Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.265 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 8 Syntheses and Physical-Properties of Ferrocene Derivatives .5. A Study on the Phase-Transition of Liquid-Crystals Containing Ferrocene by X-Ray Pspc System
Nakamura N, Oida T, Shonago M, Onoi H, Hanasaki T
9 - 17 Ferrocene Mesogens - Polymorphism, Molecular-Properties and Temperature Stability
Rochev VY, Bekeshev VG
9 - 9 Proceeding of the 15th International Liquid-Crystal Conference .5. Budapest, Hungary - July 3-8, 1994 - Preface
Bata L, Eber N
19 - 19 Liquid-Crystals from Nonmesogenic Anils Induced Through Hydrogen-Bonding
Sideratou Z, Paleos CM, Skoulios A
27 - 40 Liquid-Crystals with a Thiomethyl End Group - Lateral Fluoro Substituted 4-(Trans-4-(N-Propyl)Cyclohexylethyl-4’-Thiomethylbiphenyls and 4-N-Alkyl-4"-Thiomethylterphenyls
Goulding M, Greenfield S, Parri O, Coates D
41 - 45 Synthesis and Properties of New Halogenated Liquid-Crystals
Pavluchenko AI, Smirnova NI, Petrov VF, Fialkov YA, Shelyazhenko SV, Schadt M, Bucheker R
47 - 53 New Liquid-Crystalline Pyridine-Derivatives
Petrov VF, Pavluchenko AI, Smirnova NI
55 - 59 Benzotriazol Type Liquid-Crystals
Yan YF, Hu LJ
61 - 61 The Synthesis and Liquid-Crystal Properties of Certain 5,5"-Disubstituted 2,2’/5’,2"-Terthiophenes
Byron D, Matharu A, Wilson R, Wright G
77 - 77 Liquid-Crystalline Properties of 4-Alkoxy-4’-Chloroazobenzenes
Galewski Z
89 - 95 The Mesogenic 6-Alkoxy-2-(2-(4-Pyridyl)Ethenyl)Naphthalene Homologs
Yu LJ, Chen KY
97 - 109 Synthesis of Liquid-Crystals Containing Chlorine on the Chiral Center
Fodorcsorba K, Vajda A, Bata L, Holly S, Gacsbaitz E, Ujszaszy K, Lee JC, Jeon YJ
111 - 120 Synthesis of Liquid-Crystalline Polymers with X-Like and T-Like Mesogenic Fragments via Diels-Alder Reaction
Zuev VV
121 - 134 Novel Characteristics of Poly(1,6-Heptadiyne) Derivatives with Long Side-Chains in Liquid-Crystalline Phase
Yoshino K, Kobayashi K, Kawai T, Myojin K, Moritake H, Ozaki M, Jin SH, Choi SK
135 - 141 The Structure of Mesophases of Binary and Multicomponent Mixtures of Some Cholesteric Liquid-Crystals
Obadovic DZ, Vajda A, Katona TT, Marinkovicneducin R
143 - 150 Thermoinduced Rearrangement of the Hydrogen-Bonded Systems in Liquid-Crystalline Carboxylic-Acids
Krasnogholovets VV, Puchkovskaya GA, Yakubov AA
151 - 161 Dynamic Behavior of Pyramidic Liquid-Crystal Film at the Air-Water-Interface
Elabed A, Tamisier L, Dumas G, Mangeot B, Tanazefti K, Peretti P, Billard J
163 - 170 Optical Measurements on the Bp-III to Isotropic-Phase Transition in Highly Chiral Liquid-Crystals
Becker JB, Collings PJ
171 - 180 Calorimetric and Dynamic-Mechanical Analysis of Thermal Transitions in Collagen
Twombly B, Cassel B, Goodkowsky S, Miller AT, Hess U
181 - 186 Phase-Behavior of Nematic-Nonnematic Binary-Systems
Sunohara K, Fujimaru A, Shinya A, Kobinata S
187 - 195 Crystal-Nematic Transition-Temperature Depend on Energy of the Torsion Deformation for Nematogene Molecules
Shapiro YE, Gorbachov MY
197 - 208 A Novel ESR Approach to Accurately Probe Transition-Temperatures in Liquid-Crystalline Systems
Oweimreen GA, Morsy MA, Hwang JS
209 - 224 Liquid-Crystalline Ordering in Melts of Thermotropic Polymers with Malonic-Acid Fragment in Spacer
Purkina A, Volchek B
225 - 236 Orientational Ordering in Anisotropic Fullerides
Gerasimov AA, Tugai UV, Fedorchenko DV
237 - 248 Structural Peculiarities and Phase-Transitions of Mbba with Different Thermal Prehistory
Pogorelov V, Estrelallopis I
249 - 255 Small-Angle X-Ray-Scattering Studies on Smectic and Nematic Phases of a Toluidine Compound
Sarkar PK, Paul S, Mandal P
257 - 257 Nonlinear-Waves Induced by Molecular-Flow in Liquid-Crystals
Sheu CR, Pan RP
271 - 281 Wave-Front Conjugation in Dye-Activated Nematics in the Field of Pulsed Ruby-Laser
Kovalev A, Serak S, Usova N, Nekrasov G, Davidovich T
283 - 290 A Discrete Change of the Rotation Angle in Twisted Structures
Pajeda S, Pajediene S, Vaisnoras R
291 - 298 Pattern-Formation in the 2 Electro-Hydrodynamic Systems Coupled Through Free Lateral Boundaries
Hidaka Y, Nagaya T, Orihara H, Ishibashi Y
299 - 314 The Orientational Instability of Nematic Homeotropic Layers Under Oscillatory Shear
Baimakova OA, Scaldin OA, Chuvyrov AN
315 - 319 Electrohydrodynamics of Hybrid Aligned Nematics
Akhmetshin OG, Delev VA, Scaldin OA
321 - 334 Theory of Pattern-Formation in a Freestanding Ferroelectric Film in a Rotating Electric-Field
Kilian A, Koswig HD, Sonnet A
335 - 340 Investigation of Surface Torsional Anchoring Energy for Pure Nematic Liquid-Crystals
Sun RP, Huang XM, Jiang M, Ma K, Wang ZK, Jing H, Yuan JF, Jin CF
341 - 357 Orientational Order and Elastic Deformations in Nematic Textures of bis-4-Cyanobiphenyloxyalkanes in an Electric-Field
Tsvetkov VN, Tsvetkov NV, Didenko SA, Zuev VV
359 - 370 The Kimura Approach to the Short-Range Interactions Between a Liquid-Crystal and a Polymer Alignment Layer - A Model
Wnek M, Han KY, Uchida T
371 - 385 Microscopic Approach to Theory of Biaxial Nematic Liquid-Crystals
Fialkowski M, Kapanowski A, Sokalski K
387 - 393 A Structural Study of Temperature Influence on the Effect of Grated Substrates on Smectic Liquid-Crystal Films
Liu H, Collings BC, Martinezmiranda LJ
395 - 402 Smectic Order in a Porous Interconnected Substrate
Qian SH, Iannacchione GS, Finotello D, Steele LM, Sokol PE
403 - 403 Surface Reconstruction and Finite-Size Effects in Smectic Free Standing Films
Demikhov E
435 - 444 The Scattering Efficiency of the Dichroic Dye Containing Polymer-Dispersed Liquid-Crystal Films
Zharkova GM, Streltsov SA, Khachaturyan VM
445 - 456 Transmission Spectra of Normal Incident Light on Planar Oriented Cholesteric Layers Planar
Zink H, Belyakov VA
457 - 462 Smectic-A-Like Ordering Induced by the Free-Surface of 4,N-Ocyloxybenzoic Acid Liquid-Crystal Droplets
Ivanov NB, Petrov MP
463 - 475 Anomalous Transient Currents in Ordered Nematic Liquid-Crystals
Otowski W, Bose TK
477 - 485 Investigation of the Alignment of Cholesterylmiristat Liquid-Crystal Phases by Proton NMR
Andreev VA, Marazuev YA, Nedbaeva LV, Oleynikova IV
487 - 499 Electric Birefringence in Solutions of bis-4-Cyano-Biphenyloxyalkanes
Tsvetkov NV, Tsvetkov VN, Zuev VV, Didenko SA
501 - 508 The Investigation of Dielectric-Properties of the Nematic Liquid-Crystal in Superthin Layers
Chuvyrov AN, Mukhamedjarova GA, Kuvatov ZK
509 - 519 The Influence of Aliphatic Spacers Position on the Polarity and Dielectric-Properties of Liquid-Crystalline Molecules
Rjumtsev EI, Yevlampieva NP, Kovshik AP
521 - 525 Anomalous Dielectric Behavior in Orthopalladated Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystals
Castro M, Delafuente MD, Ros B, Jubindo MA, Serano JL, Puertolas JA
527 - 540 Surface Elastic-Constant Problems for Nlc Confined to Cylindrical Cavity - Stability of Axial Configuration
Kiselev AD, Reshetnyak VY
541 - 548 General Threshold Properties of Liquid-Crystal Slab with Weak Anchoring Boundaries
Sugimura A, Zhongcan OY
549 - 561 Defects of Cylindrical Type in Nematic Liquid-Crystals - Director Fields of Mirror Symmetry
Kushnaryova T, Kushnaryov S, Pershin V
563 - 575 Comparison of Mesomorphic Behavior and Electrooptic Properties of Ferroelectric Mesogens with and Without Disiloxane End-Groups
Owen HL, Newton J, Hodge P, Coles HJ
577 - 590 Dielectric-Properties of a Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystal Mixture Under Bias Electric-Field
Majumdar TP, Roy SS, Roy SK, Mitra M
591 - 597 Twist and Supertwist Antidazzling Devices with Local Reduction of Brightness
Kuznetsov A, Belyaev V, Kovtonyuk N
599 - 613 Liquid-Crystals in Spatial Light Modulators
Belyaev VV, Kovtonyuk NF
615 - 622 Liquid-Crystal Light Attenuator for Fiber Optic Network
Sierakowski M, Domanski AW
623 - 623 Experimental Research of Amorphous Twisted Nematic Liquid-Crystal Displays
Cheng SD, Sun ZM
631 - 636 Spatial Modulation of Matrix Nematic Lcds a Fiberoptic Components
Razvin Y, Kovalev A, Potachitz V
637 - 644 Alteration of Supermolecular Structure on Aggregation
Kononenko EV
645 - 650 Hydrogen-Deuterium Isotopic Effect in Lyotropic Liquid-Crystals
Lyashenko KA, Popov EV
651 - 657 The Influence of the Structure of Tetra(4-Sulphophenyl)Porphin Derivatives on Their Lyotropic Mesomorphism
Bykova V, Usoltseva N, Ananjeva G, Semeikin A, Karmanova T
659 - 668 Comparative-Studies on the Hepatic Liquid-Crystal Lipoid Droplets of Newborn Ducks and Newborn Pigeons
Xu XH, He HP, Wang CL, Wu XZ
669 - 674 Gas-Chromatography Analysis of Diphenyl-Diacetylene Liquid-Crystals
Sherman E, Lackner AM, Wu ST
675 - 686 Dependence of Nematic-Isotopic Phase-Transition Temperature Values on Molecular-Parameters of Weak-Polar Nematics
Belyaev V
687 - 697 Detecting of the Structure Distortion of Cholesteric Liquid-Crystal Using the Generation Characteristics of the Distributed-Feedback Laser-Based on It
Ilchishin IP, Vakhnin AY
699 - 710 Study of Mesomorphic Properties of 3 Alkenyl Liquid-Crystalline Compounds
Nath A, Choudhury C, Paul S
711 - 721 Laser Method of Refractive-Index Determination Within the Selective Reflection Band of Cholesteric Liquid-Crystals
Vakhnin AY, Ilchishin IP, Melnik VI