Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.256 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 8 Excited Energy-States in Poly(P-Phenylenevinylene)
Leng JM, Dick D, Wei X, Vardeny ZV, Guo F, Mazumdar S
9 - 16 Ultrafast Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Ppv
Kersting R, Lemmer U, Mahrt RF, Mollay B, Kauffmann H, Kurz H, Gobel EO, Bassler H
11 - 11 Proceedings of the 2nd International-Conference on Optical Probes of Conjugated Polymers and Fullerenes - Salt-Lake-City, Utah, USA - February 15-19, 1994 - Foreword
Vardeny ZV, Rothberg LJ
17 - 25 Limits to Quantum Efficiency in Electroluminescent Devices Based on Conjugated Polymers
Yan M, Rothberg LJ, Papadimitrakopoulos F, Galvin ME, Miller TM
27 - 33 Photogeneration of Polaron Pairs in Poly (Phenylene Vinylene)
Conwell EM, Mizes HA
35 - 44 Molecular Correlations and Neutral Excitations of Conjugated Polymers
Soos ZG
45 - 52 Lattice-Relaxation of Even-Parity Singlet Excited-States in Polyacetylene
53 - 62 Theory of Biexcitons in Pi-Conjugated Polymers
Guo F, Chandross M, Mazumdar S
63 - 70 Charge Injection, Transport, Recombination and Generation of Neutral Excitations in Multilayer-Dye Electroluminescent Diodes
Tsutsui T, Lin CP, Saito S
71 - 78 The Surface Species of Poly(P-Phenylene Vinylene) and Their Effects on Calcium Interface Formation
Hsieh BR, Ettedgui E, Park KT, Gao Y
79 - 86 Lineshape of Field Modulated Spectra of Ordered and Disordered Polymers
Horvath A, Weiser G
87 - 96 Electroabsorption and Charged-Excitation Spectroscopy of II-Conjugated Polymers
Jeglinski SA, Vardeny ZV, Ding Y, Barton T
97 - 104 Excitonic Effects in the Optical-Properties of Conjugated Polymers and Fullerenes
Abe S, Shimoi Y, Shakin VA, Harigaya K
105 - 112 An Essential States Mechanism for Optical Nonlinearity in Conjugated Polymers
Guo DD
113 - 120 Raman Studies of Doped Polythiophene and the Radical-Cation and Dication of Quinquethiophene
Furukawa Y, Yokonuma N, Tasumi M, Kuroda M, Nakayama J
121 - 128 Optical Studies of Polyphenylenevinylene and Derivatives - Raman and Luminescence Spectroscopy
Long FH, Mcbranch D, Hagler TW, Robinson JM, Swanson BI, Pakbaz K, Schricker S, Heeger AJ, Wudl F
129 - 134 Ultrafast Relaxation in Conjugated Polymers - Femtosecond Raman Gain Spectrum of Excitons with 1.5-PS Life in Polydiacetylene
Kobayashi T
135 - 142 Identification of Electronic-Transitions in Polyacetylene by Acoustic-Phonon Spectroscopy
Kanner GS, Lanzani G, Vardeny ZV
143 - 148 Temperature-Dependence of the 2-Photon Absorption-Spectrum of Poly(di-N-Hexylsilane)
Kepler RG, Soos ZG
149 - 159 Electronic States of Linear Tetrasilane and Polysilanes
Teramae H, Michl J
161 - 170 Photogeneration of Solitons and Polarons in MX Chains
Okamoto H, Oka Y, Mitani T, Toriumi K, Yamashita M
171 - 178 Heterojunctions, Quantum Confinement, and Electronic Competitions in Mixed Halide MX Solids
Love SP, Scott B, Huang XZ, Saxena A, Bishop AR, Swanson BI
179 - 186 Control of Charge Instabilities in Quasi-One-Dimensional Halogen-Bridged Nickel Compounds
Yamashita M, Inoue K, Furuta T, Ichikawa A, Okamoto H, Kimura N, Ohki H, Ikeda R, Kitagawa H, Bandow S, Toriumi K, Mitani T, Ohishi T, Miyamae H
187 - 198 Low-Energy Excitons in Solid C-60
Taliani C, Muccini M, Zamboni R, Kajzar F
199 - 208 Vibrational-Modes in C-60 and C-60 Polymer
Eklund PC, Rao AM, Zhou P, Wang Y, Wang KA, Holden JM, Dresselhaus MS, Dresselhaus G
209 - 216 Effects of Interchain Interactions on the Localization of Doping-Induced Defects in Quasi-One-Dimensional Systems
Stafstrom S, Fagerstrom J
217 - 224 Effects of Oxygen on the Photocarrier Dynamics in C-60 - Studies of Transient Photoconductivity and Transient Photoinduced Absorption
Moses D, Lee CH, Kraabel B, Yu G, Srdanov VI
225 - 232 Solvent-Free High-Purity Solid C-60 - Optical-Properties
Halas NJ, Papanyan V, Averitt RD, Pippenger P, Cheville RA
233 - 240 Properties of Electronic Excited-States of C-60 Thin-Films as Seen from Photoconductivity and Luminescence Behavior - Dependence on Excitation Wavelength and Temperature
Minami N, Kazaoui S, Ross R
241 - 250 Optical Probes of C-60 Thin-Films
Benner RE, Dick D, Wei X, Jeglinski S, Vardeny ZV, Moses D, Srdanov VI, Wudl F
251 - 258 Some Remarks on Infrared-Absorption of C-60
Friedman B
259 - 266 Nonlinear-Optical and Transport Processes in Fullerenes
Byrne HJ, Werner AT, Obrien D, Maser WK, Kaiser M, Akselrod L, Ruhle WW, Roth S
267 - 274 Optical Probing and Eliashberg Calculation of the Superconducting State in K3C60 and Rb3C60
Degiorgi L, Nicol EJ, Gruner G, Wachter P, Kaner RB
275 - 280 Infrared Spectroscopic Study of Phase-Transitions in A(1)C(60) Compounds (A=k,Rb,Cs)
Koller D, Martin MC, Mihaly L
281 - 288 Lattice-Relaxation Study on Self-Trapped Exciton and Biexciton in Neutral and Charged Fullerenes
Wang WZ, Wang CL, Su ZB, Yu L
289 - 298 Degenerate 4-Wave-Mixing as a Nonlinear-Optical Probe of the Fullerenes
Flom SR, Pong RG, Bartoli FJ, Kafafi ZH
299 - 306 A Microscopic Model for the 2nd-Harmonic Generation from C-60
Koopmans B, Janner AM, Guardini R, Jonkman HT, Sawatzky GA, Vanderwoude F
307 - 315 Spin Dynamics of Photoexcitations in C-60 and C-70
Wei X, Vardeny ZV
317 - 326 Reversible, Metastable, Ultrafast Photoinduced Electron-Transfer in Conjugated Polymer and Buckminsterfullerene Composites and Heterojunctions
Sariciftci NS, Heeger AJ
327 - 334 X-Band Optically Detected Magnetic-Resonance (ODMR) Study of C-60-Doped Pi-Conjugated Polymers
Lane PA, Shinar J, Yoshino K, Ding YW, Barton TJ
335 - 342 Control of the Emission Properties of Conjugated Polymers - Trapping and Microcavity Effects
Ochse A, Lemmer U, Deussen M, Feldmann J, Greiner A, Mahrt RF, Bassler H, Gobel EO
343 - 357 Novel Optical-Properties of Fullerene Doped Conducting Polymers - Scenario of Photo Process, Persistent Photoconductivity and Enhanced Electroluminescence Quenching
Yoshino K, Akashi T, Yoshimoto K, Yoshida M, Morita S, Zakhidov AA
359 - 379 Interaction of Self-Localized Excitations with C-60 Weak Dopants in Conducting Polymers
Zakhidov AA, Merhasin IM, Yoshino K
381 - 390 Photogeneration and Photoluminescence Studies in Bilayer Structures Containing Poly(P-Phenylene Vinylene) and Molecularly Doped Polymers
Antoniadis H, Hsieh BR, Abkowitz MA, Jenekhe SA, Stolka M
391 - 398 Extrinsic Nature of the 2.5 eV Raman Resonance in C-60
Guha S, Lorentzen J, Sinha K, Menendez J, Adams GB, Page JB, Sankey OF
399 - 405 Long-Lived Neutral Solitons in Pernigraniline Base
Epstein AJ, Blatchford JW, Kim K, Lin LB, Gustafson TL, Coplin KA, Macdiarmid AG
407 - 413 Photoinduced Absorption Study of Sexithiophene - Evidence for Photogeneration of Polarons
Poplawski J, Ehrenfreund E, Cornil J, Bredas JL, Pugh R, Ibrahim M, Frank AJ
415 - 422 Photophysical and Transport-Properties of a Novel Soluble Conjugated Polymer-Based on Zn-Porphyrin Units Edge-Linked by Acetylenic Spacers
Pichler K, Anderson HL, Bradley DD, Friend RH, Hamer PJ, Harrison MG, Jarrett CP, Martin SJ, Stephens JA
423 - 430 Polydiacetylene Chains Diluted in Their Single-Crystal Monomer Matrix - Towards the Isolated Conjugated Chain
Lapersonnemeyer C, Berrehar J, Schott M, Spagnoli S
431 - 438 Excited-States in Polymers of Different Dimerization
Graupner W, Mauri M, Stampfl J, Unterweger O, Leising G, Scherf U, Mullen K
439 - 448 Chiroptical Properties of Regioregular Chiral Polythiophenes
Bouman MM, Havinga EE, Janssen RA, Meijer EW
449 - 457 Optical-Response of Linear Polyenes - Extension of the Simple-Model for Linear Polyene Electronic-Structure
Duchowski JK, Kohler BE
459 - 464 CW Photomodulation Spectroscopy in Alpha-Sexithyenil
Lanzani G, Taliani C, Rossi L, Piaggi A
465 - 472 On the Excitonic Nature of the Photoluminescence in Polythiophene Revealed by ODMR Spectroscopy
Vardeny ZV, Wei X
473 - 479 Picosecond Transient Photomodulation in Poly(2,5-Thienylene Vinylene)
Frolov S, Leng JM, Vardeny ZV
481 - 486 Photoexcitations in Conjugated Copolymers
Botta C, Rossi L, Destri S, Tubino R
487 - 492 Triplet-State Photoexcitations in Frozen-Solutions of Oligothiophenes
Janssen RA, Moses D, Sariciftci NS
493 - 498 Towards the Effects of Conjugation Length on Photoinduced Species
Brassett A, Monkman A, Bloor D
499 - 505 Luminescence Excitation Spectroscopy in Poly(P-Phenylene-Vinylene) Derivatives - Implications for a Semiconductor Band vs Exciton Model in Conjugated Polymers
Mcbranch D, Long FH, Hagler TW, Robinson JM, Swanson BI
507 - 512 The Effect of Intrinsic Rigidity on the Optical-Properties of Ppv Derivatives
Gettinger CL, Heeger AJ, Drake JM, Pine DJ
513 - 518 Studies of Photoexcitations in Poly(Phenylene-Ethynylene-Silane)
Huang SP, Jeglinski S, Wei X, Vardeny ZV, Ding YW, Barton TJ
519 - 524 Polarons and Their Stability in Poly (P-Phenylene Vinylene)
Mizes HA, Conwell EM
525 - 530 Photoexcitations in Poly(Para-Phenylene Vinylene)
Shuai Z, Bredas JL, Su WP
531 - 536 Soliton and Exciton Effects in Femtosecond Pump-Probe Spectroscopy of Conjugated Polymers
Hartmann M, Takahashi A, Mukamel S
537 - 542 Polyaniline Bilayer Composite Electrode for Efficient Polymer Light-Emitting-Diodes
Yang Y, Heeger AJ
543 - 548 Photosensitivity of Meh-Ppv Sandwich Devices and Its Implication to Polymer Electronic-Structure
Yu G, Pakbaz K, Zwang C, Heeger AJ
549 - 554 Electroluminescence with Conjugated Polymers and Oligomers
Graupner W, Grem G, Meghdadi F, Paar C, Leising G, Scherf U, Mullen K, Fischer W, Stelzer F
555 - 561 Electrically Symmetrical Poly(Phenylene Acetylene) Diodes
Jeglinski SA, Hollier ME, Gold J, Vardeny ZV, Ding Y, Barton T
563 - 569 Current-Voltage Characteristics of Polymer Light-Emitting Diode at Low Voltages
Raikh M, Wei X
571 - 576 Conductive Polymer Superconductor Thin-Film Assemblies
Haupt SG, Lo RK, Zhao JA, Mcdevitt JT
577 - 582 Molecule High-T-C Superconductor Structures as Optical Sensors
Jurbergs D, Haupt SG, Lo RK, Zhao JN, Mcdevitt JT
583 - 589 Electroabsorption Spectroscopy of Rigid-Rod Polymers Pbzt and Pbtpv
Martin SJ, Bradley DD, Osaheni JA, Jenekhe SA
591 - 596 Electrooptic Spectroscopy of Poly(3-Octylthiophene)
Martin SJ, Gelsen OM, Bradley DD, Botta C
597 - 604 Re-Chi((3)), Re-Chi((5)), and Re-Chi((7)) Measured in Poly(Phenylene Ethynyl Silane)S by the Z Scan Technique
Meyer RK, Bennek RE, Ding Y, Barton T
605 - 610 Nonlinear-Optical Susceptibilities Measured in Poly(Para-Phenylene Cumulene(3)) by the Z Scan Technique
Meyer RK, Benner RE, Vardeny ZV, Wei X, Lin JB, Barton T
611 - 616 Novel Polydiacetylenes with Chromophoric Substituents - Materials for Second and Third-Order Nonlinear Optics
Masse CE, Kim WH, Vanderwiede K, Kumar J, Tripathy SK
617 - 623 2-Photon Absorption-Spectroscopy of Polydiacetylene Pts
Leng JM, Vardeny ZV, Hooper BA, Straub KD, Madey JM, Baker GL
625 - 630 Time-Resolved Nonlinear-Optical Studies of a Fabry-Perot Cavity Containing Pts-Polydiacetylene
Quinterotorres R, Thakur M
631 - 636 Equation-of-Motion Calculations on an Isolated Chain of Polyacetylene
Yaron D
637 - 642 2- and 3-Photon Resonances in Conjugated Polymers
643 - 648 Optical Nonlinearity Associated with Biexcitonic States in Conjugated Polymers
Shakin VA, Abe S
649 - 655 Quadratic Electrooptic Response of a Conjugated Porphyrin Polymer
Martin SJ, Bradley DD, Anderson HL
657 - 662 Optical-Properties of Poly(Isothianaphthene)
Onoda M, Nakayama H, Tada K, Morita S, Kawai T, Yoshino K
663 - 669 Thermal and Photochemical Origin of Carbonyl Group Defects in Poly-(P-Phenylenevinylene)
Papadimitrakopoulos F, Yan M, Rothberg LJ, Katz HE, Chandross EA, Galvin ME
671 - 677 An Investigation of the Physical-Properties of Highly Regioregular Poly(3-Dodecylthiophene)
Pichler K, Friend RH, Murray KA, Holmes AB, Moratti SC
679 - 684 The Electronic-Structure of Alkali Doped Ultra-Thin Sexiphenyl Films
Ramsey MG, Schatzmayr M, Leising G, Netzer FP
685 - 690 Optical-Absorption, Luminescence, and UV-Excited Optically Detected Magnetic-Resonance (UV-ODMR) Study of Poly(P-Phenyleneethynyleneaniline) (Ppea) Derivatives
Smith AV, Lane PA, Shinar J
691 - 696 UV-Excited Optically Detected Magnetic-Resonance (UV-ODMR) Study of Pi-Conjugated Polymers
Shinar J, Smith AV, Lane PA, Yoshino K, Ding YW, Barton TJ
697 - 703 Picosecond to Millisecond Photoexcitations in Poly(Phenylene Acetylene)
Leng JM, Wei X, Vardeny ZV, Ding YW, Barton TJ
705 - 710 Interpretation of Anomalous Absorption-Spectra - A Theoretical-Study of the Geometric, Electronic and Optical-Properties of Poly(3-(4-Octylphenyl)-Thiophene)
Boman M, Stafstrom S
711 - 719 Delocalization Contributions to Polyacetylene Force-Fields
Soos ZG, Girlando A, Painelli A
721 - 726 Raman-Spectra of Heavily Sodium-Doped Transpolyacetylene and the Radical-Anions of Diphenylpolyenes and Dithienylpolyenes
Furukawa Y, Uchida Y, Tasumi M, Spangler CW
727 - 731 Electroluminescence in Poly(3,3’phthalidylidene-4,4’-Biphenylylene)S Films
Antipin V, Lachinov A, Kornilov V
733 - 738 Subpicosecond Photoinduced Electron-Transfer in Semiconducting Polymer C-60 Composites
Kraabel B, Mcbranch D, Sariciftci NS, Moses D, Heeger AJ
739 - 744 Infrared Photoexcitation Spectroscopy of Conducting Polymer and C-60 Composites - Direct Evidence of Photoinduced Electron-Transfer
Lee K, Janssen RA, Sariciftci NS, Heeger AJ
745 - 750 Transient Photoconductivity of Meh-Ppv and Its Sensitization by C-60
Lee CH, Yu G, Moses D, Sariciftci NS, Wudl F, Heeger AJ
751 - 756 Triplet-States of Oligothiophenes and Electron-Transfer to C-60 - A Pulsed EPR Investigation
Bennati M, Grupp A, Bauerle P, Mehring M
757 - 762 Photoluminescence Studies of C-60 Single-Crystals
Feldmann J, Guss W, Lemmer U, Gobel EO, Taliani C, Mohn H, Muller W, Haussler P, Termeer HU
763 - 768 Picosecond Time-Resolved Excited-State Studies of C-60 and C-70 Thin-Films
Dick D, Gellerman W, Benner RE, Vardeny ZV
769 - 774 The Effect of Oxygen on the Photoconductivity of C-60 Film - Action Spectrum and Temperature-Dependence
Lee CH, Yu G, Pakbaz K, Moses D, Srdanov VI
775 - 782 Exciton Dynamics in Solid C-60 at High-Pressure
Hess BC, Forgy EA, Frolov S, Dick DD, Vardeny ZV
783 - 788 Optically Detected Magnetic-Resonance (ODMR) Study of Isolated C-70 Molecules and C-70 Films
Lane PA, Shinar J
789 - 793 Time-Resolved Photoinduced Absorption and Optical Kerr-Effect in Fullerene C-60
Zheng LX, Feng ZG, Knopf FC
795 - 800 Electroluminescence in Fullerene Crystals
Werner AT, Byrne HJ, Obrien D, Roth S
801 - 806 Theoretical Investigation of the Magnetic Dipole and Electric Quadrupole Contributions to the Second-Harmonic Generation in C-60 and C-70
Shuai Z, Bredas JL
807 - 812 Optical Limiting Mechanisms in C-60 Solutions
Brant MC, Brandelik DM, Mclean DG, Sutherland RL, Fleitz PA
813 - 818 ToF Mass-Spectroscopy of Fullerenes - Identification of C58-C60O Pair Fullerenes
Fujikawa C, Morii K, Mitani T, Kitagawa H, Nagata M, Mizutani N, Inokuchi H
819 - 824 Occupied and Unoccupied Orbitals of C-60 and C-70
Carlisle JA, Terminello LJ, Hamza AV, Hudson EA, Shirley EL, Himpsel FJ, Lapianosmith DA, Jia JJ, Callcott TA, Perera RC, Shuh DK, Louie SG, Stohr J, Samant MG, Ederer DL
825 - 830 Exciton and Lattice-Fluctuation Effects in Optical-Spectra of C-60
Harigaya K, Abe S
831 - 832 Self-Trapping in Closed Systems
Rashba EI
833 - 838 A Study of Reversible Photochemical Phenomena in C-60
Akselrod L, Byrne HJ, Thomsen C, Roth S
839 - 846 Spectral Characteristics of C-60-Conducting Polymer Junctions - Various Molecular D-A Type Photocells
Morita S, Lee SB, Zakhidov AA, Yoshino K
847 - 854 Ultrafast Optical-Response in Quasi-One-Dimensional Halogen-Bridged Mixed-Valence Complexes (Pt(en)(2))(Ptbr2(en)(2))(ClO4)(4) and (Pd(en)(2))(Pdcl2(en)(2))(ClO4)(4)
Kobayashi T, Ooi H, Yamashita M
855 - 860 Pressure and Temperature-Induced Frequency-Shifts of Raman-Active Phonons in the MX Solid Pt2Br6(NH3)(4)
Kanner GS, Johnson SR, Scott B, Love SP, Swanson BI
861 - 866 Experimental-Evidence for the Role of Zero-Point Motion in a One-Dimensional Material - Optical Studies of an MX Solid
Long FH, Love SP, Swanson BI, Mckenzie RH
867 - 872 Optical Studies of MX Chain Complex (Pt(en)(2))(Ptbr2(en)(2))(SO4)(2)Center-Dot-6H(2)O Under High-Pressure
Matsushita N, Kuroda N
873 - 878 Resonance Raman-Scattering and Its Annealing Effect for Photoinduced Defect States in Quasi-One-Dimensional Mixed-Valence Compound (Pt(en)(2))(Pt(en)(2)Cl-2)(ClO4)(4)
Takeda J, Okada M, Tanaka K, Suemoto T, Kurita S
879 - 884 EPR Study of Photoinduced Defect States in a Quasi-One-Dimensional Halogen-Bridged Platinum Complex
Ota S, Kurita S
885 - 890 Spectroscopic Study of Fluctuations of Kinks Photoinduced in an MX Chain Complex
Kuroda N, Ito M, Nishi Y, Yamashita M
891 - 896 Excitation Photon Energy-Dependent Relaxation Processes of the Photoexcited States in Wide-Gap MX-Chain Complexes
Wada Y, Matsushita N, Yamashita M
897 - 902 Attractive Interactions of Spin Polarons in the Quasi-One-Dimensional Spin-Density-Wave Background
Terai A, Ono Y
903 - 908 Localized Excitations in Competing Bond-Order-Wave, Charge-Density-Wave and Spin-Density-Wave Systems
Wang CL, Wang WZ, Gu GL, Su ZB, Yu L
909 - 914 Raman-Study of Phase-Transitions in C-70 Crystal at High-Pressure
Meletov K, Maksimov A, Ossipyan Y, Tartakovskii I
915 - 920 Gap Reduction of C-60 and C-70 at High-Pressure
Meletov KP, Dolganov VK, Ossipyan YA
921 - 926 Electron-Transfer and Energy-Transfer Reactions in Photoexcited Alpha-Nonathiophene/C-60 Films and Solutions
Janssen RA, Moses D, Sariciftci NS, Heeger AJ
927 - 932 Infrared-Spectra and Photoinduced Absorption of C-60 Doped Polyhexylthiophene
Luzzati S, Speroni F, Zakhidov A, Morita S, Yoshino K