Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.252 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 10 Photoinduced Hole and Electron-Transfer from Poly(Phenylene Vinylene) into Molecularly Doped Polymers
Abkowitz MA, Antoniadis H, Facci JS, Jenekhe SA, Hsieh BR, Stolka M
2 - 2 Proceedings of the 6th International-Conference on Unconventional Photoactive Solids - Foreword
Deschryver FC, Vanderauweraer M
11 - 21 Nondispersive and Dispersive Transport in Random Organic Photoconductors
Bassler H
23 - 30 Photoconductivity of Doped Amorphous-Semiconductors at Low-Temperatures
Baranovskii SD, Adriaenssens GJ, Oktu O, Thomas P
31 - 38 Synthesis and Electrical-Properties of a New Molecular Semiconductor - The Unsymmetrical Lutetium Phthalonaphthalocyanine
Bassoul P, Simon J
39 - 47 A New lb Film-Forming Molecule Containing Both an Electroactive and Photoactive Part
Burghard M, Schmelzer M, Roth S, Gopel W
49 - 58 Excited-State Phenomena in Solid-State Fullerene
Byrne HJ, Maser WK, Kaiser M, Akselrod L, Ruhle WW, Thomsen C, Mittelbach A, Roth S
59 - 65 On Electron-Transfer Reactions in Ferro Electric Polymers
Canel E
67 - 77 Organic-Inorganic Molecular-Beam Epitaxy (O/I-MBE) - Formation and Characterization of Ordered Phthalocyanine Thin-Films - Photoelectrochemical Processes
Chau LK, Chen SY, Armstrong NR, Collins GE, England CD, Williams VS, Anderson ML, Schuerlein TJ, Lee PA, Nebesny KW, Parkinson BA
79 - 86 Luminescence Properties of Indirect Bandgap Semiconductors - Nanocrystals of Silver Bromide
Chen W, Rehm JM, Meyers C, Freedhoff MI, Marchetti A, Mclendon G
87 - 96 Charge Injection Induced Optical Nonlinearity of Inplane Poled Polymer-Films - Effects of Host Polymer, Substrate and Electrodes
Cohen R, Berkovic G
97 - 104 Photoinduced Processes in Dinuclear Complexes Containing Rigid Bridging Ligands
Decola L, Balzani V, Barigelletti F, Flamigni L, Belser P, Vonzelewsky A, Frank M, Vogtle F
105 - 114 Spectral Hole-Burning Investigations in the Restricted Geometry of Molecular-Sieves
Deeg FW, Ehrl M, Kindervater HW, Brauchle C
115 - 124 2nd-Harmonic Studies of Liquid-Crystal Langmuir Films
Enderle T, Meixner AJ, Zschokkegranacher I
125 - 134 The Radioluminescence Excitation Mechanism for Organic Bulk Materials
Galunov NZ, Shishov NI
135 - 143 The Study of the Properties of Organic Bulk Materials Based on the New Knowledge of Their Radioluminescence Mechanism
Galunov NZ
145 - 154 X-Ray-Excited Photocurrent in Anthracene-Crystals
Godlewski J, Signerski R, Kalinowski J, Stizza S, Berretoni M
155 - 164 Photoconductivity in Discotic Liquid-Crystals - A New Class of High-Mobility Materials
Haarer D, Adam D, Simmerer J, Closs F, Funhoff D, Haussling L, Siemensmeyer K, Ringsdorf H, Schuhmacher P
165 - 174 A Study of the Charged Excitations in Thin-Films of Alpha-Sexithiophene by Voltage-Modulation Spectroscopy and Photoimpedance Measurements
Harrison MG, Friend RH, Garnier F, Yassar A
175 - 183 Exceptional Dispersion in Dnp Crystals in the Visible Spectral Range
Helberg HW, Bank A
185 - 193 Condensed States and Optical-Properties of the Densely Dissolved Organic-Compounds in Polymer Matrices by Coprecipitation
Hiraga T, Takarada S, Tanaka N, Kikuchi N, Hayamizu K, Moriya T
195 - 204 Temperature and Field-Dependence of Hole Transport in Chloroaluminum Phthalocyanine Determined by Time-of-Flight Measurements
Ioannidis A, Lawrence MF, Cote R, Kassi H, Dodelet JP
205 - 212 Time-Domain Optical Memory in Hole-Burning Materials
Kachru R, Shen XA, Bai YS
213 - 221 Analytical Description of External-Field Effects on Persistent-Hole Spectra in Disordered Materials
Kador L, Geissinger P
223 - 232 Photoconductivity in Sandwich Cells with Langmuir-Blodgett-Films of Phthalocyaninato-Polysiloxanes
Kalvoda L, Back R, Ferencz A, Neher D, Wegner G
233 - 241 Preparation of J-Aggregated Microcrystals of Pseudoisocyanine
Kamatani H, Kasai H, Okada S, Matsuda H, Oikawa H, Minami N, Kakuta A, Ono K, Mukoh A, Nakanishi H
243 - 258 Efficient Organic Photovoltaic Cells - The Role of Excitonic Light Collection, Exciton Diffusion to Interfaces, Internal Fields for Charge Separation, and High Charge-Carrier Mobilities
Karl N, Bauer A, Holzapfel J, Marktanner J, Mobus M, Stolzle F
259 - 268 Atomic-Force Microscopy on Photoreactive Organic-Solids - Nanostructures
Kaupp G
269 - 276 Vacuum-Deposited Thin-Films of Alpha-Oligothiophenes Characterized by Optical Evanscent Wave Spectroscopy
Knobloch H, Knoll W, Fichou D, Sasabe H
277 - 281 Study of Single-Crystal Surface with 2nd-Harmonic Generation - P-Nitroaniline
Kobayashi H, Kotani M
283 - 292 Dynamics of Photoinduced Phase-Transition in Low-Dimensional Organic-Crystals and the Role of Photocarriers
Koshihara S, Sarukura N, Segawa Y, Tokura Y, Koda T, Takeda K
293 - 302 Photoinduced Optical Anisotropy in Amorphous Films of Liquid-Crystalline Polymers
Lasker L, Fischer T, Stumpe J, Kostromin S, Ivanov S, Shibaev V, Ruhmann R
303 - 309 Photoconductivity of Poly(Arylenevinylene)S and Poly(Hetarylenevinylene)S
Lang M, Kretzschmann H, Meier H
311 - 323 Delayed Recombination Fluorescence and Production of Triplet Charge-Transfer and Exciton-States in VUV-Excited Molecular-Crystals
Martin P, Jung JM, Klein J, Voltz R
325 - 332 Photochemical Production of Highly Ordered Spins in Organic-Solids
Matsuda K, Inoue K, Koga N, Nakamura N, Iwamura H
333 - 342 On the Spectroscopic and Nonlinear-Optical Properties of 3-(1,1-Dicyanoethenyl)-1-Phenyl-4,5-Dihydro-1H-Pyrazole (Dcnp)
Miniewicz A, Palewska K, Lipinski J, Kowal R, Swedek B
343 - 349 Magnetic Interaction Between the Photochemically Generated Triplet Centers Through the Pi-Conjugated Skeleton of Ppv
Mitsumori T, Koga N, Iwamura H
351 - 359 Non-Site-Selective Excitation of a Doped Dye and Laser-Induced Hole Filling in Photochemical Hole-Burning
Murase N, Horie K
361 - 369 Photochemical Process of P-Phenylenediacrylic Acid Monoesters in the Crystal and Monolayer Multilayer
Nakanishi F, Nakanishi H
371 - 380 Charge-Transport Properties of Arylaldehyde Hydrazones in Their Glassy States - Single-Component and Doped Systems
Nomura S, Nishimura K, Shirota Y
381 - 388 Some Recent Results in Single-Molecule Spectroscopy
Orrit M, Bernard J, Fleury L, Brown R
389 - 393 Radiation Defects in a Neutron-Irradiated Diamond, Investigated by Persistent Spectral Hole-Burning
Osvet A, Mauring K, Sildos I
395 - 404 Optical and Related Properties of Some Natural 3-Dimensional and Lower-Dimensional Semiconductor Systems
Papavassiliou GC, Koutselas IB, Lagouvardos DJ, Kapoutsis J, Terzis A, Papaioannou GJ
405 - 415 Pressure Phenomena in Spectral Hole-Burning
Pschierer H, Schellenberg P, Friedrich J
417 - 424 Design of Organic Electroluminescent Materials and Devices
Saito S, Tsutsui T, Era M, Takada N, Aminaka EI, Wakimoto T
425 - 434 Photophysical Processes Involved in Creation of Dark Spatial Solitons in Composite Photonic Media
Samoc A, Samoc M, Woodruff M, Lutherdavies B
435 - 442 Stability of Organic Electroluminescent Diodes
Sato Y, Kanai H
443 - 451 Photochemical Non-Reciprocity Behavior of New 1,2-Naphthoquinone-Diazide-2-(4)-Sulfonic-Acid Esters
Sauer E, Bendig J, Zoladz S
453 - 463 Factors Which Control the N-Type or P-Type Photoelectrical Behavior of Molecular Semiconductor Thin-Films
Schlettwein D, Armstrong NR, Lee PA, Nebesny KW
465 - 473 New lb Heterostructures Containing Electron-Donating and Accepting Molecules
Schmelzer M, Burghard M, Roth S, Bauerle P
475 - 484 Transport in Molecularly Doped Polymers - Dispersive or Nondispersive
Scott JC, Jones BA, Pautmeier LT
485 - 496 Photoactive Molecular-Systems Towards Advanced Materials
Shimidzu T
497 - 506 Scanning-Tunneling-Microscopy Spectroscopy of Surface Oxide on Titanium - Photoexcitation Effect and Nanoanodization
Sugimura H, Uchida T, Shimo N, Kitamura N, Masuhara H
507 - 513 Towards Organometallic Conducting Polymers Containing bis-Cyclometallating Bridging Ligands
Sutter JP, Beley M, Collin JP, Veldman N, Spek AL, Sauvage JP, Vankoten G
515 - 524 Spectral Hole-Burning in Dye-Doped Plastic Fiber
Suzuki H, Higurashi E, Morinaka A, Shimada T, Sukegawa K, Haarer D
525 - 534 Effect of Dipolar Defects on Trapping of Charge-Carriers in Highly Anisotropic Polydiacetylene Crystals
Sworakowski J
535 - 549 Photonanofabrication and Optical Nanoprobes
Tan WH, Shi ZY, Smith S, Kopelman R
551 - 559 Hole-Burning of Proton(S) Subtracted 1,4-Dihydroxyanthraquinone - Mechanism and Low-Lying Electronic State(S) in Intramolecular Hydrogen-Bond(S) and Proton-Transfer System
Tani T, Kinoshita S
561 - 570 STM-Investigations on Heteroepitaxially Grown Overlayers of Cu-Phthalocyanine on Au(111) Surfaces
Fritz T, Hara M, Knoll W, Sasabe H
571 - 579 Optically Induced Transient Conductivity in Quasi-Metallic DCNQI Radical-Ion Salts
Wachtel H, Beranek J, Vonschutz JU, Wolf HC
581 - 588 Ultrafast Optical Switching - 2-Pulse Response of an Electron Donor-Acceptor-Donor Supermolecule
Wasielewski MR, Gosztola D, Svec WA