Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.273 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 16 2-Dicyanomethylene-1,3-Dithiole-4,5-Dithiolate - A New Dithiolene Ligand and Its Metal-Complexes
Gompper R, Hansel JG, Hock J, Polborn K, Dormann E, Winter H
1 - 10 Properties of Molecular-Based Frustrated Magnets
Wynn CM, Albrecht AS, Landee CP, Navas C, Turnbull MM
7 - 7 Proceedings of the 4th International-Conference on Molecule-Based Magnets - Salt-Lake-City, Utah, USA 16-21 October 1994 - Preface
Miller JS, Epstein AJ
11 - 16 Magnetism in Binuclear Compounds Mcu((Obbz)).NH(2)O with M=mn or Co
Chavan SA, Yakhmi JV, Gopalakrishnan IK
17 - 20 Ferromagnetism in a New Structural Phase of (Fe(C(5)Me(5))(2))(TCNQ)
Broderick WE, Liu XH, Owens S, Toscano PM, Eichhorn DM, Hoffman BM
17 - 23 Lattice-Relaxation and Cooperativity in the Low-Spin to High-Spin Transitions in Molecular-Crystals
Tchougreeff AL
21 - 28 Paramagnetic Transition-Metal Complexes with Sigma-Bonded Tetracyanoethylene (TCNE)
Dunbar KR, Xiang OY
25 - 32 Low-Dimensional Magnetic Systems with S=1, 3/2 and 2
Yamashita M, Inoue K, Ohishi T, Takeuchi T, Yosida T, Mori W
29 - 33 Ferromagnetic Interactions in a Decamethylferrocenium Salt of Nickel(III) bis(2-Oxo-1,3-Dithiole-4,5-Dithiolate)
Fettouhi M, Ouahab L, Codjovi E, Kahn O
33 - 40 Spectroscopic and Bulk Susceptibility Evidence for Independent Antiferromagnetic Ordering Transitions in the Rock-Salt Like Structured Heterobimetallic Complexes (Cr(NH3)(6))(Fecl6) and (Ru(NH3)(6))((Fecl6)) - Consequences of Highly Different Magnetic Symmetries
Reiff WM, Hatfield WE
35 - 40 Synthesis, Structure and Physical-Properties of the Molecular Magnetic Semiconductor (BEDT-TTF)(4)Kfe(C2O4)(3).C6H5Cn (BEDT-Ttf=bis(Ethylenedithio)Tetrathiafulvalene)
Graham AW, Kurmoo M, Day P, Coles SJ, Hursthouse MB, Coomber AT, Friend RH
41 - 45 Single-Crystal Magnetic Measurements of the Molecular Magnet Nh4Ni(MNT)2.H2O
Coomber AT, Friend RH, Charlton A, Underhill AE, Kurmoo M, Day P
41 - 49 First Examples of Long-Range Magnetic-Ordering of Structurally Characterized Pentachloroferrate-III di-Anions - Fecl52-, and Its Methanol and Aquo Adducts
Reiff WM, James BD
47 - 56 Magnetic-Interactions in Cu(I) and Ag(I) Iminonitroxides
Oshio H, Watanabe T, Ohto A, Ito T, Ikoma T, Terokubota S
51 - 62 Magnetic Studies of Polynuclear Iron(II) Complexes and Their Application to the Synthesis of Extended Structures
Dunbar KR, Sun JS
57 - 66 Magnetism of the Beta-Phase P-Nitrophenyl Nitronyl Nitroxide Crystal
Takeda K, Konishi K, Tamura M, Kinoshita M
63 - 69 On the Independent Cation and Anion Sub-Lattice Long-Range Antifferomagnetic Orderings of Layered Ferricenium Tetra-Halo Ferrates - Effects of Highly Different Magnetic Symmetries
Reiff WM, Zhang JH, Miller JS
67 - 80 High-Spin Polynitroxide Radicals as Versatile Bridging Ligands for High T-C Transition-Metal Complexes
Inoue K, Hayamizu T, Iwamura H
71 - 78 Novel One-Dimensional Magnetic Systems Based on Copper(II) Halide Salts
Willett RD
79 - 88 Ferromagnetism, Antiferromagnetism and Paramagnetism in Vanadium Phosphates Prepared from Hydrothermal Conditions
Lee YS, Zubieta J, Haushalter R, Oconnor CJ
81 - 87 New Manganese(II) Complexes of Nitronyl Nitroxide Radicals - Synthesis, Structure and Magnetic-Properties
Luneau D, Rey P
89 - 97 Molecular Materials Coupling Localized Magnetic-Moments and Delocalized Electrons
Coronado E, Galanmascaros JR, Gimenezsaiz C, Gomezgarcia CJ, Triki S, Delhaes P
89 - 99 Molecular Ferromagnets Based on Metal-Complexes with 3-Imidazoline Nitroxides
Ovcharenko V, Burdukov A, Musin R
99 - 111 Magnetic Investigations on Liquid-Crystalline Metallopolymers
Haase W, Griesar K, Bustamante EA, Galyametdinov Y
101 - 110 Novel Family of Oligopyridine Based bis-Nitronylnitroxide Biradical - Coordination, Structural and Magnetic-Properties
Ziessel R
111 - 116 Characterization of New Organic Ligand-Based Magnets - (Mnttp)(TCNE) and (Mnttp)(TCNQ)
Winter H, Kelemen M, Dormann E, Gompper R, Janner R, Kothrade S, Wagner B
113 - 118 Spin-Glass Behavior of Synthetic Atacamite, Cu2Cl(Oh)(3)
Mori W, Yamaguchi K
117 - 124 Magnetic-Behavior of Polymers Containing Paramagnetic Metalloporphyrins
Kamachi M, Kajiwara A, Mori W, Yamaguchi K
119 - 127 A New Family of Low-Field Meta-Magnets Zigzag Polymers of Simple Endo-Bidentate Ligands - (M(1,10-Phenanthroline or 2,2’-Bipyridine)(1)Cl-2)(Infinity) Chains, M=fe-II,Co-II,Ni-II,Mn-II
Reiff WM, Zhang JH
125 - 140 Recent Experimental and Theoretical-Studies of Molecular and Layered Meta-Radical Based Magnets
Drillon M, Hornick C, Laget V, Rabu P, Romero FM, Rouba S, Ulrich G, Ziessel R
129 - 135 Reductive Topotactic Metal-Ion Insertion Chemistry of Trivalent Iron-III Networks as an Approach to New Magnetic-Materials
Reiff WM, Torardi CC
137 - 143 New Insulating Layered Network 3D-Ferromagnets Composed of the Divalent Metal Perrhenates - Fe(ReO4)(2), Co(ReO4)(2) and Ni(ReO4)(2)
Reiff WM, Dodrill BC, Torardi CC
141 - 151 Hexacyanometalates - Molecular Precursors for High-Spin Molecules and High-T-C Molecule-Based Magnets
Mallah T, Ferlay S, Auberger C, Helary C, Lhermite F, Ouahes R, Vaissermann J, Verdaguer M, Veillet P
145 - 157 Large Magnetic-Anisotropy in High-Spin Clusters - A Route to Magnetic Hysteresis at the Molecular-Level
Sessoli R
153 - 166 Molecular Magnets Constructed from Cyanometalate Building-Blocks
Entley WR, Treadway CR, Girolami GS
159 - 166 High-Spin Molecules - A Structural and Magnetic Comparison of High-Nuclearity Manganese Carboxylate Aggregates
Eppley HJ, Wang SY, Tsai HL, Aubin SM, Folting K, Streib WE, Hendrickson DN, Christou G
167 - 173 High-Spin Molecules - Unusual Magnetic-Susceptibility Relaxation Behavior of a Dodecanuclear Manganese Aggregate in 2 Oxidation-States
Tsai HL, Eppley HJ, Devries N, Folting K, Christou G, Hendrickson DN
167 - 167 Polymeric 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional Transition-Metal Networks - Crystal-Structures and Magnetic-Properties
Decurtins S, Schmalle HW, Schneuwly P, Pellaux R, Ensling J
175 - 179 Structural, Magnetic and Mossbauer Studies of the Mixed-Metal Molecular Ferromagnet Compounds Nbu(4)(Mcr(C2O4)(3)) (Bu=(CH2)(3)CH3, M=mn, Fe)
Ovanesyan NS, Shilov GV, Atovmyan LO, Lyubovskaya RN, Pyalling AA, Morozov YG
175 - 178 Iron-Schiff Base Magnetic Polymers, Synthesis and Characterization
Fujiwara M, Mori W, Yamaguchi K
179 - 185 Synthesis, Structure and Magnetic-Properties of Crystalline Coordination Polymers of Copper(II), ((Cu(Ca)(H2O)(2))(H2O))(N) and (Cu(Ca)(MeOH)(2))(N) (H(2)Ca Chloranilic Acid)
Kawata S, Kitagawa S, Furuchi I, Kudo C, Kamesaki H, Kondo M, Katada M, Munakata M
181 - 187 On the Mixed-Valence Behavior and Cooperative 3D Ordering of a Series of Tris-Oxalato Ferrates - Bu(4)N(MFe(III)(Ox)(3))M=mn-II(A), Fe-II(B), Co-II(C), Ni-II(D), and Phi(4)P(Feiifeiii(Ox)(3))(E) - New Ferrimagnets
Reiff WM, Kreisz J, Meda L, Kirss RU
187 - 192 A Recurrent Novel Motif for 3-Dimensional Magnetic Exchange Interactions in Chain Structures Containing Endo-Bidentate Alpha-di-Imine Ligands - Pi-Pi Overlap Interactions
Reiff WM, Torardi CC
189 - 201 Chemistry and Physics of Molecular Assemblies Involving Open-Shell Units - From Isolated Molecules to 3-Dimensional Magnets
Kahn O, Pei Y, Turner SS, Ouahab L, Fettouhi M
193 - 198 High-Nuclearity Mixed-Valence Clusters, Theoretical Approaches
Borrasalmenar JJ, Clemente JM, Coronado E, Georges R, Tsukerblat BS
199 - 203 Magnetic Studies of Polymetalorganosiloxanes
Dyakonov AJ, Mccormick BJ, Kahol PK, Pinto N, Levitsky MM, Buchachenko AL
203 - 210 Oxamide Derived Bimetallic Ferrimagnets
Turnbull MM, Albrecht AS, Landee CP, Maurer JA, Wynn CM
205 - 211 Fractal Ferromagnetic Exchange Interactions in Metal-Containing (Nanosize Clusters) Polyconjugated Systems
Lyubchenko ML, Lyubchenko LS, Zapadinskii BI, Fomin AM
211 - 217 Structure and Magnetism of a New 2-D Bimetallic Compound of Mn(II) and Cu(II)
Cristina M, Brunetto B, Cinti A, Piovesana O