Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.260 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 1 Trifluorinated Liquid-Crystals for TFT Displays
Demus D, Goto Y, Sawada S, Nakagawa E, Saito H, Tarao R
9 - 9 Proceedings of the 15th International Liquid-Crystal Conference .1. Budapest, Hungary, July 3-8, 1994 - Preface
Bata L, Eber N
23 - 38 New Nematics with High-Birefringence
Goto Y, Inukai T, Fujita A, Demus D
39 - 50 The Influence of Lateral Fluoro-Substituents on Tgb Phases in Chiral Propiolates
Booth CJ, Goodby JW, Toyne KJ, Dunmur DA, Kang JS
51 - 51 Nonchiral Compounds Exhibiting Alternating Tilt Smectic Phases
Tuffin RP, Goodby JW, Bennemann D, Heppke G, Lotzsch D, Scherowsky G
69 - 69 New Chiral Tolane Series with Antiferroelectric Properties
Cluzeau P, Nguyen HT, Destrade C, Isaert N, Barois P, Babeau A
93 - 105 New Nematics Incorporating a 2,6-Difluorophenyl Acetylene Group
Buchecker R, Marck G, Schadt M
107 - 125 New Lmm Organosiloxanes with Photoisomerising Azo Groups
Newton J, Walton H, Coles H, Hodge P
127 - 138 Liquid-Crystals with a Chlorovinyl Side-Chain - Effect of Structural Variations on the Dielectric Anisotropy
Seils F, Schadt M
139 - 156 Synthesis, Transition-Temperatures and Some Physical-Properties of Some Low-Melting Smectic-C Materials
Kelly S, Funfschilling J
157 - 157 Crystalline, Smectic-C, Cubic, Isotropic, Nematic, Isotropic Polymorphism - Synthesis and Unexpected Behavior of a New Series of Double-Swallow-Tailed Mesogens
Weissflog W, Pelzl G, Letko I, Diele S
171 - 183 Induction of Smectic-A Phases and Cubic Phases in Binary-Systems of New Hexacatenar Substances
Letko I, Diele S, Pelzl G, Weissflog W
185 - 185 Non-Amphiphilic Carbohydrate Liquid-Crystals Containing an Intact Monosaccharide Moiety
Smits E, Engberts JB, Kellogg RM, Vandoren HA
201 - 215 Liquid-Crystalline Compounds Based on 1,4-Disubstituted But-1-Yne
Dabrowski R, Dziaduszek J, Szczucinski T, Parka J
217 - 225 Dependence of Mesomorphic Properties of 3,5-Disubstituted 1,2,4-Oxadiazoles on Geometric and Electronic Factors
Karamysheva LA, Torgova SI, Agafonova IF, Shtikov NM
227 - 240 The Synthesis and Transition-Temperatures of Some Ortho-Dichloroterphenyls for Ferroelectric Mixtures
Hird M, Toyne KJ, Hindmarsh P, Jones JC, Minter V
241 - 246 Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystals Containing the Cyano Group
Kaspar M, Sverenyak H, Hamplova V, Pakhomov SA, Glogarova M
247 - 253 Synthesis and Characterization of C-2-Symmetrical Biphenyls as Novel Dopants for Induced Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystal Phases
Yang KX, Lemieux RP
255 - 260 Novel Amphiphilic Phthalocyanine Mesogens
Treacher KE, Clarkson GJ, Mckeown NB
261 - 267 Synthesis and Physical-Properties of Novel Terphenyl Type Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystals
Loseva M, Chernova N, Vorflusev V, Beresnev L, Hiller S, Haase W
269 - 271 Biphenyl and 1,2-Diphenylethane Derivatives Containing 2 Terminal Alkynyl Groups
Adomeniene O, Adomenas P, Velyvis A, Paskoniene R, Goto Y
273 - 276 Synthesis and Mesomorphic Properties of 1,2-(4-Substituted Phenyl) Ethynes Containing Fluoro Atoms
Beganskiene A, Adomenas P, Sirutkaitis R, Goto Y
277 - 286 Synthesis and Some Physical-Properties of Bicyclohexanes Having Fluoro Substituted Alkyl Moiety
Miyazawa K, Goto Y
287 - 300 Synthesis and Characterization of Some Azo-Anil Dyes
Neubert ME, Hummel SJ, Bhatt JC, Keast SS, Lackner AM, Margerum JD, Sherman E
301 - 306 Liquid-Crystalline Behavior in Octahedral Metal-Complexes
Swager TM, Zheng HX
307 - 307 Functionalization of Triphenylene Based Discotic Liquid-Crystals
Boden N, Bushby RJ, Cammidge AN
315 - 332 Boron Clusters in Liquid-Crystals
Kaszynski P, Huang JP, Jenkins GS, Bairamov KA, Lipiak D
333 - 337 Alkyl-Aroylhydrazinato and Alkoxy-Aroylhydrazinato Metal-Complexes - Unusual X-Ray-Diffraction Within the Smectic-C Phase
Abser MN, Bellwood M, Buckley C, Holmes MC, Mccabe RW
339 - 350 The Synthesis, Mesomorphic Behavior and the Uniaxial Nature of 1,2,4,5-Tetra(4-Alkoxybenzoyloxy)Benzenes
Norbert WD, Goodby JW, Hird M, Toyne KJ, Jones JC, Patel JS
351 - 351 X-Ray and Miscibility Investigations on New Compounds Exhibiting Wide-Range Smectic-Q Phases
Bennemann D, Heppke G, Levelut AM, Lotzsch D
361 - 367 Induction of Smectic A(D) Phase in Mixtures of Polar Esters
Brodzik M, Dabrowski R
369 - 376 Hydrogen Bondings and LC State
Treybig A, Dorscheid C, Weissflog W, Kresse H
377 - 386 Twist Grain-Boundary Phases in Binary-Mixtures
Kuczynski W, Stegemeyer H
387 - 394 Pressure-Induced Twist Grain-Boundary Phase
Prasad SK, Nair GG, Chandrasekhar S, Goodby JW
395 - 395 Phase Ordering Kinetics in Chiral Liquid-Crystals
Schumacher M, Demikhov E, Stegemeyer H
403 - 422 Interlayer Correlation in Smectic Phases Induced by Chiral Twin Molecules
Yoshizawa A, Nishiyama I
423 - 423 New Intermediate Phases in di-(4-N-Butyloxyphenyl)-Trans-Cyclohexane-1,4-Dicarboxylate
Podsiadly R, Mayer J, Witko W
435 - 442 A New Smectic Phase in 4,4’-Dialkylbiphenyl
Czuprynski K, Przedmojski J, Baran JW
443 - 447 The Nonlinear Dielectric Effect in the Isotropic-Phase of Nematogens
Drozdrzoska A, Rzoska SJ, Gorny M, Ziolo J
449 - 459 Phase-Diagrams and Phase-Transition Studies of a Homologous Series with Both Tilted and Orthogonal Hexatic Phases
Pyzuk W, Szydlowska J, Gorecka E, Krowczynski A, Poceicha D, Przedmojski J
461 - 467 Miscibility Study of 2 Kinds of the A(1)
Wazynska B, Sliwoska D
469 - 476 Calorimetric, Optical Reflectivity and Electron-Diffraction Studies of 40.8 Freestanding Films
Jin AJ, Ho JT, Stoebe T, Cheng M, Huang CC
477 - 482 Calculation of Layer Thickness in Smectic-A Phase of Binary-Mixtures of Terminal Polar Plus Terminal Non Polar Mesogens
Das MK, Paul R
483 - 489 The Structure-Property Relationship of a Homologous Series DF Mesogenic Compounds
Gupta S, Paul S
491 - 497 Mesogenic Aluminum(III) Tetraphenylporphyrins - Effect of Monomer to Dimer Conversion on the Mesomorphic Properties
Shimizu Y, Matsuno JY, Nakao K, Ohta K, Miya M, Nagata A
499 - 510 Mesomorphic Properties of 4-Ring Systems Bearing No Terminal Substituent
Miyajima N, Matsunaga Y
511 - 520 Novel Layer-by-Layer Transitions Found in Freestanding Liquid-Crystal Films
Stoebe T, Jin AJ, Mach P, Huang CC
521 - 529 X-Ray-Diffraction Study of 90.8 and 100.6
Alapati PR, Rao NV, Ghosh TK
531 - 546 Topological Types of Phase-Diagrams of Smectic-A Liquid-Crystal in External-Field - Broaden Version of the Mean-Field Landau-Degennes Model
Konoplev VA, Pershin VK, Raevsky RA
547 - 564 Induced Reentrant Smectic-A Phase in the Binary-Mixtures of Nematic and Cholesteric Compounds
Nagappa JK, Hanumantha NR, Prasad AS
565 - 574 Migrating Cells - Living Liquid-Crystals
Gruler H, Schienbein M, Franke K, Deboisfleurychevance A
575 - 584 The Segmental Mobility of Unhydrated and Hydrated Lipid Multilayers According to the Data of Mossbauer-Spectroscopy
Rochev VY, Kosova GN, Kivrina NK
585 - 594 Pair Interaction Potential for Nonionic Micelles in Aqueous-Media
Lobaskin VA, Pershin VK
595 - 603 Acoustical Properties in the Region of Phase-Transitions in the Aqueous Systems of Lyotropic Mesogens
Kashitsin A, Usoltseva N, Bykova V, Ananjeva G, Zhukova L
605 - 609 A Study of the Lyotropic Liquid-Crystal Phases of Cesium Pentadecafluorooctanoate (Cspfo)/Poly (Ethylene-Oxide) (Peo)/Water System
Smith AM, Holmes MC
611 - 621 Interaction of Aspirin with DPPC in the Lyotropic, DPPC-Aspirin-H2O/D2O Membrane
Panicker L, Sharma VK, Datta G, Deniz KU, Parvathanathan PS, Ramanathan KV, Khetrapal CL
623 - 629 Reentrant Uniaxial Biaxial Transition in Poly-Ethylene-Glycol Doped Lyotropic Liquid-Crystals
Shibli SM, Neto AM
631 - 640 Micellar Nematic Lyophase in the Mixture of Sodium Oleate and Glacial Acetic-Acid
Nagappa HN, Jagadish KN, Prasad AS, Somashekar R, Rai KM