Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.244 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 6 Electronic-Structure and Transport-Properties of Aucl3-Gic
Ishii T, Komatsu Y, Suzuki K, Enoki T, Ugawa A, Yakushi K, Bandow S
1 - 12 New Directions in Intercalation Research
Dresselhaus MS, Dresselhaus G
7 - 12 Electronic-Structures of Sodium-Hydride-Graphite Intercalation Compounds
Enoki T, Sakamoto N, Nakazawa K, Suzuki K, Sugihara K, Kobayashi K
11 - 11 Proceedings of the 7th International-Symposium on Intercalation Compounds - Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium, May 10-14, 1993 .1. Foreword
Issi JP, Flandrois S, Beguin F
13 - 18 Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Electronic-Structure of High-Pressure Phases of Li Intercalated Graphite
Rabii S, Holzwarth N, Li GY, Moscovici J, Loupias G, Guerard D, Nalimova V
13 - 28 Aspects of Intercalation of Fluorine and Metal Fluorides into Graphite
Tressaud A
19 - 24 Puzzling Facts in Alkali Gic
Lauginie P, Conard J
25 - 30 NMR-Study of Licx Graphite-Intercalation Compounds Prepared Under High-Pressure
Conard J, Nalimova VA, Guerard D
29 - 34 A New Graphite-Intercalation Compound Containing Sodium Associated with Oxygen
Elgadi M, Herold A, Herold C, Lagrange P, Lelaurain M, Mareche JF
31 - 36 Shubnikov-de Haas Effect in Low Stage Acceptor Type Graphite-Intercalation Compounds
Kulbachinskii VA, Ionov SG, Lapin SA, Avdeev VV, Kamenskaya EA, Devisser A
35 - 40 Alkali-Metal Reaction with Cucl2 Intercalated Graphite
Sokolova TY, Nalimova VA, Fateev OV, Avdeev VV, Semenenko KN, Guerard D
37 - 42 Cointercalation of Fe and Co Atoms into Tis2 Layers
Inoue M, Koyano M, Negishi H, Sasaki M
41 - 46 Kc4, a New Graphite-Intercalation Compound
Herold C, Elgadi M, Mareche JF, Lagrange P
43 - 48 Electronic-Structures of Incommensurate Layered Compounds (MS)(X)TaS2 (M=rare Earths,Pb,Sn)
Suzuki K, Kondo T, Enoki T, Tajima H
47 - 52 Reaction of Ammonia with Graphite Potassium Compounds
Reghai L, Fuzellier H
49 - 54 Influence of Intercalation on the Electrophysical Properties of Layered Semiconductors Bi2Te3 and InSe
Kulbachinskii VA, Kovalyuk MZ, Pyrlya MN
53 - 58 Experimental-Study of a New Uranyl Sulfate Gic
Moissette A, Fuzellier H, Dubessy J, Burneau A, Lelaurain M
55 - 60 Transport-Properties of a Graphitized Polyimide Film and Its Stage-2 FeCl4- Intercalation Compound
Nysten B, Issi JP, Shioyama H, Crespin M, Setton R, Beguin F
59 - 64 Preparation of K-Bi-Graphite Under Nitrogen
Kalucki K, Morawski AW
61 - 66 On the Relevance of Certain Transport Structure Correlations in Sbcl5-Intercalated Graphite to Our Overall Understanding of Gic C-Axis Conductivity
Mcrae E, Lelaurain M, Mareche JF, Andersson OE, Sundqvist B
65 - 70 Study of the Cointercalation of Magnesium and Cobalt Chlorides into Graphite
Moundangainiamy M, Touzain P
67 - 74 Anomalous Transport-Properties of Graphite CoCl2
Piraux L
71 - 76 Bismuth(III) Chloride Graphite-Intercalation Compounds - Preparation and Characterization of the First Stage Compound
Schulz F, Lochte K, Froba M, Metz W
75 - 80 Electrical-Transport in Metal (M=cu, Cd, Pd) Chloroaluminate Intercalated Graphite
Polo V, Lelaurain M, Vangelisti R, Mcrae E
77 - 88 Expanding the Realm of Intercalation Chemistry - The Synthesis of Graphite and Metal Dichalcogenide Intercalates Containing Aromatic-Hydrocarbons and Buckminsterfullerene, and the First Intercalates of Layered Metal-Halides
Averill BA, Sutto TE, Fabre JM
81 - 92 Magnetic-Properties of Random-Mixture Graphite-Intercalation Compounds
Suzuki M, Suzuki IS, Burr CR
89 - 94 Criteria for the Intercalation of Sulfuric-Acid
Inagaki M, Iwashita N, Hishiyama Y
93 - 98 Magnetic-Properties of Graphite Biintercalation Compounds
Suzuki M, Suzuki IS, Vartuli C, Burr CR, Maruyama Y
95 - 100 New Data Concerning the Graphite Cual2Cl8 Compound (Stage-1)
Polo V, Vangelisti R
99 - 104 Percolation Behavior in Cocmg1-Ccl2 and Stage-2 Cocmg1-Ccl2 Graphite-Intercalation Compounds
Suzuki IS, Hsieh CJ, Khemai F, Burr CR, Suzuki M, Maruyama Y
101 - 106 Formation and Structure of Ternary Graphite-Intercalation Compounds with 2 Metal Chlorides
Inagaki M, Ohira M
105 - 110 Magnetic Order in a Biintercalation Compound, Graphite Crcl3-CoCl2
Flandrois S, Biensan P, Louis JM, Chouteau G, Roisnel T, Andre G, Bouree F
107 - 113 Direct Oxidative Conversion of Graphite into Exfoliated Graphites - The Kinetic-Model, Products, Mechanism
Lyubchik SB, Kucherenko VA, Yaroshenko AP
111 - 115 Magnetic-Properties of Metal-Halides Graphite-Intercalation Compounds Under Pressure
Gonzalez O, Chehab S, Flandrois S
115 - 120 Calorimetric and Potentiometry Investigations of the Acceptor Compounds Intercalations into Graphite
Avdeev VV, Monyakina LA, Nikolskaya IV, Ionov SG
117 - 122 Magnetism in Incommensurate Layer Compounds (RES)(X)Vs2 (Re=rare-Earths)
Kondo T, Suzuki K, Enoki T, Bandow S
121 - 126 Intercalation of Alkali-Metal Ions into Layered Vopo4.2H2O
Zima V, Benes L, Votinsky J, Kalousova J
123 - 128 C-13 NMR Orbital Shift Calculation in Graphite-Intercalation Compounds
Saintjean M, Fretigny C, Quinton MF
127 - 133 Synthesis and Structure of Litizrx(4) (X=s, Se, Te) Layered Compounds
Cybulski ZA
129 - 134 2D Characterization of Gics
Lang L, Doyenlang S, Charlier A, Charlier MF
135 - 142 Anionic Intercalation in La2CuO4 Oxide by Fluorine or Chlorine Treatment
Chevalier B, Tressaud A, Brisson C, Dance JM, Etourneau J, Tuilier MH, Soubeyroux JL, Cassart M, Issi JP
135 - 140 Ab-Initio Structure of Graphite Monofluoride (Cf)(N)
Charlier JC, Gonze X, Michenaud JP
141 - 146 Structure, Melting and Dynamics of Screened Coulomb-Systems in 2D - Role of Substrate Corrugation
Mahanti SD, Seong H, Sen S, Cagin T
143 - 148 The Synthesis, Structure and Intercalation Properties of Fluormica Clays
Solin SA, Hines D, Haushalter R
147 - 152 Monte-Carlo Simulation on Short to Long-Range Ordering in Lixtise2
Deniard P, Suchaud M, Chabre Y, Brec R, Rouxel J
149 - 154 Incorporating SnO2.xH2O into the Interlayer Spacings of Montmorillonite
Kiricsi I, Palinko I, Tasi G, Hannus I
153 - 158 Sodium Reactivity with Anthracitic Carbons at 700-Degrees-C
Sechet C, Sarmeo D, Mermoux M, Touzain P, Bonnetain L, Dumas D, Allard B, Paulus R
155 - 160 Synthesis and Structural Characterization of LDH-Organic Intercalates
Kagunya W, Chibwe M, Jones W
159 - 164 Electrochemical Intercalation of Lithium into Carbon Materials
Billaud D, Henry F, Willmann P
161 - 166 (Cu-Cr) Layered Double Hydroxides Pillared by CrO4(2-) and Cr2O7(2-) Oxometalates
Depege C, Forano C, Deroy A, Besse JP
165 - 170 The Carbon-Lithium Negative Electrode - Effects of the Carbon Origin and of the Electrolyte
Yazami R, Zaghib K, Deschamps M
167 - 172 Effect of Intermediates on the Nature of Polyvanadate-Intercalated Layered Double Hydroxides
Ulibarri MA, Labajos FM, Rives V, Kagunya W, Jones W, Trujillano R
171 - 176 Lithium Secondary Battery Based on Intercalation in Carbon-Fibers as Negative Electrode
Endo M, Nakamura JI, Emori A, Sasabe Y, Takeuchi K
173 - 178 Intercalation of Hydrazine and Amines in Antimony Phosphate
Saadaoui H, Boukhari A, Flandrois S, Aride J
177 - 182 Graphite-Intercalation Compounds as Positives in Rechargeable Metalfree Batteries
Beck F, Boinowitz T, Krohn H, Tormin U, Ther E
179 - 184 Ambient-Temperature Intercalation of Na and in into TaS2
Olberding W, Ganal P, Ouvrard G, Butz T
183 - 188 Alkane Activation by Copper-II Tetrachloroaluminate Intercalated in Graphite
Vangelisti R, Polo V, Bukala J, Sommer J
185 - 190 Intercalation of Trifluoroacetic-Acid in Graphite
Fuzellier H
189 - 194 The Structure of Transition-Metal Graphite Compounds - Iron-Graphite and Ruthenium-Graphite
Herein D, Braun T, Schlogl R
191 - 196 Electrochemical Preparation of Lanthanide-Ammonia Graphite-Intercalation Compounds in Liquid-Ammonia
Alheid H, Schwarz M, Stumpp E
195 - 200 Metal Graphite-Intercalation Compounds as New Dehydrogenation Catalysts
Klimkiewicz R, Morawski AW
197 - 202 Electrochemical-Behavior of Copper Chloride Gic
Scharff P, Opitz R
201 - 206 Oligomerization of the Organic Layer in the System Graphite-Cs-Ethylene
Pilliere H, Takahashi Y, Yoneoka T, Otosaka T, Akuzawa N
203 - 208 Electrochemical Reduction of Graphite and Fullerenes from Solid Lithium Salt Polymer Electrolytes
Lemont S, Ghanbaja J, Billaud D
207 - 212 Application of Metal Nitrate Gic as Nitration Reagent for Aromatic-Compounds
Stumpp E, Ebinal S
209 - 214 The Electrochemical-Behavior of Fullerenes in Liquid Electrolyte
Yazami R, Cherigui A
213 - 218 New Data on Graphite-Intercalation Compounds Containing HClO4 - Synthesis and Exfoliation
Petitjean D, Furdin G, Herold A, Pavlovsky ND
215 - 220 Reduction of the 2nd Stage FeCl4- and Fecl3 Graphite-Intercalation Compounds
Crespin M, Tatsumi K, Shioyama H, Bonnin D, Beguin F
219 - 223 A New Variety of Natural Graphite Powder - Elaboration and Properties
Furdin G, Mareche JF, Mabchour A, Herold A
221 - 226 Electrochemical Redox Capacity of Thermally Exfoliated Graphite in Sulfuric-Acid
Frackowiak E, Kaiser W, Krohn H, Beck F
225 - 230 Novel Host Material for Graphite-Intercalation Compound - High-Quality Graphite Film Prepared from Newly Developed Polyimide Film
Hishiyama Y, Kaburagi Y, Nakamura M, Nagata Y, Inagaki M
227 - 232 Electrochemical Exfoliation of Graphite in Trifluoroacetic Media
Bourelle E, Douglade J, Metrot A
231 - 236 Reaction of Metal Chloride Graphite-Intercalation Compounds with Ammonia
Touzain P, Elatifi A, Moundangainiamy M
233 - 238 Electrochemical and Neutron-Diffraction Study of a Prelithiated Hollandite-Type Lixmno2 Phase
Botkovitz P, Brec R, Deniard P, Tournoux M, Burr G
237 - 242 Reaction of Metal Chloride Graphite-Intercalation Compounds with Ammonia
Stumpp E, Ehrhardt C
239 - 244 XAs and XRD Studies on Graphite-Intercalation Compounds of Re2O7
Froba M, Lochte K, Metz W
243 - 248 Thermochemical Heat Transformation - Study of the Ammonia/Magnesium Chloride Gic Pair in a Laboratory Pilot
Touzain P, Moundangainiamy M
245 - 250 XAs and XRD Studies on Graphite-Intercalation Compounds of H2Ptcl6
Lochte K, Froba M, Schulz F, Metz W
249 - 254 Nanoscale Composites Formed by Encapsulation of Polymers in MoS2 - From Conjugated Polymers to Plastics - Detection of Metal to Insulator Transition
Bissessur R, Schindler JL, Kannewurf CR, Kanatzidis M
251 - 256 Structure Refinement of Gics Using Ool Reflections and Applying the New Lorentz Factor
Ressler T, Froba M, Metz W
255 - 260 Tantalum Pillared Montmorillonite - A New Family of Bidimensional Microporous Catalysts
Guiu G, Grange P
257 - 262 Numerical Computation of Gic Ool Reflections Considering Slight Stage Disorder
Ressler T, Froba M, Metz W
261 - 270 Disorder in C-60 Intercalation Compounds and Implications for Superconductivity
Fischer JE
263 - 268 Crystalline-Structure of Li-Graphite and Cs-Graphite Superdense Phases
Guerard D, Nalimova VA
269 - 274 Neutron-Diffraction and Nuclear-Resonance Photon Scattering Study of the C24K+n2 System
Moreh R, Pinto H, Melamud M, Shaked H
271 - 275 C-13 NMR Investigations of Fullerene Black
Kanowski M, Buntkowsky G, Werner H, Wohlers M, Schlogl R, Vieth HM, Luders K
275 - 280 Reduction of Cucl2 Intercalated Graphite by Heavy Alkali-Metal Vapor
Mareche JF, Herold C, Furdin G, Hubert N
277 - 282 Elastic Properties of Fullerenes
Hucho C, Kraus M, Maurer D, Muller V, Werner H, Wohlers M, Schlogl R
281 - 286 Recent Data Concerning the Intercalation of Thallium Alloys into Graphite
Outti B, Clement J, Herold C, Lagrange P
283 - 288 Scanning-Tunneling-Microscopy Study of Fullerene Thin-Films on Au(III)
Lang HP, Thommengeiser V, Guntherodt HJ
287 - 292 Raman and ESR Measurements in Stage-I AlCl3 Graphite
Sanjurjo JA, Pires MA, Barberis GE, Rettori C, Yacoby Y
289 - 294 Scanning-Tunneling-Microscopy Study of Granular Intercalated Fullerenes
Lang HP, Thommengeiser V, Luders K, Kraus M, Baenitz M, Guntherodt HJ
293 - 298 Structural Studies on Metal Bromide Graphite-Intercalation Compounds
Kaiser V, Stumpp E, Tanneberg B
295 - 300 Synthesis and Characterization of Transition-Metal Fullerides
Werner H, Wohlers M, Belz T, Schlogl R
299 - 305 Inplane Phonon Density-of-States of Li-Graphite Intercalation Compounds
Schirmer A, Fischer JE, Heitjans P, Kim HJ, Magerl A, Vaknin D, Zabel H
301 - 306 C-60 Compounds with Acceptors
Hamwi A, Dondainas G, Dupuis J
307 - 312 Electrochemical Spectroscopy and Structural Study of the Na-C-60 System
Chabre Y, Djurado D, Barral M
307 - 312 Madelung Energy and Stability of the Compound Li7C24 Prepared Under Pressure
Setton R, Conard J
313 - 320 I-129 Mossbauer and X-Ray-Diffraction Studies of the Iodine-Fullerene Compound C-60(I-2)(Approximate-to-2)
Wortmann G, Grushko YS, Bolotov A, Bychkov EA, Bensch W, Werner H, Schlogl R
313 - 318 Low-Temperature Structures of Stage-2 Cesium Graphitides with Various Compositions
Duclaux L, Rannou I, Beguin F
319 - 324 Order-Disorder Phase-Transition in Acceptor Type Graphite-Intercalation Compounds
Ionov SG, Avdeev VV, Kulbachinskii VA, Lapin SA, Kamenskaya EA, Udod EB
321 - 326 X-Ray-Absorption Study of the Local-Structure at Potassium and Rubidium in K3-Xrbxc60
Nowitzke G, Dumschat J, Wortmann G, Werner H, Schlogl R
325 - 330 Mercury Intercalation into Lamellar Transition-Metal Disulfides
Moreau P, Ganal P, Ouvrard G
327 - 332 AC Susceptibility Investigations of Superconducting Doped Fullerenes A(X)C(60)
Baenitz M, Straube E, Kraus M, Werner H, Schlogl R, Luders K
331 - 336 Study by X-Ray Crystallography and Mossbauer-Spectroscopy of the Layered Compounds with 2-Dimensional Metal-Complex Iron(II) Tetracyanonickelate(II)
Kitazawa T, Fukunaga M, Takahashi M, Takeda M
333 - 337 Superconducting Properties of K3C60 and Rb3C60 Single-Crystals in High Fields
Louis JM, Chouteau G, Ksari Y, Martinez G, Hou JG, Crespi VH, Xiang XD, Vareka WA, Briceno G, Zetl A, Cohen ML
337 - 342 Effect of Cobalt Substitution on the Jahn-Teller Distortion of the Nanio2 Layered Oxide
Delmas C, Saadoune I, Dordor P
339 - 344 Superconducting Intercalated Fullerenes - Preparation Routes and Properties
Kraus M, Baenitz M, Werner H, Schlogl R, Thommen V, Guntherodt HJ, Luders K
343 - 354 Misfit Layer Compounds (MX)(N)(Tx(2))(M) (M=sn, Pb, Bi, Rare-Earth, T = Transition Metal, X=s, Se, 1.08-Less-Than-N-Less-Than-1.25, M=1, 2)
Rouxel J, Meerschaut A
345 - 351 Superconductivity in Doped Fullerites
Lannoo M
353 - 359 High-Tc and Narrow-Band in Fullerenes - The Anderson Paradox
Bok J, Force L
355 - 360 Restacking Exfoliated Layered Compounds
Yang D, Frindt RF
361 - 366 Structural Study of Graphite Oxyfluoride and Their Derivative Compounds
Hamwi A, Alsaleh I
361 - 362 Symposium Summary
Dresselhaus G
367 - 372 Lithium Insertion Study in Vanadium-Oxide Bronze by NMR and X-Ray-Diffraction
Savariault JM, Deramond E, Galy J, Mongrelet T, Hirschinger J
373 - 378 Structural Results About Localization of Tetrahedral Oxo-Anions Intercalated in Lamellar Double Hydroxides
Ennadi A, Khaldi M, Deroy A, Besse JP
379 - 384 CDW in FeCl4- - Graphite-Intercalation Compounds Studied by STM
Daulan C, Roux JC, Flandrois S, Saadaoui H, Nysten B
385 - 390 Atomic-Resolution Surface Imaging of Binary and Ternary Stage-1 Alkali-Metal Graphite-Intercalation Compounds by Scanning-Tunneling-Microscopy
Lang HP, Thommengeiser V, Guntherodt HJ
391 - 396 Valence-Band Photoemission-Study of Cs Intercalated Vse2
Starnberg HI, Brauer HE, Nilsson PO, Holleboom LJ, Hughes HP
397 - 402 Magnetic-Properties of Vanadium Adsorbed on Graphite
Rakotomahevitra A, Garreau G, Demangeat C, Parlebas JC, Moraitis G, Razafindrakoto E