qian SH, Finotello D
525 - 530 Electrohydrodynamic Convection in Nematics Under Stochastic Excitation
Amm H, Behn U, John T, Stannarius R