Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology. Section A. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.234 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 12 Prospects for Molecular Electronics
Bloor D
3 - 4 Proceedings of the 1st European Conference on Molecular Electronics, Padua, Italy, August 24-28, 1992 - Foreword
Pecile C, Giacometti G, Bozio R
13 - 28 A View of the Future of Molecular Electronics
Aviram A
29 - 41 Electron-Transfer in Supermolecules
Jortner J, Bixon M
43 - 50 Switch Phenomena in Molecular 3-Center Electron-Transfer Systems with Strong Electronic-Vibrational Coupling
Hammerstadpedersen JM, Kharkats YI, Ulstrup J
51 - 57 Comparison of Soliton Geometry and Charge-Density-Wave Structure, and Band-Gaps, Between Odd Polyene and Symmetrical Polymethine Cyanine (Brooker) Ions and T-Polyacetylene-SCF and Model Hamiltonian Approaches with Implications for Molecular Wires and Switches
Reimers JR, Craw JS, Wong A, Bacskay GB, Hush NS
59 - 68 Dynamic Aspects of Quasi-Particle Transfer in Molecular Electronic Devices
May V, Schreiber M
69 - 78 Intramolecular Electron-Transfer Reaction in Dimethylaminobenzonitrile
Barbon A, Nordio PL, Polimeno A
79 - 88 Small-Upward Approach to Nanostructures - Dendritic Polynuclear Metal-Complexes for Light-Harvesting
Denti G, Serroni S, Campagna S, Juris A, Balzani V
89 - 96 A Molecular Switch Involving Large Conformational-Changes - A Theoretical-Study
Sommerlarsen P, Bjornholm T, Jorgensen M, Lerstrup K, Frederiksen P, Schaumburg K, Brunfeldt K, Bechgaard K, Roth S, Poplawski J, Byrne H, Anders J, Eriksson L, Wilbrandt R, Frederiksen J
97 - 102 Photoinduced Charge and Proton-Transfer in Self-Organized Porphyrin Complexes and Cyclodextrin Inclusion-Compounds
Vonborczyskowski C, Rempel U, Lindrum M, Kern A
103 - 108 Intramolecular Electron-Transfer Across Polyenebridges
Thomas JA, Jones CJ, Hamor TA, Mccleverty JA, Mabbs F, Collison D, Harding C
109 - 114 2-Electron Transfer Through a Linear-Chain
Ferretti A, Lami A, Villani G
115 - 120 Dinuclear Complexes of Ru and Os Containing a Rigid Bridging Ligand - Photophysical Properties and Photoinduced Energy-Transfer
Decola L, Barigelletti F, Balzani V, Belser P, Vonzelewsky A, Frank M, Vogtle F
121 - 126 Opto-Electric Molecules Studied by Time-Resolved Microwave Conductivity (Trmc)
Warman JM, Jonker SA, Dehaas MP, Verhoeven JW, Paddonrow MN
127 - 136 The Central Bond C-13=c-13 Isotope Effect for Superconductivity in the High-T(C) Beta-Asterisk-(Et)2I3 Phase and Its Implications Regarding the Superconducting Pairing Mechanism in TTF-Based Organic Superconductors
Carlson KD, Williams JM, Geiser U, Kini AM, Wang HH, Klemm RA, Kumar SK, Schlueter JA, Ferraro JR, Lykke KR, Wurz P, Parker DH, Sutin JD, Schirber JE, Venturini EL, Stout P
137 - 144 The Anion Structure Which Facilitates BEDT-TTF to Construct the Kappa-Type Superconducting Salt
Yamochi H, Komatsu T, Saito G, Kusunoki M, Sakaguchi K
145 - 154 Electron-Phonon vs Electron-Electron Interactions in Low-Dimensional Solids
Girlando A, Painelli A
155 - 160 Analysis of the Raman-Spectra of A3C60 and A6C60
Negri F, Orlandi G, Zerbetto F
161 - 170 Electron-Phonon Coupling in Low-Dimensional Organic Superconductors
Pedron D, Bozio R, Meneghetti M, Pecile C
171 - 178 The Interplay Between Conduction Electrons and Chains of Localized Spins in the Molecular-Metals (per)2M(MNT)2, M=au,Pt,Pd,Ni,Cu,Co and Fe
Gama V, Henriques RT, Bonfait G, Almeida M, Ravy S, Pouget JP, Alcacer L
179 - 186 Spectroscopic and Electronic-Properties of Conducting TCNQ lb Films Issued from a Homodoping Strategy
Fichet O, Bourgoin JP, Delhaes P, Desbat B, Gionis V, Yartsev V
187 - 192 Molecular-Organization of Mixed Monolayers (C18S)2 Dithiolium-TCNQ - Dodecyl-TCNQ at the Air-Water-Interface
Tian K, Munger G, Leblanc RM, Fichet O, Desbat B, Delhaes P
193 - 198 Molecular Conductors Based on the (Au(DMIT)2) Complex Anion
Wainwright CE, Underhill AE
199 - 204 Interaction Between Free-Carriers of Organic Conductors and Localized Moment on Magnetic Anions
Kurmoo M, Day P, Allan M, Friend RH
205 - 212 Electronic Structural and Magnetic-Properties of (TTF)6(Net4)(Pmo12O40) - A Mixed-Valence TTF Salt with a Magnetic Polyoxometalate
Bellitto C, Staulo G, Bozio R, Pecile C
213 - 218 Novel Materials Based on Metallocene-Dithiolenes
Wilkes SB, Bowlas CJ, Butler IR, Underhill AE
219 - 226 Coupling of Electrons to Low-Frequency Phonons in Cation-Radical Salts of TTF Studied by Resonance Raman-Scattering
Speghini A, Pedron D, Bellitto C, Feltre L, Bozio R
227 - 234 Anomalous Vibronic Effects in the Infrared-Spectra of the Organic Conductor Cu(Dm-DCNQI)2 and Its Deuterated Analog
Lunardi G, Bozio R, Pecile C
235 - 240 Synthesis and Properties of Novel Octasubstituted Metallophthalocyanines
Severs LM, Underhill AE, Edwards D, Wight P, Thetford D
241 - 246 Influence of Structural Isomerism on the Electronic-Properties of Extended Phthalocyanines
Orti E, Piqueras MC, Crespo R, Tomas F
247 - 254 Temperature-Induced, Pressure-Induced and Light-Induced Electronic Spin Conversions in Transition-Metal Complexes
Zarembowitch J, Roux C, Boillot ML, Claude R, Itie JP, Polian A, Bolte M
255 - 262 From Spin Transition to Display and Memory Devices
Jay C, Groliere F, Kahn O, Krober J
263 - 268 Application of a Spin-1 Model to Describe Localized Delocalized Transitions in Mixed-Valence Molecular-Solids
Boukheddaden K, Linares J, Galam S, Bousseksou A, Nasser J, Varret F
269 - 274 2-Level Models for the 2-Step Spin Crossovers
Bousseksou A, Nasser J, Linares J, Boukheddaden K, Varret F
275 - 282 Cooperativity and Anticooperativity in Spin Transition Compounds - Macroscopic Approach and Orbital Modelization
Bolvin H, Kahn O
283 - 316 Control of Molecular and Supramolecular Architecture of Polymers, Polymer Systems and Nanocomposites
Wegner G
317 - 324 Functional Conjugated Polymers for Molecular Electrochemical and Electronic Devices
Roncali J, Lemaire M, Garnier F, Garreau R
325 - 332 Control of Supramolecular Architecture in lb Films - Tiling the Plane with Macrorings and Interlocking the Modules
Ruaudelteixier A
333 - 339 Inplane Anisotropy and Phase-Change in Langmuir-Blodgett-Films of a Triphenylene Derivative
Vandevyver M, Albouy PA, Mingotaud C, Perez J, Barraud A, Karthaus O, Ringsdorf H
341 - 348 Photoinitiated Electron Wire Properties of a Face-to-Face Porphyrin Tetramer - Insertion in Ultrathin Membranes
Garaud JL, Bienvenue E, Janot JM, Miquel G, Seta P, Maillard P, Momenteau M
349 - 356 Photoinduced Electron-Transfer in and Electron Injection from Trichromophoric Molecules Forming Langmuir-Blodgett-Films
Meerschaut D, Novo M, Vanderauweraer M, Dehaen W, Deschryver FC
357 - 364 A Quantum-Chemical Approach to the STM Imaging of Organic-Molecules on Graphite
Lambin G, Delvaux MH, Calderone A, Lazzaroni R, Bredas JL, Clarke TC, Rabe JP
365 - 370 Langmuir-Blodgett-Films of a Donor Substituted Bianthrone Derivative
Bjornholm T, Munk S, Frederiksen P, Jorgensen M
371 - 376 FTIR Spectra of Amide-I-Band and Amide-2-Band of the Channel-Forming Polypeptide Gramicidin Incorporated into Langmuir-Blodgett Lipid Films
Lukes PJ, Petty MC, Yarwood J
377 - 383 Modification of Protoporphyrin-IX for Formation of Stable Langmuir-Blodgett-Films
Alva S, Phadke RS, Govil G
385 - 390 Characterization and Langmuir-Blodgett Deposition of Novel Porphyrin Compounds
Hudson AJ, Richardson T, Thirtle JP, Roberts GG, Johnstone RA, Sobral AJ
391 - 396 Molecular Monolayer Structure Investigations by Scanning-Tunneling-Microscopy
Bianco B, Bonfiglio A, Cambiaso A, Cavalleri O, Cincotti S, Dizitti E, Elementi L, Ricci D, Rolandi R
397 - 402 Charge Migration in Supramolecular Stacks of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines
Schouten PG, Warman JM, Dehaas MP, Pan HL, Fox MA
403 - 408 Self-Assembly of Streptavidin Bisbiotin Monolayers and Multilayers
Morgan H, Taylor DM, Fukushima H, Dsilva C
409 - 414 Direct Electron-Transfer Between Immobilized Cytochrome-C and Gold Electrodes
Cooper JM, Thompson G, Mcneil CJ
415 - 419 Immobilization of Glucose-Oxidase with Polyurethane on Carbon Support
Phadke RS, Alva S, Govil G
421 - 427 Synthesis and lb Film Formation of Fatty-Acid Fad Complex
Alva S, Phadke RS, Govil G
429 - 435 Synthesis of Potentially Self-Assembling Liquid-Crystalline Macrocyclic Complexes - Detection of a New Glassy State
Mcgregor AC, Crayston JA
437 - 442 A Novel Modular Langmuir-Blodgett Montal-Mueller Trough
Miller LS, Rhoden AL, Cranston AJ
443 - 450 Resonance Raman-Scattering in Langmuir-Blodgett-Films of a New Phthalocyanine
Anchisini R, Fontana MP, Manfredini R, Rateo M, Paradiso R, Bonnett R, Wilkins RF
451 - 460 Chirality in Nonlinear Optics and Optical Switching
Meijer EW, Feringa BL
463 - 471 Designing Materials for All-Optical Switching - Nickel Dithiolene - PMMA Guest-Host Polymers
Winter CS, Oliver SN, Rush JD, Hill CA, Underhill AE
473 - 482 Langmuir-Blodgett and Spin-Coated Films of Poly-3Bcmu for Wave-Guide Nonlinear Optics
Sottini S, Grando D, Giorgetti E, Palchetti L, Li Q, Gabrielli G, Nocentini M, Sbrana G
483 - 490 Design of Langmuir-Blodgett-Films for Nonlinear Optics
Baggaley A, Bishop M, Clarke JH, Davis LE, King TA, Leigh DA, Mayers FR, Mohebati A, Munn RW, Shabat MM, Szczur O, West D, Williams JO
491 - 498 Lb Films of Polysiloxanes for 2nd-Harmonic Generation
Stone PJ, Miller LS, Walton DJ
499 - 506 The Need for Realistic Electrostatic Models to Predict the Crystal-Structures of Nlo Molecules
Willock DJ, Leslie M, Price SL, Catlow CR
507 - 512 Possible Control and Prediction of Crystal-Structure - Optimized Potential Functions for Non-Hydrogen Bonded Organic-Crystals
Gavezzotti A, Filippini G
513 - 518 Time-Resolved Excited-State Spectroscopy of Anthracene Based Photochromic Systems
Anders J, Byrne HJ, Poplawski J, Roth S, Sommerlarsen P, Bjornholm T, Jorgensen M, Schaumburg K
519 - 526 Organometallic Nlo-Materials Based on Acetyltolanes and Ethynyltolanes as Rigid-Rod Intermediates
Nock H, Buchmeiser M, Polin J, Lukasser J, Jaitner P, Schottenberger H
527 - 532 Nonlinear Properties of Internal Charge-Transfer Molecules in Relation with Electronic States
Pierre M, Block D, Ehooman JB, Baldeck PL
533 - 540 Influence of Photoisomerization of Azobenzene Derivatives in Polymeric Thin-Films on 2nd-Harmonic Generation - Towards Applications in Molecular Optoelectronics
Loucifsaibi R, Dhenaut C, Nakatani K, Delaire JA, Sekkat Z, Dumont M
541 - 552 Hole-Burning Memories - A Frequency-Selective Mesoscopic Approach to Molecular Storage
Haarer D
553 - 560 Persistent Spectral Hole-Burning Applications in Distributed Data-Storage and Processing
Rebane KK
561 - 568 Proton Motions and Holeburning Mechanisms in Molecular-Solids
Trommsdorff HP, Astilean S, Casalegno R, Corval A
569 - 576 Optical-Detection of Single Molecules in Solids
Bernard J, Orrit M
577 - 580 Optical Switching and Amplification Based on the Enzyme Luciferase
Berovic N, Chittock RS, Lidzey DG, Wharton CW, Beynon TD, Jackson JB
581 - 586 Chemical-Engineering of Fluorescence Dyes
Letard JF, Lapouyade R, Rettig W
587 - 592 Theory of One-Step and 2-Step Pulsed Spectral Hole-Burning
Rebane I
593 - 598 Impurity-Induced Molecular-Reorientation in P-Terphenyl
Kryschi C, Kruger A, Klufer W
599 - 604 The Quantum Yield of Luciferase Is Dependent on ATP and Enzyme Concentrations
Chittock RS, Lidzey DG, Berovic N, Wharton CW, Jackson JB, Beynon TD
605 - 618 Electroluminescence of Organic Thin-Films Leading to Light-Emitting Molecular Devices
Hann RA
619 - 626 Electrical and Optical Characterization of Light-Emitting Poly-Phenylene-Vinylene Diodes
Karg S, Riess W, Meier M, Schwoerer M
627 - 634 Characterization and Application of Carbazole Modified Polysiloxanes in Electrochemical Displays
Goldie DM, Hepburn AR, Maud JM, Marshall JM
635 - 644 Molecular Bio-Electronics Biomaterials
Lotan N, Ashkenazi G, Tuchman S, Nehamkin S, Sideman S
645 - 652 Transduction Mechanisms from Biological-Membranes to Silicon Sensors - Modeling and Computer-Simulations
Grattarola M, Martinoia S, Massobrio G, Bove M, Ciccarelli C
653 - 659 Anisotropic Organic-Systems as Molecular Materials for Electronics
Krainov I, Galunov N, Tolmachev A, Lisetski L
661 - 666 The Radioluminescence Study as a Method for Investigation of Structure Features of Organic Molecular-Solids
Galunov N
667 - 672 The Properties of Molecular-Crystals Growing from the Melt Containing Electron-Seeking Addition Agents
Budakovsky S, Galunov N, Krainov I
673 - 678 Study of Photoelectric Properties in the System Inorganic Semiconductor - Langmuir-Blodgett-Film
Savvin Y, Tolmachev A, Krainov I, Komashchenko V, Marchenko A
679 - 684 Further Evidence for Molecular Rectification in M/lb/M Junctions
Martin AS, Sambles JR
685 - 690 Copolysiloxanes as Pyroelectric Langmuir-Blodgett-Films
Richardson T, Holder S, Lacey D
691 - 696 Frequency-Dependent Admittance of Schottky Barriers at the Aluminum Poly(3-Methylthiophene) Interface
Gomes HL, Taylor DM
697 - 704 Electron-Electron Interactions and Coulomb Glass Creation in Electronic One-Dimensional Systems
Donovan KJ, Elkins JW, Wilson EG
705 - 712 Highly Mobile Charge-Carriers in Poly(di-N-Alkyl)Silanes in the Solid and in the Mesophase
Vanderlaan GP, Dehaas MP, Warman JM, Frey H, Moller M
713 - 720 Femtosecond Relaxation Dynamics in Thiophene-Based Polymers
Cyboottone A, Nisoli M, Desilvestri S, Magni V, Zerbi G, Gallazzi M, Botta C, Tubino R
721 - 728 Stereoelectronic Effects in Polythiophenes
Benincori T, Berlin A, Brenna E, Pagani G, Sannicolo F, Sozzani P, Moro G, Pitea D, Zotti G, Castiglioni C, Zerbi G
729 - 737 What Do Ring Rotations Do for Polyaniline
Monkman AP, Adams P, Milton A, Scully M, Pomfret S, Kenwright AM
739 - 744 Electrical and Optical-Properties of Polyquinoxalines
Foot PJ, Montgomery V, Rhodes CJ, Spearman P
745 - 752 Electrical-Transport Properties of Molecular Composites Derived from the Oxidation of Poly(N-Vinylpyrrole)
Cagnolati R, Campani E, Lucchesi M, Rolla P, Ruggeri G, Spila E, Ciardelli F
753 - 758 Plasmon-Like Collective Effects in the TMA-Oda Conductive Layer Obtained by Ion Irradiation
Moliton JP, Trigaud T, Lehue C, Martinez A
759 - 764 Structural and Electronic-Properties of Oligomeric Heteroarylene Vinylenes - A Theoretical Approach
Piqueras MC, Crespo R, Orti E, Tomas F
765 - 770 Synthetic Routes to Polypyrroles with Pendant Mesogenic Groups
Langley PJ, Davis FJ, Mitchell GR
771 - 775 Polyradicals - Synthetic Strategies and Characterization
Crayston JA, Iraqi A, Mallon P, Walton JC, Tunstall DP
777 - 782 Carrier Mobility Studies of Carbazole Modified Polysiloxanes
Goldie DM, Hepburn AR, Maud JM, Marshall JM
783 - 788 The Fundamental Physical-Properties of Poly(1,4 Dithienylbenzene) - Application to Electrochromic Displays
Haynes DM, Hepburn AR, Goldie DM, Marshall JM, Pelter A
789 - 794 Current-Voltage Characteristics of Carbazole Modified Polysiloxanes
Goldie DM, Hepburn AR, Maud JM, Marshall JM