Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.262 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 12 Mechanical Perturbation Applied on Freely Suspended Smectic Films
Kraus I, Bahr C, Pieranski P
9 - 9 Proceedings of the 15th International Liquid-Crystal Conference .3. Budapest, Hungary, July 3-8, 1994 - Preface
Bata L, Eber N
13 - 23 Liquid-Crystal Order in a Highly Restrictive Porous-Glass
Iannacchione GS, Qian SH, Crawford GP, Keast SS, Neubert ME, Doane JW, Finotello D, Steele LM, Sokol PE, Zumer S
25 - 34 Reorientation Dynamics of Liquid Crystal-Filled Porous Polymer Membranes
Whitehead JB, Crawford GP
35 - 43 Dependence of Liquid-Crystal Bulk Alignment on Its Surface Monolayer
Zhuang X, Marrucci L, Johannsmann D, Shen YR
45 - 52 Temperature-Dependence of LC-Molecular Alignment on Rubbed Polymer Layer
Han KY, Uchida T
53 - 65 Surface Effects in Dynamics of Thermal Director Fluctuations
Shalaginov AN
67 - 75 Numerical-Calculation of Nematic Director Fields with Stochastic Inner Boundaries
Stannarius R, Grigutsch M
77 - 88 Analysis of Rubbed Polyimide Films by Polarized Infrared-Spectroscopy
Hasegawa R, Mori Y, Sasaki H, Ishibashi M
89 - 98 Atomic-Force Microscopy of Rubbed Polyimide Aligning Films for Liquid-Crystal Displays
Kim YB, Kim HS, Choi JS, Matuszczyk M, Olin H, Buivydas M, Rudquist P
99 - 109 The Mechanism of Switching a Pdlc Film
Lin H, Ding H, Kelly JR
111 - 118 Influence of the Aerosil Surface Modification on Electrooptical Characteristics of Filled Liquid-Crystals
Glushchenko AV, Guba GY, Lopukhovich NY, Ogenko VM, Reshetnyak VY, Reznikov YA, Yaroshchuk OV
119 - 127 Effects of UV Irradiation in Memory-Type Pdlc Films Formed by a Photoinduced Phase-Separation
Yamaguchi R, Sudo N, Sato S
129 - 138 Fluorescence Probes in LC-Multilayers at the Air-Water-Interface
Schmitz P, Gruler H, Eberhardt M
139 - 148 Investigation of Ring Structures in Freestanding Ferroelectric-Films by an Image Analyzing System
Hauck G, Koswig HD
149 - 156 PTFE Drawn Films as Alignment Agents for Liquid-Crystals
Lester G, Hanmer J, Coles H
157 - 166 Photochemically Induced Changes of Optical Anisotropy and Surface of lb-Multilayers Built-Up by an Amphiphilic and Liquid-Crystalline Copolymer Containing Azobenzene Moieties
Geue T, Stumpe J, Pietsch U, Haak M, Kaupp G
167 - 178 Induction of Tilted Cholesteric Structures in Microconfined Liquid-Crystals
Schmiedel H, Stannarius R, Cramer C, Feller G, Muller HE
179 - 190 Interaction Between Ionophores and Biomimetic Membranes
Betrencourt C, Hochapfel A, Hasmonay H, Peretti P, Ollivon M, Grabiellemadelmont C
191 - 207 Thermal-Stability of Bipolar Lipid Langmuir-Blodgett-Films by X-Ray-Diffraction
Dante S, Derosa M, Maccioni E, Morana A, Nicolini C, Rustichelli F, Troitsky VI, Yang B
209 - 220 Differential Thermal-Analysis (DTA) and Dielectric Studies on 4-(Trans-4-Pentyl-Cyclohexyl)-Benzonitrile (Pch-5) Under High-Pressure
Bruckert T, Busing D, Wurflinger A, Urban S
221 - 221 Compared Study of a Quenched Blue Phase by Direct Transmission Electron and Atomic-Force Microscopy
Dumoulin H, Pieranski P, Delacroix H, Erk I, Gilli JM, Lansac Y
235 - 248 Study of the Freedericksz Transition in 5Cb Using Time-Resolved Raman Microscopy
Hanmer JM, Coles HF
249 - 255 Dielectric-Properties of Nematic Liquid-Crystals in Low-Frequency Regime
Naito H, Yokoyama Y, Murakami S, Imai M, Okuda M, Sugimura A
257 - 265 Dielectric Relation in Liquid-Crystals with the Nematic and Smectic-A Polymorphism
Urban S, Novotna E, Kresse H, Dabrowski R
267 - 274 Measurement of Rotational Viscosity and Pretilt Angle in Nematics from Transient Current
Imai M, Naito H, Okuda M, Sugimura A
275 - 283 Model for the Reorientation of Molecules Around Their Long Axes in Biaxial Smectic Phases
Schiller P
285 - 292 Evidence of Alkyl Rotational Mobility from Comparison of PAA and PAP Neutron Quasi-Elastic Scattering Data
Podsiadly R, Janik JA
293 - 303 Deuterium NMR-Study of Uniaxial-Biaxial Phase-Transitions in a Smectogen
Shen X, Dong RY
305 - 305 Investigation of 4’-((S)-2-Propoxypropoxy)Phenyl 4-(4-Decyloxy) Benzoate (Ppphdb) by Complementary Methods
Marzec M, Dabrowski R, Gestblom B, Godlewska M, Haase W, Hiller S, Wrobel S
317 - 337 Structure Relaxation of a Nematic Liquid-Crystal Doped with Fluorescent Impurity Molecules
Averyanov EM, Gunyakov VA
339 - 355 Modeling Internal Chain Dynamics in Nematogens of Different Chain Lengths - Deuteron NMR-Study
Dong RY, Richards GM
357 - 360 EPR Spectroscopic Study of Iron Arachidate Langmuir-Blodgett Multilayers
Rozlosnik N, Nagy DL, Giesse E, Brandl D, Buder R
361 - 369 Bayesian-Analysis of Quasi-Elastic Neutron-Scattering Data in Liquid-Crystalline Phases of 7S5
Chrusciel J, Zajac W, Carlile CJ
371 - 378 One-Dimensional and 2-Dimensional FT-Ir Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of Liquid-Crystals
Toriumi H
379 - 390 Dynamical Response of Cholesteric Liquid-Crystals Under Electric-Fields
Scaramuzza N, Carbone V, Ferrero C, Versace C
391 - 402 Orientational Dynamics in the Isotropic-Phase of a Nematic Mixture - Subpicosecond Time-Resolved Optical Kerr-Effect Experiments on Zli-1167 Liquid-Crystal
Torre R, Ricci M, Saielli G, Bartolini P, Righini R
403 - 415 Flow and Backflow Effects in a Continuum Theory for Smectic-C Liquid-Crystals
Leslie FM, Blake GI
417 - 423 The Connection Between Ericksen-Leslie Equations and the Balances of Mesoscopic Theory of Liquid-Crystals
Muschik W, Ehrentraut H, Papenfuss C
425 - 435 Short-Pitch Modes Approach to the Problem of Antiferroelectricity in Liquid-Crystals
Pikin SA, Hiller S, Haase W
437 - 453 Antiferroelectric and Ferrielectric Structures Induced by Multilayer Ordering in Chiral Smectics
Lorman VL
455 - 461 Elastic-Constants of Nematic Liquid-Crystals from Molecular-Dynamics Simulations
Stelzer J, Longa L, Trebin HR
463 - 471 The Interactions of Small Chain Solutes in Nematic Solvents
Vanakaras AG, Photinos DJ
473 - 484 Constitutive Theory for 2-Dimensional Liquid-Crystals
Papenfuss C, Muschik W
485 - 489 Molecular Orientational Ordering of a Long-Chain Mesogenic Compound
Gupta S, Paul R, Paul S
491 - 497 Orientational Dependence of the Self-Diffusion Tensor and Relaxation-Time Spectra for Nematic Phase of Hard Ellipsoid Particles
Vikhrenko VS, Nemtsov VB, Bokun GS
499 - 506 Physical Interpretation of Polar Order Parameters in Liquid-Crystals
Szumilin K, Milczarek JJ
507 - 524 Molecular-Dynamics Simulations for Cyanobiphenyl Liquid-Crystals
Cross CW, Fung BM
525 - 532 Computer-Simulation of Liquid-Crystalline Molecules Composed of Spherical Interaction Elements
Yoshida M, Toriumi H
533 - 541 Computer-Simulation of Liquid Crystal-Mixtures with the Gay-Berne Potential
Lukac R, Vesely FG
543 - 553 Investigation of Liquid-Crystalline Phases by Means of Constant-Pressure Molecular-Dynamics Simulation
Aoki KM, Akiyama T
555 - 560 2-Dimensional Modeling of Domain Nucleation and Growth in Surface-Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystals
Mccrea S, Migliorato P, Elston SJ
561 - 568 Balance Laws and Constitutive-Equations of Microscopic Rigid Bodies - A Model for Biaxial Liquid-Crystals
Ehrentraut H, Muschik W
569 - 575 Deformation Energetic Effects for Cholestric Liquid-Crystals
Nemtsov VB, Vikhrenko VS
577 - 590 A Simple Numerical Transmission Model for General LCD-Configurations
Deley E, Demeyere A, Fornier J, Maximus B, Demeerleer P, Colpaert C, Pauwels H
591 - 627 The 4-Wave-Mixing and the Hydrodynamic Excitations in Smectic-A Liquid-Crystals
Kventsel GF, Lembrikov BI
629 - 643 Self-Focusing and Self-Trapping in Smectic-A Liquid-Crystal
Kventsel GF, Lembrikov BI