Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.246 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 8 Reminiscences About Organic Photochromics
Bertelson RC
9 - 10 Proceedings of the 1st International-Symposium on Organic Photochromism - Iles-Des-Embiez, Var, France, September 12-16, 1993 - Foreword
Guglielmetti R, Samat A
9 - 16 Structural Variation and Responses in Photochromic Properties of Spirocyclic Molecular-Systems Related to Spirobenzopyrans
Minkin V
17 - 24 Red Coloring Photochromic 6’-Substituted Spiroindolinonaphth(2,1-B)(1,4)Oxazines
Rickwood M, Marsden SD, Ormsby ME, Staunton AL, Wood DW, Hepworth JD, Gabbutt CD
25 - 28 Water-Soluble Organic Photochromes - Sulfonated Spiro (Indolinonaphthoxazines)
Allegrini P, Malatesta V
29 - 32 New Spiropyrans and Spirooxazines Compounds with One or 2 Thiophene Nuclei - Applications to Anticopying Protection Materials
Moustrou C, Campredon M, Samat A, Garnier F, Robillard J, Guglielmetti R
33 - 36 Novel Fatigue-Resistant Spirooxazines
Metelitsa AV, Knyazhansky MI, Palchkov VA, Zubkov OA, Vdovenko AV, Shelepin NE, Minkin VI
37 - 40 Photochromic Spiropyrans of Coumarin Series
Metelitsa AV, Knyazhansky MI, Ivanitsky VV, Nikolaeva OG, Palchkov VA, Panina AP, Shelepin NE, Minkin VI
41 - 44 Novel Spiropyrans with the Luminescent Lable in the 2H-Chromene Fragment
Voloshin NA, Volbushko NV, Trofimova NS, Shelepin NE, Minkin VI
45 - 48 Interaction of 2-Imino-3-Methylbenzothiazoline with Salicylic Aldehydes
Martemyanova N, Chunaev Y, Przhiyalgovskaya N, Kurkovskaya L, Ambartsumova R, Filipenko O, Aldoshin S
49 - 58 Studies on Photochromic Mechanism and Applications of Pyrryl Substituted Fulgides
Yu LH, Ming YF, Zhao WL, Fan MG
59 - 62 Photochromic Fulgides of the Indole and Pyrrole Series
Metelitsa AV, Knyazhansky MI, Lyashik OT, Medyantseva EA, Minkin VI
63 - 66 Heliochromic Fulgides of Indole Species
Fedorovskiy OY, Chunaev YM, Kurkovskaya LN, Prghiyalgovskaya NM, Pirogov NO
67 - 73 Photochromism of Diarylnaphthopyrans
Vangemert B, Bergomi M, Knowles D
75 - 78 New Photochromic 2,2-Diphenyl-(2H)-Chromenes Annellated with Nitrogenated 6-Membered Ring
Pozzo JL, Lokshin VA, Guglielmetti R
79 - 86 Fulgides and Fulgimides for Practical Applications
Heller HG, Koh K, Elliot C, Whittall J
87 - 94 Photochromism of Fulgides and Related-Compounds
Yokoyama Y, Kurita Y
95 - 102 Photochromism of Aryloxyquinones
Barachevsky VA
103 - 106 Photochromism of Quinoid Compounds
Gritsan NP, Klimenko LS
107 - 110 Synthesis and Photochromism of Pyrazoleanthrones and Pyrazolenaphtacenones
Sokolyuk NT, Pisulina LP
111 - 118 Photochromism of Anthracene-Derivatives in Fluid Solutions and Polymers
Desvergne JP, Bouaslaurent H, Deffieux A
119 - 125 Photochromism Based on the Reversible-Reaction of Singlet Oxygen with Aromatic-Compounds
Schaffner K, Schmidt R, Brauer HD
127 - 134 Solid-State Photochromism of Anils
Hadjoudis E
135 - 138 A New-Type of Photochromic Spirodihydroindolizines and Their Ability of Cation-Binding
Durr H, Kranz C
139 - 142 Photochromism of 4H-Thiopyrans and 1,4-Dihydropyridines
Nespurek S, Bohm S, Kuthan J
143 - 146 Photochromic Azobenzenes Which Are Stable in the Trans and Cis Forms
Rau H, Rottger D
147 - 149 Photochromism by the Way of Intramolecular Hydrogen-Transfer in -N-H-N-Bond
Tokumaru K, Arai T, Moriyama M
151 - 154 Photochromic Behavior of 2,3-Substituted Norbornadienes
Minkin VI, Bren VA, Chernoivanov VA, Dubonosov AD, Galichev SV
155 - 158 Photochromism of Diarylethenes with Intralocking Arms
Irie M, Miyatake O, Sumiya R, Hanazawa M, Horikawa Y, Uchida K
159 - 168 Novel Methods of Synthesis of Dithizonate Type Photochromic Dyes and Polymers
Kanakkanatt SV, Patel VS, Patel RG, Shah R
169 - 172 Spiropyran Derivatives as Multifunctional Artificial Receptors for Biologically Important Species
Inouye M
173 - 176 Design of Photochromic Crown Compounds and Their Applications to Photoswitchable Ion-Conducting Materials
Kimura K, Tokuhisa H, Kaneshige M, Yamashita T, Yokoyama M
177 - 181 Spironaphthoxazine-Linked Crown-Ethers - Synthesis, Photochromic and Ionophoric Properties
Elmaloulibibout M, Lareginie P, Noussi L, Samat A, Guglielmetti R
183 - 186 Photochromic Ionophores - Synthesis, Photoinduced Isomerization and Cycloaddition of Crown-Ether Styryl Dyes
Gromov S, Fedorova O, Alfimov M
187 - 189 Selective Coloration of Cryptand-Type Spirobenzopyran for Alkaline-Earth-Metal Cations
Inouye M, Noguchi Y
191 - 194 Spiropyran-Containing Poly(L-Glutamic Acid) - Photochromic and Conformational Behavior in Acid Conditions
Pieroni O, Fissi A, Ciardelli F, Fabbri D
195 - 199 Conformational Dynamics Associated with Photoswitchable Binding of Spiropyran-Modified Concanavalin-A
Zahavy E, Rubin S, Willner I
201 - 205 Photoregulation of the Activities of Proteins
Rubin S, Willner I
207 - 214 Spiropyrans - Structural Features and Photochemical Properties
Aldoshin SM
215 - 221 The Enantiomers of Indolino Spiro Compounds - Barriers to Thermal Cleavage of Their C(Sp(3))-O Bond
Leiminer A, Stephan B, Mannschreck A
223 - 230 The Molecular Design and Applications of Spirooxazines
Maeda S, Mitsuhashi K, Osano YT, Nakamura S, Ito M
231 - 234 Ab-Initio and Semiempirical Mo Studies on Photochromic Molecules
Nakamura S, Murakami A, Adachi M
235 - 239 Comparison of Photochromic Behavior Between Spiro-Oxazines and Spiropyrans - Theoretical Calculations of Ground and Excited-States
Malatesta V, Marconi G
241 - 246 Investigation of Some Photochromic Structures by Molecular Mechanics and SCF-Mo Calculations
Pommier H, Samat A, Guglielmetti R
247 - 250 Modeling of Spiropyran Aggregates with the Help of Genmol Program
Pepe G, Siri D, Samat A, Pottier E, Guglielmetti R
251 - 257 Ultrafast Solvation of Polar Photochromic Reaction-Products
Kemeter K, Bingemann D, Bultmann T, Ernsting NP
259 - 262 Laser Flash-Photolysis Study of the Primary Processes in the Photochromic Reaction of 1-Acyloxy-2-Methoxyanthraquinones
Gritsan NP, Kellmann A, Tfibel F, Klimenko LS
263 - 266 Spiropyrans Complexes with Metal-Ions, Kinetics of Complexation, Photophysical Properties and Photochemical Behavior
Atabekyan L, Chibisov A
267 - 274 Surface-Enhanced Resonance Raman Studies of Spiropyrans (Bips and Derivatives)
Schneider S, Grau H, Ringer J
275 - 278 Surface-Enhanced Raman-Spectroscopy of Photochromic Spiroxazines and Related Spiropyrans
Aubard J, Mbossa C, Bertigny JP, Dubest R, Levi G, Boshet E, Guglielmetti R
279 - 282 Time-Resolved Resonance Raman and Absorption Spectroscopies of Reaction Intermediates in the Photochromism of Spiropyrans
Yuzawa T, Takahashi H
283 - 286 Computer-Analysis of the Thermoreversible Photochromism of Spiropyranne Compounds - Evaluation of Absorption-Spectrum and Quantum Yield
Pimienta V, Levy G, Lavabre D, Samat A, Guglielmetti R, Micheau JC
287 - 290 Variation of the Bleaching Rate of Some Photochromic Compounds Under Irradiation in Toluene
Baillet G, Guglielmetti R, Giusti G
291 - 294 Photochromism, Thermochromism and Solvatochromism of Spironaphthoxazines - Mechanistic Aspects
Eloy D, Jardon P
295 - 298 Photochemical Properties of Spirooxazines
Firth AA, Mcgarvey DJ, Truscott TG
299 - 302 Triplet Reactivity of Spiro-Indolino-Oxazines Studied by Photosensitization
Favaro G, Malatesta V, Mazzucato U, Ottavi G, Romani A
303 - 310 Oxidative-Degradation of Organic Photochromes
Malatesta V, Milosa M, Millini R, Lanzini L, Bortolus P, Monti S
311 - 314 The Influence of Solvents and Polymer Matrices on the Photoinduced Isomerization of an Azobenzene Chromophore
Husain T, Mitchell GR, Gilbert A
315 - 318 On Photocolored Product Structure of Photochromic Azomethines in Solutions and Crystals
Knyazhansky MI, Metelitsa AV
319 - 322 Multimode Chemical Transducer .3. Redox Control by Photoisomerization of 2-Arylazo-9,10-Anthraquinone
Saika T, Iyoda T, Honda K, Shimidzu T
323 - 326 Light-Triggered Electrical and Optical Switches
Gilat SL, Kawai SH, Lehn JM
327 - 330 EPR and Electrochemical Studies of Radicals from Photochromic Compounds
Alberti A, Campredon M, Gronchi G, Samat A
331 - 338 Photoregulation of Liquid-Crystal Alignment Induced by Polarization Photochromism of Molecular Films
Ichimura K
339 - 346 Photochromic Polymers
Krongauz V
347 - 350 Photoinduced Optical Anisotropy in Thin-Films of Amorphous Photochromic Side-Chain Polymers
Lasker L, Fischer T, Stumpe J, Kostromin S, Ivanov S, Shibaev V, Ruhmann R
351 - 354 Spiropyrans as Counterions in Photochrome-Containing Polyelectrolyte
Uznanski P, Pecherz J, Kryszewski M
355 - 358 Photoassisted Poling of Photochromic and Optically Nonlinear Molecules in Polymer Thin-Films
Atassi Y, Loucifsaibi R, Nakatani K, Delaire JA
359 - 365 A New Pseudophotochromic Benzothiazoles Doped PVC Films
Petkov I, Deligeorgiev T, Sertova N
367 - 370 Temporal Holographic Response in Photochromic Polymer-Films
Weiss V, Krongauz VA, Friesem AA
371 - 374 Bacteriorhodopsin Films Containing the Variant D96N as Media for Dynamic Holography and Interferometry
Zeisel D, Hampp N
375 - 378 Dynamic Holographic Gratings Recorded in Photochromic Organic Material
Deschryver F, Montenez T
379 - 388 Photochromism - Nonlinear Picosecond Kinetics and 3D Computer Memory
Dvornikov AS, Rentzepis PM
389 - 396 Multiple Optical Memory Using Photochromic Spiropyran Aggregates
Suzuki MA, Hashida T, Hibino J, Kishimoto Y
397 - 400 Langmuir-Blodgett-Films of Photochromic Polyglutamates - Structures and Photochemically Induced Structural-Changes
Menzel H, Weichart B, Buchel M, Knoll W
401 - 404 The Role of Photochromism in Molecular Engineering
Robillard JJ, Srinivasan M
405 - 408 Light-Induced Modifications of Langmuir-Blodgett Multilayer Assemblies Containing Amphotropic Azocopolymer
Geue T, Stumpe J, Mobius G, Pietsch U, Schuster A, Ringsdorf H
409 - 412 Photoelectrochromic and Potentiochromic Behaviors of Azobenzene lb Film
Morigaki K, Enomoto T, Hashimoto K, Fujishima A