Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.278 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 8 Molecular Design and Synthesis of Ferromagnetic and Ferrimagnetic Inorganic Polymers and Complexes with Tetrathiolate Ligands
Fujiwara M, Takamizawa S, Mori W, Yamaguchi K
1 - 15 Interactions Between Antibodies and Crystal-Surfaces
Perltreves D, Kam M, Addadi L
7 - 7 Proceedings of the 12th International-Conference on the Chemistry of the Organic-Solid State - Parts 3-and-4, Okudogo, Matsuyama, Japan, 9-14 July 1995 - Preface
Toda F
9 - 18 Theoretical Calculation of Effective Exchange Integrals for One-Dimensional and 2-Dimensional Poly(Phenylenemethylene) Systems - Possibilities of Organic Ferro-Magnetic and Ferri-Magnetic Solids
Yamaki D, Yamada S, Maruta G, Kawakami T, Mori W, Yamaguchi K
17 - 25 Size Effects in Reactions of Solid Organic-Compounds with Metal Particles
Sergeev GB, Efremov MY
19 - 28 Theoretical-Study of Effective Exchange Integrals for Ferromagnetic Phenylenevinylene Polymers with Nitroxides - Possibilities of Organic Ferro- or Ferri-Magnetic Solids
Maruta G, Yamaki D, Mori W, Yamaguchi K, Nishide H
27 - 36 Using Polarized, Ultra-Soft X-Ray-Absorption Spectroscopy to Probe Molecular-Orientation in Benzotriazole Films Adsorbed on Partly Oxidized Copper
Johnstone J, Roberts KJ
29 - 38 Theoretical-Studies of the Ferromagnetic Intermolecular Interaction of P-Carboxylate Phenyl Nitronyl Nitroxide
Kawakami T, Oda A, Mori W, Yamaguchi K, Inoue K, Iwamura H
37 - 46 Growth Defect Studies in SiC Single-Crystals
Dudley M, Vetter WM
39 - 45 Ferromagnetic Spin Interaction Through the Interheteromolecular Hydrogen-Bond - A 1/1-Crystalline Complex of Phenylboronic Acid and Phenyl Nitronyl Nitroxide
Akita T, Mazaki Y, Kobayashi K
47 - 56 Magnetism of Iminonitroxide Network Linked by Copper(I) Halides
Oshio H, Watanabe T, Ohto A, Ito T
47 - 56 Molecular Distortion and Pi-Pi Interactions in the Solid-State of Titanylphthalocyanine
Mizuguchi J, Rihs G
57 - 63 (Nhn)(+) Hydrogen-Bond in Organic Radical Solid
Okuno T, Otsuka T, Awaga K
57 - 64 Structure Enforced Assemblies of Porphyrin Based Metallomacrocycles - Control of Supramolecular Organization by Weak-Interactions
Goldberg I
65 - 76 Helical Tubulate Inclusion-Compounds - Size, Shape, and Stoichiometry
Bishop R, Craig DC, Dance IG, Gizachew D, Scudder ML, Ung AT
65 - 72 Intermolecular Arrangements of P-Substituted Aniliniums in the Interlayer of Cupric Chloride
Sekine T, Okuno T, Awaga K
73 - 76 Preparation and Properties of Aromatic-Compounds Bearing Substituents with Unpaired Electron
Nakatsuji S, Akashi N, Komori Y, Suzuki K, Enoki T, Anzai H
77 - 85 Crystal-Structures of Tempo Radicals Showing Ferromagnetic Interaction
Yasui M, Yoshikawa H, Yamamoto H, Ishida T, Nogami T, Iwasaki F
77 - 85 Alkane-Like Building-Blocks in the Supramolecular Structures Built of Cyanocadmate Moieties - Why Dont You, Organic Chemists, Learn More from CN-Linked Inorganic Structures
Yuge H, Kitazawa T, Iwamoto T
87 - 96 Ferromagnetism of Pyrimidine-Bridged Copper(II) Complexes
Ishida T, Nogami T, Yasui M, Iwasaki F, Iwamura H, Takeda N, Ishikawa M
87 - 97 Diverse Mode of Crystal-Structures in the Host-Guest Complexes of Diols
Kai Y, Suzuki H, Kanehisa N, Tanaka K, Toda F
97 - 106 Ferromagnetism of Organic Radical Crystals of Tempo Derivatives
Nogami T, Ishida T, Yasui M, Iwasaki F, Iwamura H, Takeda N, Ishikawa M
99 - 109 Molecular-Orbital Study on the Ferroelectricity of Odd Nylons
Imamura A, Kubota H, Ogawa Y, Aoki Y
107 - 114 Organic Radical Solid as Typical One-Dimensional Heisenberg-Ferromagnet with Quantum Spin
Takeda K, Hamano T, Kawae T, Hitaka M, Kawasaki S, Takahashi M, Mukai K
111 - 116 X-Ray Molecular-Orbital Analysis of Diformohydrazide
Tanaka K
115 - 122 Pressure Effect on the Curie-Temperature and Intermolecular Interactions in Organic Ferromagnet Beta-Phase P-Npnn
Konishi K, Takeda K, Tamura M, Kinoshita M
117 - 124 Prominent 2nd-Order Nonlinear-Optical Properties of Novel Ketone Derivatives
Kawamata J, Inoue K, Inabe T
123 - 132 Crystal-Structures and Magnetic-Properties of Tetrafluorotetracyanoquinodimethanide Salts
Ueda K, Morimoto H, Sugimoto T, Kanehisa N, Shibamoto Y, Kai Y
125 - 125 Observation of Generation of Intense 2nd-Harmonics at Etch Pits of P-Nitroaniline Single-Crystal Surface
Kobayashi H, Kotani M
131 - 138 Crystal-Structures and Properties of the Cation-Radical and Charge-Transfer Salts of 7,10-Dithiafluoroanthene
Tani H, Kawada Y, Azuma N, Ono N
133 - 138 Ground-State Triplet Cation Diradicals Having Non-Degenerated Singly Occupied Molecular-Orbitals
Kumai R, Sakurai H, Izuoka A, Sugawara T
139 - 150 Molecular and Crystal-Structure and Properties of Te-Containing P-Terphenoquinone Analogs
Tamura R, Takasuka H, Nagata Y, Azuma N, Matsumoto A, Sadaoka Y, Gunji A, Takahashi K, Kamimura A, Hori K
139 - 144 Ferromagnetic Spin Ordering Along Intermolecular Hydrogen-Bonds of a Hydroquinone Derivative Carrying a Nitronyl Nitroxide
Matsushita MM, Izuoka A, Sugawara T
145 - 154 Magnets Based upon the Molecular-Solid State
Miller JS, Epstein AJ
151 - 156 2-Dimensional Molecular Arrangement in Phthalocyanine Based Conducting Crystals
Inabe T, Morimoto K, Hasegawa H, Miyajima N
155 - 176 FT Pulsed ESR/Electron Spin Transient Nutation (Estn) Spectroscopy Applied to High-Spin Systems in Solids - Direct Evidence of a Topologically Controlled High-Spin Polymer as Models for Quasi 1D Organic Ferro-Magnets and Superpara-Magnets
Takui T, Sato K, Shiomi D, Itoh K, Kaneko T, Tsuchida E, Nishide H
157 - 164 Investigating the Orientations of Langmuir-Blodgett-Films of Copper Tetra-T-Butyl Phthalocyanine Using Polarized, Ultra-Soft XANES Spectroscopy
Johnstone J, Peacock CA, Roberts KJ, Hann RA, Oldman RJ, Gupta SK
165 - 171 A New Route to Porphyrins Substituted with Long Alkoxy Groups, Attempts to Prepare the Discotic Liquid-Crystals
Murashima T, Wakamori N, Uchihara Y, Ogawa T, Uno H, Ono N
173 - 180 Optochemical HCl and Cl-2 Gas-Detection Based on Tetraphenylporphin Dispersed in Ethylcellulose
Tagliatesta P, Sadaoka Y, Sakai Y
177 - 194 Magnetism of Materials Formed by Metal-Ions and Radicals
Caneschi A, Gatteschi D, Sessoli R
181 - 188 Photochromic Dispironaphthoxazine Polyethers - Synthesis and Their Cation-Binding Capability
Kang TJ, Chang SH, Kim DJ
189 - 197 Electrocrystallization, Crystal-Structure, and Solid-State Properties of Halogen-Bridged One-Dimensional Compound, ((Ni(en)(2)Br)(ClO4)(2))(Infinity) Having an Elongated Ni-Center-Dot-Center-Dot-Center-Dot-Ni Distance
Ozawa Y, Ikuno T, Amano S, Ida T, Ibaraki A, Kimura K, Toriumi K
195 - 208 Magnetic-Properties of 1,5-Dimethylverdazyl Radical Crystals - Finding of New Organic Ferromagnet, P-Cdtv
Mukai K, Konishi K, Nedachi K, Takeda K
199 - 207 Varieties of Crystalline Architecture by Using Hydrogen-Bonding in Biimidazolate Metal-Complex Systems .1. Dimer Complex
Tadokoro M, Isobe K, Miyazaki A, Enoki T, Nakasuji K
209 - 212 Varieties of Crystalline Architecture by Using Hydrogen-Bonding in Biimidazolate Metal-Complex Systems .2. One-Dimensional Linear-Chains
Tadokoro M, Isobe K, Nakasuji K
209 - 218 Weak Intermolecular Interactions in Solids and Liquids
Dunitz JD
213 - 216 Varieties of Crystalline Architecture by Using Hydrogen-Bonding in Biimidazolate Metal-Complex Systems .3. Zigzag One-Dimensional Chains
Tadokoro M, Isobe K, Nakasuji K
217 - 220 Varieties of Crystalline Architecture by Using Hydrogen-Bonding in Biimidazolate Metal-Complex Systems .4. Channel Structures
Tadokoro M, Isobe K, Nakasuji K
219 - 231 Crystal-Lattice Energy of Amino-Acid Hydrohalides
Rulewski J, Skurski P, Dokurno P, Blazejowski J
221 - 224 Varieties of Crystalline Architecture by Using Hydrogen-Bonding in Biimidazolate Metal-Complex Systems .5. Double-Interlocking Honeycomb Sheet
Tadokoro M, Isobe K, Uekusa H, Ohashi Y, Nakasuji K
225 - 228 One-Dimensional Heterobimetallic Complex Bridged by 2,2’-Bibenzimidazolate Ligand
Tadokoro M, Takui T
229 - 234 Structurally Reinforced Chiral Macrocyclic Polyamine Based Dinuclear Copper(II) Complexes as Studied by CW and FT Pulsed ESR and Squid Measurements
Seki Y, Miyake H, Kojima Y, Sato K, Shiomi D, Takui T, Itoh K
233 - 240 The Effect of Solvent in the Determination of Morphology - A Study of Epsilon-Caprolactam
Roberts KJ, Walker EM, Maginn SJ
235 - 240 Structurally Reinforced Chiral Macrocyclic Polyamine Copper(II) Complexes as Studied by ESR and Squid Measurements
Yoshiki N, Seki Y, Miyake H, Kojima Y, Sato K, Shiomi D, Takui T, Itoh K
241 - 246 Crystal-Structure and Magnetic Characterization of a Building-Block for One-Dimensional Heterobimetallic Complexes Bridged by 2,2’-Bibenzimidazolate Ligands
Tadokoro M, Sato K, Shiomi D, Bae JY, Takui T, Itoh K
241 - 264 Polymorphism and Pseudopolymorphism of the Antibacterial Nitrofurantoin
Caira MR, Pienaar EW, Lotter AP
247 - 252 Electronic and Molecular-Structures of Room-Temperature Stable Triplet Carbene as Studied by ESR and X-Ray Crystal Analysis of the Diazo Precursor
Takui T, Furukawa K, Itoh K, Miyahara I, Hirotsu K, Watanabe T, Hirai K, Tomioka H
253 - 260 Electronic and Molecular-Structures of Quintet Bisnitrenes as Studied by Fine-Structure ESR-Spectra from Random Orientation - All the Documented Zfs Constants Correct
Fukuzawa TA, Sato K, Ichimura AS, Kinoshita T, Takui T, Itoh K, Lahti PM
261 - 269 Electronic and Molecular-Structures of 1,3,5-Tris(Phenylmethylene)Benzene (S=3) as Models for Discotic High-Spin Liquid-Crystals - Single-Crystal ESR and X-Ray-Diffraction Studies
Nakazawa S, Sato K, Kinoshita T, Takui T, Fukuyo M, Miyahara I, Hirothu K, Itoh K
265 - 274 2-Molecule Crystals Between Nitroanilines and Nitrophenols
Koshima H, Wang Y, Matsuura T, Mizutani H, Isako H, Miyahara I, Hirotsu K
271 - 278 Electronic and Molecular-Structure of Room-Temperature Stable Triplet Carbene as Studied by ESR Spectroscopy
Furukawa K, Takui T, Itoh K, Watanabe T, Hirai K, Tomioka H
275 - 284 Chiral Discrimination in the Solid and the Solution States
Kuroda R, Biscarini P
279 - 294 One-Dimensional Ferrimagnetic Behavior of a Hetero-Spin Chain in an Organic Radical Crystal as Probed by Susceptibility and Relaxation-Time Measurements
Shiomi D, Nishizawa M, Sato K, Takui T, Itoh K, Sakurai H, Izuoka A, Sugawara T
285 - 289 Recent Developments of X-Ray Crystal-Structure Analysis by a New Diffractometer for Rapid Data-Collection
Uekusa H, Ohashi Y
291 - 293 Organic-Reaction Without Solvent - Efficient Synthesis of Thiocarbonylimidazolide
Hagiwara H, Ohtsubo S, Kato M
295 - 300 An FT-Pulsed ESR/Electron Spin Transient Nutation Study of Hyperbranched Pi-Aryl Stable Triplet and Quartet Molecules
Sato K, Shiomi D, Takui T, Itoh K, Veciana J, Rovira C
301 - 308 Ferromagnetic and Antiferromagnetic Behaviors of Stable Free-Radical Crystals of N-(Arylthio)-2,4,6-Triarylphenylaminyls
Teki Y, Tajima Y, Itoh K, Ueno S, Kitagishi Y, Miura Y
309 - 318 Novel Organic Ions of High-Spin States .4. ESR Studies on a Monoanion of a Prototype System Having 2 Carbenic Units Coupled by a Weak Intramolecular Exchange Interaction, Biphenyl-3,3’-bis(Phenylmethylene)
Nakamura T, Momose T, Shida T, Kinoshita T, Takui T, Teki Y, Itoh K