Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.299 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 18 Present and Future of the Liquid-Crystals Chemistry
Bezborodov V, Dabrowski R
11 - 11 Proceedings of the 16th International Liquid-Crystal Conference .1. Kent, Ohio, USA - 24-28 June, 1996 - Guest Editors Preface
Kumar S, Finotello D
19 - 25 Heterocyclic Esters Exhibiting Frustrated Liquid-Crystal Phases
Seed AJ, Hird M, Styring P, Gleeson HF, Mills JT
27 - 32 Computer-Simulation of Bi-Disperse Liquid-Crystals - The Effect of Concentration on Phase-Behavior and Structural-Properties
Bemrose RA, Care CM, Cleaver DJ, Neal MP
33 - 38 Properties of an Ideal Nematic Gay-Berne Fluid
Wagner WL
39 - 39 Conformation Energy Surface for Liquid-Crystal Molecules from First Principles - Application to 5Cb
Clark SJ, Adam CJ, Ackland GJ, Crain J
45 - 50 Molecular-Dynamics Simulations of Liquid-Crystal Phase-Transitions
Aoki KM, Akiyama T
51 - 60 Novel Bifurcation Set Cross-Section Method for Topological Analysis of Phase-Diagrams
Konoplev VA, Pershin VK, Khomenko AV, Borovik BM
61 - 64 Surface-Induced Order-Parameter Profiles in a Nematic Liquid-Crystal from Molecular-Dynamics Simulations
Stelzer J, Galatola P, Barbero G, Longa L
65 - 71 Theory of Biaxial Nematic Ordering in Rod-Disc Mixtures Revisited
Vanakaras AG, Photinos DJ
73 - 77 Permittivity Gradient Induced 2nd-Harmonic Generation in Periodic Nematic Structure
Shia K, Kosa T, Palffymuhoray P, Kim YS
79 - 84 The Chirality Effect on the Optical Nonlinearity of Smectic C-Asterisk Liquid-Crystals
Lim M, Lee SD
85 - 90 Nonlinear-Optical Properties of the Thermotropic Liquid-Crystalline Main-Chain Polymers (Aromatic Polyesters)
Asada T, Tanaka H
91 - 95 Thermomechanical Effect in Liquid-Crystal
Barnik MI, Kitaeva VF, Rumyantsev VG, Zolotko AS
97 - 103 Theory of 2nd-Harmonic Generation in Periodic Ferroelectric Materials
Moroi DS, Zelmon DE
105 - 109 SHG-Active Films Formed from Uniaxial and Biaxial Nematic Liquid-Crystals with Polar Ordering
Furukawa T, Takezoe H, Nishi T, Mitsukuchi T, Migita A, Watanabe J, Watanabe T, Miyata S
111 - 116 Dynamic Holograms Induced by Nanosecond Laser-Pulses in Bleachable Dye Activated Liquid-Crystals
Serak SV, Kovalev AA, Nekrasov GL
117 - 128 Polymer-Dispersed Chiral Discotic Liquid-Crystals
Kitzerow HS, Bock H
129 - 135 High-Temperature Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystals
Thurmes WN, Wand MD, Vohra RT, More KM
137 - 142 Optical Anisotropy and Conformation of Poly (Fluoroalkoxyphosphazenes) in Solutions
Shtennikova IN, Kolbina GF, Tur DR
143 - 148 Orientational Elastic-Constants of Polymer Comb-Like Nematic
Filippov AP, Andreeva LN, Barmatov EB, Shibaev VP
149 - 155 Photopolymerization and Transport-Properties of Liquid-Crystalline Triphenylenes
Bleyl I, Erdelen C, Etzbach KH, Paulus W, Schmidt HW, Siemensmeyer K, Haarer D
157 - 162 In-Situ Photopolymerization of Discotic Crystalline Acrylates in the Discotic Nematic Phase
Favrenicolin CD, Lub J, Vandersluis P
163 - 168 Synthesis and Liquid-Crystalline Phase-Behavior of a Novel Metallomesogenic Side-Chain Liquid-Crystal Polymer Free from Cross-Linking
Saez IM, Styring P
169 - 174 Orientation of the Backbone Structure of Polyimide with Alkyl Side-Chains - Determination by Infrared-Absorption Spectroscopy
Sakamoto K, Abe N, Arafune R, Ushioda S
175 - 180 Electrostatic Field-Induced Transformation in the Homeotropically Aligned Liquid-Crystalline Polymer
Monzen K, Hiraoka K, Uematsu Y, Date M
181 - 186 Mechanical Switching and Soft Elasticity in Liquid-Crystal Elastomers
Roberts PM, Mitchell GR, Davis FJ, Pople JA
187 - 192 Dielectric-Relaxation of Side-Chain Liquid-Crystalline Polyethers
Day G, Simon G, Akiyama E, Nagase Y, Koide N
193 - 198 Phase-Diagram of a Liquid-Crystal Siloxane Polymer at Air-Water-Interface
Bhattacharyya A, Suresh KA
199 - 203 Pecularities of Liquid-Crystalline Order Formation in Polyesters with Irregular Chemical-Composition
Purkina A, Volchek B, Shilov S, Medvedeva D
205 - 210 The Physical-Properties of a Side-Chain Type Polysiloxane Liquid-Crystalline Polymer with Electrorheological Effect
Tajiri K, Sugaya M, Nagaya T, Orihara H, Ishibashi Y, Doi M
211 - 221 Synthesis and Optical Characterization of Cholesteric Polymer Networks
Stohr A, Strohriegl P
223 - 228 Memory Effects in Monodomain Liquid-Crystal Elastomers Produced in Magnetic-Fields
Roberts PM, Mitchell GR, Davis FJ
229 - 234 Dielectric Behavior in Chiral Smectic Phases of Main-Chain Polyesters
Hiraoka K, Sugano Y, Monzen K, Uematsu Y, Tokita M, Watanabe J, Furukawa T
235 - 243 Intrinsically Biaxial Systems - A Variational Theory for Elastomers
Biscari P
245 - 252 Photoorientation in lb Multilayers of Thermotropic Polymers
Stumpe J, Fischer T, Ziegler A, Geue T, Menzel H
253 - 253 Miscibility Phase-Diagrams of the Mixtures of Side-on Side-Chain Liquid-Crystalline Polymers and Low Molar-Mass Liquid-Crystals
Chang MC, Chiu HW, Kyu T, Leroux N, Chien LC
259 - 264 Biaxiality Phenomenon in Molecular-Properties of Comb LC Polymer with Lateral Structure - First Evidence
Lavrenko P, Yevlampiyeva N, Finkelmann H
265 - 275 Weak Chirality in Ordered DNA Phases
Kamien RD
277 - 286 The Melting Transition in Single and Multibilayer Phospholipid Tubules
Nounesis G
287 - 292 Physicochemical Characterization of Liquid-Crystalline Phases in Model Bile and Lipid Digestive Mixtures - A H-2 NMR-Study
Westerman PW, Jacquet R, Quinn B, Rinaldi PL, Daunch WA, Sun Y
293 - 299 Competition of Self-Organization and Photoorientation in Liquid-Crystalline Polymers
Fischer T, Lasker L, Rutloh M, Czapla S, Stumpe J
301 - 306 Disclination Loop in Mori-Nakanishi Ansatz - Role of the Divergence Elasticity
Lavrentovich OD, Ishikawa T, Terentjev EM
307 - 320 Paranematic-Nematic Phase-Transition of a Liquid-Crystal Confined to a Controlled Porous-Glass
Zidansek A, Kralj S, Lahajnar G, Zumer S, Blinc R
321 - 321 Thermophysical and Electrooptical Characterization of Nematic Liquid-Crystal Acrylate Systems
Roussel F, Buisine JM, Maschke U, Coqueret X
329 - 329 Writing and Erasure of Holographic Gratings in Dye-Doped Polymer-Dispersed Liquid-Crystals
Cipparrone G, Mazzulla A, Simoni F
337 - 342 Dielectric-Properties of Glass-Dispersed Liquid-Crystals
Pena JM, Olias E, Quintana X, Oton JM
343 - 352 Monitoring of Photo Polymerization Through Dielectric-Spectroscopy
Schuele D, Renner R, Coleman D
353 - 362 On the Onset of Phase-Separation in Polymer-Dispersed Liquid-Crystals Films
Nicoletta FP, Santangelo M, Hakemi HA, Caruso C, Chidichimo G
363 - 370 Simulation on the Kinetic Process in Polymer-Dispersed Liquid-Crystals - Effects of Various Concentration of Liquid-Crystals
Chen SH, Chen WJ
371 - 378 Influence of Liquid-Crystal Concentration on the Electrooptical Behavior of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid-Crystal Films Prepared by Electron-Beam Processing
Maschke U, Traisnel A, Turgis JD, Coqueret X
379 - 387 Angular Transmission of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid-Crystals Films
Chidichimo G, Huang ZQ, Caruso C, Defilpo G, Nicoletta FP
389 - 394 Polymer Morphology and Electrooptic Properties of Psct Devices
Nakata T, Gotoh T, Satoh M, Hasegawa E
395 - 400 The Mechanism for the Formation of Polymer Wall in Higher Polymer Content Cholesteric Liquid-Crystal Mixture
Ji YM, Francl JJ, West JL
401 - 406 Physical Behavior of Nematic Liquid-Crystals Using the Inplane Switching Mode
Ohe M, Ohta M, Kondo K
407 - 417 On the Peculiar Macromolecular Organization of Nematic Poly(Urethane-Ester)S
Francescangeli O, Laus M, Galli G
419 - 426 Laterally Branched Mesogens Incorporating a Rigid Perfluoroalkyl Chain
Dietzmann E, Weissflog W
427 - 432 Cholesteric Carbohydrate Liquid-Crystals Incorporating an Intact Glucopyranose Moiety
Smits E, Engberts JB, Kellogg RM, Vandoren HA
433 - 438 Structural Investigation of Smectic Q-Phase
Levelut AM, Bennemann D, Heppke G, Lotzsch D
439 - 443 Sans Investigation of the Pressure-Dependent and Temperature-Dependent Structure of the Bile-Salt Lecithin System
Mang JT, Hjelm RP
445 - 449 Determination of the Liquid-Crystalline Properties of Erythrocyte-Membranes
Delamerced MS, Domingo ZB, Cada LG, Matias R
451 - 456 Microstructures in an Oil-in-Water Microemulsion - A NMR Self-Diffusion Study
Coppola L, Olsson U, Muzzalupo R, Ranieri GA, Terenzi M
457 - 457 Lyomesomorphic Behavior of Selected di-Palladium Organyls in Hydrocarbons
Usoltseva N, Espinet P, Buey J, Praefcke K, Blunk D
467 - 476 Nuclear Magnetic-Relaxation Near the Nematic-to-Isotropic Transition in Micellar Systems
Chernov V, Valeev R, Lobaskin V
477 - 482 Analysis of X-Ray-Diffraction Intensities of a Mesogenic Mixture Exhibiting Induced Smectic Phase
Das MK, Paul R
483 - 489 Physical and Molecular-Properties of 3 Mesogenic Phenyl Cyclohexyl Compounds
Nath A, Mandal P, Paul S
491 - 496 X-Ray Study and Molecular Modeling of the Mesogen 4-Pentyl Cyclohexyl-4-(4-Propylcyclohexyl) Benzoate
Mostafa G, Mukhopadhyay A, Ray S
497 - 501 Structure of Pch4
Ibrahim IH, Paulus H, Mokhles M, Haase W
503 - 508 Reinvestigation of Mesomorphic Properties of 4,4’-Dialkyl-Biphenyl - New Orthogonal Phases
Czuprynski K, Przedmojski J, Dabrowski R, Brodzik M
509 - 515 Crystal-Structure of 4-Isothiocyanato Phenyl 4-Pentylbicyclo(2,2,2)Octane-1-Carboxylate
Sridhar MA, Lokanath NK, Krishnegowda D, Revanasiddaiah D, Shashidhara PJ
517 - 524 Bilayer Packing of the Nematogen Molecules in the Induced Smectic A-Phase
Shapiro YE, Boytsov AY
525 - 539 Low-Voltage Very Fast Electroclinic Materials - New Molecular Approach
Beresnev L, Biradar A, Dultz W, Pikin S, Haase W