Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.261 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 13 Electrooptic Soft Mode Response of Compounds Exhibiting the Antiferroelectric Phase
Sarala S, Roy A, Madhusudana NV, Nguyen HT, Destrade C, Cluzeau P
9 - 9 Proceedings of the 15th International Liquid-Crystal Conference .2. Budapest, Hungary, July 3-8, 1994 - Preface
Bata L, Eber N
15 - 28 Differential Conoscopy - Local Birefringence and Molecular-Orientation in the Liquid-Crystals
Boschmans M
29 - 39 Dielectric, Electrooptical and Magnetic-Properties of Metallomesogens
Athanassopoulou MA, Hiller S, Beresnev LG, Galyametdinov YG, Schweissguth M, Haase W
41 - 50 Dielectric Studies for Dipole-Dipole Association of Mesogenic Molecules in Para-Xylene
Majumder TP, Roy SK, Mitra M
51 - 62 Dielectric-Spectroscopy of Some Nitro Phenyl Hydrazones, with Some Data at Elevated Pressures
Scaife WG, Mcmullin G
63 - 70 Far Ir Spectroscopic Investigations of Nematic Liquid-Crystals with Hydrogen-Bonded Molecules - Comparison with Nonoriented Systems
Antonova K, Petrov M, Kirov N, Tenev T, Ratajczak H, Baran J
71 - 78 Thermal-Behavior and Electrooptic Properties of a Nematic Exhibiting Cyclic Siloxane
Corsellis EA, Coles HJ
79 - 86 High Birefringent Liquid-Crystals
Wu ST, Margerum JD, Ho MS, Fung BM, Hsu CS, Chen SM, Tsai KT
87 - 93 Aging Effects on the Rheology of LC Solutions of Hydroxypropylcellulose
Leal CR, Godinho MH, Martins AF, Fried F
95 - 106 Phase-Transition and Physical-Properties of Binary Mixture Showing Enhanced Smectic Phase
Das MK, Jha B, Paul R
107 - 112 Resonant Optical Nonlinearity in Dye-Doped Mesogenic Media and Absorption Saturation
Iljin AG, Klimusheva GV, Vakhnin AY
113 - 122 Optically Induced Reorientation in Nematics Doped by Chiral Agents
Maddalena P, Arnone G, Abbate G, Marrucci L, Santamato E
123 - 142 Light-Scattering of Pdlcs Without a Voltage for Non-Collimated System
Komura S, Atkin RJ, Stern MS, Dunmur DA
143 - 145 The Observation of Optical Vortices in the Thermal Rayleigh-Scattering Field of a Liquid-Crystal Film
Wang FY, Ye M, Dai JH, Zhang HJ
147 - 158 Nlc Orientational Instability in the Absorbed Light-Wave Field with Spatially Modulated Intensity
Reshetnyak VY, Pinkevich IP, Lednei MF
159 - 165 Light-Controlled Rotation of the Light Polarization-Plane in a Weakly Twisted Nematics
Iljin AG, Klimusheva GV, Reshetnyak VY, Reznikov YA
167 - 175 Small-Angle Scattering of Polarized-Light .5. Liquid-Crystalline Droplets in an Isotropic Polymer
Biganska O, Budtova T, Peuvreldisdier E, Navard P
177 - 185 Nonlinear-Theory of Flexoelectrically Induced Periodic Distortions in Nematic Liquid-Crystals
Cama A, Galatola P, Oldano C, Rajteri M
187 - 195 Self Heterodyning - A Versatile Technique to Investigate Nematic Liquid-Crystals
Umeton C, Cipparrone G, Duca D, Tabiryan NV
197 - 204 Director Distribution in Weakly Anchored Nematic Layers Deformed by Electric-Fields
Derfel G
205 - 216 Chiral Induction by Optically-Active Aminoanthraquinones in Nematic Phases
Kuball HG, Muller T, Bruning H, Schonhofer A
217 - 223 Liquid-Crystalline Directional Coupler with Asymmetrical Nonlinearity
Karpierz MA, Wolinski TR, Sierakowski M
225 - 232 The Critical-Behavior of Nonlinear Dielectric-Constants of Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystals in the Smectic-A Phase
Kimura Y, Hayakawa R
233 - 239 Anomalous Selective Reflection at Cholesteric-to-Smectic-A Phase-Transition
Chilaya G, Chanishvili A, Petriashvili G, Sikharulidze D
241 - 249 Orientational Order Parameters in the Smectic-C and Nematic Phase of Heptyloxyazoxybenzene (Hab)
Adhikari B, Paul R
251 - 257 Transient Photoconductivity and Dark Conductivity in Discotic Liquid-Crystals
Boden N, Bushby RJ, Cammidge AN, Clements J, Luo R, Donovan KJ
259 - 270 Low-Power Laser-Induced Instabilities in Smectic-A Liquid-Crystals
Folks WR, Reznikov YA, Chen L, Khizhnyak AI, Lavrentovich OD
271 - 282 Nematoid Filaments - New Mixtures, Cluster Morphology and Comparative Microinterferometry
Adamczyk A
283 - 292 Transient Patterns in the Magnetic Reorientation of Low-Molecular-Mass Nematic Liquid-Crystals
Grigutsch M, Klopper N, Schmiedel H, Stannarius R
293 - 301 Spatially-Resolved Study of the Freedericksz Transition in Thin Nematic Cells
Kuhnau U, Schmiedel H, Stannarius R
303 - 309 Origin of the Fluctuations of the Neutron Intensity Scattered by a Nematic Liquid-Crystal in a Rayleigh-Benard Flow
Pepy G, Ravoux JF
311 - 326 Bipolar Electrodiffusion Model for Electroconvection in Nematics
Treiber M, Kramer L
327 - 335 Electrohydrodynamics in Nematics Subject to Parallel Electric and Magnetic-Fields
Gleeson JT, Todorovicmarinic D
337 - 348 Patterns in Electroconvection in the Nematic Liquid-Crystal I52
Dennin M, Cannell DS, Ahlers G
349 - 369 Nematic-Smectic-B Interface - Equilibrium and Growth-Properties
Katona TT, Buka A
371 - 381 Influence of Supramolecular Order on the Light-Induced Reorientation Process in Photochromic Side-Group Polymers
Lasker L, Stumpe J, Fischer T, Rutloh M, Kostromin S, Ruhmann R
383 - 392 Droplet Density, Droplet Size, and Wavelength Effects in Pdlc Light-Scattering
Drzaic PS
393 - 404 LC Block-Copolymers Containing Side-Chain and Main-Chain Blocks
Laus M, Bignozzi MC, Angeloni AS, Francescangeli O, Galli G, Chiellini E
405 - 413 Dynamic-Mechanical Behavior of Hybrid Thermotropic Liquid-Crystalline Block-Copolymers
Wang SH, Coutinho FM, Laus M, Chiellini E
415 - 426 Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Side-Chain Liquid-Crystalline Polycarbonates
Jansen JC, Addink R, Mijs WJ
427 - 436 Synthesis and Properties of Polythiophene Containing Mesogenic Group at 3-Position of Thiophene Ring
Koide N, Iida H
437 - 451 Transitions in a Spread Film of a Side-Chain Liquid-Crystal Polymer
Bower C, Froggatt S, Laycock R, Musgrove RJ, Richardson RM, Rozario G, Zarbakhsh A, Webster JP, Hill JS, Lacey D, Nestor G
453 - 463 Structural, Pyroelectric and Piezoelectric Study of Some New Smectic C-Asterisk Side-Chain Polymers
Kozlovsky M, Subachius D, Weyrauch T, Haase W
465 - 480 New Chiral Monomers for Polymer Stabilized Cholesteric Textures
Leroux N, Fritz WJ, Doane JW, Chien LC
481 - 489 Comparative Dielectric Investigations of Liquid-Crystalline Oligomers and Monomers
Kresse H, Novotna E, Schiewe B, Hohmuth A, Delavier P, Siemensmeyer K, Etzbach KH
491 - 499 Molecular-Dynamics of Smectic Liquid-Crystalline Side-Chain Polymers as Studied by Dielectric-Relaxation Spectroscopy
Araki K, Yamaguchi M, Ujiie S, Iimura K
501 - 511 Study of the Ionic Dynamics in a Polysiloxane Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystal Polymer Using Optical Contrast and Dielectric-Spectroscopy
Kocot A, Xu HA, Maclughadha ST, Vij JK
513 - 523 Creation of Supramolecular Thin-Film Architectures with Liquid-Crystalline Networks
Broer DJ
525 - 533 Profiles of Backbone Distribution of Different Side-Chain Liquid-Crystal Polymers in the Smectic Phase
Noirez L
535 - 547 Measurement of the Domain Growth-Kinetics in Multidomain Nematic Liquid-Crystal Polymers by Means of the Worm Like Path Model for Multiple-Scattering
Picken SJ, Vanwijk RJ, Lichtenbelt JW, Westerink JB, Vanklink PJ
549 - 566 The Influence of the Backbone on the Structure of Side-Chain Liquid-Crystal Polymers
Ebbutt J, Richardson RM, Blackmore J, Mcdonnell DG, Verrall M
567 - 575 Dipolar Motions in 2 Side-Chain Liquid-Crystalline Polysiloxanes Studied by the Tsdc Technique
Mano JF, Correia NT, Ramos JJ
577 - 592 Surface Phenomena in Microconfined Liquid-Crystals - From Cylindrical Cavities to Polymer Networks
Zumer S, Crawford GP, Doane JW
593 - 603 Liquid-Crystal Monomer Additives for Improved Polymer-Dispersed Liquid-Crystals
Lackner AM, Margerum JD, Sherman E, Coates D
605 - 616 Effect of Copolymer Composition on the Domain Morphology and Electrooptic Properties of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid-Crystals
Kim BK, Kim SH, Choi CH
617 - 625 Rheological Properties of Acetoxypropylcellulose in the Thermotropic Chiral Nematic Phase
Cidade MT, Leal CR, Godinho MH, Martins AF, Navard P
627 - 636 Viscoelastic Properties of Low-Temperature Thermotropic Liquid-Crystalline Polymers
Asada T, Nakata Y
637 - 647 Unique Liquid-Crystalline Behavior of Conducting Polyacetylene Derivatives
Yoshino K, Kobayashi K, Myojin K, Kawai T, Moritake H, Ozaki M, Akagi K, Goto H, Shirakawa H