Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

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1 - 9 Metal-Organic Layers in Molecular Magnets and Superconductors
Day P
9 - 9 Nagoya-Conference-Proceedings on Perspectives in Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Solids - Molecular Design and Functionality - Nagoya, Japan 14-16 March 1996 - Preface
Yamashita M, Mitani T, Saito G
11 - 18 Molecular-Metals Based on Bets and Magnetic Anions - Lambda-Bets(2)FeCl(4) and Kappa-Bets(2)FeCl(4) and Theta-Bets(4)Cu(2)Cl(6)
Kobayashi H, Kobayashi A, Naito T, Tokumoto M, Brossard L, Kushch N, Cassoux P
19 - 26 Molecular Magnets Based on Charge-Transfer Complexes
Enoki T, Enomoto M, Enomoto M, Yamaguchi K, Yoneyama N, Yamaura J, Miyazaki A, Saito G
27 - 32 New Molecular Conductors Containing Magnetic Tetrahedral Anion, (Diets)(2)Fex(4) and (Diets)Fex(4) - (Diets Equals Diiodo-Ethylenedithiodithiadiselenafulvalene, X=cl,Br)
Imakubo T, Sawa H, Kato R
33 - 41 Unusual Solid-State Properties of Transition-Metal Complexes of Sulfur-Donor Ligands
Underhill AE, Robertson N
43 - 50 New Organic Superconductors in the System (Et)(2)M(CF3)(4)(Solvent) (M=cu,Ag,Au) - Dramatic Effects of Organometallic Anion and Solvent Replacement
Schlueter JA, Williams JM, Geiser U, Wang HH, Kini AM, Kelly ME, Dudek JD, Naumann D, Roy T
51 - 56 Carrier-Doping in a Mott-Insulator Kappa-(BEDT-TTF)(2)Cu-2(CN)(3)
Komatsu T, Saito G
57 - 62 Electronic-Structures of Organic Conductors, (BEDT-TTF)(2)Csm(SCN)(4) (M=co, Zn)
Nakamura T, Kinami R, Minagawa W, Takahashi T, Mori H, Tanaka S, Mori T
63 - 68 Unusual Conductive Behavior of (BEDT-TTF)(3)Cl-2 Hydrate Salts
Ono G, Izuoka A, Sugawara T, Sugawara Y
69 - 74 Ttc1Ttf+ Cation Coordinated to Copper(I) - Crystal-Structure and Properties of ((Ttc1)Cubr2)(2)
Kurodasowa T, Hirota A, Munakata M, Maekawa M
75 - 82 Syntheses, Characterization and X-Ray Crystal-Structures of Tetrakis(Ethylthio)Tetrathiafulvalenium Hexachlorodicopper(II) and Hexabromodicopper(II)
Wu LP, Gan XM, Munakata M, Kurodasowa T, Maekawa M, Suenaga Y
83 - 88 Structural and Physical-Properties of Tau-(Edo-S,S-DMEDT-TTF)(2) (Aubr2)(1)(Aubr2)(Y)
Papavassiliou GC, Lagouvardos DJ, Zambounis JS, Terzis A, Raptopoulou CP, Murata K, Shirakawa N, Ducasse L, Delhaes P
89 - 94 Properties and Crystal-Structure of Charge-Transfer Complex of Tetramethoxydibenzotetrathiafulvalene-Tetracyanoquinodimethane, (Meo)(4)DBTTF-TCNQ
Inayoshi T, Ono I, Matsumoto S, Mitsunobu O
95 - 100 Preparation and Properties of bis(Isotrithione)Benzoquinone, Bitbq and Its TTF Complex, TTF(Bitbq)(0.90)
Mizuno M, Shibuya I, Akimoto J, Lee HJ, Noh DY
101 - 106 Synthesis and Properties of New Donors with an Ability of Metal-Coordination
Sako K, Kusakabe M, Tatemitsu H
107 - 112 Dimensionality Control of Phthalocyanine Based Conductors
Inabe T, Morimoto K
113 - 118 Molecular Conductors Comprised of Organic Cations and Phthalocyanines
Hasegawa H, Takano S, Miyajima N, Inabe T
119 - 124 Electrical-Properties of Thin-Films of bis(1,2-Benzoquinone Dioximato)Platinum(II), Pt(Bqd)(2)
Shirotani I, Takeda K, Onuma F, Sato N
125 - 130 A Molecular Superconductor Having a Solid-Crossing Column Structure, Me(4)N(Ni(DMIT)(2))(2)
Tajima H, Takahashi A, Kuroda H, Kobayashi A, Kobayashi H
131 - 136 Novel Pressure-Temperature Phase-Diagram of Molecular Conductors Related to the High-Pressure Superconductor, Beta-Me(4)N(Pd(DMIT)(2))(2)
Sawa H, Liu YL, Aonuma S, Kato R
137 - 142 Aggregation Structure of Quarternary Ammonium-Salts of (Ni(DMIT)(2)) Complex in Crystal
Yamamoto Y, Miyamura K, Gohshi Y
143 - 150 P-Pi-D Interaction in the (R(1),R(2)-DCNQI)(2)Cu System
Kato R, Kashimura Y, Aonuma S, Sawa H, Takahashi H, Mori N
151 - 156 Correlation Between the Thermal and Magnetic-Properties of (DCNQI)(2)Cu
Tamura M, Someya N, Nishio Y, Kajita K, Kashimura Y, Aonuma S, Sawa H, Kato R
157 - 162 Ground-States of DCNQI-Metal Complexes, (R(1),R(2)-DCNQI)(2)M - (R(1), R(2)=ch3,I,M=ag,Cu,Li1-Xcux)
Hiraki K, Kanoda K
163 - 168 Anomalous C-13/N-15 Isotope Effect in the Pi-D System (DME-DCNQI)(2)Cu Studied by Selective Isotope Substitution
Aonuma S, Sawa H, Kato R
169 - 174 Electronic States in Strongly Correlated Organic Conductor DCNQI-Cu
Suzumura Y, Suzuki S, Ogawa T
175 - 180 Conducting Polynuclear Cui Complexes with Thiophene-Fused DCNQI Ligands
Takahashi K, Mazaki Y, Kobayashi K
181 - 186 Superconductivity in Alkali-Ammonia Complex Fullerides
Shimoda H, Iwasa Y, Miyamoto Y, Maniwa Y, Mitani T
187 - 192 Alkali-Metal Doping to C-60 CT Complexes
Otsuka A, Saito G, Zakhidov AA, Yakushi K, Kusunoki M, Sakaguchi K
193 - 198 Electron Donor-Acceptor Aspect of Superconductivity in Metal-C-60 Complexes
Notoya R
199 - 204 Synthesis of Poly(Arylene Cobaltacyclopentadienylene)S and Their Oxidative Doping Behaviors
Matsuoka I, Aramaki K, Nishihara H
205 - 210 Electronic-Structures of Silicon-Based Organic-Compounds Studied by UV Photoemission
Ishii H, Yuyama A, Narioka S, Hasegawa S, Fujino M, Isaka H, Fujiki M, Furukawa K, Matsumoto N, Seki K
211 - 216 Kappa-BEDT-TTF Salts as Layered Correlated Electron-Systems
Ivanov V, Kanoda K
217 - 222 Magnetic Breakdown and Rapid Oscillation Phenomena in Low-Dimensional Organic Conductors
Kishigi K, Machida K
223 - 228 Spin Gap in One-Dimensional Electron-Phonon Systems
Yonemitsu K, Imada M
229 - 234 From 2 Coupled Chains to Quasi-One-Dimensional Organic Conductors
Yoshioka H, Suzumura Y
235 - 240 Molecular Vibrations and Dynamics of Soliton Lattice for Transpolyacetylene
Mori Y, Catlow CR
241 - 248 Molecular Architectures Based on Hydrogen-Bond and Coordination Bond Toward New Functionality
Nakasuji K, Tadokoro M, Toyoda J, Mitsumi M, Itoh T, Iijima K
249 - 256 Electron-Proton Cooperation in 1-D D-Pi Electronic-State - Basic Study of Protono-Electronics
Mitani T, Kitagawa H, Morii K, Yoshida D, Sakai K, Itoh T, Nakasuji K
257 - 261 Band-Filling Control in Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Molecular-System
Yoshida D, Kitagawa H, Mitani T, Itoh T, Nakasuji K
263 - 267 Structural Study on Novel Molecular-System with Hydrogen-Bondings
Morii K, Kitagawa H, Mitani T, Nakasuji K
269 - 274 Double-Channel Structures Based on Hydrogen-Bonding Networks of 2,2’-Biimidazolate Nickel(II) Complexes
Tadokoro M, Isobe K, Nakasuji K
275 - 280 Dielectric Property of Hydrogen-Bonded Squaric Acid-Derivatives
Takasu I, Mochida T, Izuoka A, Sugawara T, Asamitsu A, Moritomo Y, Tokura Y
281 - 286 A Triply Hydrogen-Bonding System Constructed by Self-Assembly of Biguanide Complex and Imide-Containing Compound
Kitamura H, Ozawa T, Jitsukawa K, Masuda H, Einaga H
287 - 294 Hydrogen-Bonded Metal-Complexes Containing Diphenylglyoxime Ligands
Itoh T, Iijima K, Toyoda J, Nakasuji K
295 - 302 Structural Phase-Transition and Au Valence State of the Perovskite-Type Au Mixed-Valence Compounds M(2)Au(2)X(6) (M=rb, Cs X=cl, Br, I) Under High-Pressure
Kojima N
303 - 310 Photoexcitations in MX Chains - Dynamics of Solitons and Polarons in (Pt(en)(2))(Pt(en)(2)I-2)(ClO4)(4)
Okamoto H, Oka Y, Mitani T, Yamashita M, Toriumi K
311 - 316 Mixed-Valence States in Mmx-Chains Complex, Pt-2(DTA)(4)I
Kitagawa H, Onodera N, Ahn JS, Mitani T, Kim M, Ozawa Y, Toriumi K, Yasui K, Manabe T, Yamashita M
317 - 322 Phase-Transition and Generation Efficiency of Mismatch of Valence-Alternation in the Neutral MX Chain System, (Ptx(2)(en))(Ptx(4)(en)) (X=cl, Br, I)
Matsushita N, Takano A, Kojima N
323 - 330 Intercalation of Functional Organic-Molecules into Copper(II) Magnetic-Materials
Awaga K, Fujita W, Sekine T, Okuno T
331 - 338 Magnetic-Interactions Between Copper(II) Centers Through (Mo(4))(2-) (M=cr(VI) and Mo(VI)) Bridges
Oshio H, Kikuchi T, Ito T
339 - 344 Magnetic-Properties of Basic Copper(II) Formates
Ueda K, Takamizawa S, Mori W, Yamaguchi K
345 - 350 Electronic-Structure of (2,2’-Bipyridine)(Catecholato)Copper(II)
Yamada Y, Fukuda Y, Hoshi T
351 - 356 Magnetic-Properties of 4-Methylpyrimidine-Bridged and 5-Methylpyrimidine-Bridged Copper(II) Complexes
Nakagawa M, Ishikawa Y, Kogane T, Ishida T, Yasui M, Iwasaki F, Nogami T
357 - 363 Crystal-Structure and Magnetic Characterization of a Building-Block for One-Dimensional Heterobimetallic Polymeric Complexes Bridged by 2,2’-Bibenzimidazolate Ligands
Bae JY, Tadokoro M, Sato K, Shiomi D, Takui T, Itoh K
365 - 372 Molecular-Structure and Magnetic Characterization of Structurally Reinforced Chiral Macrocyclic Polyamine-Based Dinuclear Copper(II) Complexes by X-Band and W-Band ESR Spectroscopy and Squid Measurements
Seki Y, Miyake H, Kojima Y, Sato K, Shiomi D, Takui T, Itoh K, Mori W, Yamaguchi K
373 - 380 Hydrogen Bond-Supported 2-Dimensional Layers of Iron(III) and Copper(II) Complexes of Chloranilate - Their Crystal-Structures and Magnetic-Properties
Kawata S, Kumagai H, Kitagawa S, Honda K, Enomoto M, Katada M
381 - 386 Phase-Transition in 1’,1"’-Dihexylbiferrocenium Triiodide Accompanied by a Change in Mixed-Valence State
Nakashima S, Nakazaki S, Sakai H, Watanabe M, Motoyama I
387 - 392 Synthesis and Properties of Monocations and Dications of 1,1-Diferrocenylethylenes
Iyoda M, Okabe T, Kondo T, Sasaki S, Matsuyama H, Kuwatani Y, Katada M
393 - 398 Correlation Between the Rate of Intramolecular Electron-Transfer of Dinuclear Iron Complexes(II,III) and the Phases of the Molecular-Structures
Maeda Y, Manago T, Komatsu H, Hayami S
399 - 404 Mossbauer Spectroscopic Study of the Reentrant Phase-Transitions in Tba(Fe(Tdas)(2))
Takahashi M, Takeda M, Awaga K, Okuno T, Maruyama Y, Kobayashi A, Kobayashi H, Schenk S, Robertson N, Underhill AE
405 - 410 Spin-Crossover Phenomena of Iron Complexes in the Montmorillonite Interlayer Space
Nakano M, Okuno S, Matsubayashi GE, Mori W, Katada M
411 - 416 Magnetic-Properties of Polymer lb Films Containing Ferrocene Derivatives
Ando Y, Hiroike T, Miyazaki T, Aoki A, Miyashita T
417 - 422 Spectroscopic and Electrochemical Studies on the 4-Alpha-Helices Bundle Cytochrome-C’
Kohzuma T, Suzuki S
423 - 430 Synthesis and Magnetism of New Bimetallic Assemblies, (Ni(Diamine)(2))(2)(Fe(CN)(6))X, Extended by Fe-III-CN-Ni-II Linkages
Ohba M, Okawa H
431 - 436 Crystal-Structure and Fe-57 Mossbauer-Spectra of Hofmann-Type Pyrrole Clathrate, Fe(NH3)(2)Ni(CN)(4)Center-Dot-2C(4)H(5)N
Kitazawa T, Sato Y, Gomi Y, Takahashi M, Takeda M
437 - 442 Synthesis, Structure and Magnetic-Properties of a 2-Dimensional Nickel(II) Coordination Polymer, ((Ni(Pzdc)(Pyz))Center-Dot-2H(2)O)(N) (H(2)Pzdc Equals Pyrazine-2,3-Dicarboxylic Acid Pyz Equals Pyrazine)
Okubo T, Kondo M, Kawata S, Kitagawa S, Miyazaki A, Enoki T
443 - 443 Crystal-Structure and Magnetic-Properties of the S=1 Quasi-One-Dimensional Compound Ni((15)Anen(4))N-3(PF6)
Yu Y, Honda Z, Katsumata K, Ohishi T, Manabe T, Yamashita M
449 - 454 Comparison with Several Oxidation-States of Ruthenium Binuclear Complexes - Ruthenium Analog for Iron-Protein Active-Site Model
Tanaka K, Ichimura A, Kinoshita I, Haga MA, Mori W, Kato M, Yano S
455 - 462 Magnetic Characterization of One-Dimensional Molecule-Based Metamagnet Made of Mn(Hfac)(2) and 1,3-bis(N-Oxy-tert-Butylamino)Benzene
Inoue K, Iwamura H
463 - 468 Magnetism of a New Oxalate-Bridged Metal-Complex (Npr4(Mncr(Ox)(3)))(X)
Bhattacharjee A, Iijima S, Mizutani F, Hayakawa H, Hagiwara M, Katsumata K
469 - 474 Syntheses and Magnetic-Properties of Dye Included Organometallic Magnets - Dams(Mcr(Ox)(3))
Gu ZZ, Sato O, Iyoda T, Hashimoto K, Fujishima A
475 - 480 Synthesis and Characterization of Intercalated Layered Double Metal-Hydroxides with Interlayer Aromatic Molecular Anions - Intercalation of 9,10-Anthraquinonedisulfonates Between Layers of Mg and Al Layered Double Hydroxides (Mgal-LDH)
Kanezaki E
481 - 486 Theoretical-Studies on Nonlinear-Optical Properties of Organometallic Conjugated Systems .1. Static 3rd-Order Hyperpolarizabilities of First-Transition-Metal and Metal-Methylene Cations
Shigemoto I, Nakano M, Yamada S, Kiribayashi S, Yamaguchi K
487 - 492 Structure and Magnetic Property of 2-Imidazolylnitronyl Nitroxide and Its Metal-Complexes
Yoshioka N, Irisawa M, Aizawa N, Aoki T, Inoue H, Ohba S
493 - 498 Calculation of Magnetization by Path-Integral Method .1.
Nagao H, Kawabe H, Kawakami T, Okumura M, Mori W, Nishikawa K, Yamaguchi K
499 - 506 Calculation of Magnetization by Path-Integral Method .2.
Kawakami T, Nagao H, Ueda K, Mori W, Yamaguchi K
507 - 514 Ab-Initio Mo Calculations of Superexchange Integrals for Transition-Metal Fluorides - Mfm(3+) (M=cu(II), Ni(II), and Mn(II)) - Active Control of the Magnetic States
Fujiwara M, Nishino M, Takamizawa S, Mori W, Yamaguchi K
515 - 522 Theoretical-Studies of Direct Exchange Couplings Between Transition-Metal Ions .2. Naked Binuclear Chromium(II) and Molybdenum(II) Systems
Nishino M, Tanaka M, Takeda S, Mashima K, Mori W, Tani K, Nakamura A, Yamaguchi K
523 - 532 Theoretical-Studies of Direct Exchange Couplings Between Transition-Metal Ions .2. Tetranuclear Transition-Metal Systems
Nishino M, Tanaka M, Takeda S, Mashima K, Mori W, Tani K, Nakamura A, Yamaguchi K
533 - 538 Spin-Polarized Band-Structure for Organic Molecular-Crystals
Kawamoto T, Shirai M, Suzuki N
539 - 546 Intersystem Crossing and Light-Induced Bistability in Iron(II) Spin-Crossover Compounds
Hauser A, Jeftic J, Romstedt H, Hinek R
547 - 552 Photophysical and Photochemical Properties of 3-Dimensional Metal-Tris-Oxalate Network Structures
Hauser A, Vonarx ME, Pellaux R, Decurtins S
553 - 560 Synthetic 3-Dimensional and Lower-Dimensional Semiconductors Based on Inorganic Units
Papavassiliou GC
561 - 566 UV Photoemission-Study of 8-Hydroxyquinoline Aluminum (Alq(3))/Metal Interfaces
Sugiyama K, Yoshimura D, Ito E, Miyazaki T, Hamatani Y, Kawamoto I, Ouchi Y, Seki K
567 - 572 Ultraviolet Electroluminescence in Polysilane Thin-Films
Ebihara K, Koshihara S, Miyazawa T, Kira M
573 - 578 Photoluminescence of Enantio-Selectively Formed Chromium(III) Double Salts
Herren M, Horikoshi H, Morita M
579 - 584 Luminescence of Schiff-Bases in Solid-State
Kawasaki T, Kamata T, Ushijima H, Murata S, Mizukami F, Fujii Y, Usui Y
585 - 590 Thermally Accessible Triplet-State in a Phthalocyanine Assembly System Which Is Formed from Crown-Ether-Substituted Lutetium Phthalocyanine Dimer Radicals in the Presence of Potassium-Ion
Ishikawa N, Kaizu Y
591 - 596 Energy-Transfer from Tris(2,2’-Bipyridine)Ruthenium(II) or Tris(2,2’-Bipyridine)Osmium(II) to Hexacyanochromate(III) in a Pure Crystal of Double Complex Salt
Otsuka T, Takahashi N, Kaizu Y
597 - 602 Effects of the Substituents on the Nonlinear-Optical Properties of bis(1,2-Diaryl-1,2-Ethylenedithiolato)Metal Complexes
Ushijima H, Kawasaki T, Kamata T, Kodzasa T, Matsuda H, Fukaya T, Fujii Y, Mizukami F
603 - 608 Nonlinear-Optical Properties of One-Dimensional Platinum Complexes
Kodzasa T, Kamata T, Ushijima H, Matsuda H, Fukaya T, Mizukami F, Matsunami J, Nagai Y, Matsumoto K
609 - 614 Measurement of Nonlinear Refractive-Index of One-Dimensional Metal-Complexes
Fukaya T, Nezu Y, Kamata T, Uchida T
615 - 620 Optical-Properties, Thermochromism and Crystal-Structure of Picric Acid-Hexamethylbenzene Complex
Suzuki H, Tanaka M, Mizoguchi JI, Kashino S
621 - 626 Optical-Properties, Thermochromism and Crystal-Structure of Picric Acid-1,5-Diaminonaphthalene Salt
Suzuki H, Tanaka M, Matsumoto S, Kashino S
627 - 632 Thermochromism of the Crystals of 2,3-di(P-Chlorophenylthio)-1,4-Naphthoquinone
Hayashi H, Tanaka M, Matsumoto S, Kashino S, Mogi K
633 - 638 Smectic Polymorphism in Copper-Complexes of Salicylaldimine Derivatives Carrying Polar Carbonyl Groups
Hoshinomiyajima N, Sekiuchi T, Yamazaki W, Sasaki T, Matsunaga Y
639 - 644 Theoretical-Analysis of the Ir and Visible Absorption Spectral Change by the Phase-Transition of the Crystals of 2,3-Diphenylthio-)-1,4-Naphthoquinones and 2,3-di(P-Chlorothiophenyl)-1,4-Naphthoquinones
Mogi K, Tanaka M, Hayashi H
645 - 650 Electron-Phonon and Exchange Interactions in the One-Dimensional Pi-D Electron-Systems
Mishima A