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1 - 7 Comminution effect on surface roughness and flotation behavior of malachite particles
Li ZL, Rao F, Corona-Arroyo MA, Bedolla-Jacuinde A, Song SX
8 - 13 Effects of lizardite on pentlandite flotation at different pH: Implications for the role of particle-particle interaction
Liu C, Zhang WC, Song SX, Li HQ
14 - 21 Effect of primary flocculant type on a two-step flocculation process on iron ore fine tailings under alkaline environment
Yang Y, Wu AX, Klein B, Wang HJ
22 - 26 Flotation of sylvite from potash ore by using the Gemini surfactant as a novel flotation collector
Huang ZQ, Cheng C, Zhong H, Li LQ, Guo ZZ, Yu XY, He GC, Han HJ, Deng LQ, Fu W
27 - 38 A time dynamic model of a high pressure grinding rolls crusher
Johansson M, Evertsson M
39 - 47 Bio-hydrometallurgy dynamics of copper sulfide-minerals probed by micro-FTIR mapping and Raman microspectroscopy
Adamou A, Nicolaides A, Varotsis C
48 - 68 Effect of particle shape on structure of the charge and nature of energy utilisation in a SAG mill
Cleary PW, Owen P
69 - 75 Solubilization of a K-silicate rock by Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans
Matias PC, Mattiello EM, Santos WO, Badel JL, Alvarez VVH
76 - 83 On oscillations of asymmetrically coalescing bubbles
Mantripragada VT, Prithvi RY, Sarkar S
84 - 91 Fluorite particles as a novel calcite recovery depressant in scheelite flotation using Pb-BHA complexes as collectors
Wang RL, Wei Z, Han HS, Sun W, Hu YH, Wang JJ, Wang L, Liu H, Yang Y, Zhang CY, He JY
92 - 94 Effects of grinding media on flotation performance of calcite
Yao W, Li ML, Zhang M, Cui R, Jiang HQ, Li Y, Zhou S
95 - 109 Machine learning applications in minerals processing: A review
McCoy JT, Auret L
110 - 112 Efficient COD reduction from sulfide minerals processing wastewater using Fenton process
Meng XS, Khoso SA, Wu JQ, Tian MJ, Kang JH, Liu H, Zhang QP, Sun W, Hu YH
113 - 120 Determination of surface chemistry and flotation properties of rare earth mineral allanite
Kursun I, Terzi M, Ozdemir O
121 - 125 Utilization of sodium carbonate to eliminate the adverse effect of Ca2+ on smithsonite sulphidisation flotation
Chen YF, Zhang GF, Wang MT, Shi Q, Liu DZ, Li Q
126 - 133 Kinetics on roasting reduction of limonitic laterite ore using coconut charcoal and anthracite reductants
Petrus HTBM, Putera ADP, Sugiarto E, Perdana I, Warmada IW, Nurjaman F, Astuti W, Mursito AT
134 - 141 Depression mechanism of pyrophyllite by a novel polysaccharide xanthan gum
Zhao KL, Wang XH, Yan W, Gu GH, Wang CQ, Wang Z, Xu LH, Peng TF
142 - 148 Modeling the effect of air flow, impeller speed, frother dosages, and salt concentrations on the bubbles size using response surface methodology
Arancibia-Bravo MP, Lucay FA, Lopez J, Cisternas LA
149 - 161 The transition from first to zero order flotation kinetics and its implications for the efficiency of large flotation cells
Neethling SJ, Brito-Parada PR, Hadler K, Cilliers JJ
162 - 168 Flotation performance and mechanism of a-Bromolauric acid on separation of hematite and fluorapatite
Nan N, Zhu YM, Han YX
169 - 174 Production of a rare earths concentrate after phosphogypsum treatment with dietary NaCl and Na2CO3 solutions
Hammas-Nasri I, Horchani-Naifer K, Ferid M, Barca D
175 - 182 Ion exchange purification of a silver nitrate electrolyte
Virolainen S, Holopainen L, Maliarik M, Sainio T
183 - 190 Flotation froth image recognition with convolutional neural networks
Fu Y, Aldrich C
191 - 201 Flotation of coarse and fine pyrochlore using octyl hydroxamic acid and sodium oleate
Liu MX, Li H, Jiang T, Liu Q
202 - 210 Comparison of microwave and conventional carbothermal reduction of red mud for recovery of iron values
Agrawal S, Rayapudi V, Dhawan N
211 - 219 Improving IsaMill (TM) energy efficiency through shaft spacer design
Anderson GS, Bandarian PA
220 - 227 Decomposition mechanism of a mixed rare earth concentrate with sodium hydroxide in the microwave heating process
Huang YK, Zhang TA, Dou ZH, Han GH, Cao YJ, Hou CH
228 - 237 Mineral recognition of single particles in ore slurry samples by means of multispectral image processing
Leroy S, Pirard E
238 - 244 Sequential extraction of tungsten from scheelite through roasting and alkaline leaching
Gong DD, Zhou KG, Peng CH, Li JJ, Chen W
245 - 250 Identification of peptides as alternative recycling tools via phage surface display - How biology supports Geosciences
Lederer FL, Braun R, Schone LM, Pollmann K
251 - 257 Sphalerite bioleaching comparison in shake flasks and percolators
Schippers A, Tanne C, Stummeyer J, Graupner T
258 - 267 The fate and impact of contaminants in a biological iron oxidation and jarosite precipitation process
Kaksonen AH, Morris C, Li J, Wylie J, Usher K, Hilario F, du Plessis C
268 - 274 Study of Venturi tube geometry on the hydrodynamic cavitation for the generation of microbubbles
Li MD, Bussonniere A, Bronson M, Xu ZH, Liu QX
275 - 283 Life cycle assessment of niobium: A mining and production case study in Brazil
Alves AR, Coutinho AD
284 - 292 Synergistic solvent extraction of nickel by 2-hydroxy-5-nonylacetophenone oxime mixed with neodecanoic acid and bis(2-ethylhexyl) phosphoric acid: Stoichiometry and structure investigation
Sun Q, Yang LM, Huang ST, Xu Z, Li Y, Wang W
293 - 296 Sulfidization flotation performance of malachite in the presence of calcite
Liu C, Song SX, Li HQ, Ai GH
297 - 315 Effect of operating condition changes on the collisional environment in a SAG mill
Cleary PW, Owen P
316 - 325 The detachment of particles from bubbles at various locations in a turbulent flotation cell
Gautam S, Jameson GJ