Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.263 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 11 Relations Between Structure and Material Properties in Ferroelectric Smectic C-Asterisk Phases
Stegemeyer H, Sprick A, Kreiser W, Weber A
9 - 9 Proceedings of the 15th International Liquid-Crystal Conference .4. Budapest, Hungary - July 3-8, 1994 - Preface
Bata L, Eber N
13 - 26 Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Field-Induced Antiferroelectric-Ferroelectric Phase-Transition
Moritake H, Nakayama K, Ozaki M, Yoshino K
27 - 35 Dielectric Study and Helical Pitch Measurements on a New Antiferroelectric Liquid-Crystal
Bibonne F, Parneix JP, Isaert N, Joly G, Nguyen HT, Bouchta A, Destrade C
37 - 47 Continuous Ferroelectric Switching in Twisted Smectic C-Asterisk Liquid-Crystals
Suh SW, Kim YJ, Park SS, Lee SD, Patel JS
49 - 59 The Sma(--)SMC-Asterisk (SMC) Phase-Transition in a Planar Cell with a Polar Surface Coupling
Rovsek B, Zeks B
61 - 67 Influence of Competing Interlayer Interactions on the Structure of the Sm C-Alpha-Asterisk Phase
Cepic M, Zeks B
69 - 79 Electrooptic and Piezo-Optic Studies of an Antiferro-Ferri-Ferro-Electric System
Robinson WK, Carboni C, Gleeson HF, Hird M, Styring P, Seed A
81 - 92 Electrical and Optical-Responses of an Antiferroelectric Liquid-Crystal in Sma, SMC-Alpha-Asterisk and SMC-Asterisk Phases
Sako T, Kimura Y, Hayakawa R, Okabe N, Suzuki Y
93 - 101 A Model Exhibiting Devils Staircases Pertaining to Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric Smectecs
Yamashita M
103 - 111 Mechanical Vibrations of Smectic Cells Under Fast Field Reversal
Jakli A, Saupe A
113 - 122 The Effects of Ionic Fields and Previous Switched States on Domain Formation in Pulse Addressed Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystal Cells
Ulrich DC, Elston SJ
123 - 129 Ferroelectric, Ferrielectric and Antiferroelectric Phases of an Optically-Active Benzoate
Nishiyama I, Saito M, Yoshizawa A
131 - 138 Synthesis of Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystals Having Chiral Nitrodihydrobenzofuran Structure
Matsutani H, Sato K, Kusumoto T, Hiyama T, Takehara S, Takezoe H, Furukawa T
139 - 148 Polymorphism and Molecular-Dynamics in 2 Selected Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystals
Makrenek M, Gestblom B, Godlewska M, Haase W, Marzec M, Wrobel S
149 - 159 Electrooptic Effect in the S-C Phase of Tb10A
Pavel J, Sidir M, Glogarova M, Boschmans M, Sverenyak H
161 - 168 Switching Behavior of Surface-Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystal Devices with Chevron Layer Structure
Koden M, Tagawa A, Miyoshi S
169 - 177 Degradation of Optical Bistability in Surface-Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystal (Ssflc) Cells
Maclughadha ST, Panarin YP, Vij JK
179 - 187 A Study of Defects in Ssflc Under a DC Electric-Field
Mukai S, Nakagawa M
189 - 198 Numerical-Calculations of Electroclinic Effect - Dynamic-Response of Molecular Tilt and Dielectric-Constant
Kimura M, Okamoto S, Yamada M, Akahane T, Kobayashi S
199 - 206 Structure and Properties of the Inversion Line in the Chevron Sample of the Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystal
Brunet M, Lejcek L
207 - 216 Dielectric-Properties of Compounds Exhibiting C-Alpha-Asterisk Phase and Theoretical-Analysis of the Results
Cepic M, Heppke G, Hollidt JM, Lotzsch D, Moro D, Zeks B
217 - 222 New Chiral Dopants Based on the 2-Fluoro-2-Methylalkoxy Tail for Use in Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystal Mixtures
Wand MD, Thurmes WN, Vohra BT, More KM, Yoshizawa A, Hirai T, Umezawa J
223 - 232 Effect of Molecular-Structure on the Electrooptic Performance of Electroclinic Liquid-Crystals
Crawford GP, Naciri J, Shashidhar R, Keller P, Ratna BR
233 - 244 Characteristics of C1 and C2 States in Surface-Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystals with Chevron Layer Structure
Akahane T, Tamura H, Kimura M
245 - 254 The Thickness Mode Contribution to the Permittivity of Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystals
Glogarova M, Sverenyak H, Holakovsky J, Nguyen HT, Destrade C
255 - 270 X-Ray-Diffraction Studies of the Smectic-A to Smectic-C-Asterisk Transition Within a Surface-Stabilized Liquid-Crystal Cell
Taylor L, Richardson RM, Ebbutt J, Jones JC
271 - 283 Determination of the Hindered Rotation Degree of Chiral Molecules Around Their Long Molecular Axes in the S-C-Asterisk Phase of 4-(2’-Methylbutyl)-4’-N-Octylbiphenyl-4-Carboxylate
Raszewski Z, Rutkowska J, Kedzierski J, Perkowski P, Piecek W, Zielinski J, Zmija J, Dabrowski R
285 - 291 Modulation of the Energy Coefficient of Reflection from Glass-Ferroelectric Smectic-C-Asterisk Interface in Electric-Field
Nekrasov G, Nekrasov A, Davidovich T, Serak S
293 - 303 Ir Spectroscopic Study of the Electric-Field-Induced Phase-Transition of a Ferroelectrically Switchable Columnar Dibenzopyrene
Perova TS, Vij JK, Bock H
305 - 310 ESR Study of Spin Probes in an Antiferroelectric Liquid-Crystal Mhpobc
Fukui M, Yoshida T, Orihara H, Ishibashi Y, Yamada Y
311 - 323 Measurements of Pitch of a Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystal at High-Pressures
Nair GG, Prasad SK, Chandrasekhar S
325 - 331 Electrohydrodynamic Origin of Striped Texture in Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystal Cells
Davey AB, Crossland WA
333 - 375 Study of Molecular Orientational States and Dielectric-Properties of Surface-Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystals
Itoh N, Koden M, Miyoshi S, Akahane T
377 - 387 Contrast and Color Uniformity Optimization of an LCD Pi-Cell Pixel
Flynn MF, Bos P
389 - 397 Liquid-Crystalline Cells for Fiber Optic Sensing of Low Hydrostatic-Pressure
Wolinski TR, Dabrowski R, Bogumil A, Stolarz Z
399 - 413 An Oblique Orientation of Nematic Liquid-Crystals on a Photosensitive Aligning Polymer
Dyadyusha A, Khizhnyak A, Marusii T, Reznikov Y, Yaroshchuk O, Reshetnyak V, Park W, Kwon S, Shin H, Kang D
415 - 427 Thermooptical Properties of a Polymer-Dispersed Liquid-Crystalline Polymer
Heynderickx I, Broer DJ
429 - 436 Orientational Ordering in Langmuir Monolayer of Liquid-Crystal on a Water-Surface
Sugimura A, Iwamoto M, Zhongcan OY
437 - 444 Electrooptical Properties of the Antiparallel Liquid-Crystal Cell
Kim SM, Koo YM, Kim JD
445 - 458 Splayed TN Configuration Stability in Domain-Divided TN Mode
Takatori K, Sumiyoshi K
459 - 467 On the Flow Effect of Super Twisted Nematic Cells
Tarumi K, Jacob T, Graf HH
469 - 478 Analytical Treatment of Grey Levels in Antiferroelectric Liquid-Crystal Displays
Pauwels H, Demeyere A, Fornier J
479 - 489 Transient Ion-Transport in Nematic Liquid-Crystals
Murakami S, Naito H, Okuda M, Sugimura A
491 - 498 Photocurrent in a Nematic Liquid-Crystal
Jinno N, Sugimura A, Murakami S, Naito H, Imai M, Zhongcan OY
499 - 506 Reflective Electrically Controlled Birefringence Mode Lcds
Seki H, Masuda Y, Uchida T
507 - 513 Switchable Liquid-Crystal Polarizer Using Total Internal-Reflection
Tocher AJ, Wu ST
515 - 520 White-Light Liquid-Crystal Shutter with Submillisecond Response
521 - 528 A New Application of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid-Crystals - Measurements of Ultrashort Light-Pulses with Femtosecond Accuracy
Cipparrone G, Duca D, Mazzulla A, Umeton C, Simoni F
529 - 535 High-Speed Prism Modulator Based on Lagerwall-Clark Effect
Karetnikov AA, Isaev MV, Kovshik AP
537 - 545 Linear Prism Liquid-Crystal Polarizer
Karetnikov AA, Kovshik AP
547 - 558 LC Material Studies for Atmospheric Compensation Using a Liquid-Crystal Light Valve
Lackner AM, Smith WH, Margerum JD, Petrusis C
559 - 565 Observation of Adsorption and Desorption Processes of Impurity Ions in Nematic Liquid-Crystal Cells
Yasuda Y, Naito H, Okuda M, Sugimura A
567 - 575 A Switchable Liquid-Crystal Impregnated Porous Polymer Device
Mason I, Guy S, Sage I, Mcdonnell D, Cameron N, Sherrington D
577 - 583 Bistable Switching in Flc Cells Aligned by Photoanisotropic Films
Vorflusev V, Kozenkov V, Chigrinov V
585 - 587 Characteristic of a Novel Liquid-Crystal Cell with Mixture of Flc and UV Curable Resin
Shimizu M, Nishi T, Konuma T, Yamazaki S
589 - 593 Study on the Director Configuration and Display Properties of Amorphous Nematic Liquid-Crystal Displays with Different Values of D/P
Min J, Wang ZK, Ling ZH, Ma K, Ma RX, Huang XM
595 - 605 Advanced in Development Ir Modulators of Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystal Utilizing Transient Light-Scattering Effect
Kobayashi J, Kita J, Moritake H, Yoshino K
607 - 621 Polar Systems with Induced A(D) Phase and Selective Reflection for High-Pressure Sensing
Dabrowski R, Wolinski T, Brodzik M, Dziaduszek J, Jarmolik A, Bock WJ, Klosowicz S
623 - 633 The Investigation of the Thermal-Stability of Liquid-Crystals
Szulc J, Stolarz Z