Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.303 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 8 3-Dimensional Model of Anisotropic Properties of Liquid-Crystals in Thermal Fields
Nekrasov GL
9 - 14 Computer-Simulation of Rotator Phases in Liquid-Crystalline Polymers
Phillips TL, Saigol ZA, Hanna S
11 - 11 Proceedings of the 16th International Liquid-Crystal Conference .4. Kent, Ohio, USA - 24-28 June, 1996 - Guest Editors Preface
Kumar S, Finotello D
15 - 21 Monodisperse Oligomeric Liquid-Crystal Supermolecules with Defined Topology
Mehl GH, Goodby JW
23 - 23 Blue Phase-Formation in Liquid Crystal-Polymer Mixtures
Singh U, Davis FJ
29 - 36 Anomalous Electrooptical Response of Ncap-Type Nematic/Polymer Dispersions
Aphonin OA, Nazvanov VF
37 - 40 Multiple Light-Scattering from Polymer-Dispersed Liquid-Crystals
Boots HM, Neijzen JH, Paulissen FA, Vandermark MB, Cornelissen HJ
41 - 46 Transmittance and Spatial Optical Noise of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid-Crystal Layers
Loiko V, Konkolovich A
47 - 50 Liquid-Crystal Modulator for Fiber Commutation Channels
Razvin Y, Potochitz V
51 - 56 Banded Texture Induced by an Electric-Field in Lyotropic Liquid-Crystals
Monzen K, Fujita D, Hiraoka K, Uematsu Y, Date M
57 - 62 Flow Birefringence of Polyamides and Polyesters in Acid-Solutions
Filippova TV, Shtennikova IN
63 - 71 Dynamic Light-Scattering of a Lyotropic Liquid-Crystal Lamellar Phase and a Sponge Phase
Oizumi J, Kimura Y, Ito K, Hayakawa R
73 - 78 Liquid-Crystalline and Surfactant Properties of Alkyl Pyridinium Salts
Jackson DP, Fung BM
79 - 84 Nonlinear Bleaching in the Selective Reflection of Nonabsorbing Chiral-Nematic Liquid-Crystal Thin-Films
Lukishova SG, Belyaev SV, Lebedev KS, Magulariya EA, Schmid AW, Malimonenko NV
85 - 96 Structural-Properties of the Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystal Mixtures Based on the Homologous Series of Alkoxyphenyl Alkoxy Benzoates
Obadovic DZ, Bata L, Tothkatona T, Bota A, Fodorcsorba K, Vajda A, Stancic M
97 - 101 X-Ray Study of the Mesophase-Mesophase Transition of Octaalkyloxyorthocyclophanes
Dai S, Spielberg N, Zimmermann H
103 - 108 Neutron-Scattering Studies on Reentrant Nematic Phase
Mitra M, Paul R, Paranjpe SK, Deniz KU
109 - 114 The Ultrasonic Investigation of Magnetic-Field-Induced Structural-Changes of a Smectic-C Phase
Kashitsyn A, Pasechnik S, Balandin V
115 - 120 A Plastic Columnar Discotic Phase
Glusen B, Kettner A, Wendorff JH
121 - 126 Molecular Rotation in Hexatic-B Mesophase Studied by the EPR Method
Bikchantaev I, Szydlowska J, Pociecha D, Krowczynski A, Gorecka E
127 - 136 A Study of the Order Parameters of 2 Liquid-Crystals by One and 2-Dimensional C-13 NMR
Tong TH, Fung BM
137 - 143 X-Ray Study of Some Liquid-Crystal Homopolymers and Copolymers
Alexandrov AI, Pashkova TV, Konstantinov II
145 - 152 The Physical-Properties of a Series of Antiferroelectric Heterocyclic Esters
Mills J, Miller R, Gleeson H, Seed A, Hird M, Styring P
153 - 158 Long-Range Interactions, Many-Body Force and Mesophases in Ferroelectric Smectics
Yamashita M
159 - 164 Electrooptic Effect in an Antiferroelectric Liquid-Crystal
Orihara H, Kawada K, Yamada N, Ishibashi Y
165 - 170 Diastereomer Effects on Antiferroelectricity and Ferroelectricity of the Newly Synthesized Liquid-Crystals
Kobayashi I, Suzuki Y, Yajima T, Kawauchi S, Terada M, Mikami K
171 - 180 Simulation of Switching in Antiferroelectric Liquid-Crystals
Fornier J, Deley E, Verweire B, Demeyere A
181 - 186 Thresholdless Switching in Homogeneous Cells and Antiferroelectric Conoscopic Figures in Freestanding Films as Observed in a Binary SC-Asterisk-Like Mixture
Seomun SS, Takanishi Y, Ishikawa K, Takezoe H, Fukuda A, Tanaka C, Fujiyama T, Maruyama T, Nishiyama S
187 - 192 Mechanism of Grayscale Generation in Antiferroelectric Liquid-Crystal Displays
Sabater J, Rodrigo C, Quintana X, Oton JM
193 - 193 Freestanding Smectic Films Above Sma-N, Sma-iso Transitions
Demikhov YI, Dolganov VK
209 - 217 NMR and Dielectric Studies of Nano-Confined Nematic Liquid-Crystals
Cramer C, Cramer T, Arndt M, Kremer F, Naji L, Stannarius R
219 - 224 Low-Frequency Relaxations in a Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystal with the Helix Twist Inversion
Novotna V, Glogarova M, Sverenyak H, Bubnov AM
225 - 230 Steady-State Current in Nematic Liquid-Crystals
Murakami S, Naito H, Okuda M, Sugimura A
231 - 236 Visualization of Director Distributions from the Cross-Sectional Images Using a Dye-Doped UV Cured Liquid-Crystal Cell
Masuda S, Fujioka S, Nose T, Sato S
237 - 247 Nonlinear Dielectric Susceptibility in Blue Phases of Chiral Liquid-Crystals
Longa L, Zelazna M, Trebin HR
249 - 254 The Use of the Decyl Esters of Amino-Acid Hydrochlorides as Chiral Dopants in the Formation of Amphiphilic Cholesteric Liquid-Crystals
Radley K, Mclay N, Gicquel K
255 - 266 Lyotropic Liquid-Crystals Under Simple Couette and Oscillatory Shear
Mang JT, Kumar S, Hammouda B
267 - 272 Observation of the Structure and the Deformation of a Liquid-Crystalline Polymer Under Shear-Flow
Noirez L, Lapp A
273 - 278 Discotic Liquid-Crystals as Self-Assembled Monolayers
Allinson H, Boden N, Bushby RJ, Evans SD, Martin PS
279 - 284 Optically-Active Dopants Incorporating a 2,4-Disubstituted Oxazoline Ring
Lamb AG, Hird M, Kelly SM, Goodby JW
285 - 290 Synthesis of Tfmhpncbc with Deuterated Achiral Chain and Study of Extremely Bent Chiral Chain in Antiferroelectric Smectic-I-A
Yin HY, Jin B, Takanishi Y, Ishikawa K, Takezoe H, Fukuda A
291 - 296 Synthesis of Mhpobc-D(3) and Mhpobc-D(43) and Behavior of Methyl-Group Attached to Chiral Carbon as Observed by FT-Ir, Raman and NMR-Spectroscopy
Jin B, Yoshida S, Takanishi Y, Ishikawa K, Takezoe H, Fukuda A, Kakimoto MA
297 - 304 Synthesis and Mesomorphic Properties of Some 3,6-Disubstituted Cyclohex-2-Enones
Bezborodov V, Dabrowski R, Sasnovski G, Dziaduszek J
305 - 311 Syntheses and Mesomorphic Properties of New Laterally Attached Mesogenic Dimers
Surendranath V, Johnson DL
313 - 318 New Synthesis of the Liquid-Crystalline Bicyclohexylbenzene Derivatives
Sasnovski G, Bezborodov V, Dabrowski R, Dziaduszek J
319 - 324 The Dielectric-Properties of Nematic Liquid-Crystal 5Cb Confined to Treated and Untreated Anopore Membranes
Rozanski SA, Kremer F, Groothues H, Stannarius R
325 - 330 Influence of Confinement on Dynamics of Molecular-Motion and Collective Modes of Liquid-Crystal Dispersed in Pores
Aliev FM, Sinha GP
331 - 339 Dielectric-Relaxation in Mixtures of Liquid-Crystals of Different Molecular Length
Rjumtsev EI, Kovshik AP, Saburov BS, Umursokov RM
341 - 348 Study of Rotation Diffusion of Asymmetric Molecules in Liquid-Crystals Using Deuteron Spin Relaxation
Richards GM, Dong RY
349 - 354 Electroconvective Instabilities in Freely Suspended and Bound Nematic Layers
Krishnamurthy KS, Balakrishnan R
355 - 360 Stability of Unduloidlike Shapes of Smectic-A Phase Grown from Isotropic-Phase
Hirose Y, Naito H, Zhongcan OY
361 - 371 Calorimetric Investigation of Thin Freestanding Liquid-Crystal Films
Stoebe T, Huang CC
373 - 378 Scaling of Bond-Orientational Order Parameters in a 54Coobc 2-Dimensional Film
Chou CF, Ho JT, Hui SW, Surendranath V
379 - 390 Tilting Correlation in Adjacent Layers and Possible Thresholdless Antiferroelectricity in SC-Asterisk-Like Liquid-Crystals
Fukuda A, Seomun SS, Takahashi T, Takanishi Y, Ishikawa K
391 - 401 Threshold Properties of Ssflc in Terms of Polarization Structures
Mochizuki A, Makino T, Shiroto H, Kiyota Y, Yoshihara T
403 - 413 NMR in Liquid-Crystals Spinning at and Near Magic-Angle
Ramanathan KV, Khetrapal CL
415 - 429 A H-2 NMR-Study of Orientational Order and Spin Relaxation in the Mesogen P-Hexyloxybenzylidene-P’-Fluoroaniline
Calucci L, Geppi M, Veracini CA, Forte C, Gandolfo C
431 - 440 Detection of 2nd-Order Director Fluctuations by Deuteron Spin-Spin Relaxation at a Standard High-Field
Dong RY