Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.283 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 10 Homogeneous Optical-Properties of Semiconductor Nanocrystals
Banin U, Mews A, Kadavanich AV, Guzelian AA, Alivisatos AP
7 - 7 Proceedings of the 7th International-Conference on Unconventional Photoactive Systems - Stanford-University, California, USA, September 6-9, 1995 - Introduction
Burland DM, Fayer MD, Swalen JD
11 - 16 Phonon-Induced 2E(-)-Tunneling in GaAs Quantum Dots
Wan Y, Ortiz G, Phillips P
17 - 24 Hierarchical Structure of J-Aggregates
Kobayashi T
25 - 30 Femtosecond Electronic Relaxation Dynamics in Metal Nano-Particles - Effects of Surface and Size Confinement
Faulhaber AE, Smith BA, Andersen JK, Zhang JZ
31 - 35 Chromophore Rich Nanodomains in Bulk and Ultra-Thin Film Polymer Blends
Marcus AH, Morkved T, Jaeger H, Rice SA, Hussey DM, Diachun NA, Fayer MD
37 - 42 Dispersive Line-Shape of Persistent Spectral Hole-Burning Observed in Pseudo-Isocyanine Bromide J-Aggregates and Its Exciton-Phonon Interaction
Tani T, Liuyi, Sasaki F, Kobayashi S, Nakatsuka H
43 - 50 Transmission Modulation of a Single-Mode Planar Wave-Guide by Spectral Hole-Burning
Tschanz M, Rebane A, Reiss D, Wild UP
51 - 56 Measurements of Photoluminescence Quantum Efficiencies in Conjugated Polymers - Implications for Polymer Photophysics and for Light-Emitting-Diodes
Greenham NC, Burns SE, Samuel ID, Friend RH, Moratti SC, Holmes AB
57 - 62 Meh-Ppv Light-Emitting-Diodes - Mechanisms of Failure
Scott JC, Kaufman JH, Salem J, Goitia JA, Brock PJ, Dipietro R
63 - 68 Electronic-Properties of Discotic LC-Materials
Haarer D, Simmerer J, Schuhmacher P, Paulus W, Etzbach KH, Siemensmeyer K, Ringsdorf H
69 - 74 Internal Electric-Fields and Inhomogeneous Broadening - Protoporphyrin-IX in Myoglobin
Geissinger P, Kohler BE, Woehl JC
75 - 80 Fulgides as Light Switches for Intra-Supermolecular Energy-Transfer
Seibold M, Port H, Wolf HC
81 - 87 Single-Molecule Spectra of an Impurity Found in N-Hexadecane and Polyethylene
Fleury L, Tamarat P, Kozankiewicz B, Orrit M, Lapouyade R, Bernard J
89 - 93 Spectral Dynamics of Individual Molecules in Solids
Skinner JL
95 - 100 Supermolecular Excitation Antenna - Ordered Energy Funnel
Shortreed MR, Shi ZY, Kopelman R
101 - 107 Transient Hole-Burning in Liquids
Ma JS, Vandenbout D, Berg M
109 - 114 Photorefractive Polymers and Their Applications
Kippelen B, Meerholz K, Sandalphon, Volodin BL, Peyghambarian N
115 - 118 Defeating Tradeoffs for Nonlinear-Optical Materials
Moylan CR, Mccomb IH, Miller RD, Lee VY, Twieg RJ, Ermer S, Lovejoy SM, Leung DS
119 - 123 Ultrastructure Synthesis and Nonlinear Spectroscopy of Photonic Materials
Dalton LR, Harper AW, Sun SJ
125 - 130 Dipole-Moments and 2nd-Order Hyperpolarizabilities of Imidazole-Based Betaines Determined from the Solvatochromic Effect
Ziolek L, Sworakowski J, Palewska K, Lipinski J, Nespurek S
131 - 136 Makerfringe Method for Measuring Optical Anisotropy in Thin Poly-(P-Phenylene-Vinylene) Films
Bauer F, Schwoerer M
137 - 142 Single-Molecule Spectroscopy - Terrylene in the Polymorphic Matrix Benzophenone
Croci M, Palm V, Wild UP
143 - 149 Nonlinear-Optical Active Polymethacrylates with High Glass-Transition Temperatures
Eckl M, Strohriegl P, Eich M, Sprave M, Vydra J
151 - 157 Simulation of RHEED Patterns of Ordered Organic Thin-Films
Fritz T, Miskowiec P
159 - 164 Linear Stark-Effect in Bacteriorhodopsin-Containing Oriented Purple Membrane Films
Sharkov AV, Varo G, Gillbro T
165 - 165 Laser-Induced Phase-Transition in Aqueous-Solutions of Hydrophobically-Modified Poly(N-Isopropylacrylamide)
Hofkens J, Hotta JI, Sasaki K, Masuhara H, Faes H, Deschryver F
173 - 177 Theory of Electronic Excitation Transfer in Polymer Micelles and Lamellae
Hussey DM, Keller L, Fayer MD
179 - 183 Analytical Description of the Intensity-Dependent Optical-Phase Shift Due to Cascaded Chi((2)) Processes
Kador L
185 - 190 Pressure Effects on Single Molecules of Terrylene in P-Terphenyl
Muller A, Richter W, Kador L
191 - 196 Hole-Burning Studies on Triplet-Triplet Fluorescence Excitation Spectrum of 2-Naphthylphenylcarbene
Kozankiewicz B, Bernard J, Migirdicyan E, Orrit M, Platz MS
197 - 202 Metal/Insulator/Polymer - LEDs Based on Ppv
Meier M, Colle M, Karg S, Buchwald E, Gmeiner J, Riess W, Schwoerer M
203 - 208 Time-Resolved Photoinduced Charge Separation in Pyridinium Substituted Anthryl-Methylenes and Anthryl-Polyenes
Hirsch T, Port H, Wolf HC
209 - 214 Stochastic-Model Description of Single-Molecule Spectroscopy
Paule E, Chvosta P, Reineker P
215 - 218 Coupling of Excitons in Parallel Organic and Semiconductor Quantum Wires
Reineker P, Agranovich VM, Yudson VI
219 - 224 Relationships Between the Electron-Phonon Coupling and the Elastic Properties of Polymer Matrices - A Hole-Burning Study
Renge I, Wild UP
225 - 230 Small Molecules in Hole-Burning Systems - A Local Antenna for Infrared-Induced Diffusion-Processes
Barth K, Richter W
231 - 236 Optical and Structural-Properties of Electrodeposited Polybithiophene Films During the Film Growth as a Function of the Redox Potential
Bock A, Kryschi C, Schmid D, Topeters A
237 - 242 Electronic-Structures and ENDOR Spectra of Polarons in Poly(P-Phenylene Vinylene)
Shimoi Y, Abe S, Kuroda S, Murata K
243 - 248 Photoinduced Charge Separation - Dipoles, Exciplexes and Ion-Pairs
Smirnov S, Braun C, Anknermylon S, Grzeskowiak K, Greenfield S, Wasielewski M
249 - 254 Transition Frequency and Internal Electric-Field for Protoporphyrin-IX in Myoglobin
Geissinger P, Kohler BE, Woehl JC
255 - 260 Optical Spectroscopy of Single Pentacene Molecules in a Naphthalene Crystal
Kummer S, Brauchle C, Basche T
261 - 264 Migration of Singlet and Triplet Excitons in Charge-Transfer Crystals
Kozankiewicz B
265 - 270 Gated Spectral Hole-Burning of Zn-Tetrabenzoporphine in the Presence of Various Organic Activators
Renge I, Wild UP
271 - 276 Exciton Effects and Nonlinear-Optical Response in Soliton Lattice States of Doped Conjugated Polymers
Harigaya K, Shimoi Y, Abe S
277 - 282 Metallic and Insulating States in One-Dimensional and 2-Dimensional C-60-Polymers
Harigaya K
283 - 291 Photoelectrochemical Effects and (Photo)Conductivity of N-Type Phthalocyanines
Karmann E, Meyer JP, Schlettwein D, Jaeger NI, Anderson M, Schmidt A, Armstrong NR
293 - 298 Some Light-Sensitive Imide Molecular-Systems with the Determined Functional-Properties
Syromyatnikov VG, Yashchuk VN, Ogulchansky TY, Savchenko IA, Kolendo AY